Week 32

**NEW** Body Fixers

Body Fixers is back! Dr Esho, Alex, Daniel, April and brand new Fixer Danny are all set to tackle botched bodies and hair horrors from around the country. Cosmetic doctor, Dr Esho has a visit from a familiar face when Stephen Bear pops in with a secret issue and big complex he’s desperate to sort. Daniel tackles a mangy dreadlock on Jasmine, that everything including lube has failed to tame, while Asma has the whole team join forces to help restore her confidence and give her a Bollywood transformation, and some dance moves in the process! Also wanting help is Leigh who has been battling with anxiety and low self-esteem for years due to the bump on her nose, and follically-challenged Mike with the most outrageous comb-over the fixers have ever seen.

**NEW** Murder Made Me Famous

The series that examines killers who gained public notoriety when their crimes whipped up a media frenzy is back for a brand-new and exclusive second series.

The unnerving psychology behind murder has long been source material for television, books and movies and each one-hour episode presents dramatic recreations of well-known crimes using archival material and insightful commentary from those connected to the case to help unravel the twisted personalities that were thrust into the spotlight. Personal accounts from victims' family members, jurors, members of law enforcement and journalists involved with each case give an intimate perspective and disclose new information.

The opening episode shines the spotlight on Pamela Smart and the horrific 1990 murder of 24-year-old Gregg Smart. The murder became a national media event, when his attractive young wife was found to be having an affair with the teenage killer.

The conviction of Pamela Smart as the mastermind has inspired books, a TV movie and Hollywood film. It's a true story of sex, conspiracy, betrayal and innocence lost set in small town New Hampshire as her trial was the first to be broadcast live on television. 

  • Tuesday 8th August, 10pm

  • Really

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Tattoo Fixers on Holiday

This week, the pop-up parlour in the sun gets a visit from Peter who needs help to fix his shocking cock-up, while Glen is helping family man Kieren clean away a reminder of a holiday conquest and Alice meets Jenny who wants a very special tribute to her organ donor. Also popping into the studio is Lise who wants rid of a tattoo in honour of her snakey ex, gold medal winning Simon whose power lifting image needs a reboot and Olivia who wants her rubbish writing erased.

Spa Wars

This week’s beautifying battle is in the North West, kicking off at Vanity Case in Crewe run by spiritual ‘Rylan look-alike’ Dan Matthews.  Always striving to make his clients feel fabulous, he soon has his hands full with highly decorated spa owner and businesswoman Sam Pearce who is less than impressed with Dan’s one-room salon before she even samples a treatment...  But can a tearful Dan win her over when he makes a spiritual connection during Sam’s calming Reiki session? 

The third spa owner this week is bubbly Jo Schillito, who runs Blush Beauty in Walkden near Manchester.  Dan hopes to impress her with his signature treatment the ‘Wow Brow’, but Jo is worried she might end up with brows that don’t!

Day Two sees everyone gather at Jo’s ‘Hollywood and Eden’ themed salon where picky Sam’s snoop around creates tension with Dan who can’t be bothered with nit-picking.  And unfortunately for Jo, the heat keeps rising when she gives Sam a four-layer facial that leaves her client red faced...  Dan is also concerned about his complexion when Jo gives him a fake tan - will he be happy with his new look? 

Last to host is Sam, who runs The Potting Shed in Batley - a multi-award winning garden-themed salon that is Sam’s pride and joy.  Braced for a thorough examination of her practices after giving the others a critical eye, Sam hopes to win over her sceptical rivals with her quirky, bespoke, high-end treatments.  But when Jo gets flustered during her facial, and Dan gets twitchy during his mud wrap, problems start to mount...

As the week of drama draws to an end, who will triumph by being paid the highest percentage of their total bill?

Naked Attraction

A daring dating series that starts where some good dates might end - naked

  • Friday 11th August, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 7 of 10


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