Celebrity MasterChef


This summer is set to get even hotter as the who’s who of comedy, drama, music, sport and showbusiness battle it out to become Celebrity MasterChef 2021, as the ever-popular series returns to BBC One.

Across six weeks John Torode and Gregg Wallace will be putting their own taste buds through a sensory assault course, as they discover which celebrities have the palate and skill to chop, slice and sizzle their way to lifting the iconic Celebrity MasterChef trophy.


It’s the Celebrity MasterChef heats, and this week the first batch of five celebrities up for the culinary challenge are National treasure and actor Su Pollard, actor Rita Simons, actor and pop band Blue’s Duncan James, Happy Mondays legend Bez and comedian and digital creator Munya Chawawa.


The first challenge for the five hopefuls is the brand new Under The Cloche. In front of each celebrity is a cloche, underneath which is an ingredient. Each celebrity has a different ingredient and along with a larder, must create one dish showcasing that ingredient to demonstrate to the judges they have potential. With nerves running high and just over an hour to create their dish from scratch, the celebrities must think on their feet to impress the judges.


Next it’s another brand new challenge – The Street Food Challenge. The celebrities are presented with a popular street food dish from Denmark, Frikadeller with red cabbage and apples, which they must taste and then try to identify the ingredients that are in it.  However, the challenge doesn’t end there! Following not a recipe but their instincts, the celebs are then tasked with having to cook this classic national dish for themselves. Will their attempts impress, or will they fall short of the mark?


Then in the final test of culinary creativity, the contestants are asked to prepare their Dinner Party Dish – something they would cook to impress if someone was coming round to eat - in just one hour. The celebrities work furiously in a last attempt to prove themselves to the judges, because at the end of this test one of them will be going home.


Who can handle the pressure and show the judges they have skills, creativity and flair to progress further in the competition?



Celebrity MasterChef is back for its sixteenth series, with 20 familiar faces from the world of drama, sport, show business and music all hoping to take the 2021 title. 


This week’s Celebrity MasterChef heats continue with the four remaining celebrities facing three more culinary challenges, as they battle for a place in the quarter-final.


Tonight’s first challenge is a Knowledge and Skills Test, where the celebrities have the terrifying task of facing judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace one by one. They will attempt to demonstrate their ability to identify four types of cheese before being asked to make a classic pasta carbonara in just 20 minutes.


At this point in the competition the celebrities would usually next be sent to work with and learn from a professional chef in their restaurant kitchen. But with this not possible, John and Gregg bring the chef to the celebrities. Owner of the restaurant chain Mowgli, Nisha Katona, challenges each of the four celebrities to cook an Indian recipe from her menu. 


Then the celebrities must channel all they have learned from Nisha into one dish that highlights spice to stay in the competition. With just one hour to cook, the celebrities give it their all in a last attempt to prove themselves to the judges because at the end of this test, one of them will be going home.



Celebrity MasterChef is back for its sixteenth series, with 20 familiar faces from the world of comedy, drama, sport, show business and music all hoping to take the 2021 title.


Tonight it’s the quarter-final and the battle for the first two semi-final places in this year’s competition reaches its climax. The three remaining celebrities must cook a faultless two course meal that will not only be judged by John and Gregg, but also three Celebrity MasterChef Champions; last year’s winner, broadcaster and internet personality Riyadh Khalaf, former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt (2015) and TV presenter Angellica Bell (2017). 


All three know what it takes to get through this competition and tonight they are in for a treat as the celebrities pull out all the stops to try to secure their semi-final place. Only the best two contestants can come one step closer to winning the title of Celebrity MasterChef 2021. For the one who don’t cut the mustard, the journey ends here.

  • Monday 9th August, 9pm
    Tuesday 10th August, 9pm
    Friday 13th August , 9pm

  • BBC One

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John Travolta: Dancefloor Star, Comeback King

Behind the razzle dazzle of Hollywood, stars’ lives are often marked by dizzying highs and devastating lows, drug and alcohol abuse, triumph and tragedy, all played out in the glare of global fame. King of Cool John Travolta’s life has been a rollercoaster of public success and private tragedy. We explore the story behind the star.

In the 1970s, John Travolta was Hollywood’s Prince of Cool. His breakthrough role in Saturday Night Fever propelled him to worldwide fame, swiftly followed by Grease, another global smash hit. 

But throughout his life, for every dizzying career high, he has suffered terrible personal losses — from the tragic death of his girlfriend while filming Saturday Night Fever to the death of his beloved mother, also from cancer, only few months later. 

We reveal how Travolta has survived the rollercoaster of his stellar career and a personal life ravaged by tragedy. His close friend Kate Edwards reveals how the shy and insecure Travolta coped with the scale of his early fame and how, a trained pilot, he turned to his love of flying for comfort. Saturday Night Fever dance coach Deney Terrio retells thestoryofTravoltalearningthoseiconic disco dance moves, and director of Grease Randal Kleiser recounts how Travolta’s insecurity and grief kept him up at night. 

After his early meteoric rise to fame, Travolta soon fell out of fashion, and by the 1980s
his career was in crisis. He made a string of terrible films, only to be rediscovered in 1995 by Quentin Tarantino, who cast him — against advice — in Pulp Fiction, which turned into a stratospheric comeback for Travolta. But this career renaissance was to be accompanied by more heart-breaking tragedy in his personal life — as he lost his son Jett and then, more recently, his wife Kelly. 

In rarely broadcast interviews, we hear from Travolta himself, as he reveals how his faith, through the Church of Scientology, has 

helped him cope with his extreme highs and lows. He describes how he felt when his career was at rock bottom and how his incredible comeback came about. Travolta remains in mourning for his wife and son, still in retreat, but another comeback is on the cards and eagerly awaited from the King of Cool.

  • Saturday 7th August

  • Channel 5

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When TV Goes Horribly Wrong

They’re TV royalty on our screens almost every night of the week, celebrated for their memorable portrayals and relatable characters.  But even when the cameras are off we can’t get enough of them, following what they get up to in real life.  And when things go Horribly Wrong, the soap star bubble can dramatically burst. 

This 3-hour special narrated by Jennifer Ellison features moments that the soap stars would rather forget, often proving that their lives are closer to their on-screen characters than they would like to admit. 

We've got the biggest stories, featuring the biggest stars from our best-loved soaps, with many on the show to give us their lowdown.  

There will be less-than-perfect moments from the likes of Coronation Street's Marc Bannerman, Katie Jarvis, Jack P Shepherd, and the nation's sweetheart Martine McCutcheon. Plus, some never-seen-before bloopers from the soaps including Neighbours and Home & Away. 

We have an exclusive with Bruce Jones who opens-up about how he struggled to find work after being typecast as Les Battersby in Coronation Street. Hollyoaks' Kieron Richardson talks about how a slip-of-the-tongue regarding a plot twist on the soap left fans open-mouthed. And former soap star Jason Hain talks about how he found fast-fame in Emmerdale through TV reality show Soap Stars only see it taken away months later.


Plus, EastEnders actor Dean Gaffney proves he's far from Well 'Ard when he takes part in an I'm A Celebrity Bush Tucker Trial live to the nation and Coronation Street’s Vicky Entwhistle takes a nasty tumble on Celebrity Stars in their Eyes! 

Other highlights include the much-publicised firing of veteran actress Donna Reed from her role as Miss Ellie in Dallas and Desperate Housewives' Felicity Huffman's recent fall from grace over an exam-fixing scandal which rocked her career.

Contributors include Michelle Collins, Patsy Kensit, Scott Wright and veteran soap producer Mal Young.

  • Sunday 8th August

  • Channel 5

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Channel Hopping with Jon Richardson

In tonight’s episode, Jon is joined by comedian Nish Kumar and regular sidekick, Judi Love to put the TV world to rights. Jon’s deep dive this week focusses on ‘Ghost Adventures’, one of his all-time favourite shows, while Nish digs into his long time love affair with The Simpsons as well as some of the most remarkable TV politics clips to ever have graced our screens. Judi puts some of the most outlandish clips we’ve ever seen to Jon and Nish to see if they can identify which are real or fake, an exercise which in turn makes Nish question everything he’s ever believed in. This week’s TV Guide focusses in on the world of Infomercials as Jon, Nish and Judi get to grips with such products as the CleanButt bidet and the Uroclub, a golf club that men can pee into if caught short during a round. Finally, Judi presides over a dramatic head to head quiz where Jon and Nish must prove who has learned the most about TV that week. For reasons that will become clearer during the show, she has opted to dress them as giant sperms for the occasion. 

  • Monday 9th August, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

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Undercover Big Boss

This week, it’s the turn of Robert Forester, chief executive of Bristol Street Motors, one of the largest car dealership groups in the UK. It’s a three billion-pound business that sells new and used cars from all the major brands.

With 149 dealerships across the UK and over 6,000 employees, the company sells one car to us Brits every four minutes.

When the pandemic hit, Robert was forced to close his dealerships and furlough the workforce. However, he also decided to take a massive gamble, whilst other businesses were downsizing, he saw an opportunity to become the biggest and best automotive dealer in the UK. So he went on a shopping spree, purchasing 30 new dealerships and investing millions of pounds of shareholders’ money.

Now he needs to make sure his gamble will pay off, so he is going undercover to make sure his company is in the right position to expand.

As a self-confessed ‘data geek’ who graduated from Oxford, Robert has never actually worked on the shop floor or sold a car in his life. For his undercover journey, he adopts the persona of history lecturer called Tom Gough who is looking for a career change, post pandemic.

  • Thursday 12th August, 9pm

  • ITV

  • Episode 2


Apocalypse Wow

Hosted by AJ Odudu and Donna Preston (as ‘The Mistress’) this epic new celebrity gameshow sees Scarlett Moffatt, Chris Hughes, The Vivienne and, in a twist, TWO new recruits take on the terrifying Superhuman Bosses – including multiple-pierced sword-swallowers ‘The Hungmen’ and record-breaking competitive eater ‘The Belly’ – in a series of battles in the “Torture Dome” before the weakest of them is strapped inside a Human Piñata and beaten for cash.

  • Friday 13th August, 10.05pm

  • ITV2

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Walking Tudor England

Episode Five – The Weald 

This brand-new series sees Professor Suzannah Lipscomb taking to foot all around the country on the trail of history’s most fascinating dynasty. From Henry VII through to Elizabeth I, the Tudors did more to shape our national identity than any who had come before.  From the birth of the Royal Navy, to the tearing down of the monasteries, the Tudors put themselves at the heart of a new-look, confident England. But this was a time of intrigue and conspiracy too, because as Suzannah discovers, this famous family served up sibling betrayal, religious hatred and no shortage of beheadings. 


This time, Suzannah walks through The Weald, a quiet corner of Kent and East Sussex that Henry VIII knew intimately.  Her journey starts at Penshurst Place, which was owned by one of Henry’s greatest rivals, the Duke of Buckingham.  He was a powerful, wealthy man with as strong a claim to the throne as Henry had.  Shortly after the Duke held a banquet in Henry’s honour – costing over £1 million in today’s money – he was executed.  Henry showed early on the ruthlessness that would characterise his reign, and his behaviour to his many wives.   


From Penshurst, it’s a short walk through scenic woodland to Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, who became Henry’s second wife.  He began to woo Anne when he was already married to Catherine of Aragon, and Suzannah finds a nook within the castle to read through his love letters.  She also visits Hever’s impressive collection of Tudor portraits, which reveals how tenuous Henry’s claim to the throne was – and why it was so important for him to have a male heir.   


From there, Suzannah walks a short distance to The Wheatsheaf, a beautifully restored late 14th century inn that Henry himself may have visited. Henry was known for his gargantuan appetites, and lost a lot of money gambling after he’d had a few drinks. A little further on, in Ashdown Forest, Suzannah discovers more about another of Henry’s favourite pastimes – hunting.  Until a serious jousting accident, Henry hunted as often as he could, and the forest gives a fascinating insight into hunting in Tudor times.  


Finally Suzannah ends up at Mitchelham Priory, one of the homes of Henry’s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves.  It was an ill-fated match from the outset.  Shortly after they met, Henry confessed to his advisor, Thomas Cromwell: ‘I like her not.’  But Anne was possibly Henry’s most successful wife.  She ended up with a generous divorce settlement, including Mitchelham Priory, and fared better than his next wife, Catherine Howard, who was executed. 

  • Tuesday 10th August, 9pm

  • 5Select

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Fishing Scotland’s Lochs and Rivers

National treasures Fern Britton, Les Dennis, Linford Christie, Shane Lynch and Rosemary Shrager continue their Scottish fishing jaunt and head into the fabulously scenic Lomond and Trossachs National Park to hunt for trout.

 But fly fishing is a huge step up in skill from their previous angling adventures and the group must first learn the art of casting a fly before being let loose on a pond of rainbow trout. Fern proves that women often have an aptitude for the sport, while Les and Shane struggle to get a sniff of a fish. But after a morning on the water the gang claim best fish haul yet and retire to their stunning loch side hotel to celebrate and get hands on with trout with the help of maverick hotel owner and chef Tom Lewis.


The next day sees the group split up, with the boys heading for Loch Awe, just outside the park, and the girls exploring Loch Lomond itself. As Rosemary and Fern get a bit touristy at the aquarium, Shane and Les spot an opportunity to even the score on the fish front, as they use their new found fly fishing skills to fish for wild brown trout opposite a ruined castle that dates back to a time when clans ruled the highlands. Linford decides to enjoy his day wild swimming nearby at this picturesque Loch.


For the final day of their trout fishing tour – the five set their sights on arguably the UK’s most elusive fishing prizes: sea trout migrating up river to spawn. And the weather delivers the perfect day to do it. With a river running fast and deep from recent heavy rain it’s all set up for an epic contest between fish and newly recruited fishing fanatics.

  • Friday 13th August, 7pm

  • Channel 5

  • 4 of 5


The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan

Bigger, better and now BAFTA award-winning, the critically acclaimed The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan returns for a supersized second series. Fronted by comedy superstar and multi-award winning Mo Gilligan, The Lateish Show will put the fun back into Friday nights as Mo is joined in the studio by a dazzling array of famous faces from the worlds of entertainment, music and sport and house band The Compozers. Across the series, we’ll be treated to hilarious sketches featuring Mo’s trademark characters, more iconic Nursery Grimes, unmissable music performances and one of a kind studio games where the audience could win some incredible prizes. The action doesn’t end there though as Mo will also take the party out on to the streets of the UK seeking to make the public the real stars of the show.

  • Friday 13th August, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • Episode 4


Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts

Leading the shift at Barnsley Hospital’s Casualty Department is Consultant Doctor Julian Humphrey and he’s got some news to share – he’ll soon be starting a new job in Australia. But he’ll have to put thoughts of Down Under to one side for now - the Waiting Room and Treatment Bays are full and the red phone is ringing.

Trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner Chantelle Proctor assesses a 49-year-old man rushed in by ambulance. Philip, who has a heart condition, collapsed at home and has been vomiting for the last ten days. Nurse Chantelle and Advanced Nurse Practitioner Cheryl Barnes work together to find out exactly what’s wrong.

Also in Resus is Junior Doctor John Shepherd, treating another patient blue-lighted in. 58-year-old Julie has had a life-threatening allergic reaction to nuts – she’s struggling to breathe, her eyes are extremely swollen and she is shaking uncontrollably. Doctor Shepherd and Nurse Sophia Egan need to act quickly.

Doctor Humphrey is in ambulance arrivals where he assesses Margaret, a diabetic who has excruciating pain in her feet. Damage to Margaret’s blood vessels means she is at risk of amputation. 

Treating walk-in patients, Consultant Doctor Chris Young sees 86-year-old Terry, who was reluctant to come to Casualty until his nephew, Wayne, persuaded him. Doctor Young is in for a shock when he learns how Terry injured his arm.

And the end of the shift feels like the end of an era with Doctor Humphrey’s imminent departure. After 18 years, he’s swapping Barnsley Casualty for a brand new job as a Special Senior Medical Practitioner in a hospital on Australia’s west coast. ‘Who doesn’t want to work in Australia? The weather’s beautiful and there’s a great work-life balance. Of course, I’m going to miss my work family in Barnsley…the atmosphere and the patients. They warm my heart.’

  • Wednesday 11th August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • Episode 10


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