Diana: Her Last Summer

Tragically, Diana’s short life ended in a Paris underpass on 31st August 1997.  In this emotive and insightful film, the last three months before Diana’s death are laid bare, revealing an increasingly chaotic series of fast-paced, multi-layered events with multiple actors. This film is both a forensic analysis and an intimate portrait of the last summer of Princess Diana.     

First-hand accounts from inside Diana’s household - butler Paul Burrell, bodyguard Ken Wharfe, private secretary Patrick Jephson and favourite driver and bodyguard Colin Tebbutt - provide intimate details of life at Kensington palace for the ex-wife of Prince Charles. 

Free from the constraints of royal duty, a more confident Diana emerged and began looking for of a meaningful purpose in her life. From selling off most of her royal gowns in a charity auction, to throwing herself into humanitarian work, to visiting her mentor Mother Teresa, Diana began to find fulfilment. 

Yet throughout that summer, these achievements were to become eclipsed by an increasingly complicated love life. Biographers, correspondents and confidants Andrew Morton, Jennie Bond, Penny Junor and Richard Kay reveal the details. Was she really in love with Dodi Al-Fayed, the man with whom she will be forever linked? Or, was she hoping to return to London and marry her secret love Pakistani heart surgeon Hazmat Khan, the man she called Mr Wonderful and the ‘one’?  When and how did one relationship end, and another begin? 

In the last days of her life we breakdown the precise events behind Diana’s journeys between London, the Mediterranean and the mine fields of Bosnia. We question why she gave up her royal security team and explore the vulnerability this exposed to her decision-making process.

Our palace insiders provide searing and honest accounts of how this lack of protection could have led to her death.

The film takes us on personal, emotive and exclusive journeys with two of Diana’s closest members of staff, Paul Burrell and Colin Tebbutt.  Both travelled to Paris that fateful night, tasked with picking up her body and returning it to a grief-stricken UK. 

Finally, The Sunday Times’s Roya Nikkhah and political heavyweight Alastair Campbell provide a contemporary analysis of Diana’s legacy and look at the woman she would have become had she lived.

  • Wednesday 12th August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Diana: Queen of Hearts?

In April 1987 Princess Diana shocked the world by shaking hands with an AIDS patient. In a world where the deadly virus was still widely believed to be transmitted by touch, it was an act that made headline news. The reverberations soon reached the Palace – yet another provocative act by a princess seemingly determined send a message to her in-laws with every public appearance.

This film is a thoughtful and provocative look into how Princess Diana’s unique approach to royal public duty confounded the Palace, frustrated her husband and changed Britain’s view of ‘good causes’ forever. From her secretive missions into London’s homeless underworld, to the introduction of her beloved sons to the poor, the needy and the sick, this film asks whether Diana’s championing of these causes were simple acts of compassion, or acts of war against a Royal Family she no longer felt part of. Through a combination of key contributors and unique archive we tell the story of Diana’s highly public efforts to raise money for good causes, as well as her private involvement away from the cameras, with those charities she passionately supported. But were these a genuine attempt to change the world, or a push to change her public image?

A list of exclusive interviewees reveal the complex picture of Diana’s devotion to charity and the struggles she faced to get her message across.  This includes first hand testimony from private secretary Patrick Jephson, butler Paul Burrell and bodyguard Ken Wharfe, who unpick the princess’s fragile state of mind as her marriage disintegrated. There is also direct testimony from charity workers who had direct contact with Diana – all of them seen in archive footage together with the princess - who open a window on her energy and kindness as a colleague and collaborator. Lastly, analysis of her complex situation comes from biographers and correspondents such as Richard Kay, Andrew Morton, and former Downing Street spin doctor Alastair Campbell.

The film explores the radical nature of Diana’s charity work. After years of Royal charity being rigid and formal in its approach the monarchy was rocked when Diana introduced personal, physical and emotional contact with those she helped. Both her body language and her choice of causes marked a real break with the Windsor tradition. We follow Diana’s road to Damascus and fearless approach as she broke free from traditional charities to tackle gritty subjects which the royals would once have shunned. And ask why her personal vulnerability gave her the understanding and empathy that was needed to deal with society’s most rejected and marginalised.

We see rare footage of the princess on one of her secret missions to meet the homeless, as well as her attempts to draw attention to landmine victims in Bosnia and Angola. We hear from those closest to her about the deeply personal bond she felt with those whose lives were most stigmatised.

  • Thursday 13th August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Diana: A Mothers Love

Through a combination of emotive archive and insider interviews, this film provides an intimate portrait of how Princess Diana raised Princes William and Harry.  From her attempts to protect her boys from the spotlight, to her desire to keep their childhoods as normal and grounded as possible, we examine how Diana created a revolution in royal motherhood.

Contributors close to the princess reveal the secrets behind Diana’s unique parenting style.  First hand accounts from inside Diana’s household (butler Paul Burrell, bodyguard  Ken Wharfe and private secretary Patrick Jephson) provide intimate detail of palace life through her boys’ childhood.  Biographers, correspondents and confidants Andrew Morton, Jennie Bond and Richard Kay talk candidly about the complex dynamic within this young royal family. Contemporary analysis of Diana’s legacy to her sons comes from The Sunday Times’s Roya Nikkhah and political heavyweight Alastair Campbell.

Princes William and Harry were at the centre of their mother’s world, but the devotion she displayed to them was in stark contrast her own childhood from a privileged but broken home.  Diana’s primary role as the wife of a future king of England was to provide heirs, but this soon put her at odds with a royal family shackled by tradition.  From where to give birth, what names to give her boys to breaking stuffy nursery protocol and their education, Diana struggled in the face of adversity to provide a normal childhood to two extraordinary boys.  Although there were many happy times, Diana’s troubled marriage to a husband ill prepared for fatherhood led to intense media scrutiny and a fight to protect her boys from the press.

The film explores rare, nostalgic footage from Caribbean holidays and provides a unique insight into the choices Diana made to support William and Harry in their ambitions.  But as her marriage unravelled on the world’s stage, and she became a single mother, we delve into the impact that the divorce and her death had on her sons and examine her legacy for future royal generations

  • Friday 14th August, 8pm

  • Channel 5

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Meghan & Harry: The New Revelations

As the world awaits for the next chapter in Meghan and Harry's life, a bombshell book has revealed their side of the story for the first time. The book - titled Finding Freedom - lifts the lid on exactly how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex really felt in the lead up to their decision to step back as senior royals... talk of 'vipers' and the 'old guard' paints a picture of an institution unwilling to change for two of its most modernising members. For the first time, we hear how Meghan and Harry grew frustrated with a pecking order that left them overshadowed by other members of the firm and desperate to change things, even if that meant going against convention and protocol. 

There are also new insights into Harry's relationship with William - what caused the rift between them and will it ever heal? Plus Meghan's expectations from Kate - was the Duchess of Cambridge welcoming to her new sister in law?    

There is speculation that Meghan and Harry contributed heavily to the book, due out on August 11, which they have denied. But regardless of their involvement, it will undoubtedly be seen as their account of what they feel really went on from the moment they got engaged, during their bid to escape and how the couple now plan to live their lives.

And the revelations keep coming: there are a whole slew of books exploring the past two tumultuous years for Harry, Meghan and the royal family. This documentary will delve into new claims and explore the speculation contained in them all - testing their credibility and voracity and trying to unravel what actually happened. just how much were they frozen out? Was it Harry's decision to quit the royals? Was Meghan's treatment by the tabloids unfair? Was it down to race - or something else? Were there leaks to the papers from inside the palace? What's the truth about all the infamous rifts and rows? And as Meghan has said in court documents - as she and Harry continue their legal battle with UK tabloids - why has she felt utterly unprotected by the family she married into?

And what does the next chapter in Meghan and Harry's life look like? Have they really found freedom or opened themselves up to more attention that ever before? Have they burnt their royal bridges or could there be a path back to the palace? And what will their non-royal role be going forward?

Featuring exclusive interviews with royal insiders, this documentary promises to tell Meghan and Harry's story like never before.

  • Saturday 8th August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Celebrity MasterChef: A Recipe for Success

This six-part special series continues to celebrate fifteen years of Celebrity MasterChef, which has become one of the most entertaining culinary competitions in the country. 

During the series’ history judges, John Torode and Gregg Wallace have seen more than three hundred celebrities compete to be crowned Celebrity MasterChef champion.

Contestants from the worlds of drama, music, sport and show business have entered the MasterChef kichen to impress John and Gregg with their cookery skills. In this series our esteemed judges look back at some of the best characters, most entertaining moments and choose their favourite challenges over the past 15 years.  

In tonight’s episode, “Out Of the Frying Pan”, John and Gregg recall the celebrity contestants’ first experience of a professional kitchen.

From tackling mountains of prep to facing unfamiliar, and often frightening, ingredients, to being overwhelmed with orders during a busy lunchtime service, the MasterChef judges look back at those who thrived and those who only just survived the intense pressure.

John and Gregg also revisit a classic challenge from 2013 which saw the celebrities cook a high-end, three-course meal for 150 people at Cambridge University.  Broadcaster Janet Street Porter, Boyband singer Shayne Lynch, Comedian Les Dennis, Rapper Speech Debelle, and Actors Brian Capron and Ade Edmondson took part in one of the most ambitious Semi Final challenges ever set to a group of celebrities – pushing them above and beyond their culinary limits.​

  • Thursday 13th August, 8pm

  • BBC One

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Shoplifters: At War with the Law

A 15% rise in shoplifting is hitting UK retailers hard and with it comes an ever-changing landscape of thieves. What used to be a crime carried out by individuals is increasingly being committed by teams working together.  But West Orchards Shopping Centre in Coventry have a team of their own, kitted out with the latest technology aimed at catching the shoplifters red-handed. 

Today the team catch one of the biggest hauls in West Orchards history, when a suspect is caught with a large quantity of high value fragrances he hasn’t paid for. To add to this, the man is over 200 miles from home and the guards suspect he is part of a larger organised crime operation. 

In Weston Favell Shopping Centre, Northamptonshire, security guards James and Ash are dealing with a face that is well known to them. It’s suspected that he’s concealed items on his person that he hasn’t paid for and when the team move in to intercept him, he tries to make his escape.

In Coventry, security guards Mark and Mal are on the lookout for a shoplifter who’s been stealing clothing from a well-known department store. So far, he’s evaded capture but armed with his photo and evidence of theft, the team are confident today will be the day his luck runs out.

An all too familiar face returns to West Orchards when a career shoplifter is spotted with a bag of confectionary he hasn’t paid for. When he disappears into the crowd, all the guards are put on high alert. But there’s no escape and Rob tracks down his man. The male has already been banned for a year, so Rob is left with no choice but to give him a lifetime ban.

  • Monday 10th August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 4 of 6


Plastic Surgery Knifemares

Plastic surgery is big business, worth more than three billion pounds a year in the UK. Once reserved only for the rich and famous who could afford to go under the knife in search of better looks, now lower costs and medical advancements have meant that any of us can choose to have a nip and tuck. 

But all cosmetic procedures have risks and if the surgery goes wrong the results can be dramatic, life changing and even deadly. In this new series, narrated by Sarah Cawood, we look at how some people’s dreams have turned into plastic surgery nightmares. 

Highlights include a first-hand account of a so-called 'Botox Parties' as a Leicestershire woman's lips swelled up so much after a filler injection her lips could touch her nose. We hear from model and reality TV regular Laura Alicia Summers, who puts her success down to the 67 cosmetic procedures she’s had, but who admits her constant quest for perfection may have made her miss out on other things.

There’s also the cautionary tale of Martin, the 41-year-old lorry driver, who faced financial ruin after eye bag surgery went wrong and fearing he wouldn’t be able to drive. We hear from David whose had a staggering seven hair transplant procedures to get to a place where he was finally happy, but only after suffering physical and emotional scars including the breakdown of his marriage.

And we take a look at body dysmorphia, a disorder that drives many sufferers, including glamour model Jodie Marsh, to obsessively want to improve their appearance by going under the knife. 

Expert interviews include Harley Street surgeon Dr Aamer Khan, psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud and broadcaster and life coach Anna Williamson. 

  • Thursday 13th August, 9pm

  • 5 STAR

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Mirror Mirror

Back in the hot seat for another episode eavesdropping on real people from across Scotland. This week we’re talking about Keeping Fit, Women and Men, Heavy Random and Music. We begin in Glasgow with Brad and Natalie chatting about ballroom dancing. After months training for a big event the end result was an unexpected disaster. In Dundee, Lorraine shocks Norrie with her boxing past and in Dunfermline Fraser hears from client Steve about an extraordinary jog that ended up being over 50 miles long. John in Glasgow tells Rosa that age is no barrier to fitness and he’s going back to the gym. In Shetland, Isaac and Tim chat about the other side of gender inequalities when it comes to the local fishing industry. John and Elizabeth reminisce about a time before the sexual revolution. In Edinburgh, Douglas and Mark are in awe of the great music that has come from just 12 notes, and we end in Dundee with Norrie and Lorraine discussing the importance of music to all our lives.

  • Friday 14th August, 10:30pm

  • BBC Scotland/iPlayer

  • 11 of 12


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