Week 34


Eight pairs of amateur fans will compete against each other building ambitious brick creations in new competition series LEGO MASTERS.  Channel 4 has commissioned the all-new competition format series challenging some of Britain’s biggest Lego fans to build incredible creations with the famous bricks.
Eight competing pairs of all ages will have their design, originality and construction skills put to the test in a battle to be crowned, Britain's most talented amateur Lego builders, LEGO MASTER 2017.  The four episodes increase in difficulty taking the contestants and the viewers on a journey to discover what incredible things can be achieved with the world’s favourite brick. 

  • Thursday 24th August, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 1 of 4


**NEW** My Extreme OCD Life

In the first episode we follow the fortunes of Serin, once so poorly she could barely leave the house, she is now getting married, how will she cope with the build up to her wedding? We meet Annie who at 18 is in the middle of her A level exams- her checking and tapping routines mean that her OCD is having a profound effect on her studies; Jamie’s life has been totally altered by OCD- he was studying to become a doctor but anxiety brought on by OCD meant the workload became overwhelming; and Meg is tormented by terrifying thoughts, that convince her that by carrying out certain rituals she is literally saving her family’s life.  

  • Tuesday 22nd August, 10pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 2


Celebrity MasterChef


Celebrity MasterChef returns for its twelfth series, with 20 familiar faces from the world of show business and music, all hoping to follow in the footsteps of last year’s champion Alexis Conran and take the 2017 title.

This second heat week sees five more celebrities enter the MasterChef kitchen, and tonight they will undertake three tough culinary challenges in a bid to prove themselves to judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace. This week battling for the crown are Olympic Gold Medalist Becky Adlington, Pop star Rachel Stevens, Actor Tyger Drew-Honey, Performer and Radio Presenter Debbie McGee and Radio 1 DJ Dev Griffin.

The first challenge for the five hopefuls is the Mystery Box; the infamous test of imagination and creativity. Tonight they must use the given ingredients including beef mince, pasta dough, ricotta cheese and pears, as well as a basic larder, to create just one dish – sweet or savoury. With nerves running high and just one hour to create something from scratch, the celebrities must think on their feet to impress the judges.

The celebrities are then split into two groups to take on the challenge of cooking for the first time in a restaurant kitchen, preparing dishes for paying customers.

Becky, Tyger and Rachel are sent to M, a grill restaurant in the City of London while Debbie and Dev are sent to Italian restaurant Margot in Covent Garden. The celebrities in both kitchens soon learn that the pressure of a restaurant in full service must be experienced to be believed.

In the final test of culinary creativity, it’s back to the MasterChef headquarters, as the contestants are asked to prepare a two-course menu of their own design in just one hour. The celebrities work furiously in a last attempt to prove themselves to the judges, because at the end of this test one of them will be going home.



Celebrity MasterChef returns for its twelfth series, with 20 familiar faces from the world of show business and music all hoping to take the 2017 title. 

This week’s heat continues with the four remaining celebrities fighting for a place in the Semi-Finals. 

Tonight’s first challenge is a Knowledge and Skills test, where the celebrities have the terrifying task of facing judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace one by one and demonstrate their ability to identify a tray of ingredients, three different eggs and three different types of mushroom before being asked to make a breakfast – a hash brown, crispy bacon and poached egg - in just 12 minutes.

They are then split into two teams and are sent out on their first mass catering challenge. Today they will have to make lunch for 80 members of staff at Brooklands, site of the world’s first purpose built motor racing circuit and now home to Mercedes-Benz.

With an array of ingredients including diced lamb, salmon and beef mince, as well as a range of fruit and vegetables, the two teams must devise, prepare and serve the lunch, catering for various tastes while creating meat based, vegetarian and dessert dishes in volume. In the heat of the kitchen the celebrities will have to rely on teamwork skills as well as their culinary ones to triumph.

Then it’s back to the MasterChef headquarters as the battle for a semi-final place reaches its climax. The four celebrities must now cook a faultless two course meal that will not only be judged by John and Gregg, but also by past Celebrity MasterChef champion Kimberly Wyatt (2015), Finalist Rylan Clark-Neal (2015) and Semi Finalist Richard Coles (2016), all former survivors of this landmark moment.

With their last chances to impress for a semi-final place, emotions in the kitchen are running high, and the pressure proves too much for some contestants. The celebrity judges deliver some frank and cutting responses to some of the dishes, but others fare much better.  

Only the best two contestants can earn a semi-final place and come one step closer to winning the title of Celebrity MasterChef 2017. For those who don’t make the grade the journey is over.

  • Wednesday 23rd, 9pm and Friday 25th August, 8:30pm

  • BBC One

  • 3-4 of 12


Tattoo Fixers On Holiday

The Tattoo Fixers are still out on Holiday tackling inking errors. Sketch is giving noughties boy band member, Ollie, a musical inspired tattoo.  Alice helps Jodie snapback from a bad decision, while Sketch transforms Zoe’s tattoo into something more fashionable.  Meanwhile Glen gives Dave’s silly shot glass a spiritual awakening.  And brave Alice opts for a symbolic design.

Murder Made Me Famous

Con man Joe Hunt forms an investment club with wealthy young men who trust him with their families’ money. The Ponzi scheme leads to murder when Hunt gets involved with Ron Levin, a notorious con man, himself.  Set in Beverly Hills with fancy cars and expensive designer suits, this story about upper class young men with bright futures turns into a bizarre tale of greed, deception, violence, missing bodies and eventually, life in prison. 

Interviews: Judge Fred Wapner, who prosecuted the case, Defense Attorney Arthur Barens, Journalist Linda Deutsch and Beverly Hills Detective Les Zoeller.

  • Tuesday 22nd August, 10pm

  • Really

  • 3 of 5


Body Fixers

The Fixers continue on their quest to fix extreme beauty fails from around the country.  Dr Esho rescues Rachael after a severe filler fiasco and lances her extreme lumpy lips. Daniel tackles England Rugby star, Heather's harrowing hair loss, while Danny and Alex team up to give shy Michael the most outrageous drag queen restyle the clinic has ever seen. Also in dire need of Dr Esho’s help (and big lasers!) is Chloe, dubbed Chewbacca by bullies, who's suffered for years with excessive body hair. Burlesque dancer Holly desperately needs help and after giving the fixers an eyeful, April gets to work with her lotions and potions and Daniel gives her a dramatic transformation. 

Naked Attraction

A daring dating series that starts where some good dates might end – naked.

  • Friday 25th August, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 8 of 10


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