**NEW** William & Harry: Princes at War

As speculation heats up, are the rumours of a rift true?

  • Saturday 17th August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

All Romesh knows about Colombia is cocaine barons and for most of his life, that was more than enough to stop him wanting to visit. But is Colombia’s reputation for drug wars justified? Or does it have more to offer?

To find out Rom is spending a week traveling around the country, guided by radio host and journalist, Heisel Mora. He will see stunning Colonial cities, beautiful Caribbean beaches and, in a scene that inexplicably makes the cut, a Jesus Statue Shop. He will learn to make coffee, learn how to salsa and learn how to play Tejo - a popular Colombian game where the entire point is to make explosions.

But he will also be looking into Pablo Escobar’s legacy and the country’s reputation for violence. A recent spate of TV shows detailing his life has given rise to ‘Narcotourism’ – people coming to the country specifically to look into the life of a man who is arguably the most successful criminal in history.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing? How do ordinary Colombians feel about the fascination with a man who is believed to be personally responsible for the deaths of more than 5,000 people? And should Rom feel guilty for being interested?

  • Sunday 18th August, 9pm

  • BBC Two

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Junk Rescue

Danny, Zoe and the Junkyard Helpers find some used cardboard packaging in the junkyard. Zoe and the junkyard helpers make something out of ribbons and strings and there are ideas for how you can transform your junk at home.

TORN BEDSHEETS - 20th August 
Danny, Zoe and the Junkyard Helpers find some torn bedsheets in the junkyard. Zoe and the junkyard helpers make things from old kitchen equipment and there are ideas for how you can transform your junk at home.

LINO TILES - 21st August 
Danny finds left over lino tiles in the junkyard and takes them to Barbara who turns them into something amazing. Zoe and the junkyard helpers make fun creations out of old cork and there are ideas for how you can transform your junk at home.

Danny, Zoe and the Junkyard Helpers find some torn children’s clothes in the junkyard. Zoe and the junkyard helpers make things from old glasses cases and there are ideas for how you can transform your junk at home.

BOX OF JUNK - 23rd August 
Danny, Zoe and the Junkyard Helpers find a big box of junk in the junkyard. Zoe and the junkyard helpers make planters for Danny’s flowers and there are ideas for how you can transform your junk at home.

  • Monday 19th-Friday 23rd August, 4:10pm

  • Cbeebies

  • 11-15 of 15


The Chefs' Brigade

The Brigade arrive in the culinary mecca of the Basque region - San Sebastian. With more Michelin stars per square foot than anywhere else in Europe, the city is a melting pot of local and international culinary excellence and the Brigade’s toughest challenge yet.

This week they will be taking on their first Michelin-starred kitchen run by Head Chef Paulo Airaudo and the jump up in cooking skill will be very tough for our young Brigade. After losing two chefs at the end of the final service in Andalusia, Jason has asked two reserves to step into chef positions, Lee and Wil join the Brigade at their farmhouse training base outside the city. Lee, used to running his own pop up business, finds it difficult to work in a larger Brigade and Wil jostles for position with military chef James who is used to being in a leadership role.

Jason, Dale and Andy take the Brigade to a Txoko – a secret food society - to experience the ancient culinary history of the city and deep love for food of its residents. Head chef Paulo is shaping up to be a very tough competitor and Jason needs his Brigade to cook better than they ever have before to have a chance of beating Paulo’s chef brigade in the final service. But with tensions running high and two new recruits trying to find their place, the Brigade are under more pressure than ever as they face the hardest service of their careers.

  • Tuesday 20th August, 9pm

  • BBC Two

  • 4 of 6


**NEW** Naked Attraction

The world’s most daring dating show is back! Helping sassy singletons avoid the pitfalls of fake online profiles and fancy filters by choosing their perfect partner based solely on the power of Naked Attraction. When we are entirely unfiltered what do people really find sexually attractive? 

Anna Richardson is on hand to guide the contestants through the game of choosing a partner naked-whittling 6 people down to 1. Expect even more shocking and surprising events that continue to push boundaries.

First in the studio is 30-year old, Stephanie. A self-confessed dating disaster, this clumsy girl never gets past a first date. She’s hoping with Naked Attraction’s help she’ll finally get to second base.  

Next is 28 year old Bethany from Essex.  A free-spirited artist, who wants Naked Attraction to help her pop her lesbian cherry.

  • Wednesday 21st August, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 1 of 10


Casualty 24/7

When Barnsley Hospital’s emergency red phone rings Sister Benita Wainwright takes the most critical of emergency calls – a patient is in cardiac arrest. Junior Doctor George Kay leads the resus team, and Lead Nurse Hannah Ryan steps in to head up the nurses. She says, ‘being a Lead Nurse if I know there’s a particularly sad case I want to be in there, to support my nursing staff.’ Dr Kay explains, ‘I think working in the Emergency Department makes you realise that life is potentially more fragile than we think it is.’ 

Sister Benita finds that the ambulances are starting to stack up outside, ‘you never know fully what’s going to come through the doors and there’s a very fine line between it being remarkably calm and carnage and chaos.’  

81-year-old Larry has come to hospital with his wife Molly after taking a tumble at home. They’ve been married for almost 60 years and Molly is worried. Sister Harriet Lindley is assessing Larry’s injuries and cares for them both, ‘I definitely have a soft spot for the older generation that we see in A & E.’ 

Consultant Doctor Julian Humphrey treats fellow cycling-fanatic, Garry. He’s come to casualty following a head-on collision with a metal gate and they soon share bike-related injuries. As Dr Humphrey says, ‘I know all the physios by their first name, and I think the staff have a lot of fun at my expense. I’ve been advised to use tricycles, hip protectors and take up tiddlywinks!’ 

All shift the team have been battling to get the doctor wait time down, and just as they think they’re winning, the casualty department’s fire alarm is triggered. Sister Benita Wainwright starts the evacuation. 

  • Wednesday 21st August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 11 of 12


Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

Sitting side by side on the banks of the Upper Tamar Lakes, Paul and Bob fish for the predatory Perch. Bob notices that Paul has far more superior seating which causes momentary tension between the pair.

The tables are turned when Bob reveals this week’s accommodation, which leaves Paul almost speechless.

The following day they brave the open sea and have a very surprising catch; they celebrate 

  • Friday 23rd August, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 4 of 6


**NEW** Secrets of the World’s Most Expensive Cruises

This series tells the story of life on board the world’s most luxurious cruise ship, the Seven Seas Explorer. The walls are adorned with art costing around five-million-pounds, from the ceiling hang chandeliers worth millions, and the suites can cost up to £8,000 per night. It’s the height of luxury. This series goes behind the scenes to reveal the secrets of this floating six-star hotel.  Can the crew deliver perfection to guests with the highest expectations?

  • Friday 23rd August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 4


The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan

For the final time in this series, the RTS award-winning and Bafta-nominated comedian and actor chews the fat with guests Dermot O'Leary, Caroline Flack, Anderson .Paak and Eamonn Holmes. Plus, Rak-Su for the End Game and Ovie Soko from Love Island. Last in the series.

  • Friday 23rd August, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 6 of 6


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