**NEW** A Black & White Killing: The Case That Shook America

Journalist Mobeen Azhar uncovers the truth behind alleged racist killings.

  • Sunday 25th August, 9pm
    Monday 26th August, 9pm

  • BBC Two
    BBC Two

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The Chefs' Brigade

Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton is taking a team of raw cooking talent and, in six weeks, tries to turn them into a Chefs’ Brigade to compete with Europe’s finest restaurants.  

Following a difficult service in San Sebastian, Jason is determined to push his Brigade further and introduce them to the country that bought the world of Michelin to the world of cooking, France. This week they travel to the Alpine region of the Savoie, famed for its fresh produce and, in recent years, for a new generation of talented chefs transforming classic French cuisine into modern, delicate fine dining. 

The rival chef this week is Alain Perillat–Mercerot, owner and head chef of Michelin-starred restaurant Atmosphères, which has views out to the mountains and the Lac du Bourget, from which he sources his produce. Alain’s restaurant has held its Michelin star for nine consecutive years, and he has put together a challenging seven-course menu to test the Brigade’s technical skills.  

Last week Jason introduced new members Lee and Wil into the Brigade. Now, following a falling out during the tense final service, one member of the Brigade decides to end their journey, and the team are now down to just nine members. Battling on, Jason teaches the Brigade the art of French classics such as Quenelle de Brochet, using the very pike the chefs fish from the lake, in order to show the Brigade just how far they need to go to beat the French at their own game.  

In final service all eyes are on Wil and Jess as they are given two of the most complicated dishes of the menu in what becomes one of their most important services of the Brigade’s journey yet. 

  • Tuesday 27th August, 9pm

  • BBC Two

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**NEW** Snatched and Sold For Sex

Snatched and Sold for Sex explores the hidden world of sex trafficking - in the UK there are an estimated 2000 victims currently held captive. This film reveals the shocking stories of four women who were sexually exploited by men. Each survivor’s story is as different as it is harrowing. 

Nineteen-year-old model Chloe Ayling was kidnapped by masked men whilst on a modelling assignment in Italy. Terrified, she was taken to a remote farmhouse where her captors photographed her and told her she was to be sold as a sex slave at an online auction. These men claimed to form part of the shadowy world of online slave auctions on the dark web, and gangs who kidnap to order, but the truth behind Chloe’s kidnappers’ identities was more extraordinary than she ever could have imagined. 

Last year one man was convicted of the kidnap, his brother is shortly to face trial in Italy on a similar charge. This intimate and powerful testimony from Chloe tells the real story behind the current sensational headlines.

Seventeen-year-old Sunny Angel was stalked by a man over twice her age. He threatened her family and forced her into a deeply abusive relationship which saw her trapped in his home for months. Following threats that he would sell her for sex she managed to escape his clutches.

When Anna was just 15-years-old, she was imprisoned in a house by a taxi driver she trusted.  Abused for years, he sold her for sex and even sold her babies after she became pregnant. 

Melody was tricked by her fiancé into coming to the UK from Nigeria. Once here he took her passport and forced her to work in a brothel. 

This harrowing and moving film lifts the lid on the murky, underground world of sex slavery and violence.

  • Tuesday 27th August, 9pm

  • 5Star

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Naked Attraction

The world’s most daring dating show is back! Helping sassy singletons avoid the pitfalls of fake online profiles and fancy filters by choosing their perfect partner based solely on the power of Naked Attraction. When we are entirely unfiltered what do people really find sexually attractive? 

Anna Richardson is on hand to guide the contestants through the game of choosing a partner naked -whittling 6 people down to 1. Expect even more shocking and surprising events. Including a Naked Attraction first, a celebrity is in a pod and looking for love!

First into the studio is Judith, a 57 year breast cancer survivor from Nuneaton. After finding a new lease of life, this church going Christian has decided to let loose and bag herself a man.

 Next up is 27 year old, hot tub installer Rigby from Chesterfield. He’s been travelling the world and sampling the exotic delights on offer. Now he’s back on home soil and wants to find a girl to settle down with.

  • Wednesday 28th August, 10pm

  • Channel 4

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Casualty 24/7

A mini-heatwave has hit Barnsley Casualty, and as the temperature rises so do patient numbers.

 Paramedics rush in 94-year-old Doris, who has a gaping wound on her leg after an incident with a stair-lift. Leading her care is Consultant Doctor John Raynor who says, ‘in the grand scheme of these wounds, this is probably the worst one I’ve ever seen.’

 In Paediatrics, three-year-old Ophelia is brought in by her Dad after a mis-hap with a sun cream bottle. So Play Leader Lindsay Holmes is called on to employ her best distraction techniques.

 50-year-old Mark was enjoying the good weather until he had an accident with a garden shredder and a metal rod went into his hand. Consultant Doctor Bharath Reddy is treating him, but his first job is to stop the heavy bleeding.

 The next patient to be seen is 64-year-old Melvin. He suffers with COPD, an incurable lung disease, and he’s brought in by ambulance with severe breathing difficulties. Consultant Doctor Clare Ginnis treats him and explains, ’we’re in a very privileged position to meet people at their most vulnerable.’

 Advance Nurse Practitioner Chantelle Proctor assesses 27-year-old Jack who’s arrived in Casualty after collapsing at work. She must determine what caused his black-out and how to stop it happening again.

 And there’s debate among the staff about what makes them feel queasy, as Advanced Nurse Practitioner Richard Jackson says, ‘I think it helps to have an iron stomach to do this job.’

  • Wednesday 28th August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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**NEW** Train Truckers

This episode follows truck crews transport a classic steam locomotive and brand-new prototype commuter train across the country. Train Truckers, Terry and Jason Priest, have been called in to move legendary Steam Locomotive Britannia. The 68-year-old locomotive has undergone a major restoration in Crewe and is scheduled to start running at the Severn Valley Railway. But to get the famous engine to the preserved line, it must be moved 70 miles by road through unforgiving rush hour traffic.

Meanwhile Gavin Josephs and Callum Broadhurst need to transport a prototype battery-powered commuter train 422 miles to Scotland. The team will have to load it onto two trucks and drive cross-country on a journey that will see them slice a path through narrow, twisting Scottish lanes, a titanic task, even for the world’s toughest Train Truckers.

  • Thursday 29th August, 9pm

  • Yesterday

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Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

Paul and Bob fly to Enniskillen to fish for the Pike which eluded them in series one. They take to the waters of Loch Erne in their search for this mighty fish, guided by the very experienced local Frenchman Pascal.  

 They discuss their respective bad habits and Bob gives Paul a thorough health update, before they retire to a local hostelry to sample some classic Irish refreshments. 

 Paul demonstrates how to perform life-saving CPR and Bob gives Paul a glimpse into his future by telling his fortune in a traditional Irish manner. 

  • Friday 30th August, 8pm

  • BBC Two

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Secrets of The World's Most Expensive Cruises

This series tells the story of life on board the world’s most luxurious cruise ship, the Seven Seas Explorer. The walls are adorned with art costing around five-million-pounds, from the ceiling hang chandeliers worth millions, and the suites can cost up to £8,000 per night. It’s the height of luxury. This series goes behind the scenes to reveal the secrets of this floating six-star hotel.  Can the crew deliver perfection to guests with the highest expectations?

  • Friday 30th August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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**NEW** The Rob Rinder Verdict

Channel 4 are joining forces with everyone’s favourite TV judge, Rob Rinder for a brand new four-part series.

The Rob Rinder Verdict will see Rinder cast his perceptive eye as he gives his authored and no nonsense take on current events. Mixing his razor-sharp legal mind and hilarious hot takes, Rob will satirically dissect what exactly is going on with the world today and searching for the elusive things that might make Britain a better place.

Accompanied by a host of celebrity guests, we’ll see Rob delve deep into current news stories, viral trends and talking points aplenty. Well-known for his uncompromising opinions, the series will put Rob in fish-out-of-water scenarios, taking on other worlds outside his usual comfort zone and experiencing conflicting perceptions.

  • Friday 30th August, 10pm

  • Channel 4

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