Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

In this first episode, Paul and Bob return to Scotland to fish for salmon once more, this time on the mighty River Tweed. As we remember the agonising last-ditch attempt to catch a salmon on the River Tay in series two, this time around Paul is determined to fulfil his promise to help Bob get his first salmon – a rite of passage for any angler.

They start their search for a so-called ‘bar of silver’ surrounded by banks of lush tall trees at the Bemersyde Estate, a place where it’s easy to forget the outside world and do nothing but put all your concentration into fishing. Paul is intent on catching, and Bob is hopeful that his angling skills have improved since last time, but whether this is enough for them to hook a salmon is anyone’s guess.

After a night in some beautifully renovated traditional roulottes rounded off with a campfire supper cooked by Bob, the next morning Paul gets some mystical predictions from a familiar character. They try a different beat on this day, and visit the Bridge Pool at Kelso, arguably the most renowned salmon fishing beat in Scotland. Today they try boat fishing again, and the memory of the last time they were in Scotland fishing in a boat together spurs them on to try to not just hook, but also land a salmon this time. 

As Paul and Bob fish the conversation takes a familiar yet comforting form. Punctuated with both laughter and moments of reflection, they exchange memories of their past lives and thoughts on their present and future selves. They discuss the things that they are grateful for, as well as thinking about what else they want to achieve. Is this the trip where Bob finally ticks ‘catch a salmon’ off his bucket list?

  • Sunday 23rd August, 8pm

  • BBC Two

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George V: The Tyrant King

George the 5th was a king the like of which Britain had never seen before.

But the man, who with his wife, became one half of a power couple which redefined the British monarchy had a life - and death - which has been shrouded in mystery, misconception, secrets and speculation.

George never even thought he would be king. Behind his brother Edward in line to the throne he was shy, scared of public speaking, poorly educated and lacking refinement and could come across as cold and detached.

When Edward died from flu he not only inherited the crown but married his brother’s fiancée, Mary, who shaped not only his future but the entire Royal family.

This is the story of a king who would take Britain into war, change the name and destiny of the Royals and challenge the establishment.

But a man who would also show a ruthlessness to his own family that few monarchs have ever done, before or since.

George V led a very different life to those who had proceeded him but one which contained several secrets... including the circumstances surrounding his death.

  • Saturday 22nd August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Call That Hard Work?

Ep 6

In the sixth episode, sausage factory supervisor Mica, bingo show host Rob and head gardener Dan compete in a bid to prove their job is the hardest. Day one gets off to a sticky start as Rob and Dan are left strung out by their task to rapidly season and package sausages. On day two, both Mica and Dan struggle with calling numbers in front of hundreds of serious bingo players. While Dan goes too fast, Mica’s mix up with numbers leaves the punters grumbling. On their last day, Rob and Mica get a glimpse of the dedication needed to maintain the manicured gardens of a Victorian stately home. As the trio gather to discover their scores, only one person will walk away with the thousand-pound prize.


Ep 7

In episode seven, plumber Zack, bus tour guide Joe and dog groomer Sophie compete in a bid to prove their job is the hardest. The group gets off to a grimy start working with Zack to unblock toilets and drains around South London; while Joe takes the pungent smells in his stride, it’s all a little too much for Sophie. On day two, both Zack and Sophie struggle to memorise facts and figures as they prepare to pick up the mic on an open top bus tour of London. For their final day, dog lovers Zack and Joe face the reality of running a grooming salon when a ‘client’ arrives covered in fox poo. As the trio gather to discover their scores, only one person can walk away with the thousand-pound prize.


Ep 8

In episode eight, tree surgeon Ollie, sandwich factory supervisor Ruth, and zookeeper Charlotte go head to head in a bid to prove their job is the hardest. Day one forces Ruth out of her comfort zone when Ollie gets her to climb a tree but on day two, it’s Ollie and Charlotte’s turn to struggle as the speed of the conveyor belts in Ruth’s sandwich factory leaves them with egg on their faces. For their final day, Ollie and Ruth become zookeepers, learning facts about the giraffes. It’s a tall order, but can they pull off a tour to the paying public? As the trio gather to discover their scores, only one person can walk away with the thousand-pound prize.


Ep 9

In episode nine, stable manager Gemma, tea room owner Frieda and commercial fisherman Pete compete in a bid to prove their job is the hardest. On day one, Frieda faces an uphill struggle when she has to dispose of wheelbarrows filled with horse muck, but the next day, Gemma and Pete feel the strain as they confront the multi-tasking needed to run a busy tea room and travelling tea bus. For their final day, Gemma and Frieda head out to sea on Pete’s fishing boat to gauge how hard it is to be a commercial fisherman. As the trio gather to discover their scores, only one person can walk away with the thousand-pound prize.


Ep 10

In the final episode, poultry farmer Andrew, restaurant manager Angela and performer Jack go head to head in a bid to prove their job is the hardest. They get off to a cracking start sorting thousands of eggs on Andrew’s smallholding in Berkshire. While Jack needs to speed up, Angela finds herself in a scramble. On day two, both Andrew and Jack struggle to memorise four menus as they prepare to serve 40 covers at the high-end Indian restaurant Angela manages. The last day sees Andrew and Angela face their fears, as they perform in front of an audience at top tourist attraction The London Dungeon. As the trio gather to discover their scores, only one person can walk away with the thousand-pound prize.

  • Monday 24th August, 3:45pm
    Tuesday 25th August, 3:45pm
    Wednesday 26th August, 3:45pm
    Thursday 27th August, 3:45pm
    Friday 28th August, 3:45pm

  • BBC One

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Britain’s Biggest Hoard

In the middle-class suburb of Crosby, Merseyside, just minutes from the beach, on a street popular with families is a blot on the landscape – it’s Britain’s Biggest Hoard. Paul’s hoard fills his whole house, room after room after room is buried under 6 feet of clutter. But Paul has decided enough is enough, he wants to sell his house and hoard to fund his retirement. But with the house literally bursting at the seams, infested with vermin and the kitchen a biohazard it’s not going to be an easy sell.

Behind every hoarder is a fascinating and deeply personal mystery to uncover within their clutter and like many hoarders, Paul’s issues stem from past emotional trauma. Buried amongst the mountain of rubbish is a clue as to why he can’t throw anything away. He’s worried that if he loses his things, he will lose a part of himself. But when he calls out for help will he struggle to let go of his precious collection? For deep cleaning expert George and his team this is going to be their toughest assignment ever.

  • Thursday 27th August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 2


Me & My Sugar Daddy

Chris Quinten is a former soap heart-throb who starred in Coronation Street during the ‘80s.  These days he splits his time between running a strip club and acting in Hollyoaks.  63-year-old Chris hit the headlines in 2019 when he got engaged to 22-year-old table dancer Robyn Delabarre. Robyn wasn’t aware of the 41-year age gap when they first met and initially kept their relationship secret. Then a video of Chris proposing to Robyn on holiday hit the internet and their undercover relationship was out in the open.

25-year-old Jasmine has been a sugar baby for five years.  She currently has four Sugar Daddies paying her combined as much as £6,000 a month.  Originally from Western Asia her family moved to Ireland when she was 12, but it wasn’t until she moved to London to go to University that her eyes were opened to the potentially lucrative world of sugar dating.  She has saved over £300,000 from her life as a sugar baby, a life which she’s contemplating leaving behind to start her own business.

  • Wednesday 26th August, 9pm

  • 5 STAR

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Celebrity MasterChef: A Recipe for Success

This six-part special series continues to celebrate fifteen years of Celebrity MasterChef, which has become one of the most entertaining culinary competitions in the country. 

During the series’ history judges, John Torode and Gregg Wallace have seen more than three hundred celebrities compete to be crowned Celebrity MasterChef champion.

Contestants from the worlds of drama, music, sport and show business have entered the MasterChef kitchen to impress John and Gregg with their cookery skills. In this series our esteemed judges look back at some of the best characters, most entertaining moments and choose their favourite challenges over the past 15 years.  

In tonight’s episode, “Bring On The Critics”, John and Gregg recall some of the best and the worst reviews of the celebrities’ creations.

From members of the Women’s Institute, to previous finalists and the forthright opinions of the restaurant critics, the role of the external opinion is a crucial one.

John and Gregg also revisit a classic challenge from 2011 where the five semi finalists were tasked with cooking the much-loved recipes from residents of a retirement village.

  • Thursday 27th August, 8pm

  • BBC One

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Shoplifters: At War with the Law

When it comes to tackling shoplifting, one of the main tools in the security guards’ armour, is their CCTV network.  West Orchards in Coventry has over a hundred cameras and the highly trained guards in control can track a single person all the way through the shopping centre. So, for those up to no good, chances are, they’ll be seen.

Senior Officer Lewis turns detective when a stallholder reports a theft an hour after it happened.  He reviews the CCTV footage, pinpoints the incident and tracks down the perpetrator outside the shopping centre.  A tricky case to crack, and an even trickier shoplifter to deal with, when he turns nasty in the holding room.

At Weston Favell in Northampton, the security team have eyes on a shoplifter who is clocking all the CCTV cameras in a supermarket, as he conceals items in his trolley. When he leaves the self-service till without paying for most of the items, he’s stopped and taken to the holding room. The man has expensive tastes, stealing wine, organic chocolate and a £14 jar of honey.

In Coventry, a department store calls in a suspected perfume theft, but until they can review their footage and confirm it, security officer Mal keeps track of her on CCTV.  Once they have proof, Mo swoops in to apprehend her. She’s an overseas student, so this theft may have more consequences for her than a banning order from the centre.

When Lewis spots a banned customer shopping in the centre he asks her to leave, but when she kicks up a fuss, he has to escort her to the car park. But does she even have a car?  After he’s given the runaround for 20 minutes, she finally gets in her car and leaves - hopefully this time for good.

  • Monday 24th August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 6 of 6


Plastic Surgery Knifemares

Plastic surgery is big business, worth more than three billion pounds a year in the UK. Once reserved only for the rich and famous who could afford to go under the knife in search of better looks, now lower costs and medical advancements have meant that any of us can choose to have a nip and tuck. 

But all cosmetic procedures have risks and if the surgery goes wrong the results can be dramatic, life changing and even deadly. In this new series, narrated by Sarah Cawood, we look at how some people’s dreams have turned into plastic surgery nightmares. 

In this episode is the shocking story of how lads mag model and reality television star Danielle Lloyd nearly lost her life when her boob job went wrong.

We meet Sam, a young man obsessed with plastic surgery, who happily injects himself with dermal fillers as he maintains his look. Sam speaks candidly about his childhood and how it led him to multiple surgeries.

And finally the story of Delsha, who had eyebrow tattoos, that according to one critic left her looking like a clown.

This week’s nightmare lowdown uncovers the dangerous obsession with surgery that often goes hand in hand with a rise to fame. Looking at reality television stars and the procedures they have undergone in their hunt for a ‘perfect’ look.

Expert interviews include Harley Street surgeon Dr Aamer Khan, psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud and broadcaster and life coach Anna Williamson. 

  • Thursday 27th August, 9pm

  • 5 STAR

  • 5 of 6


Trucking Hell

On the outskirts of Derby, Crouch Ops Rob and Lee race to the scene of a horrific traffic collision where a Ford Transit van has slid out of control on a country lane and landed on top of a car.  With the car wedged underneath the van, the recovery team are faced with a complex challenge. In the Leicestershire countryside, a 20-tonne-milk tanker is in serious trouble.  It’s come off road and is sinking in a muddy field.  Tez and his crew need to think on their feet, when they realise the tanker is  in danger of tipping over with recovery op Marta at the wheel. Meanwhile, Merrie gets a rubbish job trying to rescue a broken down bin lorry on the M42.  Closed after flash flooding, the motorway reopens when Merrie least expects it and she’s dicing with danger working so close to the live lane.  

  • Wednesday 26th August, 10pm

  • Channel 5

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