9/11: Inside The President's War Room

Twenty years ago, at 9.03am the second of four hijacked planes hit the South tower of the World Trade Centre in New York. America was under attack. President, George W. Bush was sitting in front of seven year olds in a classroom in Florida. Members of the President’s security detail thought the next plane could be aimed at them.  

A first draft of history and a claustrophobic clock-ticking chain of events, this film tells the story of the Presidency on arguably the most consequential day in recent history. How should a Government deal with a large-scale terrorist attack where four commercial aircraft were being used as missiles? How could they cope with losing their friends? And how should they respond?  

As the clock ticks the Presidency is forced to make a series of critical decisions while still struggling to make sense of what is unfolding. Should they order fighter jets to shoot on American civilians; should the seminal Presidential speech declare war, or calm a nation? How would the leadership of the most powerful nation on Earth grapple with the national and international implications? 

This feature length documentary tells the definitive timeline story of the Presidency through 12 hours of that momentous day – as it changed him, changed America, and changed the world – told with direct testimony from those in power at the time – President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State Colin Powell and numerous other senior White House staff. 

It begins with blue-sky innocence, as a relatively new President orientates himself towards a domestic agenda and it ends as the machinery of Government flexes and responds to the threat and begins to contemplate the possibility of war.

  • Tuesday 31st August, 8:30pm

  • BBC One

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Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing


Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing returns for an eagerly awaited fourth series with Bob and Paul travelling the British Isles in search of the most beautiful places to fish together. 

EPISODE ONE - North Uist

‘Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing’ returns for a much anticipated fourth series. Across six, thirty-minute episodes, Paul and Bob travel far and wide across the UK in search of new fishing challenges, while still finding time for moments of quiet reflection and poignant reminiscence. Musing on life as it finds them now in their early 60s, they can’t help but compare what has changed since they started fishing together four years ago. 


In this first episode Paul and Bob visit their most dazzling and extraordinary destination to date; the island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. Completely unlike anywhere they have fished before, this small, remote but beautiful island has an intricate network of tidal pools and sea lochs, making it near enough equal parts land and water and therefore the perfect place to fish for sea trout. 


Paul and Bob decide to get around the island on electric bikes, and riding across the hard sand to their first fishing spot of the trip fills them with child-like glee. Their destination is a tidal pool on the north tip of the island, and with the roar of the Atlantic Ocean just around the headland they are reminded just how remote a spot this is. As they wade out, they’re forced to battle the fierce wind, and the fishing is some of the most challenging Bob has known, making him quickly regret his choice of clothing.


They move to a slightly more secluded pool and continue their quest for sea trout. The water here carries an orange hue as the peaty water from the hills merges with the ocean - it’s quite unlike anything they have fished in before. As the afternoon dwindles and with the tide rapidly coming in, they decide they should call it a day while they can still make it across the sand.  


Arriving at their accommodation – a cosy white cottage overlooking the rocky water’s edge - Bob wastes no time preparing a nourishing pie for them which has a surprising heart healthy ingredient. With Bob busy in the kitchen Paul has a quiet moment of reflection as he lights the fire and takes in the view. It leads them to discuss over dinner whether they’d enjoy a quiet life in the future, but also makes them consider how many years they have left, and how they might like to spend them. 


Over cups of coffee in the garden the next morning, they discuss the plan for the day ahead. They have a couple more places to go and fish, but Bob has also arranged for them to meet a local artist to try their hands at capturing this enchanting landscape on canvas.  


The first port of call for the day is a set of sea pools, where the water gently cascades down from one pool to the next before it hits the beach, forming rivulets that swell and change with the tide. Bob decides to fish a lower pool that has a precariously rocky route to get to - a bold decision for someone prone to trips and stumbles. When it’s time for a break, Paul watches with a mixture of laughter and trepidation as Bob makes his way slowly back. Over a cup of tea, they talk about living somewhere remote like this and whether they feel too disconnected from home. They compare what creature comforts they’d miss but also the benefits living here can bring – fresh air, escapism and of course endless fishing. 


Paul and Bob take a break from fishing and go to one of North Uist’s stunning beaches. With its white sand and turquoise water, it looks more Caribbean than Caledonia, and it's these wild, mercurial landscapes that provide local artist Ellis O’Connor with endless inspiration. Sharing her love of North Uist’s unpredictable elements, she gives Paul and Bob some guidance on creating their own pieces of art. With sporting rivalry never far from their minds, Paul and Bob decide to make it a competition, with Ellis as the judge – but whose interpretation of this North Uist seascape will win? 


There’s just time for one more fishing session in the afternoon and Paul and Bob head to the Vallay sea pools, timing their arrival just before the tide is at its lowest. This means that the fish are here in abundance and there for the catching. Paul knows conditions are perfect, and the stage is set for Bob to show his angling prowess to successfully land a wild sea trout. 


By the end of their trip to North Uist, Paul and Bob are wowed by the extraordinary landscape as much as by the magnificent fish. They agree this is the perfect place to forget the hustle and bustle of their regular lives, and is somewhere they can concentrate for a while on the things they hold most dear – fishing and friendship. 

  • Sunday 29th August, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 1 of 6


On Yer Bike

On Yer Bike for Soccer Aid sees eight brave celebrities taking on a huge cycling challenge to raise money for UNICEF. Competing in two teams of four, novice cyclists follow a route made famous by the Tour de France, battling across the Yorkshire Dales to reach the finish line in Emmerdale.

Team England includes Alex Beresford, Sair Khan, Barney Wash and Rebecca Sarker, while Team World is Keith Duffy, Maura Higgins, Joe McFadden and Zoe Lyons.

  • Sunday 29th August, 6:30pm

  • ITV

  • 1 of 1


Elvis: Rise and Fall of the King

Elvis: The Rise and Fall of the King takes an intimate look at Elvis Presley, charting his journey from the ultimate symbol of teenage rebellion to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, told by the people who knew him closely. 


Picking up in 1960, when Elvis leaves the Army, the film charts his journey from Hollywood heart-throb to Vegas superstar. Outside of the successes, the film also focuses on his struggle to break free of his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, and Hollywood’s image of him,  and Elvis’s eventual reinvention via his iconic 1968 Comeback Special. Featuring legendary performances of ‘If I Can Dream’, ‘Suspicious Minds’ plus the inside story behind ‘In The Ghetto’, told by songwriter, Mac Davis, in his final interview.  


The film explores Elvis’ cautionary tale about how fame can not only create, but also destroy.  How the man crowned the King, despite becoming the most famous person in the world, adored by fans, remained haunted by family tragedy and ended up a lonely, grieving recluse. 


This is the true rags to riches story of a star, who lived the American dream and rose from poverty to become the foundation stone of American rock music and American popular culture. 

  • Friday 3rd September, 10pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 2


Princess Alexandra: The Queen’s Confidante

If you are a monarch, who can you confide in, share your secrets with, or reveal your innermost fears and worries to? 


Throughout her life, our Queen Elizabeth has traditionally looked to a small and intimate circle of advisors and confidantes within her close family, such as her father King George VI, her sister Princess Margaret and of course her husband Prince Philip. Since their passing, the Queen now relies on the support and advice of her children, and on one of her oldest and most enduring friends within the Royal family, her first cousin Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy.

Now 84 years-old, Alexandra is ten years younger than the Queen, and the daughter of the Queen’s uncle Prince George, Duke of Kent. She has remained largely out of the spotlight but is always there for the monarch. 

The pair struck up their friendship in the 1940s when the then Princess Elizabeth was courted by Prince Philip at Princess Alexandra’s home, Coppins in Berkshire. She fast became a confidante and ally and was a bridesmaid at our monarch’s wedding. By the 1960s Alexandra was often deputising for the Queen at official engagements. She’s remembered as one of the most glamorous Royal women of the era.

The unique bond between Alexandra and Queen has been defined by shared experiences. Both women are devoted to Crown and Country and their families have seen their share of scandals. Perhaps the biggest test of their friendship came in 1989, when Alexandra’s then-unmarried daughter Marina became pregnant, and discussed the matter on daytime television. The matter was only resolved when Marina and her boyfriend agreed to marry.


This film looks back on the intimate friendship between two women whose unique bond has survived eight decades, and asks, what does it take to be the monarch’s best friend?

  • Saturday 28th August, 8:30pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


Jay's Yorkshire Workshop

 Jay Blades opens the doors to his brand new workshop in Bradford.    

In each episode, members of the public nominate local heroes from across  Yorkshire to receive a bespoke, handmade piece of wooden furniture to recognise the work they do for their community, often going above and beyond.  Jay hears first-hand what makes each local hero special and why they are deserving of this thank you.  

Making the items with the expert furniture makers Ciaran, Isabelle and Saf, are six passionate woodworkers from the surrounding area who have all come to the workshop to learn from the experts they’re teamed with and working alongside.  Each has a personal reason to be here and the series explores their lives whilst following how they go about making each item and learning on the job.  

This week, David, a sheep farmer from the Yorkshire Dales, wants to nominate another farmer Sam, for a surprise thank you. Last year during lambing season, David and his wife caught COVID and David ended up in hospital at this crucial time of year. Sam, who first came to work with David as a teenager, left his own farm and sheep 200 miles away and came to David’s farm, rounded up his 140 sheep and took them across country to lamb alongside 350 of his own, saving many animals lives.  Ciaran and his team take on a technically challenging build crafting a beautiful picnic box complete with a  drawer and mini table to thank Sam for his help. For newbie fine furniture makers, Les and Ant, it’s their first time attempting tricky dovetail joints – but are they up for the challenge?  

Ryan and Michelle come to the workshop to meet Jay. Ryan lived on the streets for six years until he was helped by Becky and Shelley, two women who set up a charity in Leeds called Homeless Street Angels. Becky had experienced homelessness herself but after she turned her life around, she wanted to support others. Expert woodworker Isabelle and her team make a beautiful angel wings sculpture for Ryan to thank the two sisters. But bending wood into shape is a tricky, delicate job that Isabelle’s team have never attempted before.  

Finally, Saf’s team create a pair of sun dials to thank two teenagers who love the outdoors and volunteer regularly in their local park, litter-picking to keep it looking its best.  

  • Wednesday 1st September, 9pm

  • BBC Two

  • 3 of 6


Celebrity MasterChef


Celebrity MasterChef continues as 20 famed faces from the world of comedy, drama, music, sport and showbusiness all hope to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace to take the coveted 2021 title. 

In this fourth and final week of heats the celebrities up for the culinary challenge are TV presenter Kem Cetinay, double gold Paralympian Kadeena Cox MBE, journalist, author and presenter Gavin Esler, Strictly Come Dancing dancer and choreographer Johannes Radebe, and Actor Michelle Collins.  

The first challenge for the five hopefuls is the brand new Under The Cloche test. In front of each celebrity is a cloche, underneath which is an ingredient. Each celebrity has a different ingredient and along with a larder, must create one dish that showcases the ingredient and demonstrates to the judges they have potential. With nerves running high and just over an hour to create their dish from scratch, the celebrities must think on their feet to impress judges John and Gregg. 

Next up it’s another brand new challenge – The Street Food Challenge. The celebrities are presented with a popular street food dish from Turkey, Gozleme with Baba ganoush, which they must taste and then try to identify the ingredients that are in it.  But the challenge doesn’t end there… Following not a recipe but their instincts, the celebs are then tasked with cooking this classic national dish for themselves. Will their attempts impress, or will they fall short of the mark? 

Then, in the final test of culinary creativity, the contestants are asked to prepare their Dinner Party Dish - something they would cook to impress if someone was coming round to eat - in just one hour. The celebrities work furiously in a last attempt to prove themselves to the judges, because at the end of this test, one of them will be going home. 

Who can handle the pressure and show the judges they have skills, creativity and flair to progress further in the competition? 



Celebrity MasterChef is back for its sixteenth series, with 20 familiar faces from the world of comedy, drama, sport, showbusiness and music all hoping to take the 2021 title.  

This week’s Celebrity MasterChef heats continue with the four remaining celebrities facing three more culinary challenges, as they battle for a place in the quarter-final. 

Tonight’s first challenge is a Knowledge and Skills Test, where the celebrities have the terrifying task of facing judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace one by one! They will attempt to demonstrate their ability to identify a tray of ingredients containing four types of spice, before being asked to make brandy snap biscuits filled with two different creams, in just 20 minutes. 

Afterwards, at this point in the competition the celebrities would usually be sent to work with and learn from a professional chef in their restaurant kitchen. However with this not being possible, this year John and Gregg bring the chef to the celebrities. 2010 MasterChef finalist and chef-patron of Vanderlyle restaurant in Cambridge, Alex Rushmer, challenges each of the four celebrities to cook a recipe from his menu that includes no meat or fish and instead focuses on vegetables.  

Lastly the celebrities must channel all they have learnt from Alex into one dish that showcases vegetables, in order to stay in the competition. With just one hour to cook, the celebrities give it their all in a last attempt to prove themselves to the judges, because at the end of this test one of them will be going home. 



Celebrity MasterChef is back for its sixteenth series, with 20 familiar faces from the world of comedy, drama, sport, show business and music all hoping to take the 2021 title. 

Tonight it’s the last quarter-final and the battle for the remaining two semi-final places reaches its climax. The three remaining celebrities must cook a faultless two-course meal that will not only be judged by John and Gregg, but also by three Celebrity MasterChef legends; Actor Lisa Faulkner (Champion 2010), Olympic Gold Medallist Greg Rutherford MBE (Champion 2019) and TV Presenter Rylan Clark-Neal (Finalist 2015).  

All three know what it takes to get through this competition and  tonight they are in for a treat as the celebrities pull out all the stops to try to secure their semi-final place. Only the best two contestants can come one step closer to winning the title of Celebrity MasterChef 2021. For those who don’t cut the mustard, the journey ends here. 

Coastal Devon & Cornwall with Michael Portillo

The second episode of Michael Portillo’s south west coastal pilgrimage takes place on the rugged North Cornish coast, coinciding with a dramatic storm blowing in from the Atlantic.  


He begins at Widemouth Bay, a gigantic stretch of sand and rock with ancient links to the Celtic nations of Wales and Brittany.  


Battling the storm, Michael continues south and takes shelter in a magical and ancient woodland, before overnighting at the vicarage where novelist Thomas Hardy stayed in 1870, and penned a poem named after a local landmark, Beeny Cliff. 


Michael’s adventure ends overlooking the ancient seat of Tintagel, with Cornish language singer Gwenno. Braving 70mph gusts she explains how her outlook on life has been shaped by her Celtic heritage, and how that has shaped the identities of the Cornish people for thousands of years.

  • Wednesday 1st September, 8pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 6


Serengeti II

The storm and the floods that follow have brought catastrophe for the Serengeti families, much of their land is now submerged or unrecognisable. As Nalla’s family try to cross the flood waters they face disaster as baby Kadogo and his mother are washed away. Nalla must lead the desperate search to reunite her family. 

The baboon troop are trapped up in their roosting tree. To escape, Bakari takes a death-defying leap to the edge of the flood waters followed by Cheka and their offspring. The rest of the troop soon follow, but Bibi, Cheka’s rival, is left behind creating more tensions within the troop. Everything comes to a head when the baboons find an unexpected feast among the newly flowering water lilies. By the time Bibi gets there Cheka and Bakari have eaten almost everything. The rivalry has just got worse. 

Shani and family are in the greatest danger. When she leads her family to higher ground she is swept away in the flood waters watched by Punda, her stallion, and their foal. Somehow, she must find a way out. 

With everyone displaced a new family arrive. Aiysha, daughter of Kikay the cheetah mother from season one, is now a mother to four young cubs of her own, including her fearless son, Duma. But it’s difficult to be brave during unexpected encounters with Kali, the lioness, and some roaming male cheetahs. 

The leopard cubs, Mzuri and Dada have never seen rain before, let alone floods. For their mother hunting is pointless, they will have to sit out and wait for the waters to subside. 

Gnu, the wildebeest calf, is getting more adventurous by the day and sets off to investigate the neighbours who are anything but welcoming. None are to be more feared than Zalika the hyena. With another storm on the horizon, now is not the time to be alone. 

Back with the baboons, Bibi is trying a more subtle way to win over Bakari. Will he fall for her charms? 

While everyone has been dealing with their own problems, Kali has been frantically searching for her missing cubs, but when she encounters a herd of buffalo she learns the hard way that life outside the pride is dangerous. She must return, but is she in for a surprise? 

Nalla’s quest to find her sister and Kadogo ends in tragedy, but is there hope among the despair? 

  • Sunday 29th August, 5:35pm

  • BBC One

  • 2 of 6


Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains

In tonight’s Growing Pains, Johnny Vegas, Aisling Bea and Eddie Kadi share their embarrassing teenage lives with host Rhod Gilbert. Who will take home the coveted Most Embarrassing Teenager trophy – will it be Johnny and his party trick ‘The Mucus Chameleon’, as disgusting now as it was when he first performed it as a teen, Eddie Kadi and his love of eating soap, or Aisling’s sexual awakening to The Lion King? In a bid to get themselves into Rhod’s Memory Box of Shame the guests join the Johnny Vegas breakdance crew – and Rhod performs his unique caterpillar move for the first time in public. His guests share their ‘Mixtapes from Hell’ - the music, TV and films that confused and embarrassed them as teenagers and that if they end up going to hell would be the videos playing on a loop in the welcome lounge. During a quick fire quiz about their teenage selves Rhod drops some mortifying morsels gleaned from friends and family they would probably rather he hadn’t got hold of. And finally, with the benefit of hindsight, what advice would they give to their teenage selves? 

  • Wednesday 1st September, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

  • 3 of 6


Channel Hopping with Jon Richardson

In tonight’s episode Jon is joined by comedian Rosie Jones and regular sidekick Judi Love to pore over the always surprising and often ridiculous world of international TV. Jon kicks off with his deep dive into the morally reprehensible poverty porn game show ‘Repo Games’ before Rosie talks us through her TV obsessions, most recently Bridgerton and The Cabins, but more generally anything with Teri Hatcher in it. This week’s TV Guide sees Jon delve into the very different approaches to Sex Education on telly from Norway to the US and Belgium while Judi focusses in on some of the incredible TV coming out of South Korea with help from internet sensation Korean Billy. Finally in the head to head round Judi takes ‘Repo Games’ a step further by putting Jon and Rosie’s most treasured possessions on the line as they battle it out to determine which of them is the best at telly in games including ‘Name that Remake’.  

  • Monday 30th August, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

  • 5 of 6


Food Unwrapped

Food Unwrapped continues to bring you the fascinating answers to all your kitchen conundrums. Matt Tebbutt is in Argentina, the home of the steak, where he finds out what the red blood-like liquid is in supermarket packets of beef. Amanda Byram learns if there's anything Scottish at all about Scotch Eggs and Kate Quilton asks why honey is off the menu for tiny tots.  

  • Monday 30th August, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 2 of 4


Secrets of the Fast Food Giants

In this episode Alexis Conran continues his quest to uncover the secrets of our favourite takeaway treats and he’s turning his attention towards a fast-food favourite, burgers. He also gets his hands on an unconventional takeaway pizza recipe and he takes a peek behind the scenes at a well-known high street Burrito chain. 


Alexis will be joined by takeaway loving twosome, Ryan and Emma, a young couple that order out several times a week and joke about naming their first born after their favourite Pizza.  


The first stop this week is Tommi’s burger joint where Alexis is shown the secrets of cooking the perfect burger. Then, armed with this knowledge Alexis then tries to copy a famous Whopper burger in his own kitchen using one very special bit of equipment. Will takeaway fanatics Emma and Ryan give the DIY burger the seal of approval or will it be back to the drawing board for Alexis? 


Next up for Alexis is a visit to Fat Pizza in Southend where owner Sunny has developed his own closely guarded pizza dough recipe that keeps his takeaway pies crisp and fresh in the delivery box. But will he be willing to share it with Alexis? 

  • Thursday 2nd September, 7pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 3


Britain’s Deadliest Kids

Kyron Webb was just 15 years old when he was brutally stabbed in the street in Manchester in October 2017.  He died in hospital three days later. Making the tragedy even worse, Kyron’s mum had moved him out of London to escape violent street crime. Less than a year later he was stabbed twice by 17-year-old Michael Idehen after a petty argument over social media. Kyron’s mum and friends tell the tragic story of his murder, along with the officer who led the investigation that caught and convicted his killer.   

  • Saturday 28th August, 10pm

  • Quest Red

  • 5 of 6


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