*NEW* Girls on Girls

Five women who’ve never met, show each other their very different lives over 48 hours. What unites them? What divides them? And what do they really think of each other?   

The group spend their first weekend together in Brighton with student nurse Ellen. She reveals her weekend job as a stripper to the women, and challenges the stereotypes around the sex industry. Can you really be a stripper and a feminist?

She introduces them to her passion for pole dancing with a friendly dance lesson.  But when they are invited to the strip club to see Ellen in action, mum of three, Beth finds it difficult and has to overcome her own prejudices and worries about her daughter’s life choices, while Yemeni Scouser, Amina, has to decide whether or not to join them. 

The group also follow 24-year-old Ellen to her regular botox appointment, forcing them to look at their own insecurities and views on cosmetic surgery.  And when the girls find out she met her husband at the strip club, they can’t wait to meet him to find out what he really thinks of Ellen’s work.  As they get to know each other - some unlikely bonds start to form.

The group are in Liverpool this week where Yemeni Scouser, Amina lives with her family. She wants to challenge the idea that Muslim women are oppressed, but what will the group think?

She introduces them to the Abdullah Qulliam mosque - one of the first mosques in Britain, and teaches them how to wear a hijab.  But when the girls start asking questions about her faith, tensions begin to show.  She brings them home to meet her father and grandmother, and they find out more about her Yemeni background.  The next day, Amina reveals she is more than just a student and tries to get them involved in a poetry workshop, but the tensions from the weekend come to a head and Amina wants to leave.

This week the women welcome a fifth member to the group and spend time in Nottingham with life coach, Jo.  She wants to show them how she has built a life around putting her own needs first and how she uses her image as a political statement. But will the group think Jo is going too far to show off her feminist beliefs? 

Jo kick starts the day with an early morning weights session that gets Beth inspired- unlike Ellen - who would rather be asleep.  And when Jo brings the women to have her hair done at an unconventional salon - Amina and Chian take the opportunity to grill her on her feminist beliefs. 

Meanwhile, Beth is enjoying Jo’s single and free lifestyle, making her question her own life back home and what she is missing out on because she has kids. And Jo reveals a surprising part of her past that explains some of her more radical lifestyle choices.  But before the end of their time together, there is an unexpected turn of events that causes friction in the group. 

After the fallout between Amina and Jo last week - the women meet in Cambridgeshire to spend time with mum of three, Beth.  She wants to show the group the joys of family life, making them question whether you can you reach your full potential if you put kids before career.  

Beth introduces them to her children and mother who was also a stay at home mum, but finds herself defending her choices to the group.  And when working mum Chian discovers that Beth has a university degree but has put her career on hold for the kids, the two mums can’t agree with each other. 

Later that evening the girls finally meet Beth’s husband and give him a grilling about who does what around the house. And when they are all tasked with some cake decorating, Jo and Ellen have fun with some x -rated icing work. 

On the last day, Beth reveals some major news to the girls about her future.  


It’s their last week together, and the group join working mum Chian in Essex.  She wants to show them how she can live an independent life without a partner, but at what cost?

First she introduces her daughter to the other women and shows Beth a different way of parenting. Then when she takes the group for a girls night out, talk turns to dating and sexuality with some surprising revelations. 

The next day, after challenging Beth for putting her career on hold, they find out about a part of Chian’s past that explains why work and her independence is so important to her. And as the group say a final good bye, what have they learnt from each other and will they be able reconcile their differences?

  • Sunday, 10am

  • BBC 3

  • 1-5 of 5


*NEW* Celebrity MasterChef

Week 1

Monday 2nd September - TX1
The ever popular Celebrity MasterChef returns, with 20 familiar faces from the world of show business, music and sport all hoping to follow in the footsteps of last year’s champion, John Partridge, and take the 2019 title.

This week the first batch of five celebrities undertake three tough culinary challenges in a bid to prove their cookery talent to judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace. Hoping to show they’ve got what it takes are iconic fashion designer Zandra Rhodes, former professional football player Neil Ruddock, TV personality Joey Essex, professional dancer Oti Mabuse and long distance runner and former marine Andy Grant.

The first challenge for the five hopefuls is an Invention Test; the infamous test of imagination and creativity. The contestants are all given a sausage maker and are tasked with making just one dish - sausage, mash and gravy - of their own design. The ingredients for their sausages include pork belly, beef chuck, lamb shoulder and chorizo, while they have a choice of potato, sweet potato swede and parsnips for their mash. With nerves running high and just fifty minutes to create their dish from scratch, the celebrities must think on their feet to impress the judges.

The five celebrities are then split into two groups to take on the challenge of cooking for the first time in a restaurant kitchen, preparing dishes for paying customers.

Neil, Andy and Oti head to The Coal Shed, a grill restaurant, where they will have to master cooking over an open flame, while Zandra and Joey are sent to Kahani, which showcases Indian cuisine.

In the final test of culinary creativity, it’s back to the MasterChef kitchen, as the contestants are asked to prepare a dish of their own design in just one hour. The celebrities work furiously in a last attempt to prove themselves to the judges, because at the end of this test one of them will be going home.

Wednesday 4th September - TX2 
Celebrity MasterChef returns for its fourteenth series, with 20 familiar faces from the world of fashion, sport, show business and music all hoping to take the 2019 title.

This week’s Celebrity MasterChef heats continue with the four remaining celebrities facing two more culinary challenges, as they battle for a place in the Semi-Finals.

The Pairs Challenge returns in tonight’s first round where the four celebrities are split into two teams of two, in a test of teamwork and communication. Each team is tasked with cooking the same dish. Both plates must be identical in both appearance and flavour, but there is a catch. In-between each pair there is a wall. The only way for the celebrities to successfully produce identical plates in both flavour and appearance is by communicating with their team mate through the wall.  

The celebrities are then sent out on their first mass catering challenge. Remaining in their teams they will have to make lunch for over 100 members of staff at London Zoo.

With an array of ingredients including chicken thighs, beef mince and lentils as well as a range of fruit and vegetables, the two teams must devise, prepare and serve the lunch, catering for various tastes, creating meat based, vegetarian and dessert dishes in volume. In the heat of the kitchen the celebrities will have to rely on teamwork skills as well as their culinary ones to triumph.

Friday 6th September - TX3
Celebrity MasterChef returns for its fourteenth series, with 20 familiar faces from the world of fashion, sport, show business and music all hoping to take the 2019 title.

Tonight the battle for a semi-final place reaches its climax as the four celebrities must now cook a faultless two course meal that will not only be judged by John and Gregg, but also by Celebrity MasterChef champions Angellica Bell (2017) Phil Vickery (2011), and finalist Rylan Clark Neil (2015), all former survivors of this tough challenge.

With their last chance to impress for a semi-final place, emotions in the kitchen are running high, and the pressure proves too much for some contestants. The celebrity judges deliver some frank and cutting responses to some of the dishes, but others fare much better.

Only the best two contestants can earn a semi-final place and come one step closer to winning the title of Celebrity MasterChef 2019. For those who don’t make the grade, the journey ends here.

  • Monday 2nd September, 9pm
    Wednesday 4th September, 8pm
    Friday 6th September, 9pm

  • BBC One

  • 1 of 18
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The Chefs' Brigade

Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton is taking a team of raw cooking talent and, in six weeks, tries to turn them into a Chefs’ Brigade to compete with Europe’s finest restaurants.

The Brigade travel to Paris for the final showdown. Home to more three-star Michelin restaurants than any other city in the world.  For Jason, this time it’s personal, as they go up against a French cooking dynasty. Their rival chef for the last time is Mathieu Pacaud, owner and head chef of Apicius, a luxury Michelin-starred restaurant off the Champs-Élysées in Paris; Mathieu is the son of legendary three-star chef Bernard Pacaud who also happens to be a personal hero of Jason’s, so much so he has a dish named after him at his restaurant.

Having tasted Mathieu’s exquisite food, the Brigade realise how much precision, technical skill, timing and practice will be required to achieve anything close to his standard.  With final service looming Jason, Dale and Andy reveal that they will be gifting their ‘bible’ of all their top recipes from their own personal canon, to the most deserving Brigade member by the end of the last day. With the stakes never higher, all members will need work hard to fight for their position in the Brigade, as Jason explains that one person will be required to take on the unfavorable position of Kitchen Porter.

Win or lose, Jason - a chef from a town with no Michelin stars - is determined to prove what can be achieved in just six weeks as his Brigade of raw talent take on the might of Parisian haute cuisine.

  • Tuesday 3rd September, 9pm

  • BBC Two

  • 6 of 6


Naked Attraction

The world’s most daring dating show is back! Helping sassy singletons avoid the pitfalls of fake online profiles and fancy filters by choosing their perfect partner based solely on the power of Naked Attraction. When we are entirely unfiltered what do people really find sexually attractive? 

Anna Richardson is on hand to guide the contestants through the game of choosing a partner naked -whittling 6 people down to 1. Expect even more shocking and surprising events. Including a Naked Attraction first, a celebrity is in a pod and looking for love!

First into the studio is Judith, a 57 year breast cancer survivor from Nuneaton. After finding a new lease of life, this church going Christian has decided to let loose and bag herself a man.

 Next up is 27 year old, hot tub installer Rigby from Chesterfield. He’s been travelling the world and sampling the exotic delights on offer. Now he’s back on home soil and wants to find a girl to settle down with.

  • Wednesday 4th September, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 2 of 10


Train Truckers

This episode follows truck crews transport a brand-new commuter train by sea, land and giant royal locomotive, across the country. Expert hauliers Eric Harrison and Chris Case’s mission is to move an iconic Deltic diesel, better known as The Royal Highland Fusilier, half way across the country to the Telford Steam Fair. But it’s no easy feat, especially when the first challenge is getting this 100 tonne engine onto the trailer, out of the yard and onto the open road.  Elsewhere, seasoned hauliers, Colin Chisnall and Callum Broadhurst, have just 48 hours to move three 40-tonne brand-new cars that have just arrived by sea from Northern Spain. But with the load being delayed by the wrong size trailer, a puncture and having to wait for a police escort out, the whole job is put in jeopardy. Not to mention the fact that Colin needs to get home for a very important family occasion… Will he make it?

  • Thursday 5th September, 9pm

  • Yesterday

  • 2 of 6


*NEW* The Mash Report

Britain’s most uncompromising and controversial topical satire returns to tackle a world gone mad and a country now genuinely run by Boris Johnson. Nish Kumar plays host to an array of hilarious correspondents who can’t quite believe what they’re seeing.

  • Thursday 5th September, 10pm

  • BBC Two

  • 1 of 6


*FINAL* Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

Paul and Bob fish for the graceful Grayling on the stunning River Ure in the heart of the Yorkshire dales.

They talk about their plans for retirement and Bob reveals his hopes and dreams for the future.

Together they meet the surgeon who performed Bob’s life-saving heart bypass and re-enact all the drama of the operating table – in a local pub!

In the evening Paul organises some entertainment while Bob struggles to cook a heart healthy dinner to round off their trip.

  • Friday 6th September, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 6 of 6


The Rob Rinder Verdict

Channel 4 are joining forces with everyone’s favourite TV judge, Rob Rinder for a brand new four-part series.

The Rob Rinder Verdict will see Rinder cast his perceptive eye as he gives his authored and no nonsense take on current events. Mixing his razor-sharp legal mind and hilarious hot takes, Rob will satirically dissect what exactly is going on with the world today and searching for the elusive things that might make Britain a better place.

Accompanied by a host of celebrity guests, we’ll see Rob delve deep into current news stories, viral trends and talking points aplenty. Well-known for his uncompromising opinions, the series will put Rob in fish-out-of-water scenarios, taking on other worlds outside his usual comfort zone and experiencing conflicting perceptions.

  • Friday 6th September, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 2 of 4


The Worlds Most Expensive Cruise Ship

This series tells the story of life on board the world’s most luxurious cruise ship, the Seven Seas Explorer. The walls are adorned with art costing around five-million-pounds, from the ceiling hang chandeliers worth millions, and the suites can cost up to £8,000 per night. It’s the height of luxury. This series goes behind the scenes to reveal the secrets of this floating six-star hotel.  Can the crew deliver perfection to guests with the highest expectations?

  • Friday 6th September, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 3 of 4


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