Great House Giveaway

Don’t have cash for a deposit to buy your own home?  Spending all your money on rent?  Look no further.  With the help of Simon O’Brien and Tayo Oguntonade, we buy two strangers a house at auction and give them a renovation budget and just months to flip it.  They must work together and work hard to turn the property around.  If the house makes a profit, they get to keep it. The aim - to help them take that all important first step onto the property ladder!


Complete strangers, Accounts Manager Courtney and Kitchen and Bedroom Fitter Scott are teamed up to transform a crumbling house bought at auction into a dream home. Armed with a budget, a 6 month schedule and advice from Simon O’Brien, they seem the perfect team. But can the honeymoon period last long enough to deliver a profit on the house?

EP 2

Wannabe Property Developers and Plasterers Rees and Oliver are paired up to transform a dated terraced house bought at auction into an inviting home with curb appeal. Tayo Oguntonade gives them a budget and 6 months to renovate and sell. But with tensions running high, can these two settle their differences in time?


Plumber Veronica and Joiner Stevie join forces for the first time to turn a tired auction property in West Yorkshire into a spanking new family home. Simon O’Brien gives them a budget and six months to renovate and get it sold. But the project isn’t plain sailing and there are casualties along the way. 


Carpenters Chris and Adam are paired up to take on the biggest renovation challenge ever seen on The Great House Giveaway. Tayo Oguntonade buys them a house at auction that’s been condemned not once but twice. With just 6 months to renovate and sell and a tight budget to boot, will they roll up their sleeves and get stuck in or simply call in the bulldozers? 


Complete strangers, Dance Teacher Yolande and Maintenance Engineer Patrick are teamed up to flip a dated property bought at auction in Greater Manchester. Armed with a budget, Tayo Oguntonade gives then just months to renovate and sell. But plans to demolish an internal wall threaten to de-rail the project. 

  • Monday 6th September, 4pm
    Tuesday 7th September, 4pm
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  • Channel 4

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Body In The Snow: Joanna Yeates

The body of 25-year-old Joanna Yeates was found in the snow near Bristol. Her body was discovered just days before Christmas by a couple walking their dog. It was a mystery with no obvious explanation for what had happened.


This two-part documentary tells the definitive story of landscape architect Joanna Yeates' tragic murder and the subsequent hunt for her killer. The two programmes explore the police investigation and the events that surrounded it in forensic detail, including powerful testimony from key witnesses, detectives and those at the heart of the case. The documentary series features Joanna's landlord Christopher Jefferies, a former teacher arrested on suspicion of her murder but later released and cleared of any wrongdoing. 


This is the story of how her killer was eventually brought to justice and the truth behind one of Britain's most infamous trials by media.

  • Wednesday 8th September, 9pm
    Thursday 9th September, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Playgrounds of The Rich and Famous

Load the Lamborghini, dust off your diamonds and step inside the world’s most opulent destinations in Playgrounds of the Rich and Famous.  From sun-kissed St Barts to the snowy peaks of St Moritz, via the Hamptons, Monaco and more, this sumptuous series steps inside the luxury locations of choice for the super rich and A list celebrities.  And through the eyes of real insiders we reveal the secrets of these exclusive, decadent destinations, what first attracted the World’s most privileged to them, and the infamous stories of what the rich and famous got up to while they were there.     

This episode we’re in St Tropez, first put on the map in the 1950s by Brigitte Bardot, and still one of the hottest exclusive celebrity haunts on earth.    

We head to the legendary Club 55 on Pampelonne Beach, where we meet up with St Tropez stalwart Dame Joan Collins who tells us what it is about St Tropez that makes it so appealing to the super rich, and about lunch with Jonny Depp.   Model Victoria Sylvstedt, a St Tropez insider reveals that the only way to arrive in St Tropez is by boat, either super yacht or luxury speed boat, and where to go when you get there.

Central is the palatial Hotel Byblos, St Tropez’s most iconic hotel, which made its name as a celebrity must-go and held Mick and Bianca Jagger’s infamously wild wedding party.

Back in the present, high end wedding planner, Chrissy Caubere, is arranging a wedding for a Hollywood director, which means looking at accommodation costing a £100,000 a week and sourcing a baby blue Bentley.   And as the wedding approaches we reveal the utimate St Tropez celebrity status symbol - buying your own vineyard estate, a snip at £50-100m.  

  • Saturday 4th September, 8pm

  • Channel 5

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Elizabeth Taylor: A Fierce Love

Double Oscar winner Liz Taylor was the unofficial Queen of Hollywood, a star from the age of 12 until the day she died.    

But behind the glitz she led a life of extremes, a rollercoaster of stellar success and shocking tragedy.  With first-hand accounts from friends, colleagues and family members, as well as rarely seen interviews with Liz Taylor herself, we reveal the unwavering self-belief that enabled her to survive the rollercoaster of good and bad fortune that came her way and gave this Queen of Hollywood her staying power.    

  • Actress Margaret Kerry, now in her 90s, was Liz Taylor’s body double for National Velvet, when they were both pre-teens and describes the mesmeric affect of Liz Taylor’s beauty even at that young age.    
  • Liz’s stepson, Todd Fisher, recounts seeing her rowing publicly with Richard Burton at a party, only for them both to disappear for a bout of ‘makeup sex’.     
  • Director Waris Hussein describes the toxic dynamic between Taylor and Burton, fuelled by alcohol, prescription drugs and Burton’s professional jealousy, while on the set of the last film they made together, Divorce His, Divorce Hers.  
  • Elizabeth’s Director of PR, Joseph Panetta, reveals the story of her private visits to AIDS hospices, unattended by press, and her devotion to the cause of AIDS which lasted for the last 20 years of her life.    

Liz Taylor married eight times to seven men (twice to Richard Burton) and her turbulent love life dominated the headlines for much of the ‘50s and ‘60s.  The love of her life, producer Mike Todd, died in a plane crash 13 months after their marriage, leaving her bereft.   

One of the most beautiful and desired women of the age, she nevertheless battled alcoholism, overeating and prescription drug use, becoming one of the first celebrities to check into rehab – and to be open about it.    

She won a series of international humanitarian awards for her work and was appointed a Dame in 2000, glittering with diamonds to the end.  

  • Saturday 4th September, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Celebrity Gogglebox

A mix of famous friends and Gogglebox families - including Mo Gilligan and Babatundé Aléshé - take to their sofas, ready to share their views with the nation. Those also taking part include Wretch 32 and Ghetts, Jourdan Dunn and brother Antoine, Eddie Kadi and Michael Dapaah, and Ashley Banjo and his brother Jordan and Perri Kiely. Further names to be revealed in due course. They'll all be offering up their instant reactions, from quips to debates to emotional critiques, on the week's best and worst TV. 

  • Friday 10th September, 9pm

  • Channel 4

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Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

Paul and Bob accept a special invitation to fish the estate lake at Burghley House, which sits on the border of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. Built in the 16th century by William Cecil, Elizabeth I’s Lord High Chancellor, Burghley House is home to some of the most majestic landscape Paul and Bob have found themselves in. With a spectacular lake and stunning gardens all designed by the iconic gardener, Capability Brown, Paul and Bob hope they can do the place justice, and net a decent catch.  


As they arrive and set up, Bob shows Paul what he’ll be using - his favourite blue rod. Paul explains that bream is their target here, and despite Bob’s previous experiences of the fish being mixed, Paul convinces him that this time things will be better, as there is also a chance for tench and big pike. Ted joins them for a sniff about as Bob reminds Paul it’s their birthday week - he checks that Paul has brought something nice to wear for the very special celebratory evening meal he has planned.  


They’ve not been fishing long before Paul has some success, and they debate whether they would rather catch a bream or a tench next. Soon after Bob is in luck too, and he can’t resist having a cheeky wind despite Paul telling him not to. Their efforts are rewarded and both are delighted with the morning’s action. Bob decides to give his childhood blue rod a go.  


They pack up their fishing gear for the day, and for a change they are able to walk to their accommodation for the night - they are staying at The Dairy, still within the grounds of Burghley House. They agree it may well be the smartest place they have stayed, and Bob wastes no time in sending Paul off to get changed while he prepares the food.  


With the day’s fishing giving them an appetite, they tuck into their special birthday dinner. Bob has a birthday present for Paul that brings back some fond memories. Paul hints that his gift to Bob has not been forgotten, and Bob gives Paul some ideas of what he’d like to receive.    


The next morning Bob persuades Paul to take a trip into the local town of Stamford to buy some extravagant cheeses that they’ll have as a bankside picnic later that day. They agree to make the feast part of their continued birthday celebrations.  


With a hamper full of cheese goodies, they find a different spot on the lake to try. Bob fashions a rustic version of Paul’s electric strike indicator, and they wonder which will be more effective. Paul shares how today is his dad’s birthday, and how, being close to his own, they would often go fishing together as a birthday treat. With the memories of those trips still clear in his mind, Paul and Bob compare how they commemorate the birthdays of lost loved ones.  


It's a quiet morning, fishing-wise and it’s a good time for Paul to give Bob his birthday present, which he hopes will make Bob look the part on the riverbank. After a while Bob’s combination of blue rod and makeshift indicator bring success, and they decide to have a well-earned lunch break and tuck into their cheese picnic. It’s not long though before some rod activity brings them back to the water’s edge – and Ted takes his chance with the leftover picnic. 


They end their fishing at Burghley House out on the water in a punt, with Bob as boatman and Paul hoping that the rumours are true and that he can land the big pike that is said to inhabit this end of the lake. As they call it a day, they revel in the joy the fishing on this trip has brought them and agree that it’s been more than they could have hoped for.   

  • Sunday 5th September, 8pm

  • BBC Two

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Serengeti II



Nalla, the Matriarch, is grieving the loss of her sister but with Kadago missing there is no time to lose. She sets off to find him. Once the elephants have left Kadago’s mother’s remains, a new jackal couple, Shavu and Shaba, see an opportunity for a meal, but first they must fight the vultures who never waste an opportunity. The jackals need to be careful they have a litter of adorable pups to look after. The jackals live by stealing food from under the noses of Africa’s most dangerous predators. They may pair for life but unless they are careful that won’t be for long. 


After the floods, the land is starting the process of renewal. Bakari is enjoying the perks of being an alpha male with both Cheka and Bibi vying for his attention. He is blissfully unaware of the conflicts going on behind his back. 


For the leopards, the aftermath of the floods allows opportunities for hunting. The leopard cubs decide they can do better than their mother by hunting mongoose, but with lots of holes for them to vanish into, it ends up more like a game of whack-a-mole.  


The cheetahs are also learning the hard way, but Duma is showing promise and helps Aiysha in a successful hunt. An encounter with the jackals soon teaches him he has still much to learn. 


Kali has been hunting too, but there is little to go around. As the lion pride argues among themselves, Kali leads her cubs and closest friends away for a life on the run. But when the infamous Black-maned males return to the Pride Lands, it seems like she’s made a terrible decision. 


Nalla finds a relieved and tired Kadogo and takes him back to his mother’s remains for a last farewell. In touching scenes, he comes to terms with her passing as all the elephants gather round. Even Tembo, a young male elephant who left the family in season 1, makes an appearance as he shows his last respects. 


There is drama among the baboons when Bibi oversteps the mark by grabbing Cheka’s baby. She was trying to show that she too would make a good mother but the mask slips when she attacks Bakari’s older son. It looks like she will be ostracized from the troop forever. 


The one thing no-one was expecting was an invasion - the aftermath of the floods has caused army ants to leave their nests and march to find a new home. No one can stand in the way of their biting jaws, including hyenas, the leopard mother and, worst of all, the jackals’ pups. Once the ants decide that the pups’ den would make the perfect home, all they have to do is evict the current owners. 


Kali may have left the pride, but she still has her followers and cubs to feed. She finds the remains of a recently killed giraffe and the feast begins. There is only one problem - it belongs to the Black-maned males. 

  • Sunday 5th September, 5:35pm

  • BBC One

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Coastal Devon & Cornwall with Michael Portillo

The third section of Michael Portillo’s South West Coast Path adventure follows the western shore of Cornwall’s biggest natural harbour, Mount’s Bay - a sweeping, 42 mile long, horseshoe shaped shoreline that includes some of Cornwall’s most historic fishing ports. 


This coastline is dramatically different from the North Cornish coast, having formed some 280million years ago from a huge slab of granite, that created almost 40 miles of unbroken and starkly beautiful cliffs, littered with huge boulders, around Land’s End.  


His trek begins at Cribba Head, just outside the tiny fishing community of Penberth Cove, where a handful of families still rely on the daily catch. Like many Cornish seaside towns, fishing has declined since the 19th century when huge sums could be made from landing pilchards. Today pilchards are rebranded as Cornish Sardines, whilst locally caught Spider Crabs are renamed Cornish King Crabs to appeal to the UK market.  


From there the first day’s hike follows a rugged and rocky shoreline of steep sided inlets and hidden coves via Lamorna, once home to a late 19th century colony of landscape artists, where Michael meets a contemporary sculptor who takes his inspiration from the local landscape. 


Michael’s first day ends at the historic fishing harbour of Mousehole, another historic Cornish pilchard fishery, which today is better known as a holiday resort. The majority of fish landed in Cornwall are still bound for European markets, as has been the case for hundreds of years, something Michael laments when visiting the fishing fleet at Newlyn. 


Past Penzance, Michael joins an ancient pilgrim’s route, the St Michael’s Way, which traverses Cornwall at its narrowest point and has been used for centuries by Pilgrims avoiding the treacherous waters around Land’s End, en route to the ancient shrine of St Michael’s Mount. 


Michael’s third episode ends in the quiet solitude of St Michael’s chapel, where he experiences a sense of awe and wonder akin to that experienced by pilgrims throughout the centuries. 

  • Wednesday 8th September, 8pm

  • Channel 5

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Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop

Jay Blades opens the doors to his brand new workshop in Bradford.    


In each episode, members of the public nominate local heroes from across  Yorkshire to receive a bespoke, handmade piece of wooden furniture to recognise the work they do for their community, often going above and beyond.  Jay hears first-hand what makes each local hero special and why they are deserving of this thank you.  


Making the items with the expert furniture makers Ciaran, Isabelle and Saf, are six passionate woodworkers from the surrounding area who have all come to the workshop to learn from the experts they’re teamed with and working alongside.  Each has a personal reason to be here and the series explores their lives whilst following how they go about making each item and learning on the job.  


This week, David, a sheep farmer from the Yorkshire Dales, wants to nominate another farmer Sam, for a surprise thank you. Last year during lambing season, David and his wife caught COVID and David ended up in hospital at this crucial time of year. Sam, who first came to work with David as a teenager, left his own farm and sheep 200 miles away and came to David’s farm, rounded up his 140 sheep and took them across country to lamb alongside 350 of his own, saving many animals lives.  Ciaran and his team take on a technically challenging build crafting a beautiful picnic box complete with a  drawer and mini table to thank Sam for his help. For newbie fine furniture makers, Les and Ant, it’s their first time attempting tricky dovetail joints – but are they up for the challenge?  


Ryan and Michelle come to the workshop to meet Jay. Ryan lived on the streets for six years until he was helped by Becky and Shelley, two women who set up a homeless charity in Leeds called Homeless Street Angels. Becky had experienced homelessness herself but after she turned her life around, she wanted to support others. Expert woodworker Isabelle and her team make a beautiful angel wings sculpture for Ryan to thank the two sisters. But bending wood into shape is a tricky, delicate job that Isabelle’s team have never attempted before.  


Finally, Saf’s team create a pair of sun dials to thank two teenagers who love the outdoors and volunteer regularly in their local park, litter-picking to keep it looking its best.  

  • Wednesday 8th September, 9pm

  • BBC Two

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Celebrity MasterChef


Celebrity MasterChef continues and after four weeks of intense competition, the best eight cooks remain. Tonight it’s the first of the semi-finals and the celebrities are to be tested on their teamwork.  

Split into two teams the celebrities must design and create two mouth watering dishes. But they won’t be cooking alongside each other, they will be cooking in relay. Using a whole duck for the main course and pears for the dessert, each team member has 20 minutes to make their contribution to the dishes, but being unable to talk to one another, each cook must try and work out what the dishes are meant to be from the clues left behind by their teammate, and then carry on. With everyone feeling the pressure to succeed, will the celebrities be able to create something successful? 

Next the celebrities are asked to push the boundaries of the everyday by guest chef and sandwich king Max Halley.  After demonstrating his secrets of deliciousness in a sandwich – hot, cold, sweet, sour, crunchy, soft – the celebrities must get creative and come up with their own dream sandwich which they will have just one hour to make for the judges and Max. Everything rides on the success of their sandwich because at the end of the challenge one celebrity will be going home, and their dream of being Celebrity MasterChef champion 2021 will be over. 



Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace are back as the semi-finals continue, and the remaining seven celebrity cooks continue to battle for the MasterChef title.   

Tonight the celebrities are surprised by a very special guest –  Spanish chef and restaurateur Nieves Barragan whose London restaurant Sabor earned a Michelin star within just eight months of opening.   

Their job is to recreate one of her favourite delicious signature recipes. They will have to battle with unfamiliar ingredients and techniques to impress the judges and Nieves with the flavours of Spain. The celebrity that is the most successful will go straight through to the next round while the other six will have to take part in a cook off to keep their place.  

John and Gregg host a themed challenge around the popular seventies film Abigail’s party. Each celebrity is tasked with making 2 different party bite, cheese and pineapple on a cocktail stick however won’t cut it in this round! No-one can afford to slip up as at the end of the challenge as one more celebrity will leave the competition.  



It's the last of the semi-finals and the remaining six celebrity cooks continue to battle for the MasterChef title.  

For a place in finals week, the celebrities must produce just one dish of their own design for three of the country’s most feared restaurant critics. Serving food to these masters of the dining room is a daunting task for even the most adept chefs, and the celebrities’ choice of dishes are key now to keeping their place. Will their ingredients, flavours, and presentation be enough to impress, or will they fall short of the mark and lose their chance to be Celebrity MasterChef?  

At the end of tonight's show only the five best cooks will go through to Finals Week, taking a step closer to being crowned 2021 Celebrity MasterChef champion.  

  • Wednesday 8th September, 9pm
    Thursday 9th September, 8pm
    Friday 10th September, 9pm

  • BBC One

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Secrets of the Fast Food Giants

On the menu this week for Alexis to tuck into it’s Chinese food, Fish & Chips and one of the most popular sweet takeaways on the market, The Doughnut.  


To help uncover the delicious secrets of our favourite take-outs Alexis is joined by best mates Charmaine and Caroline who have forged a friendship founded on their love of fast food. 


Alexis starts this episode with a visit to an award-winning East-End chip shop that secures the very best fish for their fryer by running their own fishmongers. Whilst there Alexis gets all the insider tips from owner Danny Sutton including the method for the perfect chip shop chip. 


Takeaway testers Charmaine and Caroline then embark upon a trip to a Sussex potato farm to dig up the secret of selecting the best frying spud as they see first-hand how the raw ingredients that make our favourite chips make their journey from field to fork. 


Then it’s time for Alexis to turn his attention to Chinese cuisine as he visits one of the few British based factories that make traditional style Chinese rice noodles. The noodles at Way-On in Acton are created using a state-of-the-art machine that churns out 2 tons of these velvety ribbons every week. 


Alexis then shares his special hack for the perfect imitation crispy duck with super tasters Charmaine and Caroline before moving onto dessert in the form of fresh doughnuts. 


A trip to Wenzels bakery in Hertfordshire provides Alexis with a glimpse behind the scenes at a successful family bakery who sell upwards of 30,000 doughnuts a week. Then it’s time to make his own and Alexis road tests a recipe that claims to have discovered the secret behind one of the world most popular doughnuts.  

Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains

In tonight’s Growing Pains, Josh Widdicombe, Clare Balding and Kiell Smith-Bynoe share their most mortifying teenage tales with host Rhod Gilbert. Who will take home the coveted Most Embarrassing Teenager trophy – will it be Josh admitting his parents used to make him take giant sticks of celery to school for his lunch, Clare’s shamefully admitting she was suspended for shoplifting or Kiell revealing his Mum found a condom he had tried to flush down the toilet? In a bid to get themselves into Rhod’s Memory Box of Shame Josh and Kiell compete to see who loved Sarah Michelle Gellar the most when they were teens – while Clare admits to throwing up after too much Bailey’s. They all share with us their ‘Mixtapes from Hell’ - the music, TV and films that confused and embarrassed them as teenagers and that if they end up going to hell would be the videos playing on a loop in the welcome lounge. During a quick fire quiz Rhod surprises them with stories that their friends and family have spilled – and finally, with the benefit of hindsight, what advice would they give to their teenage selves? 

  • Thursday 7th September, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

  • 4 of 6


Channel Hopping with Jon Richardson

In tonight’s episode Jon is joined by comedian Suzi Ruffell and regular sidekick Judi Love to tackle the world's most shocking and hilarious TV. Jon celebrates the truly uplifting US reality show ‘Best Funeral Ever’ where families of the deceased theme funerals around their hobbies such as country music, game shows or horror films, while Suzi tells of her obsession with Call the Midwife and a weird penchant for shows that make her cry. Judi takes us on a televisual trip to Egypt aided by local comic Saif Abi-Kabdil, before running with the theme of animals on TV by putting Jon and Suzi up against a hypnotic showbiz dog in an utterly bizarre head to head round. 

  • Monday 6th September, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

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Food Unwrapped

Food Unwrapped is on a mission to reveal the secrets behind some of our favourite grub. This week Jimmy Doherty goes behind the scenes at one of the UK's best-known bagged salad manufacturers to find out if, when it comes to our health, there’s a particular lettuce we should be munching. Kate Quilton heads to the Cornish coast as she ponders whether sea salt is all it’s cracked up to be and Briony May Williams hops to Suffolk for a beer brain-teaser as she learns the difference between light and dark coloured ales. 

  • Monday 6th September, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 3 of 4


Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back

Comedian Joe Lycett returns to fight for the consumer rights of the Great British public as he battles big brands, dodgy scammers and rogue traders in this brand new series.   With the help of his assistant Mark Silcox, a weekly studio guest and celebrity cameos, Joe campaigns on behalf of viewers who come up against red tape, get caught out by small print and bullied by big businesses.

Throughout the series Joe scores victories for consumers everywhere as he battles major international companies to make their packaging environmentally friendly, launches a massive campaign to back British wool, takes on dodgy puppy dealers, hits back against the nation’s worst bosses and takes up the fight against corporate giants. 

On top of all that, each week Joe gets behind the Customer Service desk as he tackles viewers’ consumer problems, no matter how big or small.

  • Thursday 9th September, 8pm

  • Channel 4

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Britain’s Deadliest Kids

On 30th May 2009, 37-year-old Christopher Folkes was crossing the park on the way to his mother’s house when he was attacked by a stranger: 16-year-old Mohsin Mohammed. It was a sustained and brutal attack. The following day, Christopher passed away, in front of his devastated family. His daughter Jaymelea was just 17 at the time. To find the killer, the police faced a race against time to find vital evidence and significant witnesses.  Now, for the first time on television, Christopher’s family speak out about his murder. 

  • Saturday 4th September, 10pm

  • Quest Red

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