Mary Berry’s Simple Comforts

Mary Berry’s brand-new series is all about truly delicious food that is simple to make and comforting to eat.  Across six delightful episodes, Mary braves the elements to discover, and cook, the most heart-warming dishes on offer in the UK and abroad: The indulgent delights of Paris; the hidden gems along the majestic Thames; the traditional fayre of Ireland’s abundant pastures; the comfort foods that remind us all of home; the delicious seafood found along the stunning Yorkshire coastline plus hearty meals that are perfect for a wintery Scottish night.   

As Mary explores these beautiful places, she will take inspiration from the people she meets and the food she tastes, to bring us simple-to-cook dishes that will brighten up even the dullest of days.  

This is fuss-free cooking guaranteed to warm your cockles and lift your spirits like only Mary Berry can.   



In this episode, Mary returns to the city where she learned to cook – Paris! It’s a place that lives and breathes food and Mary wants to sample the very best of it. Where better to start than a Fromagerie to buy cheese for her own version of a melting, crunchy Croque Monsieur. Next, under the spire of the Eiffel Tower, Mary enjoys the perfect Bistro lunch all washed down with a drop of fine wine – before she heads to one of the city’s favorite creperies to finesse her technique - whipping up the classic lemon and sugar crepe. Heading to one of Paris’s bakeries, Mary is shown the underground secrets of perfecting croissants and producing the masses of baguettes that are baked fresh every day.  Inspired by the sweet pastries she spots in Parisian Patisserie windows; Mary makes her own Brioche & Apple Frangipane Tart. This is served up alongside a succulent Slow Roast Leg of Lamb with Ratatouille and an elegant starter of Crab & Herb Blinis.  

  • Wednesday 9th September, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 1 of 6


The Palace Vs The Press: Royals Under Fire

In the often-complicated relationship between the Palace and the Press, there’s one group of royals who have had to play perhaps the cleverest game of all.

The young generation have grown up surrounded by the glare of cameras and the prying eyes of the tabloid journalist.  They have been taught by the Palace PR machine how to try and keep a healthy balance between their public image and their private lives.

It is a press education that has made them more media savvy than any of the other royals as they strive to stay in control of their press life and hold the balance of power.

Some young royals, like Prince William play the game perfectly and have become masters of the media. Others, like Harry have fared less well learning the hard way that when you trip up in life as a front line royal, the papers will pounce on you with relish.

In this episode we explore that see sawing relationship, the power game between a young royal generation who know how to give as good as they get, and a hungry press constantly pushing to regain the upper hand in their search for ever more tantalising stories.

It’s a story that takes us from baby William, to little Archie and all the young royals in between.  We explore their differing fortunes with the press, the dramatic tabloid tales that emerged as they grew up and the many twists and turns in this grand battle royale. 

Who will come out on top in this latest showdown between the royals and the red tops?

  • Saturday 5th September, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


Inside Animal A&E

In this brand new series we take an exclusive look into the special world of two of Britain's biggest and oldest pet A&E hospitals, the Blue Cross in London Victoria and Grimsby.  

Behind these doors an incredible team of vets, nurses and volunteers go to extraordinary lengths to diagnose and treat our poorly pets - to get them home to their loving families. With access to the dedicated ambulance service; from dogs and cats to snakes and gerbils, we are witness to everything from poorly paws to life-threatening injuries and some of those more embarrassing problems that pet owners know all too well. From drop in mobile clinics to the drama of life-saving surgeries; lives are saved, unbreakable bonds are made - and no two days are ever the same. This is the world of the pet charity, Blue Cross. 

In this first episode in a brand-new series we step behind the scenes into two of the UKs busiest animal A&E departments, following the fortunes of the staff, volunteers and of course patients at the Blue Cross animal hospitals in London Victoria and Grimsby. This week ambulance drivers Sonia and Angela pick up a 50 kilo Dogue De Bordeaux who has a mysterious bedwetting problem, which vet Cristina must get to the bottom of. Vet Lawrence is trying to find out why guinea pig Noel is feeling anxious and upset; while in Grimsby volunteer Helen is giving round the clock care to tiny orphan kitten Oliver.

  • Monday 7th September, 8pm

  • ITV

  • 1 of 8


Secrets of Center Parcs

This documentary tells the story of how Center Parcs became a destination of choice for millions of UK families looking for the perfect family ‘staycation’. Company insiders, like former managing director Peter Moore tell us the extraordinary story of how a Dutch idea became a British Institution.

Through fascinating archive, and insightful interviews with former Center Parcs employees and industry experts we learn how Center Parcs UK went from being a small Dutch campsite in 1968, to a £2.5 billion pound company, which is today a desirable destination for over two million Brits a year.

This film hears a first-hand account from the fire chief who put out the devastating fire at Elveden Center Parcs in 2002, and unique insights from the man who oversaw the building of the very first iconic dome in Sherwood forest in 1987.With gorgeous footage from their fiercely loyal fans, this film celebrates a much-loved British holiday destination.

  • Friday 11th September, 8pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


The Repair Shop


Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

The mechanical mind of Steve Fletcher is put to the test by some vintage grocer’s scales brought in by Tamzin Grayson-Gaunt from Nottingham. This very special heirloom was used daily by her late father, as he cooked for the family but they are no longer fit for purpose. The dial is chipped, glass cracked and the mechanism is shot. The scales spark precious childhood memories of her much missed father and the many happy times they’d bake together. She'd dearly love to use them again and continue the tradition with her family. Steve dismantles the inner workings and blitzes all the rust and grime. Clock dial restorer Cindy Welland tackles all the flaking paint and carefully replaces the missing digits. The instrument is reassembled, calibrated and given a new lease of life.

Derek Lee from Stockport brings an art deco leather handbag that unlocked the secrets of his early childhood for leather expert Susie Fletcher and silversmith Brenton West. It needs some serious tlc. Derek was just two years old when he lost his mum. His only connection to her exists through this bag that she once owned and the precious photos kept inside it.  Susie breathes life back into the worn out leather and creates a new shoulder strap as the original had gone missing long ago. While Brenton turns his attention to straightening and polishing the metal frame.

And woodwork expert Will Kirk undertakes the repair of an ornamental Egyptian table, when Sarah Thomas and her dad Ray arrive with a piece of their family history. The brass topped folding table was brought back by her grandfather from North Africa, where he lived as a child . The engraved brass is dull and tarnished and many of the ornate wooden carvings that comprise the base and legs have been crushed to pieces. Will spends hours recreating the elaborate fretwork. It’s a fiddly task but Will rises to the challenge. Brenton gets the polish out and transforms the brass top panel.



Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

The barn’s first arrival is Steve O’Donnell from Galway Ireland, with a much-loved childhood gift requiring the mechanical expertise of Steve Fletcher. The bus conductor's ticket machine had belonged to his uncle. Owner Steve was fascinated by it as a boy and would play bus conductors during visits to his house, charging his family to sit on the sofa! Fifty years on and it’s jammed up and incapable of issuing anything. Steve would love his grandchildren to have a go on it. This is a first for Steve Fletcher and he’s eager to open it up, see how it works and fathom a way to get its cogs and levers sparked up again. He cleans off all the hardened grime, releases the locked mechanics and enlists Susie to make a new leather neck strap so that future generations of the family can continue the fun.

A team effort is called for when Emma Sadek from London arrives at the barn with a Victorian automaton. She’s hoping organ restorer and vintage toy enthusiast David Burville can give a long-retired musical curiosity the chance of an encore. The mechanical pianist doll, which belongs to her elderly mother, is in a terrible state. All that remains of her body is a detached skeleton and head. Her piano is completely defunct. David calls in the cavalry to get this lady making sweet music again. Music box restorer Steve Kember tinkers with the musical mechanism, while Julie and Amanda give her a total makeover. David rebuilds the doll, refurbishes the miniature piano and the transformation is astonishing.

And ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsay finds herself with a rather poignant project when Helen Bannan from London brings a hard-won trophy of hers. Helen is a former World kickboxing champion, but a tragic recent house fire destroyed most of her possessions and rendered her prized trophy out for the count. The resin statue of the boxer is in pieces and coated in soot. Kirsten carefully reunites the statue with its limbs and cleans it from top to toe.



Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

Furniture restorer Will Kirk is tasked with repairing a writing bureau. Owners, Kathryn Lovell and her dad John from Northamptonshire, have a family writing bureau that’s been rendered unusable and they’d love Will’s help. The bureau belonged to Kathryn’s grandfather, who ran the village post office for decades and was loved by all. He sat for hours at the bureau, writing letters and doing his books. The family cherishes this piece of furniture and are keen to use it, just as he did. However, the wood is warped and split, the desk panel that folds down has suffered a nasty fracture and a main hinge is broken. Will sands back the wood, glues and makes flush all the splits in the panels and secures the writing surface.  Brenton tends to the snapped hinge and when Kathryn and her father return to be reunited with it, memories of grandad come flooding back.

Next in through the barn door are Liz McMordie and her brother Sam from Northern Ireland,  hoping precious metal expert Brenton West can preserve a link to their rich farming heritage. The two gold plated trophies awarded to their father who, in the 1950s, won the World Ploughing Championships three times. The miniature replica ploughs are missing details, most of the gold plating has worn away and their wooden plinths are scratched and chipped. Brenton gets to work recreating the tiny missing parts, including linking chains and gold plates the silver ploughs. Will refreshes the wooden bases and the finished results are impressive….a shining recognition of Liz and Sam’s fathers’ stature in his field.

And Leather expert Susie is intrigued by a pair of dancing clogs. Louise Robertson from Oxford brings the clogs which are precious and unique to her family. They were handmade by her grandfather, over a century ago. Susie nourishes the parched, stiff leather; fills in the many holes left by woodworm and returns them to stand testament to Louise’s family’s dancing legacy and the craftsman that created them.



Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

The barn’s first arrival is Clare Collier from Cambridge. She’s brought along a sweet reminder of her childhood, for the attention of clock restorer Steve Fletcher. The Art Deco chiming clock belonged to her great grandmother. The mischievous old lady would leave secret sweets on the clock for Clare and her sister at bed time. The clock has been silent for over 25 years and the wooden casing is dull and dirty. Steve gives the mechanism a good soak and scrub up. Then carefully reassembles all the workings getting it ticking and chiming once again. Will gives the woodwork a spruce up and crafts a few wooden sweeties for the top, much to Clare’s delight!

Next to arrive, John McMuldroch from Merseyside. He’s here to see bear repair duo Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch, accompanied by his late mother’s beloved teddy bear. John’s mother Joan was a big part of his life and the bear was very special to her. It had been a childhood gift and constant companion. However, at the age of 65, the bear is in dire need of the bear ladies attention. His limbs are loose, his paws damaged and his growler no longer works. Amanda and Julie lovingly take him apart, remove the old stuffing and give him a soak in the bath. They cleverly reconstruct his paws and replace the growler, so that he can greet John on his return.

Angela Hodge from Rochester brings a treasure trove of memories for silversmith and vintage camera enthusiast, Brenton West. The 3D photo viewer was her mother’s and was used to display wonderful 3D images of her wedding day in 1958. Sadly the glass screen is cracked and many of the slides are damaged, rendering it inoperable. Angela lost her mother recently and she’d love to see a glimpse of her parents on their special day. Brenton goes to work restoring the vintage viewer, using ingenious replacements for the battery power source and tiny lightbulb that illuminates the magical images.



Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

Jay and Will Kirk team up to restore a piece of furniture when sisters Linda Atkinson and Pauline Murphy from Merseyside arrive, with their mother’s pride and joy. The chair that was created for the investiture ceremony of the Prince of Wales.  It was one of four thousand made and later auctioned off to the general public. Linda and Pauline’s patriotic 93 year old mum bought the chair, but permitted no one to sit in it. Her husband was less keen on this national treasure and after a while it was consigned to the garage, where it deteriorated. The sisters would love the team to restore its stately appearance for their dear mum. Jay and Will spring into action. Will strips the faded original paint, colour matches the perfect shade and reinstates the regal red. Jay reupholsters and upgrades the seat cushion and when the sisters return, Jay is granted approval from Joan herself to take a seat in the finished product.

Mechanical expert Steve Fletcher is in for a treat when he takes receipt of an air powered toy car. Pam Carter from Cumbria brings along this unusual and much-cherished vintage toy that has run out of puff. The little car belonged to her father, who recently passed away. She was very close to him - as a girl she spent lots of time in his company, as his able assistant in the garden. Pam was entrusted by her dad to get his beloved toy repaired and she is determined to do so. It’s come to a grinding halt, the wheels are rather wonky and it needs a full MOT. This is a first for Steve and after much head scratching, he finds an inventive fix to get it going again.                                               

Finally metal expert Dom Chinea takes on a salvaged donation box. Martin Brockman and Elaine Trethowan from Penlee in Cornwall, are volunteers for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and have a relic they love to be resurrected. At over 150 years old and weighing over a tonne it’s a huge undertaking. What's more, it’s riddled with rust and hasn’t been opened since who knows when. They’d love to reinstate the box at their lifeboat station so it can collect donations from passers-by, as it did decades ago. Dom’s first task on this rescue mission is to crack open the sealed up door, used to retrieve the coins inside, which is easier said than done. It’s then sandblasted to rid it of the rust and copious layers of old paint, ready for Dom to ensure it looks splendid and ready to stand proud, helping fund the heroic work of the lifeboat men and women.

  • Monday 7th September, 4:30pm
    Tuesday 8th September, 4:30pm
    Wednesday 9th September, 4:30pm
    Thursday 10th September, 4:30pm
    Friday 11th September, 4:30pm

  • BBC One

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When Celebrity Goes Horribly Wrong

This three hour special features celebrity fails on a monumental scale. Hollywood A-Listers, pop stars and even comedians have had their moments of imperfection – and we’ve got them all. Sex scandals, brushes with the law, confrontations with paparazzi and public meltdowns are just some of the things that have left adoring fans open-mouthed.

Expect the unexpected as the celebrities themselves open up about their less-than-perfect moments. Olly Murs suffers a humiliating fall on stage, Emmerdale Actor Asan N’Jie finds himself kicked off the TV soap and Jeremy Clarkson ends up with pie on his face – literally. Also, Kim Woodburn and Celebrity Big Brother pals Bianca Gascoigne, Nicola McLean and Calum Best remember their hellish time in the infamous reality TV house.

Plus, Tinseltown actor Robert DeNiro has a run-in with a real life Taxi Driver, Alec Baldwin gets pushy with a pap and Winona Ryder finds herself in court.

First-hand interviews include Harry Potter’s Jamie Waylett, aka Vincent Crabbe, who talks for the first time about his spectacular fall from grace, resulting in him spending time behind bars. EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook talks candidly about her struggles with drugs, that shockingly left her nose rotting away. Controversial commentator Katie Hopkins comes clean about the tweet that cost her dearly and resulted in her losing her family home.

Contributors include Jenni Falconer, Jermaine Pennant and comedian Hal Cruttenden.

  • Friday 11th September, 10pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


Celebrity MasterChef: A Recipe For Success

This six-part special series continues to celebrate fifteen years of Celebrity MasterChef, which has become one of the most entertaining culinary competitions in the country. 

During the series’ history,  judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace have seen more than 300 celebrities compete to be crowned Celebrity MasterChef champion.

Contestants from the worlds of drama, music, sport and show business have entered the MasterChef kitchen to impress John and Gregg with their cookery skills. In this series our esteemed judges look back at some of the best characters, most entertaining moments and choose their favourite challenges over the past 15 years.  

In tonight’s episode, “Simply The Best”, John and Gregg consider some of the very best highlights, from the most amazing dishes to the most outstanding challenges to some of the most impressive individual success stories.

John and Gregg also reflect on what it takes to be ‘the best’ and how finalists and winners start to shine during the culinary rounds – in particular when in 2012 the semi-finalists took over the brasserie on a cross channel ferry.

Then the judges revisit one of the final challenges from 2008 where three celebrities faced cooking with Marcus Wareing – which resulted in one of the most memorable moments in Celebrity MasterChef history.

  • Thursday 10th September, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 6 of 6


Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

Paul and Bob head to Norfolk, as they attempt to ensnare a big pike – something that has eluded them so far on their fishing trips. They netted a decent sized pike in Northern Ireland, but there are bigger and better still to be caught.

Fishing for pike means they are lakeside for this episode, under the big skies of East Anglia. As they arrive and get their gear together, Bob introduces Paul to the surprisingly varied contents of his car boot, much to Paul’s amusement. They gather their equipment and find a decent spot that should give them plenty of chances to catch and make camp for the day.

They cast out and then settle in to sit and wait for the pike to bite. They are a fearsome fish, the apex predator of the lake, and coming face to face with a giant pike is not for the faint-hearted, which leads them to ruminate on what keeps them up at night, and how the things they worry about change as they get older.

For lunch, Bob has decided against his usual style of cooking and presents Paul with some army ration packs - contents unknown. Bob simply adds hot water, leaves them to heat up and then serves. Paul gamely gives it a go, but whether the meal is successful enough to become a permanent fixture is anyone’s guess.

Bob has chosen a suitably quirky place to stay - a cosy little house converted from an old public toilet block, right on the seafront on the north Norfolk coast. The weather is wild and dramatic, and in the morning before they go fishing, Paul and Bob have a running race on the beach, battling against the wind and rain.

They then resume their quest for monster pike, with conversation turning to the challenges in life that still lie ahead. They end their trip with a trip to a local pub, where Bob reveals a hidden trick.

  • Sunday 6th September, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 3 of 6


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