Week 38

Celebrity MasterChef


It's Finals Week on Celebrity MasterChef and the four remaining cooks continue to battle for the Celebrity MasterChef title. The celebrities’ first challenge is their most daunting yet – John’s Palate Test. John cooks three popular and highly complex Asian starters – open top scallop dumplings with a soy dipping sauce, chicken satay with satay sauce and Vietnamese rice paper rolls - which the celebrities have to taste, and then identify the ingredients in it. They then have one hour and fifteen minutes to recreate the dish themselves.

Then in their last challenge as a quartet, the celebrities must cook two dishes of their own design for three of the country’s most feared restaurant critics, for a place in the final three. Serving food to these masters of the dining room is a daunting task for even the most adept chefs, and the celebrities’ choice of dishes are key now to secure them a place in the final. Will their ingredients, flavours, and presentation be enough to impress, or will they fall short of the mark and lose their chance to be Celebrity MasterChef? At the end of tonight's show only the three best cooks will still be in the running for the title.



It's the Celebrity MasterChef final. Twenty celebrities started the battle to be crowned MasterChef Champion 2017; now only three remain. After six weeks of gruelling challenges, tonight one of the remaining three will be crowned champion, and just two tough challenges stand between them and the title.

The remaining celebrities must draw on everything they have learned over the past few weeks, and cook to the very highest of standards if they are to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace. Their penultimate challenge is the toughest and most challenging of the competition - The Chef’s Table - hosted by Michelin star chef Jason Atherton at City Social. The three finalists must deliver food of an exceptional standard to impress some of the best chefs in the country – Marcus Wareing (2 Michelin stars), Alyn Williams (1 Michelin star), Lisa Allen (1 Michelin star), Atul Kochhar (1 Michelin star) and Nieves Barragan Mohacho (1 Michelin star).  As they battle to master new techniques and unfamiliar ingredients in Jason’s dishes, will they hold their nerve, or is the pressure to deliver too intense?

Then it's back to the MasterChef kitchen for the last time, where the three finalists must now cook and present a faultless three-course meal for final judgement by John and Gregg. It’s their last chance to prove they have what it takes to be crowned Celebrity MasterChef champion, by showing true passion and creativity with their dishes. Who amongst this year’s finalists is the true cooking star, and worthy of a place in the Celebrity MasterChef hall of fame, following in the’ food-steps’ of previous winners Matt Dawson MBE, Nadia Sawalha, Liz McClarnon, Jayne Middlemiss, Lisa Faulkner, Phil Vickery MBE, Emma Kennedy, Ade Edmondson, Sophie Thompson, Kimberly Wyatt and last year’s winner Alexis Conran?

Only one can be crowned Celebrity MasterChef champion 2017.

  • Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd September, 8pm and 8:30pm

  • BBC One

  • 11/12 of 12


**NEW** Eamonn and Ruth's 7 Year Itch

Research proves that one of the main reasons behind failing marriages is sex and intimacy – it’s either lacking or unfulfilling, or some partners are frustrated by differing libidos.

In the first episode of 7 Year itch, Eamonn and Ruth investigate the myriad ways to add a dollop of spice to a marriage to bring back the spark in a relationship. 

They start with an alternative sex therapy session, and learn how their instructors believe their open relationship, and sex with other partners, has strengthened their marriage. 

Then they visit a dungeon in central London that caters for couples who take pleasure in bringing fetish and BDSM into their relationship, and allows them to indulge in activities that are a little too extreme or embarrassing within the family home.  It’s all about letting go, their teacher tells Eamonn.

On hand is a Dominatrix to demonstrate how power play in relationships can work, with Ruth given a crash course in Dom techniques.

Eamonn and Ruth also meet married grandparents who get their kicks from outdoors sex and swear by getting back to nature as the perfect tonic for a relationship.  Ruth’s just scared of the cold!

At a high end erotic party, set in a secret location, Ruth and Eamonn discover how some couples, including swingers, feel their bond is deepened by exploring the sexual boundaries. 

In the glamorous setting of the Rivoli ballroom with married dancers strutting their stuff, therapist Dr Dance explains how dance is also a potent force in spicing up relationships – especially the tango. 

And finally they find a new way of spicing up a marriage – a sex surrogate who gets hands on getting love lives back on track.

**NEW** All Star Driving School

Episode 1

The All Star Driving School opens its doors to three celebrity learners. Paired up with their instructors they're unleashed onto the roads of Chingford in Essex to embark on an intensive driving course, in the hope of passing their tests at the end of the week.

Tattoo Fixer's Paisley Billings has failed two previous driving tests before and always for the same fault: roundabouts. Ricky forces her to face her nemesis head on and despite their clashes, Ricky's determined to steer her to pass third time lucky. 

Vamps bassist Connor Ball is paired up with Pells who swears by the mantra 'Pass With Pells'. Connor has no previous experience and he's terrified of big lorries, often making dangerous moves to avoid them. A bromance quickly forms but will it be the key to Connor passing? 

Cici Coleman from First Dates shares an instant bond with her instructor Maxine and they even make up their own high five handshake. Despite having never driven before, Cici turns out to be the fastest learner Maxine's ever had but can she put it all into practice on the big day?

Episode 2

It’s Day 2 at the All Star Driving School and today First Dates Cici Coleman, Tattoo Fixer Paisley and The Vamps Connor Ball are taking on different types of junctions in the hope of ditching their L plates at the end of the week. 

Yesterday Connor discovered he had a fear of lorries and today he gets to add roundabouts to his list of phobias. He also has a Friends and Family lesson from Luke Franks, a Radio 1 DJ. Does Connor learn some new skills or does it go horribly wrong?

First Dates waitress Cici keeps getting distracted, mainly by dogs, which frustrates instructor Maxine. Will she manage to find a way to keep Cici focussed on driving and learning or is that mission impossible?

Paisley has failed her test twice on roundabouts, so the pressures on her when it comes to the daily Challenge – The Magic Roundabout. Its not magic, but it is six roundabouts all revolving around one giant roundabout.  And it’s a beast for any experienced driver, let alone our learners.

Episode 3

It’s Day 3 for our celeb learner drivers and they’re trying to nail their manoeuvres.

Tattoo Fixer's Paisley Billings is about to lose it with instructor Ricky, Vamps' bassist Connor Ball tries to conquer his fear of lorries and First Dates waitress Cici Coleman goes back to where she was 3 days ago!

And things don’t get much better in the daily challenge where the Celebs are tasked with driving round a specially designed course in Golf Buggies that steer in the opposite direction. Confusing much? Confusing Very.

Episode 4

Mock test day is upon us and our celeb learner drivers are feeling the pressure.

The Vamps' bassist Connor Ball is a brand new driver and during his test he tries to use various distraction techniques to see him through. However his fatal error still gets noticed by eagle-eyed instructor Ricky.  

Paisley Billings is keen to keep her nerves under control after failing her test 2 times previously, but can she hold it together this time?

And First Dates waitress Cici Coleman suffers from a nasty case of verbal diarrhoea during her mock test, and just can't help leaving her handbreak on... as she goes around roundabouts.  

During the afternoon Cici's best friend Sam, who also features on First Dates, comes along to act as a back seat driver. And all three celebs get to test their reflexes in today's challenge - the treacherous Multi Hazard Car park, where they'll have to dodge whatever hazard crosses their paths!

Episode 5

After their week long intensive course its time for the Celebrity Learners to finally take their tests. That’s if they get through the their final lessons!

First Dates Cici Colman has a last minute wobble and forgets what to do on roundabouts and Vamps Bass player Connor Ball decides to pull out in front of a car at a crossroads! The signs aren’t great!

But Tattoo Fixers Paisley Billings enjoys a good final drive with instructor Ricky. But can she hold her nerve for the test.

With family, friends and instructors all waiting nervously in the wings, the tension mounts. But which celebs will be swapping their L plates for P plates? That’s anyone’s guess!

  • 18th - 22nd September, 7:30pm

  • E4

  • 1-5 of 15


**NEW** Conviction

In the early hours of 22nd September, 2012, Irish-born Jill Meagher was walking home after a night out along Melbourne's Sydney Road. It was to be her final walk - Jill went missing that morning, her husband Tom raising the alarm when she didn't return home.

In the five days while she was missing, Jill's colleagues at ABC Australia waged a frantic social media campaign, desperate to find any information on her whereabouts. On 25th September, CCTV showed the 29-year-old walked past a bridal shop at 1.42am, speaking to a man in a blue hoodie.

The man in the blue hoodie was a crucial lead in the investigation, and soon the man was identified as Adrian Bayley, already on parole for a string of sex offences. He broke down in police custody and led the investigating team to Jill's body, who he had buried after raping and strangling her.

As it approaches the fifth anniversary of Jill’s death this documentary follows the timeline of her disappearance, the anxious wait for news, and how homicide detectives brought Bayley to justice.

Conviction is available to preview at

  • Thursday 21st September, 10pm

  • Really

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Helicopter ER

The team launch a desperate fight to save a woman in cardiac arrest after a heart attack at home, two workers are badly injured after falling through the roof of a factory and a midwife finds herself being delivered to hospital after a car crash.

  • Monday 18th September, 9pm

  • Really

  • 4 of 15


Starting Up, Starting Over

In episode five, Elvis enthusiasts Julie and Trevor are giving up their successful businesses to follow their dream of a quieter life spending all their time together running a Haberdashers in a beautiful village in the Cotswolds.

Trevor and Julie found their new business – an established Haberdashers store – while on holiday in the chocolate-box village of Bourton-on-the-Water.  In the ultimate impulse buy, the same day they found the shop they put in an offer on a bungalow a stone’s throw away. Julie and Trevor are investing all their savings and even raiding the pension pot to buy the new house and shop and all of its stock. It’s a very impulsive decision – and in only a matter of weeks they are packing up their lives and making the dramatic move.

Although Julie is a keen amateur at crafting and sewing, ex-bathroom fitter Trevor is learning from scratch. It soon becomes clear that he needs a crash course in everything from wool to looms before he can really help any customers. And when Trevor falls out with the café owner next door on day one the pressures of running new business begin to show.

Julie and Trevor previously ran successful businesses, but they both suffered from stress. They’re hoping the haberdashers shop will offer them a new more pleasurable lifestyle and work-life balance. But, it soon becomes clear that their income will be dramatically reduced. And with the two of them making less than each of them brought in before, will the change in their finances add to the stress of running a shop for the very first time?  Especially when they are forced to sell some prized assets and look for new ways to increase the shop’s income.

With Christmas approaching, the couple decide to pull out all the stops to boost their earnings. They are hoping that the famous Bourton-on-the-Water Christmas fair will make the till ring. But the shop hours are relentless and tiring.

With the odds stacked against them and everything at stake, can Julie and Trevor rise to the challenges of a new life as shopkeepers? And will it offer them the lifestyle they dreamt of?

  • Wednesday 20th September, 7pm

  • Channel 5

  • 5 of 6


Body Fixers

This week in the pop-up clinic, Daniel’s skills are put to the test when Caitlin comes in with the most disastrous home dyed hair he’s ever seen. Dr Esho has his work cut out trying to shrink Scott’s massive 12” scar with an innovative treatment and his trusty lasers, while Alex and Danny take on the task of nailing Fran’s new drag king look. Cancer survivor Marianne visits the clinic, hoping Daniel can help her after she lost all of her hair in just one day and dreams of having her blond barnet back.  Radio DJ Steven is desperate for April and Danny to rescue his ginger roots with an extreme new look and self-doubting Danielle comes in hoping for a fix for her dimpled chin.

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