The Murder of Lord Mountbatten: 3 Days that Shook Britain

At 11.45am on the August Bank Holiday of 1979, the senior Royal Lord Mountbatten was killed during a family holiday on the Irish coast. Terrorists had planted a bomb on his fishing boat, the Shadow V. The resulting explosion killed not only the retired 79 year-old war hero but also his grandson Nicholas and a local boat boy Paul Maxwell. Nicholas' grandmother died the following day, while three others - Mountbatten's eldest daughter, her husband and another of their sons - were seriously injured but survived. This compelling film tells the story of the two days leading up to that fateful attack, and also considers the aftermath. 


As uncle to Prince Philip, Mountbatten was close to the Queen, as well as a beloved confidant and mentor to Prince Charles. For many he was a respected statesman, but for others, he represented the arrogance of the British Empire. Mountbatten considered himself safe in the idyllic fishing village of Mullaghmore, he was the symbol of everything the IRA hated in terms of living in Northern Ireland under British rule. They had made several previous attacks on his life and, in 1979, finally succeeded. 


In this programme, Royal insiders, local journalists and victims' family members recall the attack in granular detail, minute by minute. They reveal how on August 26th, IRA member Thomas McMahon slipped onto the unguarded Shadow V at night to plant the bomb, and the extraordinary coincidence by which he was arrested two hours before the bomb detonated, on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle. Within hours of the attack, there was global condemnation of the bombing. Nowhere was the tragedy felt more keenly, of course, than within the royal family. The programme also considers Mountbatten's legacy, and how the tragic circumstances of his death will never eclipse his status as one of the most significant and influential Royal family members of the twentieth century.

  • Saturday 18th September, 9:30pm

  • Channel 5

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Walking Wartime Britain

On this walk Arthur is in South Devon, a region which witnessed an unprecedented influx of wartime visitors. Arthur takes a steam train to Paignton following in the footsteps of thousands of London’s evacuee children. At a Torquay grammar school he discovers how Devon’s educational infrastructure buckled under the weight of the new arrivals and how teachers and children were forced to quickly adapt. But despite the homesickness, for some children, the countryside was a revelation. 


It wasn’t just children who escaped to South Devon. When Belgium was overrun by the Nazi’s, its fisherfolk made a moonlight dash across the channel. Arthur heads to the port of Brixham, where the Belgians landed and discovers that local xenophobia was quickly replaced with kindness and bonhomie. 


Along the coast at Dartmouth’s Britannia Royal Naval College, students were being trained for a protracted war. Arthur reveals how Hitler attempted to wipe out a generation of Britain’s fledgling naval commanders, in a single morning, but luckily got his dates mixed up. 


In the South Hams, Arthur meets Pam Willis who, along with hundreds of other local villagers, were turfed out their homes, for unexplained reasons. But when Arthur uncovers the mysterious story of the sunken tank, it’s revealed that the Slapton’s beaches and surrounding villages were the scene of a top-secret D-Day exercise, Operation Tiger, which didn’t exactly go to plan. 


Arthur’s walk ends in Salcombe, a port which was completely transformed by the arrival of thousands of American GI’s and the troop ships. Local publicans spurned any idea of racial segregation and the GI’s all settled in to rough cider and warm beer. But when the GI’s vanished overnight, it became clear, D-Day was on.

  • Tuesday 21st September, 9pm

  • 5Select

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Serengeti II



For Kali the threat from Sefu has been replaced with a far bigger threat from the Black-maned males. Will she never stop living in fear?  


Duma is growing up fast, but when he tries to take on the vultures he ends up alone and lost. With Kali roaming nearby, it’s a dangerous time to be without his mother. 


Bakari struggles to exert his power over the intruder males. He tries to calm things down by taking his troop on a gazelle hunt.  When he fails to catch Tamu, his position in the troop is starting to look precarious. But when Bakari comes up with a plan to steal from Aiysha and her cubs, will it be enough to win back his throne? 


Duma is still searching for his family but instead is found by a group of male cheetahs. He tries to join their gang but he’s too young to be accepted. Once again, he’s lost and alone and facing many dangers. Unable to catch food by himself, his only hope is to find his family 


When Zalika finally finds a way to reunite her clan she has the power to take revenge on Kali. But Askari, the black maned male, is more powerful than ever, and comes to Kali’s rescue. Why has he suddenly become her ally? 


Tamu and his mother are in constant danger, not least from the Black-maned lions, but when the unthinkable happens, is Tamu brave enough to defend himself against so many predators?  


The great herds are gathering and Shani’s foal and Gnu are growing up. It’s time to visit the huge river for the first time. Excitement aside, there are dangers lurking beneath the surface, just when everyone is desperate to quench their thirst.

  • Sunday 19th September, 4:35pm

  • BBC One

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The Circle USA

The Circle is back and season 3 promises more twists and surprises in store. A cast of eight new contestants enter The Circle, where they flirt, befriend, piss off, and compete in challenges against each other on a unique social media platform to earn the ultimate cash prize as top influencer. With $100k on the line, will they be able to earn clout and figure out who is real and who is a catfish? Critics’ Choice Award winner Michelle Buteau returns to host the competition series. The Circle is a four-week must-watch social media competition launching on September 8 and continuing with new episodes on September 15, 22, and finale on September 29th. 

  • Wednesday 22nd September
    Wednesday 22nd September
    Wednesday 22nd September
    Wednesday 22nd September

  • Netflix

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Alma’s not Normal

Alma's Not Normal follows Boltonian wild child Alma as she tries to get her life back on track after a recent break-up. But with no job, no qualifications and a rebellious streak a mile wide, it’s not going to be easy. Meanwhile her mum, who is battling a heroin addiction, has been sectioned for arson and her vampish Grandma Joan wants nothing to do with it. Alma’s Not Normal offers a bitingly funny and unflinching take on class, sexuality, mental health and substance abuse. It celebrates women dealing with the hands they’ve been dealt while doggedly pursing their dreams. Each with their own story and unique world view, their wit and frankness allows them to explore darker themes and social issues, with a light, bright, comedic touch. As well as starring in the lead role of Alma, Sophie Willan has written and executive produced the series.

  • Monday 20th September, 10pm

  • BBC Two

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Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

It’s the start of the coarse fishing season and to celebrate Paul and Bob are in the Norfolk Broads, fishing some of East Anglia’s most historic and celebrated waterways. They’re here to try for rudd, but who knows what other species they might catch in these rivers that are rich in flora and fauna. As is the way with a trip to the Norfolk Broads, Paul and Bob have done away with the car and instead are getting around by boat. It’s the quintessential Broads experience, but early on Paul is questioning whether he should have been captain instead of Bob.  


Once on dry land, and as they pick their fishing spot, Paul explains the excitement anglers feel at the start of a new fishing season and how it brings the same feelings of anticipation as the build up to Christmas Day. However, it’s the height of summer and the weather couldn’t be more different, and with the best of the English countryside on display here Paul and Bob feel a sense of timeless wonder, and discuss their nostalgia for simpler, childhood times.   


After a morning of mixed fishing success, it’s time for a tea break, but they are soon back fishing again, with Bob netting the first of several unique ‘firsts’ of the trip. Happy with their first day’s fishing, they decide to call it a day. They get back in the boat and travel to their accommodation for the night - and this is another first for Paul and Bob, as Bob reveals they’ll be staying in a converted windmill, right on the riverbank.  


Excited to be living in the round for a night, Bob gets busy in the kitchen preparing them a nostalgic tea, while Paul takes the opportunity to fish a while into the evening. Over their food, Bob explains this was the kind of food his mum would cook, and they discuss their favourite foods from the 70s. After they’ve finished, the appeal of sitting out by the water is just too great, and so they decide to fish on until sunset.  


The next morning, the weather has taken a turn for the worse, and as the rain comes down Paul and Bob discuss what their alternatives to going out fishing might be. In the end, the rain stops and the decision is made for them - they head out to meet their local guide for the day, Robbie Northam.  


Robbie takes them to a secluded corner of the Broads for the best chance of big rudd and other coarse fish. As they arrive, Paul and Bob are taken with the timeless quality of their surroundings, as well as the stillness. Nestled in among the reeds, they comment on how small this environment makes them feel, as if they are in a parallel world.  


It makes them think about running away from home as kids, and then at what point they felt first grown up … and then old. Bob comments that the markers of feeling ‘old’ can also be a sign to get your heart checked. As they chat and cast, they both are taken with the variety of fish on offer - including another special, hard to repeat species.  


They pause for a thermos of soup each, provided by Paul. Bob is quick to point out how the meal is not up to his usual standards – noting that he would have done a much better job of catering today. Before heading back to civilization, they take a moment to drink in the stillness and how being in this landscape offers a direct line to daydreams of simpler times and they vow to return.

  • Sunday 19th September, 8pm

  • BBC Two

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Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop

Jay Blades continues to welcome viewers into his new workshop in Bradford.    


In the penultimate episode we continue to hear from members of the public as they nominate local heroes from across Yorkshire to receive a bespoke, handmade piece of wooden furniture to recognise the work they do for their community, often going above and beyond.  Jay hears first-hand what makes each local hero special and why they are deserving of this thank you.  


Making the items with the expert furniture makers Ciaran, Isabelle and Saf, are six passionate woodworkers from the surrounding area who have all come to the workshop to learn from the experts they’re teamed with and working alongside.  Each has a personal reason to be here and the series explores their lives whilst following how they go about making each item and learning on the job.

  • Wednesday 22nd September, 9pm

  • BBC Two

  • 5 of 6


World’s Greatest Weddings: When Weddings Go Wrong

A hilarious and heart-warming wedding clip show featuring ostentatious celebrations, accidents, and some of the most extreme and OMG marital moments ever captured on video. 

For Britain’s brides and grooms, getting married is supposed to be the best day of your life. But sometimes even the best days can surprise you...


As Britain prepares to enter a bumper wedding period, these pacey and entertaining films will reveal the most shocking and memorable wedding moments of all time. 

From unforgettable celebrity weddings to viral videos capturing the most OMG marital moments, expect wedding cakes laced with diamonds and light up wedding dresses, pet ring bearers and disasters at the altar. 


As well as hearing from the brides and grooms behind the videos a host of celebrities and top of their game comedians will be witnessing and commenting on all the fun, the madness and the magnificence of these ultimate marriage moments!


In this episode, When Weddings Go Wrong we see rogue guests, cake disasters and weather catastrophes, as we uncover bride and grooms’ worst nightmares, when their dreams of the fairy-tale wedding don’t quite go to plan.

  • Monday 20th September, 10:10pm

  • E4

  • 4 of 4


Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains

In tonight’s Growing Pains, Jimmy Carr, Martin Kemp and Charlie George share their embarrassing teenage lives with host Rhod Gilbert. Who will take home the coveted Most Embarrassing Teenager trophy – will it be Jimmy and his passion for video nasties, Charlie’s admission that she desperately wanted to be the Milk Tray Man or Martin revealing that he passed out drunk in front of his hero David Bowie? In a bid to get themselves into Rhod’s Memory Box of Shame the guests offer some unique dance moves to Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’ - and they all share with us their ‘Mixtapes from Hell’ - the music, TV and films that confused and embarrassed them as teenagers and that if they end up going to hell would be the videos playing on a loop in the welcome lounge. During a quick-fire quiz about their teenage selves Rhod drops some mortifying morsels gleaned from friends and family they would probably rather he hadn’t got hold of. And finally, with the benefit of hindsight, what advice would they give to their teenage selves? 

  • Wednesday 22nd September, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

  • 6 of 6


Coastal Devon & Cornwall with Michael Portillo

The fifth episode of Michael Portillo’s south-west coastal pilgrimage begins at Start Point, near South Devon’s most southerly point, and marks the shortest leg on his odyssey so far, at just ten miles long. 


This walk takes in a broad sweep of eroding shingle coastline, peppered with hidden coves, and some of the most picturesque beaches Michael has encountered. However, this coast is also eroding quickly, especially during violent winter storms and spring tides, and his first stop is the remains of a historic fishing village, Hallsands, that was lost to the sea in 1917. Today all that remains are a few buildings clinging to the cliffs above the crashing waves.


A mile further on Michael discovers another fishing village, Beesands, which faces the same fate, and where the sea defences are no longer sufficient to prevent widespread flooding during winter storms.


Michael’s midway point is Slapton Sands, a three-mile-long shingle beach, backed by a lagoon, which is also the largest freshwater lake in South-West England. Here Michael meets the son of a man who made a surprising discovery beneath the waves more than 40yrs ago, which re-shone a light on a dark chapter in World War Two history when hundreds of American troops were killed practising for the D-Day landings. He ends his first day reflecting on what he has learned, and cooks a light supper on the beach under clear evening skies.


Michael’s second day begins with a walk to a hidden wildlife sanctuary, behind the lagoon at Slapton Ley, where he discovers a woodland, carpeted in wild garlic just coming into bloom. His S Devon trek ends near the mouth of the River Dart, but not before he leaves his own mark on this beautiful stretch of coast – planting a new wooden signpost for walkers, inscribed with his initials.

  • Wednesday 22nd September, 8pm

  • Channel 5

  • 5 of 6


Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back

Comedian Joe Lycett returns to fight for the consumer rights of the Great British public as he battles big brands, dodgy scammers and rogue traders in this brand new series.   With the help of his assistant Mark Silcox, a weekly studio guest and celebrity cameos, Joe campaigns on behalf of viewers who come up against red tape, get caught out by small print and bullied by big businesses.


Throughout the series Joe scores victories for consumers everywhere as he battles major international companies to make their packaging environmentally friendly, launches a massive campaign to back British wool, takes on dodgy puppy dealers, hits back against the nation’s worst bosses and takes up the fight against corporate giants. 

On top of all that, each week Joe gets behind the Customer Service desk as he tackles viewers’ consumer problems, no matter how big or small.

  • Thursday 23rd September, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 6 of 8




  • Friday 24th September, 9pm

  • Channel 4

  • Episode 2


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