**NEW** The Circle

The stand out TV show of last year, The Circle, is back for a second series. New host Emma Willis takes the reins of this innovative game, where up to £100k is on offer for the winner, so the stakes are high. In the game where anyone can be anyone, who will win The Circle?

In The Circle, players live in separate flats in an apartment block and communicate with each other through a voice activated social media platform called The Circle.

The players can be whoever they want on their Circle profiles, as they are hidden behind the screen. They can choose to hide certain things, change their identity entirely or simply be themselves. And because the players can’t see each or hear other, there is plenty of opportunity for gameplay.

Popularity is the name of the game. Across the series the players rate each other and the least popular are ‘blocked’. On their way out they finally get to meet one of their fellow players face-to-face and find out if who they have been talking to on The Circle is really who they say they are.

Over the course of the three and a half weeks, The Circle will test the players to the limit, with twists and turns, shock blockings and new players entering when old ones are blocked. And viewers at home will also be able to influence the show with live votes via The Circle’s very own app.

Episode 1

Join Emma Willis for tonight’s live launch show and meet the first eight players as they enter the game and make themselves at home in their apartments. But they won’t have long to settle in as The Circle has a surprise in store.  Plus, Emma will be joined in the studio by the new players’ friends and families alongside last year’s winner Alex who won The Circle posing as a catfish called Kate. And viewers at home will get their first chance to influence The Circle with a dramatic live vote. 

Episode 2

The drama continues as the new players try to win each other over in the attempt to win the £100k prize pot. For one unlucky player their time in the Circle will be cut short in a dramatic blocking. Plus a new player enters. 

Episode 3

The game where you can be whoever you want in a bid to become the most popular continues. With the new player settling into The Circle the competition is ramping up as players rate each other for a second time. 

Episode 4

Join Emma Willis in the studio for the first Friday night live show of the series. A panel of celebrity guests will dissect all the drama from inside The Circle and catch up on the action from the last 48-hours. Plus the first blocked players will join Emma to talk about their time in the show, and viewers will get another chance to control The Circle via an app vote.

Celebrity MasterChef

Week 4

Monday 23rd September at 9pm Episode 10

Celebrity MasterChef continues with 20 famous faces from the world of show business, drama, design, sport, and music all hoping to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace to take the coveted 2019 title.

This week’s five celebrities up for the culinary challenge are EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt, whose character Ian Beale is famous for running a chippy and a cafe, Geordie Shore star and TV Personality Vicky Pattison, Former Boxing Manager and transgender campaigner Kellie Maloney, TV Weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker and International DJ and Lawyer Judge Jules.

Armed with just a pestle and mortar the celebs first task is to create a curry of their own design using a larder of fresh spices, chilies and herbs and a range of meat, fish and vegetables. 

Next its out of the the frying pan to into the fire of professional restaurant kitchen, cooking for paying customers in a busy lunchtime service.

Then its back to the MasterChef kitchen to impress John and Gregg with their own creations.

Who can handle the pressure and show the judges they have skills creativity and flair to progress further in the competition .

Wednesday 25th September at 8pm Episode 11

Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace return for this weeks second installment of Celebrity MasterChef. This week’s celebrities up for the culinary challenge are EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt, whose character Ian Beale is famous for running a chippy and a cafe, Geordie Shore star and TV Personality Vicky Pattison, former Boxing Manager and transgender advocate Kellie Maloney, TV Weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker and International DJ and Lawyer Judge Jules.

After one celebrity was knocked out, tonight the four remaining celebrities face two more culinary challenges, as they battle for a place in the Semi-Finals.

First it’s the pairs test  - where cooking between a wall, in a test of teamwork and communication, each pair is tasked with cooking a crowd-pleasing dish which must be identical in both appearance and flavor.

Tonight one team has to master two vegetarian dishes - John Torode’s salt and pepper tofu tacos, the other a fava bean fallafel with taboulleh and flatbreads.

Then, the celebrities team work skills are pushed to the extreme as they are faced with their first mass catering challenge, cooking lunch for over 100 staff and cadets at The Metropolitan Police Training Academy in Hendon, North London.  There’s intrique and drama a plenty as the two teams battle to cook up a storm for the men in blue.

Friday 27th September at 9pm Episode 12

Tonight judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace are back as the battle for the last two semi-final places this year’s Celebrity MasterChef competition reaches its climax.

The challenge  - to cook a faultless two course meal, not only for the judges, but also three Celebrity MasterChef legends; actors  Alexis Conran and Sophie Thompson and tv personality and man of the cloth Reverend Richard Coles. All three know what it takes to get through this competition and tonight they are in for a treat as the 4 celebs push the boat out to secure their semi final place.

  • Monday 23rd September, 9pm
    Wednesday 25th September, 8pm
    Friday 27th September, 9pm

  • BBC One

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The Feed

Concerned that Kate has been acting strangely since giving birth, Tom and Kate turn to Max and Evelyn for help. When Evelyn uncovers a horrifying invasion of Kate’s privacy, Tom turns to Lawrence for answers.

Tom demands to know what really happened to Sara and Anton. When he finds that they have been kept under observation in a secure facility he is determined to speak them himself. But no one could have foreseen the devastating consequences of this meeting…

As Lawrence and Meredith try to privately handle the true extent of the problems with The Feed, they find themselves under pressure from government officials to reassure the public that The Feed is safe. Meanwhile, Ben tries to assert his power within the company and starts to misguidedly cast suspicion on those closest to the family.

Danny finds himself unable to curb his addiction and pulls a stunt which he hopes will earn him the likes he craves.

Unnerved that her privacy has been violated, Kate is determined to find out the reason behind this invasion. What she uncovers has shocking repercussions for her and her child.

Train Truckers

This episode follows truck crews transport a brand-new high-speed train built in Japan and a vintage World War II steam engine. Seasoned Train Truckers Kevin Norris and Ceiran Linton Bird head up a convoy moving three brand-new, 50 tonne, state of the art high speed trains, fresh in from Japan. They need to transport them from the North East port of Redcar to the Hitachi factory in Doncaster. It’s a highly risky move right from the start, as gale force winds make it impossible to load each of the £4 million train units at the port.  Elsewhere, seasoned hauliers Colin Chisnall and Sam Hardman have 24 hours to move a 73 tonne vintage World War II steam engine built by the US army as part of the war effort.  Moving this unwieldy load through narrow country lanes proves a hazardous haul! But nothing compared to the challenge of being forced to unload the colossal engine in the dark.  

  • Thursday 26th September, 9pm

  • Yesterday

  • 5 of 6


The Mash Report

Britain’s most uncompromising and controversial topical satire returns to tackle a world gone mad and a country now genuinely run by Boris Johnson. Nish Kumar plays host to an array of hilarious correspondents who can’t quite believe what they’re seeing.

  • Thursday 26th September, 10pm

  • BBC Two

  • 4 of 6


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