Countdown To Murder

Countdown to Murder is a true crime series that detail the last days and hours of murder victims’ lives juxtaposed with the last days and hours for their killers. With moving interviews from victims’ friends and relatives we hear how events led to murder and about the police investigations that would eventually bring the killers to justice.
Interviews with leading police, journalists, a criminologist and a forensic psychologist give insight into the crimes and those who committed them, along with dramatic drama reconstruction of the events leading up to the deaths which will bring these horrific crimes to life. 
This episode chronicles the brutal murder of Jessica Patel by her husband, Mitesh. Mitesh strangled Jessica before arranging the house to look like a break-in gone wrong hoping that the police and her family would fall for his story and he could escape and begin again down under. But Police didn’t believe his story and quickly built a case against him. 
Jessica and Mitesh Patel met at University; sharing a passion for pharmacology, a romance soon blossomed. Mitesh would shower Jess with gifts and affection, eventually asking for her hand in marriage and celebrating their love in a traditional, Hindu wedding ceremony. Outwardly they seemed a perfect couple with a bright future in front of them - Jessica dreamed of starting a family and running their own chemist - but soon after the wedding Jessica’s dreams were shattered and Mitesh became withdrawn, cutting off the affection and spending hours late into the night speaking with men on the phone. Mitesh had a secret and had hatched a terrible plan, demanding that Jessica have IVF treatment so that he could kill her, run away to Australia with her frozen embryo’s and start a new life with his boyfriend.

  • Tuesday 19th January, 9pm

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A&E: After Dark

The hospital struggles with abusive patients disrupting care due to covid restrictions preventing family members from joining patients in the waiting room. The nurses and security work together to restore order. 
56-year-old Tracy is rushed into hospital after her motorcycle collides with a deer going 60mph. Consultant Dr Andy must establish why she is having trouble feeling her legs. 
Strongman Adam is devastated when an accident in the gym means he may not be able to compete in Hull’s strongest man. 
The police bring 19-year-old Jai into A&E to be assessed. He was the victim of a drunken attack at a party which left him with a stabbed neck and a potential bleed on the brain. Dr Sam pleads with Jai to stay for his scan results in the face of him leaving and potentially dying at home. 
John arrives in A&E with blood soaked rags covering his hand. Glass has been smashed into them leaving him with an enormous bloody gash and significant blood loss, causing him to faint in the department. Dr Ibraheem must act quickly to stop John’s fainting causing more harm to him. 
Ninety-two-year-old Janette has had a fall at her son’s home and looks in bad shape. A combination of blood thinning drugs and communication issues make getting Janette back on her feet a challenge for Dr David.

  • Monday 18th January, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Wallis Simpson: Femme Fatale

Wallis Simpson - the scheming seductress who tore the Royal Family apart, or the most maligned woman in modern history?... A clever, well-meaning woman who was simply unlucky in love?
Wallis Simpson was the original American divorcee to throw a bombshell into the British Royal Family - but she led a rich and colourful life long before she met Prince Edward and became the Duchess of Windsor.
Bessie Warfield was forced to rely on her quick wits from an early age. An only child, her father died shortly after she was born, leaving her mother to depend on the support of relatives. Young Bessie was always immaculately dressed and attracted many male admirers.
Her first marriage, to a heavy-drinking US naval officer was a tempestuous on-off relationship. When their marriage began to break down, Wallis spent what she called her "lotus year" in China, travelling alone, during which she is rumoured to have had an affair with Count Galeazzo Ciano, later Mussolini's son-in-law and Foreign Minister. She lived well in China, and despite spending over a year there, learnt just one Chinese phrase: "Boy, pass me the champagne".
In 1928, Wallis married her first British husband, Ernest Aldrich Simpson, an English-American shipping executive, and around the same time met Lady Thelma Furness, mistress of Prince Edward, then the Prince of Wales.
On January 10, 1931, Wallis was introduced to the Prince of Wales at an event at Burrough Court. The prince later remembered that Wallis had a cold that night and was “not at her best.”
This documentary will shed light on the enigmatic woman that Prince Edward met that night, and explore in detail what happened next - an explosive chain of events that would lead to an historic split in the British Royal family.
Through expert testimony and revealing archive, the programme will reveal all sides to the notorious Wallis Simpson.

  • Saturday 16th January, 9:30pm

  • Channel 5

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Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains

Host Rhod Gilbert is joined by Welsh sensation Charlotte Church, comedian Joel Dommett and social media comedy star Munya Chawawa as they travel back in time to their teenage years. In the closely fought competition to win the title of Most Embarrassing Teenager, Charlotte tells Rhod the extreme lengths she went to to try and be Billie Piper’s friend, Joel admits to doing a test taste of some of his bodily fluids, and Munya  reveals what he said to an ex-girlfriend that got him dumped.  Rhod uncovers some past pop culture time sadly hasn’t forgotten - what were the weirdest trends, worst TV shows and most irritating music while his guests were growing up? Rhod has also spoken to friends and family who knew the guests as teenagers and shares some mortifying morsels they would probably rather he hadn’t got hold of – who almost burned their school down by trying to microwave a cassette tape? Rhod chooses the best and worst examples of adolescent life to commit to his box of shame, and will eventually crown the Most Embarrassing Teenager.

  • Tuesday 19th January, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

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The Bidding Room

Episode 11:

Today in the Bidding Room–set deep in the Yorkshire countryside -Nigel Havers welcomes 5 people with intriguing pieces they’d like to sell. To help them before they face the dealers, Nigel introduces them to resident valuation expert, Simon, who has been an auctioneer for nearly 30 years. Simon will provide the sellers with specialist information about the item’s history and an educated valuation. Armed with this knowledge, Nigel guides the seller through to the bidding room where they’ll face five eager dealers, ready to spend some money. The dealers have no idea who is going to walk in or what they’ll be selling but if it’s something they want they’ll have to bid against each other to secure the deal. The sellers will need to keep their heads and haggle hard if they want a bidding war to break out. Opening proceedings today is Martin with a paper mache, Chinese dragon mask that he bought at auction. In the Bidding Room can he persuade the dealers to buy by wearing it himself? Next to face the dealers is Pauline with a collection of curiosities she’s gathered over the years. With some valuable metal objects in the mix, plus a little help from Nigel, can she persuade the dealers to pay the valuation price? Up next is collector Paul with some copper candlesticks associated witha famous maker. He’s confident they will be a hit with the dealers but is he right? Fourth in is Andrew with an antique writing that he’s hoping will intrigue the dealers with its beauty and functionality. So will the many secret compartments draw the buyers in? Last to try their hand at selling is Lisa with a mid-century chair by a very desirable maker. In excellent condition and with a plethora of uses, the dealers have fun guessing what type of chair it could be. But when the bidding starts, can Lisa do a deal? The dealers in today are Adi, Lucy, Moses, Melissa and JB. So will any of them buy? And if they do, will any of them match – or even top – the valuation placed on each of the items?

Episode 12:

Today in the Bidding Room – set deep in the Yorkshire countryside - Nigel Havers welcomes 5 people with intriguing pieces they’d like to sell. To help them before they face the dealers, Nigel introduces them to resident valuation expert, who has been an auctioneer for nearly 30 years. Simon will provide the sellers with specialist information about the item’s history and an educated valuation. Armed with this knowledge, Nigel guides the seller through to the bidding room where they’ll face five eager dealers, ready to spend some money. The dealers have no idea who is going to walk in or what they’ll be selling but if it’s something they want they’ll have to bid against each other to secure the deal. The sellers will need to keep their heads and haggle hard if they want a bidding war to break out. Opening seller to take on the dealers is Kate with a quirky coat and hat stand. She reckons it will appeal to mid-century buyers Melissa and Moses. But they are not jumping at it – but they could be playing a game of double bluff. So can Kate force them – or any of the other dealers – to buy her quirky piece. Second through the doors is Dave with a classic train set. He’s hoping that toy lover Adi will be the one to snap it up. So is he on track to seal a good deal? Third up is Kate with an unusual char that has a hidden use; will the dealers work it out and will that leave Kate sitting on a good deal? Next to take on the dealers is Mark with a slice of maritime history; Simon has worked out what it’s for. But will the dealers and, if they do, will Mark sail off with the price he’s after? Last in is Mauricio who is hoping to sell one of the heaviest items seen in the Bidding Room –a set of cast iron floor grates. The dealers in today are Adi, JB, Lucy, Melissa, Moses, James, Estelle, Tash and Ian. So will any of them buy? And if they do, will any of them match –or even top –the valuation placed on each of the items?

Episode 13

Today in the Bidding Room – set deep in the Yorkshire countryside - Nigel Havers welcomes 5 people with intriguing pieces they’d like to sell. To help them before they face the dealers, Nigel introduces them to resident valuation expert, Simon, who has been an auctioneer for nearly 30 years. Simon will provide the sellers with specialist information about the item’s history and an educated valuation. Armed with this knowledge, Nigel guides the seller through to the bidding room where they’ll face five eager dealers,ready to spend some money. The dealers have no idea who is going to walk in or what they’ll be selling but if it’s something they want they’ll have to bid against each other to secure the deal. The sellers will need to keep their heads and haggle hard if they want a bidding war to break out. Opening proceedings today is Sean with a very quirky and very orange item. Although it is truly bizarre he’s hoping it will make our buyers smile – and reach for their wallets. Next in is Keeley with a plate she bought for just £5 at a car boot. With a link to a famous name in the world of ceramics, she reckons she bagged a bargain and can sell for a tidy profit. So will the dealers agree? Third up today is David with an enormous light from an old operating theatre that he bought from an online auction. The dealers are bamboozled at first. So will any of them see its potential and can David pull off a good deal? Fourth of our would - be sellers is Nasiba with a box that is a real puzzle. Will any of our dealers be able to work out how it works -andwhatis inside? Lastin is Naveed with a tiny and rather mysterious piece of Chinese silver. Can anyone in the Bidding Room shed any light –and if so, will the dealers decide to bid on it? The dealers in today are Adi, JB, Moses, Melissa, Lucy, James, Estelle, Tashand Ian. So will any of them buy? And if they do, will any of them match – or even top – the valuation placed on each of the items?

Episode 14

Nigel Havers welcomes five more sellers, all with very different items, but all united in their hope of sealing a sale at the best possible price when they take on our five top dealers. Before entering the bidding room, each seller meets Nigel and auctioneer Simon to get a value for their items. Simon will also give them top tips on the history and key characteristics of their piece so that when they face the bidders they are ready to haggle for a good price. All the dealers are spending their own money but have no idea what the sellers are bringing in each day. If they like an item, then they will bid against one another to try to buy it. The more dealers who bid, the more chance the seller has to push up the final price tag. But the sellers do not have to sell, if they don’t think the dealers are offering enough money; especially if the bids don’t reach expert Simon’s valuation. First into the Bidding Room today is Amy with two very decorative perfume bottles shehopes will entice the dealers to spend. Next to face the dealers is Emma with an old tin box that has a clever feature. Both decorative and surprising, she’s hoping it will have the dealers reaching for their cash. Third in today is Eugene from Bolton with two show stopping pieces of African art. Solid bronze and intricate, he’s convinced they will wow the dealers. Penultimate would-be seller is Philip who has picked up three interesting pieces of pottery at auction. Both rare and beautiful, can he reach his dream deal? Last in is Colin with a very curious light fitting that he found in his loft. Bothold and unique can he start a bidding war?The dealers in today areAdi, Ian, James, Jane and Tash. So will any of them buy? And if they do, will any of them match –or even top –the valuation placed on each of the items?

  • Monday 18th January, 4:30pm
    Tuesday 19th January, 4:30pm
    Thursday 21st January, 4:30pm
    Friday 22nd January, 4:30pm

  • BBC One

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Secrets of the Royal Palaces

Windsor Castle is a fortress, built over 900 years ago to house an army as well as the court.  Edward III, obsessed with tales of Camelot, guided the reconstruction.  Building works were made difficult in the wake of the bubonic plague, which had wiped out a third of the population, but the result is a building of mythic strength. 
In 2017 Princes William and Harry commissioned a statue of Princess Diana from sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley.  We revisit some of the less-than-flattering Diana statues already in existence.  ‘She’s a very hard person to capture, she was so vivid’ is the assessment of Wesley Kerr.  
January 2019: Harry and Meghan made the shock announcement that they were leaving the royal family.  In an effort to bring about unity, the Queen summoned her son and grandsons to the Sandringham Summit. The world’s press gathered outside. But what really happened behind closed doors?  We hear from those present how the meeting progressed.
Queen Marys Dolls’ House is one of the most popular exhibits at Windsor.  It was a gift from the King’s cousin and it is palatial.   Standing five feet tall, it contains more than 20 rooms.  1500 craftsmen and women copied furniture, paintings and even the crown jewels at 1:12 scale.  There’s a wine cellar with bottles full of real vintage Champagne, fully-equipped kitchens and a whole library of books including a complete Shakespeare and the Bible. 
A deadly virus causes the Queen to isolate at Windsor:  the year is 1563 and the bubonic plague has swept through Europe.  Kate Williams describes the gallows at the gate – because for any Londoner foolish enough to try to enter the castle grounds, the punishment is death.  
In the autumn of 1861, Prince Albert was diagnosed with typhoid and died a few days later, aged just 42.  Queen Victoria was so distraught that she could not attend his funeral but she commissioned a lavish memorial, despite his instructions to the contrary, with a gilded statue of her prince at its centre.  Present day cost: £10 million.  
Secrets old and new, from the darkest history of the royal residences to modern day dilemmas and disasters – it’s all here in Secrets of the Royal Palaces.

  • Saturday 16th January, 8:30pm

  • Channel 5

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Chatsworth House: A Great British Year

It’s high summer and life across the house and estate gets back to (the new) normal. The super dry spring means there is now a water shortage, but head gardener Steve is on hand to unleash a Victorian irrigation system to recharge lakes and fountains, as well as man the pumps for Chatsworth’s very own fire brigade. Riverkeeper Matt has a water-borne invasion of American Signal Crayfish to deal with and the greenhouses are also under attack, as the Duke’s precious Muscat grapes are devastated by a mob of blackbirds. And, that’s not all: Ash Dieback is killing trees, with 600 diseased ash cut down across Chatsworth this year alone. 
In the house, the Violin Door, an early eighteenth century trompe l’oeil (a trick of the eye) returns from loan to the Tate. It’s down to Collections Technician Dorothy to make sure one of Chatsworth’s best-loved and irreplaceable artefacts is manhandled safely from the back of a lorry up the grand staircase and rehung millimeter-perfect. All before the visitors arrive for the day…
Meanwhile, the cricket club finally emerges from hibernation. Captain Billy rallies his team to repair the 120-year-old thatched pavilion from winter flood damage – but will the boys be able to repair the pitch in time to play a local derby grudge match?

  • Tuesday 19th January, 9pm

  • More 4

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South Africa with Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace is in South Africa exploring its stunning landscapes, majestic wildlife and of course its food glorious food. Along the wild coast, on safari, through vast savannahs and into the cities Gregg discovers the flavours this diverse country has to offer; from the winelands around Cape Town to an Afrikaans braai in the Kalahari desert at sunset, Soweto’s street food stalls selling fat cakes, and traditional hearty dishes like bobotie. Gregg also discovers South Africa's famous wildlife - coming face to face with sharks and helping care for wild leopards and African penguins and immerses in the country's rich culture and tradition, new and old, as he journeys east to west to get a taste of the real South Africa.
Augrabies Falls 
South Africa with Gregg Wallace: Gregg flies into Upington the gateway to the Kalahari and follows the Orange River to the spectacular Augrabies Falls.  Paddling down river, Gregg overnights at Khamkhirri Lodge and has a traditional Afrikaans braai (or barbecue). He then heads into the heart of the desert where he faces a tough taste challenge and is surprised by a secret spring.

  • Tuesday 19th January, 7:30pm

  • ITV

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Bargain Brits on Benefits

Everyone loves a bargain….But for some of us, coping with a super-tight budget is more than a nuisance - it’s a way of life.
Meet the Bargain Brits on Benefits whose clever ideas and savvy schemes save them a small fortune - and make mugs of the rest of us paying full price. These are the canny claimants making their cash work for them, bagging the biggest bargains... While the rest of us pay through the nose...
Life with little money, doesn’t always mean a life with no fun. In this energetic, characterful series we meet the savvy brits who are making their benefits go further. With inventive ways of saving money these bargain loving families and inventive individuals know how to get more …. for less. 
From £9.50 caravan holidays, to bargain shoppers with an eye for a great deal, we’ll be invited into the bustling kitchens making meals for a quid, be shown how to give council homes a makeover on a super tight budget and how you really can feed a family of four well on £40 a week – if you know your supermarket coupon blags. There will be nights on the town for a fiver, and big celebrations pulled out of the bag for less than £100.
Being on benefits doesn’t stop you throwing a party, having a huge wedding, or going away on family trip, it’s all about knowing the tricks. Across the episodes we reveal just how they manage to do all this, whilst on the tightest budget, celebrating the crazy creativity and inspiring resourcefulness that the rest of us aren’t clever enough to work out . 
 These are the Brits who are not just surviving the system, but making it work for them. You’ll be inspired by their inventiveness, wonder at their creativity, and be touched by their selflessness. And in their super saving savvy lives the Bargain Brits on Benefits show how it is really possible to live well for less.

  • Monday 18th January, 9pm

  • 5 Star

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