Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson

Interior designer Sophie Robinson shows us how to have a stylish home, providing inspiration, ideas for all budgets, tips and tricks, and do’s and don’ts. She encourages everyone to be brave and to give our homes style and personality that will make them the envy of our neighbours. Each programme, Sophie tackles two different interiors, helping homeowners struggling with design doubts and dilemmas decide how to spend their money. Then, together, they make dramatic transformations. From colour blocking to minimalism, from maximalism to all-black interiors, and from bold to neutral colour schemes, this series is about how every house can be a stylish home. 


Sophie Robinson faces the challenge of transforming a huge living space in a converted schoolhouse in Nottinghamshire for a couple with very different his ‘n’ hers ideas, and a grand Georgian house in Middlesex for a couple who haven’t decorated their living room and entrance hallway since they moved in 13 years ago.


Kirstie and Martin bought a converted school as their forever home five years ago, but they don’t know how to decorate the huge old assembly hall. Kirstie wants to make the large space feel cosy and sociable for friends and family, with sofas and a dining table, but Martin wants his 85-inch TV in there and a full-size snooker table. 


Sophie wants them to paint all the walls and ceiling black to make the space feel smaller, and to persuade Martin that his snooker table won’t double up as a dining table and to forego his big leather recliner for TV viewing. But 

will they be brave enough to go all black? And can Sophie find a way to combine sofas and a snooker table without it looking like a pub interior? 


Arabella and Mark bought their dream Georgian house 13 years ago, but the living room and the entrance hallway are both unused. The couple want a style that reflects their creative and individual personalities, and that enhances the elegance of the property. Arabella is an avid collector of furniture, paintings, and accessories including stuffed animals. 


Can Sophie find a style that is individual, quirky and classically elegant? And can she persuade Arabella not to fill it with stuff when it’s done? 


Sophie brings 20 years interior design experience to the table, and gives viewers her top tips for all-black interiors, advice on decorating hallways, and her guide to mid- 20th century furniture. Plus how to age a mirror and hang your pictures. 

  • Wednesday 19th January, 7pm

  • Channel 5

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The Repair Shop

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.


First through the workshop doors is Minty Barlow, with a miniature replica house. It had been part of a model village tourist attraction in her home town of Cleethorpes. Her parents saved it when the attraction closed down in the 1970s and re-sited it in their garden. There they created a magical world of fantasy and fairies for Minty and her brother. Young Minty was captivated by the fairy house and would love her daughter to see it in its original, charming condition. She feels having it restored would be a lovely testament to her late parents and the wonderful memories they gave her.


Ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsay and woodwork expert Will Kirk are delighted to join forces for this one of a kind project. The house needs total renovation if it’s to be fit for fairies again and the pair put their all into it. 


Next to arrive is Luigi Ciaburri, with a vintage Bakelite radio, that has been mute for over 50 years. He’s hoping electronics guru Mark Stuckey can spark it back to life. The treasured radio was passed down to Luigi by his Italian father, who emigrated with his wife to Wales to begin a new life and raise their family. It holds huge significance for Luigi, as his family would sit together and listen to it for hours. It helped them all to integrate into life in UK and to learn English. Mark must dismantle the entire workings and recondition or replace each component to get this silent relic up and running again.


Master of all things metal, Dom Chinea, takes receipt of a fairground game that promises to ‘test your strength.’  The cast iron contraption belongs to Marie Heemsom and brought her late husband such pleasure. He salvaged and lovingly restored it many decades ago but it’s now on his knees and will certainly test Dom’s know how, if he is to get it back in full working order. 


And paper conservator expert Louise Drover, is pleased to meet Jaishmin Shah and behold her beautiful Indian painting, that represents an important piece of her family’s heritage. Jaishmin and her family fled Uganda, due to political unrest, in the 70s and this painting was one of the few possessions they could take with them. The depiction of an Indian deity was cherished by her late mother but it is now cracked and faded. Louise has her work cut out to repair and revitalise the piece.

  • Wednesday 19th January, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 3 of 4


Ant & Dec's Limitless Win

Ant & Dec host the quiz that gives contestants a chance to win the biggest cash prize in British TV history.

Zee and his dad, Tony, return to take on the Limitless money ladder - but how high will they dare to climb?

  • Saturday 15th January, 8:30pm

  • ITV

  • 2 of 5


I Literally Just Told You

Jimmy Carr presents a brand new gameshow with a unique twist. To win a cash prize of up to £25,000, four contestants have to answer questions that have been written LIVE as the show is being filmed, written by a team including The Sky At Night's Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock. 


Testing the contestants memory, these questions can be about absolutely anything that happens during the show, from a celebrity cameo to an off the cuff joke or even something one of the contestants has shared about themselves. To win the money they must use their general knowledge skills to bank cash before using their powers of recall to beat their opponents in the memory rounds. 


In the nerve-wracking final showdown, the two players left standing go head-to-head answering questions they have chosen for their opponents about what's just happened in the show. Whoever remembers the most takes the jackpot home!   

  • Wednesday 19th January, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 6 of 6


Dragons' Den

The Den’s youngest-ever Dragon Steven Bartlett continues to lock horns with familiar faces Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman and Sara Davies.  


Tonight a duo offering activity packed weekend breaks for adults turn one of the Dragons into an unhappy camper, vegan handbags with an x rated twist raise eyebrows in the Den, the creators of a new home delivery app for shoppers strive to bag a deal and the Lancashire couple behind a range of homemade soups and stews warm hearts as well as stomachs.

  • Thursday 20th January, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 3 of 14


Trucking Hell

Rookie Recovery Op Joe has a challenge on his hands when a delivery van slides off the road, ending up precariously balanced on the verge between a farm track and a muddy field. The van is leaning so far over that the slightest contact could cause it to topple. Joe needs to work out how to tow it out without causing a catastrophic collapse and quickly realises that he’s going to need help. After radioing base for back-up he discovers that it will be dark before reinforcements arrive, making an already tricky recovery even more difficult. Luckily for Joe, plan ‘B’ arrives in the shape of a local farmer and his ageing telescopic handler.

In Ruislip there’s a mammoth problem for Recovery Op Michael when a lorry carrying a cutter head for a tunnel-boring machine needs help climbing a steep hill. The load is so large that it requires Highways Agency support and a full police escort. Then things get tense when a car slips through the police cordon, causing the convoy to grind to a halt. It’s up to Michael to get the one-hundred-and-thirty-tonne truck moving, but it will mean pushing his much smaller, twenty-five-tonne wrecker to the limit.

One hundred miles north in Leicestershire, Recovery Op Lee faces a tricky test of his skills when a fully loaded tipper truck breaks down in a live lane of traffic. The lorry is too heavy to lift legally and somehow Lee needs to carry out the rescue without breaking the law. Luckily for Lee, his recovery truck comes equipped with a few surprises…

  • Thursday 20th January, 9pm

  • Paramount

  • 8 of 20


Deadliest Mums and Dads

This investigative series looks into criminal cases of murder perpetrated by some of Britain's most infamous parents, looking into what led them to kill, and if it could have been avoided.

  • Saturday 15th January, 10pm

  • Quest Red

  • 8 of 8


Shoplifters & Scammers: At War with the Law


Nightfall in London’s West End and undercover detectives Steve and Adam are on patrol when they get a call from a famous department store on Oxford Street; a gang of six young women are on a shoplifting spree. CCTV has captured the girls’ piling perfumes into their bags, acting fast Steve and Adam join forces with the store’s security manager and manage to apprehend 

four of them. It’s the biggest haul Steve has ever seen, well into the tens of thousands.

At Weston Favell in Northampton, the guards are dealing with a brazen suspected shoplifter, who’s already been banned from the centre.  He’s tried to slip in with his hood up, but the eagle-eyed guards spot him as soon as he enters and quickly move in to eject him. 


The pandemic wasn’t the only phenomenon that spread across the world recently, eCrime went wild - in just the first half of 2021, it cost the UK 1.3 billion pounds. Even before this latest crime spree, Trading Standards had set up an entire unit in North Yorkshire to help protect the public and assist the police in bringing cyber criminals to justice.  And it was this team who investigated one of the biggest cybercrimes this country has ever seen.



8.40pm on a quiet night in a local convenience store in Derbyshire and shop assistant Abbie has clocked on for the night shift. Little did Abbie know she was  about to undergo the most terrifying ordeal of her life. Two masked men stormed into the store, knocked her to the ground and cable tied her hands and wrists. Lying helpless, the thieves leapt over the counter, helped themselves to cash from the till, cigarettes and alcohol. Just minutes later they were gone. Abbie struggled to get to her feet, desperate to raise the alarm


Weston Favell Shopping Centre in Northampton is a popular shopping destination attracting 7million customers per year. Kitted out with 150 cameras the security team are on the constant look out for anyone that stands out. They’ve got their eye on a duo who have been repeatedly shoplifting using young children as decoys. They’ve managed to get away with it the past, but this time the guards are determined to catch them red handed.


In West Orchards, Coventry anyone caught stealing even the smallest of items is apprehended. Security guard Mark is in the holding room, dealing with a homeless man suspected of stealing a packet of crisps. Mark takes the man’s photo so it can be added to the gallery of known faces but as guard Mo escorts the man off the premises, he slips him some money for a hot meal. 



In the year before lockdown, nearly 1000 cases of shoplifting occurred every day and in London’s West End, fighting to keep those figures down is prolific crimes investigators Steve and Ed.  And today he’s hot on the heels of a criminal duo who have a tried and tested routine; as one enters the store to clear the shelves, the other waits outside ready to receive the stolen goods. But with Steve on their trail, they’re not going to get away with it this time. 


The security team at West Orchards in Coventry are always on the lookout for suspicious behaviour and a couple of teenagers have caught Lewis’s eye. They might be younger than the usual suspects, but ‘clocking around’ or checking out security and CCTV positions more than the goods on sale is a tell-tale sign and when a theft is confirmed Lewis strikes. 


And finally, at Weston Favell in Northampton, Cliff is alerted to a woman who’s onto her second store of what appears to be a shoplifting spree.  She paid for some items in her trolley and thought no-one would notice the rest. She was wrong. The centre’s guards, Connor and Lyndan apprehend the shoplifter.



London’s West End is a paradise for shoppers who relish the choice of around 600 shops, where they spend £24 million pounds a day. But not everyone wants to pay, and TM Eye undercover detectives Steve and Adam are on their way to question a man caught shoplifting in an exclusive store. As events unfold things go from bad to worse for the perpetrator when it becomes apparent that he’s already banned from the store, plus he’s carrying a foil lined bag, meaning he’s going equipped to steal - it’s all mounting up.


Around 3 million people work in retail and food outlets and whilst simply just doing their jobs and almost 90% of them have reported being verbally or physically abused. Despite being classed as essential keyworkers, the vulnerability of those working in retail was highlighted even more during the pandemic. Which is why in Scotland they decided to do something about it, when a bill protecting shopworkers was passed in January 2021. 


In Coventry’s West Orchards Shopping Centre, guard Lewis is having to deal with anti-social behaviour from a most unexpected source. A man in a mobility scooter is swearing at a woman and her young family and when Lewis intervenes, he almost runs him over in his bid to get away.

  • Tuesday 18th January
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    Thursday 20th January
    Friday 21st January

  • Channel 5

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