The Circle

Tonight there’s more drama, fun and games from the reality show where the players live in isolation in the same building, never meeting face to face while they are playing against each other. In this game of popularity they chat, flirt, play games and rate each other through a specially-designed social media platform called The Circle. When the name of the game is being popular and with a huge cash prize up for grabs, who would you be in The Circle?

Chase The Case

Chase the Case is the strategy gameshow that trades general knowledge for intelligence hosted by Dan Walker.  5 players begin the game with a case containing a secret amount of cash.  Players answer questions to win visits to a sound proof vault where they can see inside their opponents’ cases. 

In a fast-paced endgame, players attempt to steal each other’s cases via tense head-to-head challenges but only the player who gets over the finish line first will win what's inside their case.

  • Monday 1st - Friday 5th October, 2.15pm

  • BBC One

  • 11-15 of 20


Tattoo Fixers: Extreme

Tattoo Fixers: Extreme is back to banish the grisly and the gruesome for good. Sketch gives Andy a hand with his disastrous digit, Alice gives popstar Michelle Heaton something just a little special, Pash rids Carly of her cracking calamity and Uzzi works on Ian’s booby blunder. Elsewhere Sketch turns off Oneica’s terrible tap tatt for good and Connor gets a much needed cover up for his indecent inking.

Joel and Nish vs The World


Joel and Nish sign up to the Kodo drumming school on a remote island in Japan. Students wake up at dawn every morning to exercise, do chores and drum all day, which means the boys must too.

  • Monday 1st October, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

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Nazi Treasure Hunters

The Mystery of Rommel’s Gold

In 1943, the Nazis looted $50 million in gold from the Jewish community in Djerba, Tunisia. The team tracks the loot to a dive site off Corsica, a pawnshop in Germany to the family of an escaped Nazi in South America.

It’s a story so captivating, even James Bond-creator Ian Fleming wrote about it. In 1943, the Nazis stole a huge cache of gold, currency and other valuables from the Jewish community of Tunisia and then the treasure disappeared. Fleming was a real-life WWII British intelligence officer and based some of his stories on actual events. The team travels to North Africa, Corsica, Germany, and South America to separate fact from fiction and follow the trail of the missing loot.

In Tunisia, James Holland tracks down the survivors of an ancient Jewish community and learns the shocking truth behind the legend. The real thief was not treasure-namesake General Erwin Rommel, but the more sinister Walter Rauff, a Nazi SS Colonel sent to North Africa to rob the Jews and bring the Holocaust to the region.

After Tunisia, Rauff went to the French island of Corsica, which is where Investigator Conor Woodman picks up the trail. He teams up with local historian Terry Hodgkinson, and using declassified French and American intelligence reports they identify and search a target zone off the coast where some believe the treasure was buried at sea. 

Meanwhile, Robert Edsel leads the investigation into Walter Rauff himself, learning the shadowy Nazi was responsible for murdering 100,000 Jews and may have used stolen loot to finance his post-war escape to South America, where he died peacefully in 1984, never having faced justice. Our story reaches its climax with the team tracking down Rauff’s grandson, living in Chile today.

  • Monday 1st October, 9pm

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Casualty 24/7

In tonight’s episode, patient numbers are through the roof and the team are facing the busiest day in Barnsley Casualty’s history. Lead Nurse Zoe Pearce is tasked with managing the beds to make them available for Barnsley’s most poorly people. As waiting times creeps up to see a doctor, so does the pressure on the team, and paramedics are forced to stay with new patients that arrive as they wait for beds to become free.

With a high demand on beds, Consultant Doctor Jane Acty takes the lead in the resuscitation unit – reserved for the most critical patients. First to be seen is 10-year-old Oliver who suffers from the rare condition Angelmans Syndrome, and is fitting. The team use all their skills to reassure his parents and stabilise Oliver so that he can be stabilised.

To keep the team going through this incredibly pressured shift is the self-named Emergency Clown Sister Janes Hawksworth. She talks the younger nurses under her wings and boost moral with a dose of laughter. Also taking on extra duties today is Volunteer Jane Allen. With 17 years’ experience under her belt she mucks in with a lot more that tea!

Even when faced with victims of a high speed road traffic collision, shortness of breath and serious falls – the team of Barnsley Casualty are always ready to treat whatever comes through the door – 24/7.

The Ultimate Matchmaker

In this episode, Lara and her team have the task of finding the perfect partner for ex-professional rugby player Adam.  After meeting potential matches at a polo event, Lara arranges for Adam and his chosen girl to go on a luxury date in a safari park.   Will love blossom in the wild, with the help of herds of zebra, wildebeest, and one very affectionate giraffe?   Meanwhile, there’s tension in the office between two of Lara’s matchmakers, Tod and Coralie.  The pair have been enjoying an on-off flirtation for weeks, and the rest of Lara’s team decide it’s finally time to bring matters to a head.

Impossible Builds

This episode follows a visionary couple battling the elements to construct their dream home from a kit of parts on the rugged moonscape of the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides.
John Henry and Ruth Hamilton fell in love with the rugged and isolated wilderness of the Isle of Harris while on holiday in the Outer Hebrides. They have decided to take the plunge and move to their dream destination, but have been unable to find a suitable house for sale. However during their search, they chanced upon a stunning plot for sale with panoramic views along the timeless coastline. But building a traditional bricks and mortar house on this remote island, infamous for its gale-force winds, would be a Herculean - and very expensive - challenge.
Luckily, the couple found an innovative construction company on the neighbouring island of Skye, who specialise in pioneering kit houses. The team fabricate the home in a factory, before shipping it to the plot on a lorry, and - hopefully - putting everything together in a matter of just hours. But with a craggy, rock solid site to flatten, only one ferry a day to the isle, and a storm blowing in from the Atlantic, will this prove an impossible build?

  • Thursday 4th October, 9pm

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Walking Britain's Lost Railways


Rob’s journey through Dartmoor from Plymouth to Exeter begins in unlikely surrounds: in the garage of model railway enthusiast Bruce Hunt. Bruce has meticulously recreated the beginning of this line in miniature, including a model of Rob himself, and explains how to trace the now lost line through the dense overgrowth which has emerged since its closure.

The track presents significant challenges and Rob is forced to hack his way through to Tavistock and its spectacular viaduct. Sampling the famous flavour of the local Rabbit Pie gives Rob the sustenance needed to continue on to Lydford, where he follows the branch line to Launceston for dessert.  At the Ambrosia rice pudding factory he learns that the lost line was run specifically to transport millions of gallons of the now popular tinned treat to the rest of the country, and so was largely responsible for the success of the business.

As his trek continues Rob takes in the sight of the White Lady Waterfall down a steep gorge, a path followed by thousands thanks to the proximity of Lydford Station. Finally able to dispense with his makeshift machete Rob joins the Granite Way which has now become a much loved cycle route. At Meldon Quarry Rob is shown the rock which provides millions of tonnes of ballast: the sturdy foundation for the railway tracks up and down the entire country. 

Never one to shy from an adventure, Rob dons a harness and launches himself backwards off the spectacular Meldon Viaduct to complete an abseil inspection of the thousands of rivets and girders that make up the remarkable iron bridge.

At Rowtor Target Railway, Rob takes aim at the specially constructed armour plated train used to train troops before marching into battle.

Taking the heritage line for a trip down memory lane, Rob arrives in Okehampton before linking on to Exeter, making the point as he does so that this service exists now thanks to local campaigners and despite Dr Beeching’s unpopular cuts: small victory on behalf of lost lines and the communities they used to serve up and down the land.

  • Friday 5th October

  • Channel 5

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