Travels in Euroland with Ed Balls

Ed Balls heads to Holland and Spain to share the lives of populist voters who feel their identity is under threat. He works a shift on a North Sea trawler and goes on patrol with a local border force.

This is Our Family

10 year-old Lily knows how Mum Mary-Jane and Dad David got together. It was love at first sight. David was the singer in a band and Mary-Jane a face in the crowd. They fell in love and promised each other they’d never be ordinary. Marriage followed by pregnancy, so far so normal. Mary-Jane was worried about how life would change. Would they lose the passion, miss their freedom? Eldest daughter Annie May was born in 2004 but gradually they realized she wasn’t ‘normal’. In fact, she has an undiagnosed neurological condition and complex epilepsy. Now every day is spent on the edge of an emergency. Theirs is a daily struggle to keep Annie-May alive, helped by the normality of raising younger sister Lily, but also not without challenges. The film tells the story of a feisty, frank and upbeat family. But the pressures are huge, the tension sometimes too much to bear, especially when Annie-May’s condition worsens and the entire fabric of the family is stretched to breaking point.

Filmed over three years, the film follows the Hoyles as they make difficult medical decisions for Annie-May and charts Lily’s journey from the calm of primary school to the threshold of teen life.

  • Tuesday 21st January, 10pm

  • Sky Atlantic

  • 2 of 4


How to Lose Weight Well

On HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT WELL Dr Xand van Tulleken and Dr. Helen Lawal ask members of the public to road test the most hyped-up and written about diets on the market today. Dieters are divided into three categories; CRASHERS on short term diets, SHAPE SHIFTERS on six week programmes and LIFE CHANGERS on bespoke three or four month dieting plans, especially designed by Xand and Helen. Café cook Stacie Stewart helps turn the diets into delicious dishes.

In this episode, the CRASHERS are married couple STEVEN and EAMONN who have only 8 days to lose weight for their holiday. Steven is on the Russian Airforce Diet while Eamonn is on the equally restrictive Israeli Army Diet. How will they get on with their military meals?

This week’s SHAPESHIFTERS are party pals Valetta and Paulette who want to slim down for a friend’s wedding in six weeks time. Former bodybuilder Valetta substitutes meat for fish on the Pescetarian Diet while Paulette goes on a meat-fest with the Barbecue Diet that claims to increase energy and reduce insulin resistance… Do they both have the will power they need to stick to their diets?

The LIFE CHANGERS are drinking buddies Sian and Keighlee who want to lose weight ahead of a girls’ holiday in four months. For student midwife Sian, Xand has designed the “Midwife’s Diet” that focuses on low GI foods which release energy slowly over a long shift. For rugby-playing sports coach, Keighlee, Helen has designed the “Athlete’s Diet” which involves an intensive exercise regime as well as upping her intake of protein and whole grains.  But will the girls be able to banish the booze and will Xand or Helen’s diet plan triumph this week?

Xand and Helen also investigate some of the more extreme dieting methods out there. On this show Xand investigates whether our hormones can make us fat and whether hormone injections could be the miracle flab jab we’ve all been waiting for?

Helen discovers if it is possible to sit down and still burn calories and whether even knitting can lead to weight loss? And can a VR game really burn more calories than going for a walk?

  • Monday 20th January, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 3 of 4


Naked Attraction

First into studio is 25 year old estate agent Hollie-Anna from Margate.  She might be hot property but doesn’t have the time to window shop so she wants Naked Attraction to unlock the door to a long-term relationship.

Next is 29 year old Jaison from Norwich. He’s a trans man who feels like he’s exhausted his local dating pool.  Jaison really wants a deeper connection and is hoping someone in the pods will want to dive right in.

  • Thursday 23rd January, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 3 of 5


Tattoo Fixers: Extreme

This week on Tattoo Fixers: Extreme, Sketch works on Andy to cover a massive mistake that’s had him banned from barbeques, Alice satisfies Georgia’s hunger for a tattoo to cover her embarrassing snack food and Pash and Uzzi team up to help Joe with his giant sleazy slogan, that came from an overly intimate night with his pals. Elsewhere, Alice washes away Sam’s delicate tat, Sketch releases Hollie from a terrible tribute and Pash creates a new design for Debbie, who beat the odds to survive a horrific car crash.

  • Wednesday 22nd January, 9pm

  • E4

  • 12 of 13


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