week 41

Body Fixers

It’s the final week in the pop-up clinic, Dr Esho has a visit from ex Love Islander, Malin, who is in desperate need of his help to get rid of her oversized pout. Dentist Dr Nina bonds with barista Matteo who’s got a large gap in his teeth and his love life, and April teaches him how to achieve the perfect complexion while giving him some much needed dating advice. Rachel comes in struggling to express her femininity so Alex and Daniel join forces to help give her the woman’s touch. After open heart surgery Kelly’s been left with an extreme scar and zero confidence so Daniel, April and Alex team up to help get her looking and feeling better than ever. Politician Josh has Danny on the campaign trail to get his unruly mane under control and Chandler calls on the fixers to help revamp her image and kick start her singing career.

Helicopter ER

The team race the clock after a 12-year-old boy plunges 30ft from a bridge, a walker collapses with hypothermia high in the Dales and a boy walking home from school is run over by a stretched limo.

  • Monday 9th October, 9pm

  • Really

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Joel & Nish vs the World

Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains are home to the legendary long-distance running tribe called the Tarahumara. This shy and humble tribe host Joel Dommett and Nish Kumar, as the pair of comedians see whether Joel’s paid-for fitness regime helps him measure up against a tribe who have daily life and mother nature as a personal trainer. Nish digs into the local culture to see if there are any traditional remedies to help Joel through an extreme marathon, while Joel’s fitness is pushed to the absolute limit. 

  • Monday 9th October, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

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