**NEW** Club Rep Wars

A brand new series that enters the sizzling world of summer jobs in the sun. Club Rep Wars follows two teams of wannabe club reps competing to win the chance to work a season in the Greek party paradise of Zante. The Pink and the Blue teams fiercely contest each other at a series of fun-packed events to prove who can triumph at running the best sun soaked parties.  

Each week, whilst attempting to impress boss BJ and entertaining boozy Brits abroad, the teams need to win over a new wannabe club rep and persuade them to join their team. The strongest team at the end of the competition will avoid being sent back to Blighty and win their dream jobs.

Sizzling temperatures, pool parties, hot bodies and even harder graft, the series will follow all of the action on the strip – from new friendships, fleeting romances, fierce fall outs and competition sabotage!

This week, 19 year old supermarket worker Leon arrives in Zante to work with both teams. The Pinks have a full on drama at a full moon party, and things get hedonistic for the Blues at a foam party. After working with both teams, it’s down to Leon to choose which team to choose.

**NEW** How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

TV couple Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford are on a mission to cure their sleeping disorders. Eamonn exists on as little as 4 hours a night and Ruth snores. With more than a third of Brits now suffering with sleep related problems, the couple help some of the nation’s worst sleepers (including a lady whose snoring is as loud as a low flying aircraft) on finding a cure. From buying a new bed to working with sleep gurus and trying out state of the art sleeping aids they’ll leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a greats nights kip.

Episode 1

Like two thirds of the UK population, Eamonn Holmes and his wife Ruth Langsford have sleeping problems. Eamonn usually survives on 4 hours or less a night and Ruth snores. In this episode they both begin their journey to find a cure. For many couples it’s the bed that’s often blamed for sleeping problems so they head off to one of London’s top bed shops where they road test beds worth over twenty grand to see whether you get what you pay for. Then its time to get serious. Both of them decide to buddy up with two of Britain’s worst sleepers. Ruth joins forces with Jenny whose snoring sends husband Colin to the spare room every night. Ruth brings in a sound engineer to record Jenny’s snoring and discovers that its as loud as a low flying aircraft! She and Jenny vow to find a solution and start out by trying a “snoring workout” in a local gym. They then road test a variety of snoring “aids” under the watchful eye of their husbands. Meanwhile Eamonn meets insomniac Sam Hunter and together they try out a sleep programme that focuses on establishing a set bedtime routine. It works for Sam but Eamonn is left as sleepless as ever. At the end of the programme, Ruth is delighted to be snore free but Eamonn’s mission continues.

  • Wednesday 17th October, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 2


**NEW** In My Skin

In My Skin is a darkly comic, coming of age story which follows the double life led by 16 year old Bethan Gwyndaf. To her school friends, she portrays herself as an ordinary, cocky teen, full of confidence in herself. The reality, however, is a different story.

Set in Cardiff, it shows Bethan dealing with a troubled life at home that sees her bi-polar mother Katrina - played by Jo Hartley (This Is England) - sectioned by the crisis team at a psychiatric hospital. Her alcoholic father – played by Rhodri Meilir (Hidden/My Family) – displays a lack of compassion to the situation, and Bethan fights hard to hide the truth of the life she really leads from her best friends, Travis and Lydia, and her teachers.

There’s heartache, laughs, and shame as Bethan handles the complexities of going through puberty, and of everyday school life. The respect of her peers and of her teacher Ms Morgan for her writing is something Bethan secretly desires. Can she break out of her shell and use some of the heartache and pain to accomplish that?

Joel and Nish vs The World


Comedians Joel Dommett and Nish Kumar go up against the rock lifters of Tahiti in a strongman competition, where the events include a fruit race and a dance off.

  • Monday 15th October, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

  • 4 of 6


Nazi Treasure Hunters

In June 1940 the Nazis captured Paris, one of the wealthiest cities in the world and the epicenter of European art and culture. This episode explores the story of how the Nazis systematically looted the entire city over four years of occupation.

The team focuses its investigation on the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (E.R.R.), a special task force headed by Nazi “philosopher” Alfred Rosenberg. The ERR set up at the Louvre and the Jeu de Paume where priceless works of art stolen from all over France were sorted and collected for Goering and Hitler.

In Washington, Robert Edsel gains access to secret ERR albums captured by the Americans at the end of the war, which leads him to Paris and the discovery of a shadowy art agent who worked for Goering and whose trail may lead the team to still missing treasure.

In Paris, James Holland investigates a lesser-known but equally rapacious offshoot of the ERR known as M-Aktion, which was responsible for the wholesale stripping of nearly 70,000 Jewish apartments. Working with the Gestapo and French collaborators, M-Aktion thieves stole everything from children’s toys to household linens, and musical instruments to furniture. The intended purpose: to furnish the homes of German colonists who would occupy homes of evicted Poles in Eastern Europe. Conor Woodman meets with Elizabeth Hahn whose family apartment was emptied out by the Nazis, and hopes to recover anything that links her to her family’s past.

In Berlin, Conor Woodman picks up the trail of missing M-Aktion loot by gaining access to a never-before-filmed government warehouse where thousands of objects linked to the Nazi-era can still be found today, including Hitler’s desk and Goering’s carpet collection. It’s also where the German government keeps looted objects of unknown origin. Could items belonging to the Hahns have ended up here?

  • Monday 15th October, 9pm

  • More4

  • 6 of 8


Rich Kids Go Skint

Sacha is a 21 year old rich kid with a handbag collection worth over £30,000 and an obsession with expensive, fast cars. She uses her parents’ 6-bedroom house in Chiswick as her base. But Sacha is rarely at home due to her round-the-clock swanky social life.

She’s spending time with single mum Juanita in Orpington. How will cash-broke Juanita react to Sacha’s £4000 outfit compared to her own that costs £40? Can Sacha leave her fast and fabulous life behind to experience a more basic life on the breadline?

In this episode, Sacha must upcycle junk to try and turn a profit at a car boot sale. She takes the breadline bull by the horns when she has to liven up a pizza lunch with some leftovers in the fridge. And tries her hand at cooking dinner for Juanita and her 3 kids.

In an attempt at proving the importance of independence from one’s parents, Juanita takes rich kid Sacha to a graveyard. It’s a hugely emotional moment as Juanita explains how crucial her father, and her father’s money, had been in her life before is passing. It’s a chance for Sacha to understand the value of family, as well as money.

The pair bond over a shared appreciation of pampering when Sacha paints Juanita’s nails in her favourite flashy nail polish. And there’s tears and fears a-plenty throughout the episode, but will Sacha buckle up and embrace life in Orpington?

Magic Numbers: Hannah Fry's Wonderful World of Maths

In this new series, mathematician Dr Hannah Fry explores the mystery of maths. It underpins so much of our modern world that it’s hard to imagine life without its technological advances but where exactly does maths come from? Is it invented like a language or is it something discovered, part of the fabric of the universe. As we increasingly come to rely on maths this question becomes more important to answer.

In this episode, Hannah travels down the fastest zip wire in the world to learn more about Newton’s ideas of gravity. His discoveries revealed the movement of the planets was regular and predictable. James Clerk Maxwell unified the ideas of electricity and magnetism and explained what light was. As if that wasn’t enough he also predicted the existence of radio waves. His tools of the trade were nothing more than pure mathematics. All strong evidence for maths being discovered.

But in the 19th century, maths is turned on its head when new types of geometry are invented. No longer is the kind of geometry we learned in school the final say on the subject. If maths is more like a game, albeit a complicated one, where can change the rules, surely this points to maths being something we invent. A product of the human mind.

To try and answer this question, Hannah travels to Halle in Germany on the trail of perhaps one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century Georg Cantor. He showed that infinity, far from being infinitely big actually comes in different sizes, some bigger than others. This increasingly weird world is feeling more and more like something we’ve invented. But if that’s the case, why is maths so uncannily good at predicting the world around us. Invented or discovered, this question just got a lot harder or harder.

Medium Synopsis

Hannah travels down the fastest zip wire in the world to learn more about Newton’s ideas of gravity and discusses why maths is so good at predicting the world around us.

Short Synopsis

In this new series, mathematician Dr Hannah Fry explores the mystery of maths. Is it invented like a language or is it something discovered and part of the fabric of the universe.

  • Wednesday 17th October, 9pm

  • BBC Four

  • 2 of 3


Prison Life: Raw and Real

With more shocking mobile phone footage, and heartbreakingly honest interviews with ex-prisoners and wardens, the second episode of Prison Life: Raw and Real delves into the unforgiving and violent world of UK jails. 

Hear and see first-hand how, due to severe cuts, the dangerously small amount of officers guarding the wings, means prisoners are left alone for hours on end. Stories of officers getting dragged into cells and tortured for hours, together with video footage of wardens unable to keep control leading to full-scale riots, beg the question: who is really in charge?

In this episode, ex-offenders talk about the hierarchical structure of prisons and how the crime that they committed in the outside world goes on to dictate how they are treated when inside. And it's revealed how important it is to state your crime to others in order to avoid being classed as the lowest of low - the sex offender.

Via illegally-shot mobile phone footage, broadcast on social media, viewers will witness how some inmates become the victim of severe and unrelenting bullying. Stories of self-harm are recounted, and ex-wardens reveal to our cameras how the trauma of witnessing blood and gore daily takes its toll on their later lives. One warden can't help but break down as she recounts the time she was confronted by her very worst fear. 

But we'll learn how, for the clever few, this treacherous form of living can encourage a better life as viewers are shown what can be done behind bars that allows some inmates to escape the criminal world, and prison, forever.

  • Wednesday 17th October, 10pm

  • 5STAR

  • 2 of 2


Walking Britain's Lost Railways

Somerset and Dorset

The story of the Somerset and Dorset line is one of investors, certain of the wealth they would generate, overcoming tremendous difficulties to build the line, only to find the landscape too punishing to avoid financial ruin.

Commencing his journey on the beach at Burnham-on-Sea, Rob makes his was along the Somerset and Dorset lost line considering the short stretch of new track needed to connect this now bustling sea-side destination to the main line. In time it transformed the fortunes of the town before its closure in the 1960’s, a loss felt keenly by local historian John Strickland.

Further along the line Rob discovers why the boggy Somerset Levels presented such a challenge to lay track upon and the tremendous expense involved becomes clear.

Following the line into Glastonbury, Rob is joined by the aptly named Tor to explore the legend of King Arthur at the ancient Abbey and St Michael’s church atop the famous Tor. Taking in the spectacular views, Rob appreciates the reverence held by the millions who have travelled by rail on pilgrimages to visit this mystical site. 

The continued expense of building this line becomes clear to Rob as he treks into the unforgivingly rocky Mendip Hills. At Shepton Mallet and Ham Woods, Rob is staggered by the presence of several grand Viaducts constructed specifically for the old line, now serving only as dramatic backdrops for carefully manicured gardens or almost lost to nature altogether, hidden in dense, jungle-like surrounds.

Heading into Midsomer Norton Rob is thrilled to try his hand in a fully restored signal box. At the local church Rob feels the sting of losing a much loved transport link when he hears the choir singing an old Flanders and Swann song lamenting on Beeching’s scything cuts.

Heading into Bath through the final, most expensive and tragic part of the line, the hastily constructed Coombe Down Tunnel: Rob finally emerges into Bath, aware now why this now lost line bankrupted the investors who funded it.

  • Friday 19th October, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 5 of 6


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