The Wine Show


James Purefoy, Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys return for a third season of The Wine Show and this time there’s a new member of the team – Dominic West. He joins James at the season’s headquarters at Quinta do Noval in the stunning Douro Valley in Portugal. Matthew Goode and James Purefoy are on the Portuguese Road Trip adventure of a lifetime, starting in Lisbon where they discover the surprising culinary link between Portugal and India thanks to the Portuguese Age of the Discoveries. Matthew Rhys is taking Joe to lunch in New York, to pair wine with varied international cuisines which together represent NYC’s ethnic diversity.

At Jewish appetiser restaurant Russ & Daughters, they share board of smoked fish and breads.  Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer are challenged to create and lead a Wine Tour on the Island of Madeira with just one day to research and prep before their guests arrive. Do they sink or swim?


Matthew Goode & James Purefoy think they’ve got their second road trip challenge sorted when asked to find a wine that links Portugal and England. But there’s a surprise in store. Beginning with a privileged romp around Porto’s little secret - The British Factory House, their mission takes them high up into the Douro Valley to meet its next generation of winemakers. In New York, it’s tacos in a truck, as Matthew Rhys and Joe Fattorini lunch with some Mexican wine at Zona Rosa.

Dominic West joins James at the HQ to taste the wines brought back by Joe Fattorini who has set out to explore the age-old question “Is wine good for you?”

To find the answer he’s going to Hungary, a country rich with stories about the health-giving properties of its wines. His explorations take him from beauty cream to body building. But do the wines have any effect?


In the Alentejo Matthew Rhys and James Purefoy must find a wine that relates to modern day space travel. They witness the extraordinary event that is the annual cork harvest, and a wine which makes James cry. In New York, Matthew Rhys takes Joe Fattorini for dim sum and noodles with Chinese wine. At the HQ in Douro Valley Dominic West and James have their mouths set on fire by Nam Prik and put it out with wines brought by Joe Fattorini, who has been challenged by Thai food expert, Kay Plunkett-Hogge to devise a wine list for her upcoming pop up restaurant in London.  He begins his introduction to Thai ingredients and flavours in Bangkok followed by a visit to Thailand’s Monsoon Valley Vineyard. Elephants in the vineyard? That’s a first for The Wine Show. The day of the pop up arrives and Kay’s stuck in another challenge for Joe, in the form of competition from Jaega Wise with her range of fantastic beers. But which do Kay’s guests prefer with the Thai cuisine?


This show’s road trip sees James Purefoy and Matthew Goode search for a link between Scandinavia and Portugal. It takes them to the ‘Venice’ of Portugal, Aveiro. There they take a boat trip to find out about the town’s history and meet the Confraria do Bacalhau, a brotherhood dedicated to the preservation of all things cod. Wines are supplied by the legendary winemaker Luis Pato. Stateside, Matthew Rhys and Joe Fattorini explore the influence of the Irish on New York City at Molly’s Shibeen on the lower east side of Manhattan. Lamb stew and a bottle of claret made by the last of the Irish refugees to flee to Bordeaux in the 18th Century. Dominic West joins James for some bubbles at the HQ in Douro Valley, as Joe and Amelia explore the history of sparkling wine, particularly Champagne, and uncover an uncomfortable truth – that is was first made by the English.


Matthew Goode and James Purefoy are sent to Braga, the capital of the Vinho Verde wine region in northern Portugal. Matthew climbs the 300 steps to the Bom Jesus church, repenting his sins along the way. They learn about how wine making was integral to the monasteries of the country and taste the glorious wines of the region in the shadow of one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in the area. Matthew Rhys has a short walk home after dinner with Joe at his local Italian restaurant in Brooklyn – Noodle Pudding where they have gnocchi, Osso Bucco and an Italian white wine made by Joe Bastianich. Dominic West recounts fond memories of sweet German wine as a teenager, as Joe Fattorini heads to the Rheingau in Germany to find out where it all went wrong for German wine, how it went from being the most expensive in the world to one with a terrible reputation and how it’s definitely a country worth looking at again. Along the way he meets Queen Victoria’s 4 x great grandson and how Victoria was the Kim Kardashian of her day.


Joe Fattorini tells Matthew and James about Dona Antonia Ferreira, the most famous woman in Portuguese wine in the 19th Century. He then sends them to meet a modern day businesswoman in the Douro, Sophia Bergqvist where they have a beer as well as wine at the stunning Quinta de la Rosa. Over in New York City, Joe decides Matthew Rhys shouldn’t miss out on all the Portuguese fun as they head to O Lavrador, a Portuguese restaurant in Queens. Dominic West and James enjoy some wines they can’t believe are made in the city, while Amelia Singer meets a skateboarding wine maker in Santa Rosa, a Capitol Records mogul turned winemaker in Napa and takes part in a Hip Hop and Wine Podcast in New York, all with legendary sommelier André Mack.


In our food and wine special, we share some of the experiences Matthew Goode and James had on the road trip that didn’t make the cut in earlier programmes. Anchored by Matthew Rhys and Joe Fattorini at a restaurant in Queens New York, we also follow Joe Fattorini and sommelier Charlotte Wilde explore the roots of four classic Portuguese foods and find the wines that work best with them. From the Azores to Setúbal, Alentejo and the beautiful Lisbon coast, this is a truly delicious episode. Charlotte visits the glorious island of Pico where she has a traditional fish stew with a local winemaker. In Setúbal, Joe finds yet another unknown gem in the region’s sweet Muscat wine and superb Azeitao cheese and a memorable visit to a bakery. Alenteijo’s pigs give Charlotte a unique experience as does it’s ‘talha’ or amphorae-aged wines. And on the Lisbon coast, Joe is on an unseasonal hunt for sardines helped by local winemakers and some very exuberant fishermen. The unseen footage featuring unseen footage from the road trip around Portugal with James Purefoy and Matthew Rhys sees them receiving one of Portugal’s most prestigious awards and singing cork harvesters.

  • Thursday 29th October

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Food Unwrapped Investigates

In this new spin-off series, Kate Quilton uncovers the truth behind some of Britain's most shocking food headlines. Kate meets the case studies behind the stories; explores the science with academy and industry experts; conducts experiments; and asks tough questions of those in control. The topics explored include hospital food, eating issues, deadly food allergies, and celebrity-endorsed diet pills. In the first episode, Kate investigates the world of severe food allergies. Reports warn of surging food allergies in the UK. But are the food industry and government taking them seriously enough? Kate meets people from both sides of the debate; including the parents of 15-year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, who died after eating a sandwich. Kate also enlists the help of a team of allergy sufferers, who go undercover at a host of different London eateries to see how they are treated, before hearing from an anonymous Michelin star restaurateur, who argues that allergy protection is just the nanny state gone mad.

  • Monday 26th October, 8:30pm

  • Channel 4

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How Safe is Going Out? Dispatches

Britain's service industry is battling for customers. But the public need to be convinced the big brands are doing all they can to limit risk to exposure. Many hotel chains, transport companies, restaurants and pubs are making big promises of 'deep cleans' and 'enhanced hygiene practices', but with the resurgence of Covid-19, Dispatches puts them to test, asking: just how safe is it when we go out? Government public health guidance says regular cleaning of surfaces plays a vital role in limiting the transmission of Covid-19 in public settings. In a national experiment Dispatches tests how clean are the surfaces you might encounter on a commute, or going for a drink, a meal or a mini staycation? Do these companies have enough time and resources to maintain new, strict protocols? Dispatches also examines emerging research concerning airborne transmission of Covid, as well as meeting people whose wellbeing is reliant on the hygiene standards of the service industry. The stakes couldn't be higher in terms of preventing transmission, avoiding stricter lockdown measures, and saving lives.

  • Monday 26th October, 8pm

  • Channel 4

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Lesbian Guide to Straight Sex

In this factual entertainment series, straight couples who want to improve their sex lives have agreed to a radical new approach…  Letting fourlesbians loose on their love lives. With studies showing that lesbians have sex for longer and experience more orgasms than straight women, will our heterosexual couples learn a thing or two from their female gay counterparts? 

‘The Lesbians Guide to Straight Sex’ puts that idea into practice as we challenge our lesbians, each who brings their own expertise to proceedings, to enhance the sex lives of committed and happy real-life straight couples.  Gen is our expert on the psychology of sex; Ali H the master of anatomy; Jade the fashionista and sex toy aficionado; and Maria the Queen of body confidence.

They visit each couple’s homes, and armed with tips, masterclasses and a practical show take them on a journey to show the straight women how to get what they want from sex and the hetero he-men, exactly how to please their women. 

In this episode, the squad meet Gateshead couple Mollie who is 48 and 50-year-old Ian.  The couple have been together for 11 years and in that time their sex life has gone from a regular, exciting part of their relationship and turned into an infrequent, anxious and unenjoyable affair.  Problems began when Mollie started the menopause seven years ago which led to her losing her libido and body confidence, and made Ian feel rejected and insecure. 

The lesbians set to work as Jade and Maria work on Mollie’s body confidence with a life drawing class, Gen introduces them to the latest sex toys, and Ali brings tantric sex into the boudoir. But can the lesbians help this straight couple rediscover the love life they once had and, in the process, make their relationship stronger?

  • Wednesday 28th October, 10pm

  • Channel 5

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Henry VIII: Endgame

  • Wednesday 28th October, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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The panel series will involve two celebrity teams competing to identify the famous name or object inside a mystery box. Sara Pascoe will host the show with John Kearns on hand as her assistant, whilst Alan Davies and Darren Harriott are on board as team captains, in a format that puts a twist on classic family games. 

  • Monday 26th October, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

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The Great House Giveaway

Episode Sixteen:


Budding Interior Designer Cora and Builder Jonny meet for the first time as Simon O’Brien buys them a house at auction in the Lancashire town of Kirkham.  With damp, sloping floorboards and leaking ceilings, have they bitten off more than they can chew?  Rapidly running out of time and money, will they have the skills and vision needed to flip this property and make a profit? 


Episode Seventeen:


Adam and Dave meet for the first time as they buy a bungalow at auction in the market town of Glossop.  Being a builder by trade, and aided by a sidekick with bags of enthusiasm, will this tired house find a new lease of life?


Episode Eighteen:


Simon O’Brien meets builder Marcus and property manager Hailey for the first time as they’re about to step into the auction room and buy a house together.  With a renovation budget and six months, can they turn this dilapidated semi into a habitable family home?


Episode Nineteen:


Accountant Kate and builder Jonny meet for the first time as they head to auction to buy a property.  Kate pulls in every favour possible but will it be enough?


Episode Twenty:


Husband and wife duo Colin and Wendy pair up with Jane to buy a house in Porthmadog, North Wales, and they have only just met!  Can they get past clashing visions to make this renovation work?

  • Monday 26th October, 4pm
    Tuesday 27th October, 4pm
    Wednesday 28th October, 4pm
    Thursday 29th October, 4pm
    Friday 30th October, 4pm

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Inside Animal A&E

Tonight on Inside Animal A&E, Jack Russell Poppy is taken by ambulance to the Hospital in Victoria, as her elderly owner is worried her pet can’t control her bladder which could be a sign of a more serious health issue; elsewhere at the hospital Chihuahua Pepe is in theatre with Maria for a delicate knee op. In Grimsby, blind rescue Husky Cloud is checked in for the day to have his diabetes monitored, and stray cat Kenny is the 200th to be brought to the hospital in Grimsby in a year, but he’s in need of urgent treatment before the charity can find him a new home.   

  • Monday 26th October, 8pm

  • ITV

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Rich Kids, Skint Holiday

Eighteen-year-old Rich Kid, Leo is the son of wealthy restaurant and property tycoons from Thailand. Having spent a whopping £38,000 a year on his private education, they ensure their son wants for nothing - Leo saw a watch he liked costing £27,000 and his Dad simply sent him the money! All his designer gear and possessions tot up to an incredible £250,000. 

Leo’s quite the globetrotter too, taking around 15 holidays a year and has visited over 50 countries. When he’s bored, he’ll just pop over on a day trip across Europe!

But now Leo’s embarking on a skint holiday with the Atfield family who can only dream of expensive breaks abroad. Finances are so tight for Mum Jane and Dad Danny, simply affording a caravan park takes a full year of hard saving.

Camping’s a shock from the start for Leo, as he’s put to work pitching his own tent – and located just a few metres from a motorway, the campsite’s hardly the peace and tranquility he’s used to when he’s on holiday. Communal bathroom facilities are another of many firsts for the rich kid – “When I walked in I was greeted with someone’s pubic hair” a horrified Leo exclaims!

During the break, Leo’s revelation that he paid £60,000 for a watch and once had a meal out with his family that cost £20,000 leaves the Atfields gobsmacked. To try and teach him to be thriftier, Leo’s challenged to make them dinner on a tight budget - but things don’t look hopeful when he somehow sets fire to the spaghetti!

Will Leo’s time with the family teach him to rein in his extravagant spending and show him that a budget break in the UK can be just as much fun as his pricey jaunts abroad?

  • Thursday 29th October, 9pm

  • 5 Star

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Greatest Ever Celebrity Wind Ups

Joe Pasquale’s back and celebrating more Greatest Celebrity Wind-ups Ever!

Highlights include TV favourites Ant & Dec in the ear of the Banjo brothers as they hit the gym, Noel Edmonds’ staging an unforgettable "Gotcha" on a young Gary Lineker, and magician-turned-prankster Ben Hanlin tricking Joey Essex into thinking he's witnessed time-travel.

There are elaborate big-scale practical jokes on pop sensation Shawn Mendes, actor Hugh Jackman and president Donald Trump. And Simon Cowell surprises Amanda Holden into believing she’s being replaced as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, rendering her speechless.

With first-hand accounts from the brains behind the pranks and the unfortunate stars who were on the receiving end, these really are the Greatest Celebrity Wind-ups Ever!

Celebrity contributors include Roman Kemp, Joey Essex, Dom Joly and comedian Marek Larwood.

  • Tuesday 27th October, 8pm

  • 5 Star

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