Week 45

**NEW** MasterChef: The Professionals

Week One

Episode 1 of 21

TX: 7th November on BBC Two

The BAFTA-winning hit MasterChef: The Professionals is back for its tenth series. Celebrated MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace, chef Monica Galetti and two Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing are together once again in their search for the UK’s finest cooking talent. 

Over seven weeks, 48 professionals will face the rigours of the MasterChef kitchen before one chef is crowned culinary superstar of 2017.

In this opening heat, six professional chefs from all over the country arrive at the MasterChef kitchen and put their reputations on the line, to stake their claim to the coveted title. The chefs face two daunting challenges - at the end of which, three chefs are sent home and the strongest three go through to this week’s quarter final.

Each chef begins with the infamous Skills Test. Under the watchful eye of all three judges, the first moments for any competitor are nerve wracking, as their knowledge, palate and experience are put under scrutiny.  Nothing goes unnoticed as they chop, slice and sear their way through their first assessment.

This year the judges have raised the bar even higher - setting the chefs the task of creating and cooking a dish from scratch in just 20 Minutes.  The first test has been designed by Marcus, who demonstrates how he would make a superb duck dish from a whole duck and a table of ingredients in 20 minutes flat.  As well as creating the dish, the chefs have their butchery and sauce making skills put to the test as all three judges watch over them. Can these chefs hold their nerve and deliver a perfectly prepared duck dish of their own creation alongside a great quality sauce, or will they buckle under the pressure?

Next, the six chefs have a chance to redeem any earlier mistakes when they cook their own Signature Dish for Monica, Marcus and Gregg. In an hour and 15 minutes, they must showcase their creativity, palate and personal style. It is also their final chance to show off their culinary talent before the judges decide which three are sent home, and which three go through to this week’s quarter final.

Judge: Monica Galetti

Judge: Gregg Wallace

Judge: Marcus Wareing

Episode 2 of 21

TX: 8th November on BBC Two

The BAFTA-winning hit MasterChef: The Professionals is back for its tenth series. Celebrated MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace, chef Monica Galetti and two Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing are together once again in their search for the UK’s finest cooking talent. 

Over seven weeks, 48 professionals will face the rigours of the MasterChef kitchen before one chef is crowned culinary superstar of 2017.

In this heat, six professional chefs set out to prove they have the ability, commitment and style to push to the top of their demanding industry. Tonight, the chefs face two daunting challenges, set by the judges. At the end of these challenges, three chefs are sent home and the strongest three go through to this week’s quarter final.

The first challenge for the chefs is a nerve wracking Skills Test set by Monica: They have just 20 minutes to create from scratch, a perfect fruit-based soufflé with a garnish of their choice. Under the expert eyes of Marcus, Monica and Gregg, the chefs must prove they have a full understanding of the steps it takes to make a light, fluffy soufflé and also showcase they have the time-management to create a fitting garnish for their dish. The Skills Test will prove whether their working methods and techniques are up to scratch, which is no mean feat with the judges watching over their every move.

Next, the six chefs must cook their own Signature Dish. In just an hour and 15 minutes, they must show that they can work quickly and creatively to create delicious judge-pleasing dishes. It’s their final opportunity to set themselves apart from the other chefs and prove they are serious contenders in the competition.

Once all six dishes have been tasted and judged, Marcus, Monica and Gregg decide which three chefs will leave the competition and which three have survived to go on to the quarter final in pursuit of the MasterChef: The Professionals title.

Episode 3 of 21

TX: 9th November on BBC Two

The BAFTA-winning hit MasterChef: The Professionals is back for its tenth series. Celebrated MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace, chef Monica Galetti and two Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing are together once again in their search for the UK’s finest cooking talent. 

In this first quarter final, the six strongest chefs from the first two heats attempt to impress Monica and Marcus in two high-stakes challenges.

The first challenge they face is an Invention Test, only the four strongest chefs will go on to the next challenge, to cook for the restaurant critics. The six chefs are tasked with creating their own unique dish using spices. They have 10 minutes to select what they need for their dish from an array of ingredients and then just 70 minutes to cook it. Marcus and Monica are focussed on whether the chefs can show control and understanding in their use of spices; being able to select and use them to create a perfectly balanced dish. Their final dishes must outshine the other competitors as, after this challenge, Marcus and Monica will send two of the chefs home.

The remaining four professionals go on to cook their food for three of the UK’s most discerning Restaurant Critics. William Sitwell and Jay Rayner are joined by journalist and critic, Grace Dent, who will pass unrestrained judgement on the dishes. The chefs are given one hour 15 minutes to showcase their culinary prowess with a dazzling two-course menu which will impress the critics and save the chefs from being sent home.

Only the three most talented chefs will go through to Knockout Week and continue their pursuit of the MasterChef: The Professionals title.

  • Tuesday 7th - Thursday 9th November, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 1-3 of 21


**NEW** Big Life Fix: Children in Need Special

In this programme, Simon Reeve follows some of the UK’s leading designers and engineers as they attempt to help three children with disabilities.


Josh, 8, from London, has a rare condition called Norrie Disease. As a result, he was born completely blind. According to his Mum, Wendy, Josh is a cheeky, lively ‘tinker-chops’ who loves chart music, Pokémon and spicy sausages but he hates vegetables. Josh is extremely sociable and is popular at the mainstream school he attends. However, the playground is still a huge challenge for him. He can’t see his friends, what games they’re playing or the physical boundaries within the playground. This makes playing outside impossible. Instead, each break time his condition isolates him from his classmates, as he’s forced to sit on a bench and listen to music or to choose one friend to sit with him.  Can the team of designers and engineers find a way for Josh to play with the other kids in the playground?

The Fix:

Design Strategist, Ruby Steel and Engineer, Jude Pullen lead the design to help Josh. They spend months investigating a host of different ways that Josh could navigate the playground and interact with his friends from GPS satellite navigation to musical tiles. They settle on the idea of building a ‘yellow brick road’; a clever pattern of pathways across the playground using yellow, tactile guidance tiles. Josh will learn the routes of the ‘yellow brick road’ around the playground using a tactile Braille map. Under the tiles, are specially built ‘soundboards’, that will emit fun noises of animal and musical instruments. All the children will create their own games using the sounds of cows, roosters, birdsong, saxophones and, trumpets and Josh will be able to join in. These sounds will also act as navigational cues for Josh, so over time, he will use them to know exactly where he is in the playground.


Ayala and her twin Caira, both 8, were born prematurely at 25 weeks, with severe bleeds on the brain and holes in their hearts. Caira developed into an able bodied child with vocal cord paralysis – which results in her having a husk in her voice, but Ayala has Cerebral Palsy.

Ayala’s movement is severely restricted. She cannot use her arms independently and has little control of her hands. She has a wheelchair that she drives with her head, but this is the only thing she can do on her own. She relies on her mum, Nicole, or her sister to help her get dressed, eat and play. Often Ayala has to sit and watch her twin do the things she’d love to do herself. The twins have an amazingly close bond. Caira is always by Ayala’s side, often helping her with the smallest of tasks. And they argue just like any other sisters! Can the team find a way for the girls to play together on an equal footing?

 The Fix:

Designer and Engineer Ross Atkin leads this Fix. He is adamant that he needs to design a way for the twins to play together as equals for the first time. After research in the UK and China, he thinks the answer is Robots. Ross designs two clever robots, one that Ayala can operate using head switches on her wheelchair, the other Caira operates using a remote controller. He also builds Ayala a mechanical drawing machine and a bespoke App to control it. Will the twins take to their new toys?


Three years ago, Aman, 10, and her family were on holiday in India when they were involved in a serious road accident. While the rest of the family recovered from their injuries, Aman was left with serious brain damage. She now struggles with poor memory, specifically ‘episodic’ memory, which means she forgets important aspects of her childhood like family days out and school trips. The impact of this is unimaginable and everyone is concerned it could seriously affect her development. Aman’s memory issues also affect her school life. She struggles to recall instructions from the teacher and currently has a classroom assistant for every lesson. Can the team come up with a technological aid which will allow Aman to recall her childhood events as well as help her at School?

The Fix: 

Designer and Technologist, Haiyan Zhang leads this fix.  Over four months, Haiyan and the team attempt to build two memory recall tools. She calls them Study Spark and Photo Spark. 

Study Spark records everything the teacher says in a lesson, allowing Aman to rewind and bookmark important instructions as the class progresses. The teacher’s words are live transcribed into text and Aman can use them as notes for later review. It also has a video function so Aman has a visual recall of the lesson. The hope is Aman will slowly be weaned away from her classroom assistant allowing her to become more independent.

Photo Spark is a custom app that allows Aman and her family to upload photos and attach recorded messages for her. She can then play back photos and recorded memories (on her tablet or using a mini-projector on the ceiling of her bedroom). The combination of the visual cue and audio memories from her own family will spark her chances of recalling and reliving the events, so Aman doesn’t lose vital childhood memories that will form her personality.

  • Wednesday 8th November, 9pm

  • BBC Two

  • 1 of 1


**NEW** Tattoo Fixers

Halloween Special

It’s Halloween in the pop up Parlour and the team come face to face with some extra terrifying tattoos. Sketch is assisting scare actor Spike with a monster of a tattoo, Glen is giving magician George a frightening new friend and Alice meets Vanessa who lived in a real life haunted house and wants a symbol of protection. Meanwhile Tom wants to break his unlucky curse and horror fan Fiona wants her Zombie slayed.

**NEW** Sketch’s Prison Ink

Episode One: Borstal Boy

Sketch chats to his dad, Eddie, to find out about his time inside and the prison inkings that first got Sketch interested in tattoos.

Episode Two: Fighters

Sketch finds out how tattoo machines are built in prison and gives closure to a father who lost his son whilst he was locked up.

Episode Three: Ganglands

Two ex-gang members share their prison tattoo tales with Sketch.  Gaz tattooed his face whilst in prison whilst Antonio’s tribute to an ex scarred his skin so badly he can’t even have it fixed.

Episode Four: Bad Girls

Sketch discovers what life inside a women’s prison is really like and how tattooing works there. He meets Nancy, to find out how relationships are formed in jail, and helps Naomi erase the painful memories of her time inside by covering her prison ink.

Episode Five: Thief’s Cross

Sketch finds out the symbolic importance of Russian prison tattoos and learns that one of his own tattoos has a dark hidden meaning.  He also tattoos a pastor who turned to God when he was locked up, inking a cross on himself in his cell.

Episode Six: Doing Time

Sketch meets two ex-prisoners, one who has spent nearly half his life locked up and another whose first prison sentence at 18 gave him the wakeup call he needed to turn his life around.

Episode Seven: Dealers

Sketch tattoos an ex gay porn star who spent time in a US prison for smuggling crystal meth and meets a former drug dealer in the UK who continued to operate on the inside.

Episode Eight: Bad Ink

Sketch goes inside a prison to hear about the dangers of prison tattooing from a former Governor, and meets an ex-offender sporting one of the worst prison tattoos he’s ever seen.

Helicopter ER

The chopper swoops onto a suburban bowling green to help a woman fighting to save her husband’s life after a DIY accident and in the Dales, a cyclist goes into cardiac arrest after a wasp sting.

  • Monday 6th November, 9pm

  • Really

  • 10 of 15


Dr Christian Will See You Now

Dr Christian Jessen and his team of top in-house specialists open the doors to their state of the art clinic, in a bid to get peoples’ lives and relationships back on track.

The first patient of the day is Candice, who arrives with her fiancé Andy. Candice suffers from Lipedema – a long-term condition where there's an abnormal build-up of fat cells in the leg.

Her previous marriage fell apart due to her condition and Candice lives in constant fear that the same might happen to her current relationship, even though the couple are about to get married in Las Vegas. With the help of his in-house surgeon, can Dr Christian work his magic?

Next through the doors are hypnotherapist Andi and his partner Tara. Andi is suffering from a severe case of premature ejaculation. It’s beginning to wreak havoc on his relationship with Tara and their sex life is almost non-existent. Andi is desperate for Dr Christian’s help and hopes there is a medical solution for his condition, but Dr Christian believes the problem runs deeper.

Aruna and her husband Parag are the next couple to arrive in the clinic. Aruna has been suffering from a reoccurring urinary tract infection for the past 12 years. The condition means that the couple are no longer intimate and their plans of starting a family have been put on hold.

Annabelle and her Dutch boyfriend Mikale are last to arrive in clinic. Annabelle suffers from narcolepsy and is prone to severe night terrors and paralysis, both of which are putting a strain on her life. She doesn’t want to take medication for her condition and hopes Dr Christian can recommend an alternative solution. 

Bad Habits, Holy Orders

An overwhelming and emotional return to the sisters at Swaffham highlights how much the 5 millennial women now respect and appreciate the insights of this group of deeply religious women.

The sisters set the girls their final and toughest mission yet, to go home for a week and put to work the lessons they have learned.

Rebecca’s parents are quite overcome by her change in attitude and appearance; Rebecca is keen to rebuild the relationship she feared she may have lost forever with her father.

The transformations seen over the month at the convent from all 5 girls are quite remarkable, both inside and out, but will they last?

And can these lessons set a worthwhile example to their own generation or indeed all of of us who might be over- attached to our smart phones, selfies and consumer goods. As the girls return to the convent for the reckoning with Sister Thomas More and Sister Francis, who has changed the most?

  • Thursday 9th November, 10pm

  • Channel 5

  • 4 of 4


Most Haunted

Keithley Bus Museum: Once an old foundry, this large old building houses vehicles from a bygone era that are said to still contain passengers whose destination has never ended. With busses moving on their own, footsteps from uninhabited areas and something seems to take a dislike to two of the team.

  • Friday 10th November, 10pm

  • Really

  • 7 of 9


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