MasterChef: The Professionals

The BAFTA-winning hit MasterChef: The Professionals returns for 2020, to a new home on BBC One. 

As the hospitality industry faces the most critical time in its history, the competition showcases the range of culinary talent across the next generation of chefs in the UK. The 13th competition sees judges, Michelin-starred chef, Marcus Wareing; highly-reputed chef, Monica Galetti, and celebrated MasterChef judge, Gregg Wallace, preside over the UK’s most revered cooking competition.

Over six weeks, thirty-two professional chefs will strive to demonstrate their outstanding skills, commitment and creativity to convince the judges they are worthy of the highly-esteemed title of MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2020.


Episode 1

In tonight’s first heat, four professional chefs from around the country arrive at the MasterChef kitchen ready to put their reputations on the line and their skills to the test, as they stake their claim to the coveted title. The chefs will be put through their paces when they face two daunting challenges – at the end of which, two chefs are sent home and the strongest two go through to this week’s quarter final. 

The infamous Skills Test is the first test the chefs are challenged with, under the watchful eyes of all three judges. The nerve-racking test is a high-pressured assessment of skill, knowledge and experience. Can the chef’s keep their cool or will the nerves override them?

This first Skills Test of this year has been set by Monica and the two chefs’ pasta- making skills are up for assessment when they are asked to produce Mushroom Tortellini, filled with a Mushroom Duxelles and served with a sauce of choice (mushroom, butter, yeast extract). The necessity for attention to detail and the correct balance of proportions will be no easy trial for our chefs within just 25 minutes.

The remaining two chefs will take on Marcus’ test. The chefs will have to showcase their fish preparation and make Devilled Butterflied Mackerel with Herb Flavoured Mayo and a Cucumber and Fennel Salad. They only have 20 crucial minutes to demonstrate their fish filleting skills and show off their mayonnaise making precision, whilst also getting the use of herbs and seasoning spot on. It’s a chance for the chefs to show their familiarity with classical techniques, but will they trip up under the vigilant eye of the judges?

Finally, all four chefs have the chance to redeem any earlier mistakes when they must cook their own Signature Dish for the judges. They have one hour and 25 minutes to cook-up a main and dessert which highlights their creativity, flair and personal style and gives Monica, Marcus and Gregg a taste for their cookery ability and flavour combinations. This is each chef’s last chance to cement their place within the competition, before the judges choose which two chefs will be sent home, and which two are through to Thursday’s Quarter Final.


Episode 2

In tonight’s second heat, four more professional chefs arrive from across the nation to compete in the renowned MasterChef Kitchen. The chefs will be put through their paces in an attempt to work their way towards winning the acclaimed MasterChef title. They have to endure two intense challenges – resulting in two chefs being sent home and the two strongest contestants going through to the Quarter Final round.

The infamous Skills Test is up first. The chef’s skills will be analysed by the judges before they taste test their efforts. For all our chefs, facing the Skills Test is high- pressured assessment of skill, knowledge and experience. Can tonight’s chefs live up to the judges high expectations?

Tonight, the first two chefs will try their hand at Marcus’ test of Sweetbreads with a rustic Red Wine Sauce. They have just 20 minutes to master their take on this dish, using all of the ingredients laid out before them. Will the chefs utilise the ingredients to the best of their ability or miss the tricks?

The next two chefs need to demonstrate that there is range in their culinary skills when Monica asks them to prepare a Glazed Sabayon Fruit Dessert. The chefs will have to think both creatively and technically to achieve the right balance of fruitiness and punch of flavour in this delicate dessert.  

In the concluding round of the day the four chefs must now refocus and impress the judges with two stand out Signature Dishes. This is their chance to come back fighting after the gruelling round before and show the judges what they are made of in 1 hour and 25 minutes of precious time. Once time is up the judges will decide which two are to be sent home and which two make it through to this week’s Quarter Final.


Episode 3

This year’s first Quarter Final sees the four strongest chefs from the first two heats return, ready to up the ante and impress Monica and Marcus in two tough challenges.

First up, it’s an Invention Test, and Marcus and Monica ask the chefs to create a dish based on the set theme of Spices. They will be presented with a market containing a variety of ingredients to choose from, including an eclectic range of spices. The chefs must now be resourceful, working to the best of their ability and demonstrate the know-how to incorporate and highlight spice throughout their dish. With ten minutes to select the ingredients and 70 minutes to cook the pressure is on. There’s a lot to prove in one dish and the judges will want to see they can handle variety and execute an impressive dish spontaneously.

Next the four professionals face the challenge of cooking for two of the UK’s most discerning Restaurant Critics; tonight, they will need to win over the praise of Jimi Famurewa and William Sitwell. These critics don’t hold back in their judgement and will scrutinise the dishes’ each and every detail. Will they be delighted, or will they disapprove? It all comes down to two plates of food - they have one hour and 15 minutes to wow the judges with a two-course menu that’s memorable for all the right reasons and keeps them in the race.

Only the three most talented chefs will go through to the Semi Finals and continue in their quest to achieving the MasterChef: The Professionals title.

  • Tuesday 10th November, 9pm
    Wednesday 11th November, 9pm
    Thursday 12th November, 9pm

  • BBC One

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How Britain Won WW2

In this feature-length documentary to mark Remembrance Day, presenters Michael Buerk and Arthur Williams look behind the scenes of the famous heroes and headline events of World War Two. Through a vivid combination of eye-witness accounts and dramatic archive film, they reveal the hidden characters and untold stories that ultimately brought Britain to victory in such iconic turning points as Dunkirk, the Battle Of Britain, and D-Day. In touching moments, Michael uses his experience as a Foreign Correspondent, and Michael uses his as a Royal Marine, to bring to life the unsung heroes and heroines who made victory possible. 

Michael and Arthur start with the opening stages of the war - symbolised by Dunkirk, the Spitfire and the Blitz - when Britain stands isolated and alone against Nazi Germany’s seemingly unstoppable invasion of Europe. They hear dramatic stories from the family members of ordinary men and women whose self-sacrifice, innovation and perseverance bring us through our darkest hour, so we can take the fight back to Hitler.

Then Michael and Arthur reveal Churchill’s desperate gamble with the best of our technological and intelligence secrets, winning new allies and proving that Britain is a force to be reckoned with. They show how our first big victories like the Battle of the Atlantic and El Alamein would not have been possible without the sacrifice of the merchant navy, the still-classified secrets of Bletchley Park, the military brilliance of the North African campaign, and the bravery of volunteers from the British Empire.

Finally, Michael and Arthur explore the murky world of Britain’s spymasters, and our unique heritage that spawned James Bond. They see how the success of the Allied invasion of Sicily and D-Day turned the tide against Hitler thanks to an oddball combination of author Ian Fleming, a pacifist secret agent, ground-breaking inventions on a mammoth scale, and a dead homeless man from Wales.

  • Wednesday 11th November, 8pm

  • Channel 5

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The Repair Shop

In the first of the new primetime episodes of The Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

First to arrive at the barn are sisters Christine Hopkins and Pauline Samways from Kidderminster, with a tiny but treasured memento, that needs Dominic Chinea’s expertise in metal work. The miniature bicycle was built by their grandfather to be displayed in the window of his bike shop but the bike and his ability to ride it soon brought him fame - earning him a place in the Guinness Book of Records for his expertise in creating these small but perfectly formed bicycles. The sisters have wonderful memories of their characterful grandad and would love the rather bashed and rusty bike to receive the Repair Shop treatment. Dom dismantles this one of a kind creation and each section is chrome plated. Leather expert Suzie Fletcher tends to the worn-out leather saddle, while Dom replicates the original label bearing the bike-maker's name and reassembles this feat of engineering. The sisters return to the barn with a challenge for Jay and the gang to take the bike for a spin!

Silversmith Brenton West takes receipt of a small mosaic crucifix, with an extraordinary story. The Romanian cross saved the life of Margaret Coyle’s father when he was a young soldier - hidden in his breast pocket, it deflected an enemy bullet. However it bears the scars of its heroic act and is beginning to crumble. Margaret is desperate to preserve this important heirloom. Brenton carefully solders the twisted and broken metal setting before passing it on to the capable hands of ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsay, who painstakingly replicates the tiny tiles and retouches the paintwork. Together they return the beautifully restored cross to an overwhelmed Margaret.

Next to arrive at the barn: Mary Mulroy and grandson Sam from Chesterfield. They’re hoping Steve Fletcher’s vast mechanical know-how can put wind back in the sails of an army issued box kite belonging to Mary’s much missed husband Brian. The family loved flying the kite and they’d love to see it soaring again in his memory. Steve calls upon embroidery specialist Sara Dennis who will need all her needlework skills to make invisible but strong repairs to six decades of wear and tear on the fabric. Leaving him to work on the damaged frame and get this precious keepsake up, up and away.

Finally antique toy enthusiast David Burville is eager to get going on the repair of a Victorian curiosity. The viewer displays a paper acrobat, who spins and tumbles, every time the box is turned, shifting the sand inside. It belonged to David White’s great aunt with whom he spent lots of happy times as a lad. The toy was left to him many years ago, but has fallen into disrepair and David would love to show his grandchildren the fragile but energetic acrobat that fascinated him all those years ago. This job requires skill and ingenuity, but David takes it in his stride.

  • Wednesday 11th November, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • NA


Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction is BACK! The dating show that dares to bare all returns and this time it’s even more revealing!

The world’s most daring dating show is back! Helping sassy singletons avoid the pitfalls of fake online profiles and fancy filters by choosing their perfect partner based solely on the power of Naked Attraction. When we are entirely unfiltered what do people really find sexually attractive? 

Anna Richardson is once again on hand to guide the contestants through the game of choosing a partner naked – whittling six people down to one. Expect even more shocking and surprising events that continue to push boundaries.


Episode One:

First into the studio is 23-year-old Brian from Kent who’s very experienced in fine wine, classical music and culture but as a virgin, has absolutely no clue about sex. And seeing six starkers females for the very the first time has Brian running for the exit.

Next is 27-year-old beauty therapist Shaida from London. She’s feeling the pressure from her family to settle down so is on the search for a man with the perfect balls to give her a baby by the time she’s 30. 

  • Tuesday 10th November, 10:20pm

  • Channel 4

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Searching for my father: The Story of 144 Squadron.

John Watts was born 80 years ago, eight months after his father, Wing Commander Joseph Watts RAF, was killed in his Hampden bomber while returning from a raid on Nazi occupied Europe. In their last conversation before he took off on that fateful mission, John’s mother told his father that she thought she might be pregnant.

Less than five Hampden bombers survive, John has never seen one. This year, to mark the 80th anniversary of his father’s death, wearing his father’s tie and medals, John is taken to the RAF Museum by History Hit’s Dan Snow to see one of the only Hampden bombers in the world, one that was actually flown by his father’s squadron.

The 25-minute programme shares the deeply moving moment when John sees the plane and laying his hands on the pilot’s seat and says he feels, after 80 years, that this is as close as he will ever be to his father.

In this 80th year of the Battle of Britain this is a hugely powerful moment of closure from a man, representing many thousands, who would never know a father’s love.​

  • Sunday 8th November

  • History Hit

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Trucking Hell

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and before lockdown, a lorry containing vital medical supplies has been involved in a collision with another truck on a busy A road in Leicestershire – Tez, Buzz and colleagues Dan and Moz have to get the medical truck back on the road as quickly as possible so its supplies can be offloaded onto another truck and taken to waiting hospitals – as well as recovering the other vehicle, which has rolled over onto its side following the collision. It’s a race against time, where all of the team’s skills and experience are tested to the max.

Plus, Merrie heads to Gravesend to try and winch out a delivery truck which has got stuck in an alleyway while doing a delivery direct into a back garden – and if that wasn’t difficult enough, if she gets the winch out wrong, she’s likely to take down the garden fence; Marta heads into the centre of Lichfield to pick up a bin lorry whose rear steering is broken – getting this large vehicle onto her low loader in busy traffic is no mean feat. Plus, Fluff comes to the rescue of a talkative but shell-shocked driver, whose skip loader was involved in a six vehicle shunt on the motorway.

  • Thursday 12th November, 9pm

  • Paramount

  • 7 of 10


The One Show’s Rickshaw Challenge for BBC Children in Need

The One Show’s Rickshaw Challenge for BBC Children in Need ends tonight, concluding an eight day challenge covering 332 miles around the Goodwood Estate. Tune in to watch the six young people – all of whom have been supported by BBC Children in Need – and Matt Baker make their way to the finish line.

  • Friday 13th November, 7:30pm

  • BBC One

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Food Unwrapped Investigates

Kate Quilton exposes the murky world of miracle diet supplements and how social media is used to flog them to desperate teens.  She uncovers the truth behind the science and takes on the big internet corporations who are making big profits from it all. Kate meets the mum of a young woman whose death may have been linked to extreme dieting. The programme’s own investigation reveals that Instagram’s promise to protect vulnerable young people from dangerous diet products is woefully inadequate – with Kate’s investigation showing kids as young as 13 are still exposed to toxic content. And Kate takes on Amazon as she uncovers over 30 products making bogus health claims on the retail giant’s website and breaking advertising law.

  • Monday 9th November, 8:30pm

  • Channel 4

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Lesbian Guide to Straight Sex

In this factual entertainment series straight couples who want to improve their sex lives have agreed to a radical new approach…  Letting four lesbians loose on their love lives. With studies showing that lesbians have sex for longer and experience more orgasms than straight women, will our heterosexual couples learn a thing or two from their female gay counterparts? 

‘The Lesbians Guide to Straight Sex’ puts that idea into practice as we challenge our lesbians, each who brings their own expertise to proceedings, to enhance the sex lives of committed and happy real-life straight couples.  Gen is our expert on the psychology of sex; Ali H the master of anatomy; Jade the fashionista and sex toy aficionado; and Maria the Queen of body confidence.

They visit each couple’s homes, and armed with tips, masterclasses and a practical show take them on a journey to reignite the flames of passion.   

In this episode Ayesha and Yazin, a couple from London, want the lesbians help to improve their sex life.  Growing up in strict Muslim households neither of them were taught about sex and romance growing up and they feel like they’ve missed out.  In the bedroom they’re having plenty of sex, but it appears to be quantity over quality, with Ayesha struggling for confidence since having children and an over-reliance on porn. 

To get them on track to better sex, Jade and Gen take them to a squirting workshop.  While Ali gives Yaz a masterclass in the anatomy and achieving multiple orgasms, and Maria and Jade help Ayesha embrace her body with sexy photo and private dance tutorials.  Finally, Yaz is challenged to set a more romantic mood.  But can the lesbians help this straight couple rediscover the love life they once had and, in the process, make their relationship stronger?

  • Wednesday 11th November, 10pm

  • 5 Star

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The panel series will involve two celebrity teams competing to identify the famous name or object inside a mystery box. Sara Pascoe will host the show with John Kearns on hand as her assistant, whilst Alan Davies and Darren Harriott are on board as team captains, in a format that puts a twist on classic family games. 

  • Monday 9th November, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

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Greatest Ever Celebrity Wind Ups

Joe Pasquale narrates Greatest Ever Celebrity Wind-ups! 

Highlights include TV favourites Ant & Dec who wind up fiery chef Gordon Ramsay by posing as two hapless maintenance men Juan and Juan, Jennifer Aniston gives Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark an awks interview from hell and magician-turned-prankster Ben Hanlin has boxer Joe Calzaghe on the ropes! There are elaborate big-scale practical jokes from West Ham’s superstars Snodgrass and Noble, Hollywood royalty Bill Murray falls victim to Mr Shake Hands Man and Dave Grohl manages to pull the wool over the eyes of a stadium full of Foo Fighters fans. Plus there’s a classic from Noel Edmonds as Tony Blackburn is pranked into believing he’s presenting a show on alternative holidays only to find himself Gotcha’d.

With first-hand accounts from the brains behind the pranks and the unfortunate stars who were on the receiving end, these are the Greatest Ever Celebrity Wind-ups! Celebrity contributors include reality star Montana Brown, impersonator Jess Robinson and kids’ TV comedy duo Sam & Mark.

  • Tuesday 10th November, 7pm

  • 5 Star

  • 4 of 6


Steph’s Packed Lunch

Steph McGovern presents a bold, fresh and exciting daily show broadcast live from Leeds. Steph's Packed Lunch features celebrity guests, fantastic food, intriguing real-life features and the best entertainment, lifestyle and consumer stories making the headlines. Well-known faces reveal what has got the viewers at home talking each day. In the kitchen, chefs Jack Stein and Dr Rupy Aujla rustle up delicious lunchtime treats. And there's a sideways look at the daily news in One O'Clock Views. Dr Helen Lawal and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim are the show's resident medical experts. 

  • Monday 9th November, 12:30pm
    Tuesday 10th November, 12:30pm
    Wednesday 11th November, 12:30pm
    Thursday 12th November, 12:30pm
    Friday 13th November, 12:30pm

  • Channel 4

  • NA


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