**NEW** Passions: Barry Humphries on the Music Hitler Banned

Barry Humphries is a national treasure, and one of the biggest names in entertainment for decades.  We all know him for his legendary comic creations of Dame Edna and Sir Les Patterson, some of us also know he is a film producer and script writer, a star of London's West End musical theatre, an award-winning writer, and an accomplished landscape painter.  Few of us know he is an expert in the Art of the Weimar Republic, aka: the art that Hitler banned.

In this programme, he’ll bring the subject to life through a mix of archive footage, visits to key locations, meetings with surviving relatives of the key players, fellow experts, revealing and revelling in his own incredible collection of Golden Era art and personal performances too.

  • Tuesday 21st November, 9pm

  • Sky Arts

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**NEW** Save Money: Good Food

In the new series of Save Money Good Food Susanna Reid and Matt Tebbutt are back travelling the country inspiring families to cook smarter and waste less without scrimping on taste. They will be raiding Britain’s kitchen – revealing how we can all save money while enjoying delicious home cooked meals. While Matt’s tasked with creating fabulous menus packed full of low cost family favourites to delight the taste buds- Susanna will be investigating some of our spending habits to find out how we can all become savvier shoppers- and she’ll be putting some of the nation’s favourite treats to the test in our supercheap Taste Test, with the winner going head to head with a more expensive popular brand. And as the festive season approaches there will be tips and tricks galore on how to create wonderful winter warmers that will save you money.


This week Susanna and Matt are in Kent with the Ockendens. This family of six are overspending on their food bill because Mum Sarah has to cook many meals to satisfy her fussy family. Matt takes on the challenge to reinvigorate their meal times with sumptuous dishes which will get them all eating together and save them money- including with veg packed meatballs for just 88p per person and a fabulous Mexican Feast for £6.71 for six people. Susanna is finding out how we can all save money by shopping smarter when it comes to veg - and she puts the nations favourite cheese and onion crisps to the taste test- how will the supercheap winner stand up to market leader Walkers? 

  • Tuesday 21st November, 7:30pm

  • ITV

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Helicopter ER

A train smashes into a car on a level crossing, trapping the driver and the chopper squad are scrambled to save a toddler who’s plunged head first from an upstairs window.

  • Monday 20th November, 9pm

  • Really

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Dr Christian Will See You Now

Dr Christian Jessen and his team of top in-house specialists throw open the doors to their state of the art clinic once more, in a bid to get peoples’ lives and relationships back on track.

First to arrive is 38-year-old Blair and his wife of five years, Kim. Blair suffers from a long-term skin condition that leads to painful abscesses on his buttocks and groin area. It can become infected and cause extreme bleeding. Blair can’t work, he can’t walk, he can’t even sit down without experiencing extreme pain.  The problem is not only causing him daily discomfort, the amount of blood he’s losing due to the condition recently led to a heart attack. Blair’s loving wife Kim is at her wits end and lives in constant fear that one day she may lose her husband.

Also hoping for some answers is stuntman Michael, who comes to clinic with his best friend Chantelle. Michael’s job requires him to constantly work out in the gym, but despite his active lifestyle he struggles to stay awake for extended periods of time and is severely exhausted. It’s effecting his social life and he has stopped dating, in fear of nodding off mid-conversation. Patients who suffer from extreme tiredness are notoriously difficult to treat, so Dr Christina has his work cut out with Michael.

Also in need of the doctor’s help is 26-year-old flight attendant Dale, who has suffered from ‘man boobs’ or Gynaecomastia since he was ten-years-old. Dale has been covering it up all his life, but his low self-esteem is having on an impact on his relationship with fiancé Mikey. The pair are desperate for help so that Dale can feel better about himself and they dream of the day when they can have a picture taken together topless on the beach.

The final patient of the day is Katie, who comes to the clinic with her husband Nathan. Katie suffers from an extremely rare condition that affects her reproductive organs and means she has two vaginas. To compound matters, the problem is making it difficult for her to conceive. She’s been trying to get pregnant for over four years and the strain is beginning to take its toll on her relationship with Nathan.

MasterChef: The Professionals

Week Three

MasterChef: The Professionals S10, Episode 7 of 21

The BAFTA-winning hit MasterChef: The Professionals is back for its tenth series. Celebrated MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace, chef Monica Galetti and two Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing are together once again in their search for the UK’s finest cooking talent.

In the first heat of this week, six more chefs from across the UK set out to prove they have the talent to become a future culinary star. To begin their fight for the coveted title, the chefs face the infamous Skills Test. This is the chance for Monica, Marcus and Gregg to size up their skills and ability under pressure whilst the chefs have to hold their nerve and wow them from the outset.

Tonight the six chefs face a Skills Test set by Marcus. He gives them 20 minutes to make a

fruit based dessert featuring Italian meringue and demonstrates his own version. The judges then watch over the chefs’ every move as they set about choosing and cooking an accompanying fruit to go with their meringue. Whilst it sounds straightforward enough, will these chefs know the important difference between a French and an Italian meringue? And can they hit the right temperature for a perfect sugar syrup whilst creating a beautiful fruit sauce? This is a true test of their culinary knowledge and skills.

Next up, all six chefs have one last chance to win over the judges in the Signature Dish challenge of their own design. They have just one hour and 15 minutes to put the pressures of the Skills Test behind them and showcase their own cooking style and flair with a tried and tested dish. If it fails to deliver on taste, technique and presentation, their time in the competition will be over. The weakest three chefs must leave the MasterChef kitchen whilst three chefs remain to go on to the Quarter Final, taking a step closer to the crown of MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2017.

Judge: Monica Galetti

Judge: Gregg Wallace

Judge: Marcus Wareing

MasterChef: The Professionals S10, Episode 8 of 21

The BAFTA-winning hit MasterChef: The Professionals is back for its tenth series. Celebrated MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace, chef Monica Galetti and two Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing are together once again in their search for the UK’s finest cooking talent. 

In this heat, Monica sets a challenging Skills Test in which another six chefs from across the UK have just 20 minutes to prepare and cook a pigeon crown. They must also create an accompanying sauce from the beautiful array of ingredients provided. Following Monica’s own demonstration, the heat is on for the chefs to prove they have what it takes to make a perfectly balanced sauce in harmony with the pigeon breast. For 20 minutes of high-pressure cooking, the chefs must hold their nerve and prove they are accomplished professionals who know their way around filleting and cooking poultry. But under the watchful eyes of Monica, Marcus and Gregg, even the most seasoned chef can falter.

Next, the six chefs must complete the Signature Dish round. It’s their chance to showcase their cooking style and creativity using their very own recipes. Everything is riding on how they perform under the intense pressure of this round. The strength of their dish will either see them through to the next round or see them leave the competition. The surviving three chefs move on to fight another day in tomorrow’s Quarter Final.

Judge: Monica Galetti

Judge: Marcus Wareing

Judge:  Gregg Wallace

MasterChef: The Professionals S10, Episode 9 of 21

The BAFTA- winning hit MasterChef: The Professionals is back for its tenth series. Celebrated MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace, chef Monica Galetti and two Michelin- starred Marcus Wareing are together once again in their search or the UK’s finest cooking talent.

In tonight’s Quarter Final, the best chefs from the week’s heats return to the MasterChef kitchen to continue in their quest for the title. Tonight, they must prove to Marcus and Monica they are worthy to stay in the competition when they face two more demanding challenges.

The chefs first challenge is an Invention Test, set by Monica and Marcus. From a table filled with citrus, herbs and spices, they must create something truly special to impress the judges. They have 10 minutes to decide, then 70 minutes to cook their hearts out and create a dish from scratch, which allows the flavours of their chosen ingredients to shine through.  At the end of this round one chef will leave the competition - so it’s now or never. Only the best chefs will make it through to the next challenge to cook for the critics.

The remaining chefs now face the Critics - a test that has seen even the best fall apart under pressure. They must cook a two-course menu of their own design to be scrutinised by the judges and three of the UK’s most renowned critics – Tracey MacLeod, Jay Rayner and William Sitwell. They have one hour and 15 minutes to dazzle the critics with an inventive main course and knock-out dessert. Get it right and the critics may note down a future star, get it wrong and it’s game over.

The three chefs who wow the critics and judges will make it through to Knockout Week when the competition really hots up as they inch closer to the possibility of lifting the Professional MasterChef 2017 trophy.

Judge: Monica Galetti

Judge: Marcus Wareing

Critic: Tracey MacLeod

Critic: Jay Rayner

Critic: William Sitwell

  • Tuesday 21st – Thursday 23rd November, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 7 – 9 of 21


Tattoo Fixers

This week in the Tattoo Fixers pop up parlour, Lisa pays tribute to her idol Robbie Williams, cockney geezer Jacks covers his literal leg tat and Dominic’s super sperm is set free. Meanwhile Alice cleans up Lana’s dirty mouth, Sketch runs rings around Sergiu’s romantic gesture and Glenn gives Pete a tattoo that really is the mutt’s nuts.

Swipe Right For Murder

Swipe Right For Murder reveals the growing danger of online love matches.

These days people think nothing of arranging to meet for a date with someone they have met online. But in the last year, the number of serious crimes linked to dating apps has increased by over 10 times, and the police believe that it's one of the biggest threats facing the public. To make matters worse, there's not a lot the police can do in a world where daters invite strangers into their lives with no idea about who they really are. A staggering 10 per cent of all known sex offenders use online dating apps as their very own private hunting ground...

This week looks at the case of young mother Nicole White. She met Jonathan Harris online and he seemed to be just the rugged type of man she found attractive. Their first date went well and they decided to meet for a second time, a couple of weeks later. CCTV footage from their second date showed their evening getting off to a great start and at the end of the evening the pair drove off in Nicole’s car, but she never made it home. Harris denied any involvement in her disappearance, and despite a huge search, there was no sign of Nicole. The police had little evidence with which to use to arrest Harris. However, when the FBI later arrested him on munitions charges the police continued their investigations and uncovered key evidence about Harris’ whereabouts the day after Nicole’s disappearance linking Harris to the remote spot where Nicole’s body was finally discovered. In the face of overwhelming evidence Harris pleaded guilty at his trial and on October 31st, 2016, he was sentenced to 26 years in prison.

  • Thursday 23rd November, 10pm

  • Really

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Most Haunted

The Judges Lodgings Pt 2: Most Haunted continues its investigation into the Judges Lodgings where the team seem to be under attack and something is trying to get through a door…but what?

  • Friday 24th November, 10pm

  • Really

  • 9 of 9


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