The Repair Shop


Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

First into the Repair Shop, Sue Nunn, from Chichester is hoping wood restorer Will Kirk can bring one man’s pride and joy back to its former glory. The fishing tackle box, which belonged to her late husband, is tired from decades of service and desperate for an overhaul. Sue would love her son to start fishing again, which he has felt unable to do since his dad’s death. Will tackles the assignment with his usual enthusiasm….fixing the bait drawers and compartments, cleaning the rusted metal base and repainting the wooden sections. He passes the worn, vinyl covered seat to the very capable hands of upholsterer Hannah Weston-Smith, who re-covers the seat pad and installs new foam padding, so the hours spent on the river bank are comfortable ones. Sue is accompanied by son Ian to pick up this rebooted fishing companion and he vows to rekindle their favourite pastime.

Restorers Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch have a huge task on their hands when they care for a doll with an extraordinary story. Margaret Dyson’s beloved doll, Alice, was badly damaged in 1945, when an RAF plane crash landed into her family home, tragically killing her mother. Margaret thought she’d lost Alice forever but recently, by sheer luck, she was reunited with her. However Alice remains in a terrible condition due to the accident and Margaret finds it hard to see her so damaged, as it reminds her of the trauma of losing her mother. Julie and Amanda lovingly repair the doll, piecing her body back together, rebuilding her pretty face and hair and finally sewing her a beautiful new dress. Margaret is overjoyed to see her childhood friend looking as she did in happier times.

Art conservator Lucia Scalisi preserves a much loved piece of a village school’s history, when headmistress Gill Davies from Cambridgeshire arrives with a plaque bearing the original deeds from 1838. Lucia discovers the text is painted on to a piece of metal rather than wood so calls on Dom for advice. She painstakingly cleans the treasure and restores the lost sections of paint and the refreshed deeds are returned to the proud staff and pupils of Barrington Church Primary School.

And Ian Ogilvie from Liverpool is hoping leather expert Suzie Fletcher can restore a handmade love-token of yesteryear. Ian’s mother made the leather grooming kit bag for his father, as he went off to war and it’s been treasured for decades. It still retains the original shaving and cologne bottles. Suzie replaces the cracked mirror, cleans and nourishes the parched leather. While Brenton spruces up the silver shaving accessories.

  • Wednesday 18th November, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • NA


Lord Mountbatten: Hero or Villain?

When Lord Louis Mountbatten, the Queen's cousin and Prince Philip's uncle, was brutally murdered by the IRA in 1979 he was lauded as a war hero, an elder statesman and a much-loved member of the royal family. But did the public perception disguise the truth? As a military leader he was responsible for significant loss of life.  As a statesman he was responsible for the badly planned and poorly executed partition of India which still has repercussions today. He meddled in the lives of three generations of the royal family, and his scandalous open marriage and affairs raised concerns across the world. So what’s the truth? Was Lord Mountbatten a hero or villain?

  • Saturday 14th November, 8:40pm

  • Channel 5

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MasterChef: The Professionals

The BAFTA-winning hit MasterChef: The Professionals returns for 2020, to a new home on BBC One. 

As the hospitality industry faces the most critical time in its history, the competition showcases the range of culinary talent across the next generation of chefs in the UK. The 13th competition sees judges, Michelin-starred chef, Marcus Wareing; highly-reputed chef, Monica Galetti, and celebrated MasterChef judge, Gregg Wallace, preside over the UK’s most revered cooking competition.

Over six weeks, 32 professional chefs will strive to demonstrate their outstanding skills, commitment and creativity to convince the judges they are worthy of the highly esteemed title of MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2020.


Episode 4

In this heat, four more professional chefs from around the country arrive at the MasterChef kitchen ready to put their skills to the test in the running to claim the winning title. The chefs will be put through their paces, enduring two intense challenges – resulting in two chefs being sent home and the two strongest contestants going through to the Quarter Final round.

Each chef must start their journey by enduring the infamous Skills Test. It’s the first time they cook for the judges and first impressions are everything as their culinary knowledge and skills are put to trial.

The first test is set by Marcus and the chefs must apply their nifty butchery skills to Butcher a Chicken and debone the thighs to cook with Asparagus and a Brandy, Mushroom and Mustard Cream Sauce, in 20 minutes. Time is of the essence and the judges have high expectations, so the chefs need to deliver the goods to impress.

The two remaining chefs face a test set by Monica. The chefs must engage their sweet tooth and create a Fruit Tart filled with a Berry Compote, piped Pistachio Chantilly and Candied Pistachios – it has to be elegant. They need to whip up a perfectly pipeable Chantilly, balanced with full-bodied fruity compote to appease the judges, but will they succeed?

Next up is a chance for the four chefs to redeem themselves of earlier pit falls and bring it all back when they cook their own two-course Signature Dishes. They have one hour and 25 minutes to cook up a main and dessert which highlights their creativity and personal style for Monica, Marcus and Gregg. This is the chef’s chance to really cement their place within the competition and the judges will choose which two chefs will be sent home, and which two will make it through to the Quarter Final round.


Episode 5

It’s the second Heat of the week and four new professional chefs arrive ready and determined to cook off against each other in the MasterChef Kitchen in the hopes of making it all the way to the win. Two gruelling challenges lay ahead of them, and only the two most talented can make it through to the next round.

First up, is the Skills Test. The first two chefs must step up to the plate and waste no time when asked to French trim a rack of Lamb and cook a portion served with a Mint Pesto - set by Monica. The chef’s need to hone in on their knife skills and classical repertoire to master this particular technique. They need to remain focussed but could the time pressure of just 20 minutes leave them with a mind blank?

The next two chefs will take on Marcus’ test where they must Fillet a Plaice and cook one portion, and serve with a Chicken Butter sauce and Pickled Radish. The chefs will have to keep a steady hand and keep a close eye in order to succeed .

Next up is a chance for the four chefs to return to the kitchen and truly stand out when they cook their own two-course Signature Dishes. They have one hour and 25 minutes to cook up a main and dessert which highlights their creativity, flair and personal style for Monica, Marcus and Gregg. They are all keen to cement their place within the competition, but the judges will decide which two chefs will be sent home, and which two will make it through to the Quarter Final round.


Episode 6  

In tonight’s Quarter Final round, the four best chefs from this weeks’ heats return ready to up the ante and impress Monica and Marcus in two more demanding challenges.

Firstly, our chefs are to face an Invention Test and for this task they need to be inspired by the Seaside. The chefs will be presented with a choice of fish, shellfish and a selection of vegetables to use at their disposal. All they have to do to capture the essence that has been asked of them, but with the judges expecting a high level of cookery and creativity, can they deliver on the plate? The chefs have ten minutes to select the ingredients and 70 minutes to cook. There’s a lot to prove with this dish as the judges will want to see that the chefs can produce refined food with an imaginative twist.

It’s not over yet and next up the chefs must undertake the dreaded challenge of cooking for two of the UK’s toughest Restaurant Critics. They will need to win over the approval of Grace Dent and Tom Parker Bowles. The critics don’t hold back in their judgement and they will dissect each element of the dishes. Will their taste buds be satisfied, or will the food leave them with a sour taste? It’s all up to what the chefs serve up. They have one hour and 15 minutes to wow the judges with a two-course menu that’s memorable for all the right reasons and keeps them in the race.

Only the three most talented chefs will go through to The Semi Finals and continue in their quest to achieving the MasterChef: The Professionals title.

  • Tues 17th November, 9pm
    Wed 18th November, 9pm
    Thurs 19th November, 9pm

  • BBC One

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Naked Attraction

The world’s most daring dating show is back! Helping sassy singletons avoid the pitfalls of fake online profiles and fancy filters by choosing their perfect partner based solely on the power of Naked Attraction. When we are entirely unfiltered what do people really find sexually attractive? 


Episode Two

First into the studio is 54-year-old retired dentist Leanne from Australia.  Recently divorced, she’s found a new love for sex and ice-cream so is looking for an experimental guy to give him his just desserts.

Next is 28-year-old Conor from Stirling.  As an ex-US marine, he’s seen plenty of action but struggles talking to girls and falls in love at the drop of a hat.  He’s hoping Naked Attraction can find him his perfect British rose.

  • Tuesday 17th November, 10:20pm

  • Channel 4

  • 2 of 5


Trucking Hell

Rescue Op Tez has a stinker of a job getting a bin lorry out of a ditch. After calling for back up and asking the bin lorry’s mechanic to assist, Tez puts all his might behind winching the heavy lorry out of danger. But can he do it without causing any damage to the vehicle? A straightforward lift and shift turns nasty when Rescue Op Lee comes up against a stubborn prop shaft. Merrie is in a race against time to recover a broken down 8 wheeler stranded by the River Thames and Buzz’s night shift sees him take extra precautions when recovering a luxury load.

  • Thursday 19th November, 9pm

  • Paramount

  • 8 of 10


Food Unwrapped Investigates

Kate investigates the junk food diets of fussy eating children. With conditions like scurvy making a comeback and British kids even going blind from eating nothing but junk food, what's the true damage of our modern diets? Could there be more going on behind those headlines. Kate visits one of the largest studies into childhood eating habits in the world and uncovers what is normal behaviour and when parents should seek help. She explores a newly discovered eating disorder that goes largely undiagnosed and could be behind thousands of cases of fussy eating in the UK. She meets the mum of one child sufferer to see how lives can be at risk when its dismissed as just a phase. Kate also meets a psychologist to find out what tips we can all use to try food we don’t normally like. 

  • Monday 16th November, 8:30pm

  • Channel 4

  • 4 of 4



This week sees comedians Aisling Bea, Hal Cruttenden, Nathan Caton and presenter Konnie Huq join Sara in the Comedy Central loft. With team captains Alan Davies and Darren Harriet and sidekick John Kearns, the team play an array of silly and absurd games all with the aim of revealing clues that will help them guess which famous face is hidden inside the mystery box. 

Highlights this week include some truly first class miming from Aisling in ‘Mime Games’, Konnie struggling to know what a mop is for in 'What am I?' and an in-depth interrogation between Alan and Darren about some roast potatoes in 'What You Porking About'.

  • Monday 16th November, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

  • 7 of 8


Greatest Ever Celebrity Wind Ups

Joe Pasquale narrates Greatest Ever Celebrity Wind Ups! 

Highlights include TV favourites Ant & Dec who, in one of their classic wind-ups pose as Sisters Bernadette and Sister Mary and trick Girls Aloud; Dom Joly goes incognito at a café to reel in some unsuspecting members of the public, Alfie Boe surprises singing partner and best mate Michael Ball live on This Morning, and film stars Noel Clarke & Jason Maza pull off an elaborate prank on a clueless interviewer! There are elaborate big-scale practical jokes on Arsenal’s football squad, Angelina Jolie is none-the-wiser when faced with Mr Shake Hands Man and prankster Olivia Lee turns up for an audition full of hot air. Plus, there’s a classic from Noel’s House Party as skating supremoes Torvill & Dean are forced to remember things that didn’t ever happen on a fake TV show hosted by the man himself, Noel Edmonds.

With first-hand accounts from the brains behind the pranks and the unfortunate stars who were on the receiving end, these are the Greatest Ever Celebrity Wind Ups! Celebrity contributors include Helen Lederer, Jorgie Porter and kids’ tv comedy stars Dick & Dom.

  • Tuesday 17th November, 7pm

  • 5 Star

  • 5 of 6


Steph's Packed Lunch

Steph McGovern presents a bold, fresh and exciting daily show broadcast live from Leeds. Steph's Packed Lunch features celebrity guests, fantastic food, intriguing real-life features and the best entertainment, lifestyle and consumer stories making the headlines. Well-known faces reveal what has got the viewers at home talking each day. In the kitchen, chefs Jack Stein and Dr Rupy Aujla rustle up delicious lunchtime treats. And there's a sideways look at the daily news in One O'Clock Views. Dr Helen Lawal and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim are the show's resident medical experts. 

  • Mon 16th November, 12:30pm
    Tues 17th November, 12:30pm
    Wed 18th November, 12:30pm
    Thurs 19th November, 12:30pm
    Fri 20th November, 12:30pm

  • Channel 4

  • NA


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