Walking Britain’s Lost Railways

North Devon

In this new series, Rob Bell explores more abandoned rail routes that once made Britain’s railways the envy of the world. The country once boasted twenty thousand miles of track, but in the course of the past century, almost half the network has disappeared – along with over 5,000 railway stations!

As an engineer, Rob Bell has always been fascinated by the extraordinary story of our lost railways, many of which have now become perfect for a day out on foot. From the line that conquered the Scottish Highlands, to the express route that would have made HS2 unnecessary had it stayed open. Each lost railway tells a story of landscapes and communities transformed by the railways, and of just how much the world has changed since.

In this first episode, Rob is discovering the lines that unlocked the wild coastline of North Devon.

His journey starts in Ilfracombe where rolling green hills and spectacular cliffs kept this lovely fishing town a well-kept secret for centuries. The landscape did not make railway building easy, but by the 1870s, that did not stop one being built! Rob follows the dramatic Barnstaple and Ilfracombe Railway, which once built, proved an instant success, eventually carrying the glamorous Atlantic Coast Express service, direct from London Waterloo.

With North Devon and its world-class beaches firmly on the map, Rob discovers they played host to thousands of surf-loving American GIs in the 1940s. They arrived by rail, to train for the D-Day beach landings… and a few clues of their stay can still be found beside the railway.

At Barnstaple, Rob reaches the rail-hub of North Devon, and picks up an even more ambitious line. For all of 37 years, the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway crossed the wild terrain of Exmoor, all the way to the dramatic cliff-top village of Lynton. Rob follows the adventurous, narrow-gauge route, discovering the extraordinary tale of the line’s construction and the very short section that has been fully restored. At Lynton he finds a Victorian seaside world steeped in the era of his railway, complete with a surviving cliff railway to usher him to the shoreline.

  • Friday 27th November, 8pm

  • Channel 5

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Secrets of Your Supermarket Food

This week on Secrets of Your Supermarket Food, it’s all about the cost of convenience.

The average British consumer will spend a staggering £10,044 on lunchtime meal deals over their working lifetime and they certainly save us a lot of money. But our family are shocked to discover the amount of saturated fat lurking in our supermarket meal deals. One meal deal in our line up contained more than 100 percent of our daily saturated fat allowance and the snack portions in a meal deal for one are often twice as much as we should be eating. 

Meanwhile Stefan investigates whether he should give up eating beef if he cares about the planet?  Brits spend over £3 billion a year on beef but experts warn that it has a devastating impact on our environment and we need to eat less of it. Beef production has a 10 to 20 million times bigger footprint than a round trip flight from London to New York- you could take a lot of flights before you would be as bad for the environment as a cow.  UK farmers have hit back, saying their beef is produced two and a half times more efficiently than their foreign competitors. But as Stefan discovers, British grass fed beef may taste good but surprisingly it has a higher carbon footprint than the grain fed cattle on mega farms - thanks to the little matter of digestion. Eating grass produces more methane than grain and methane has 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. Despite this buying British Beef is 50% more eco-friendly than that from mega farms of countries like Brazil. However, it still produces more than 50 times the emissions than any plant-based proteins. But there is some good news for meat lover Stefan. It’s not about giving up completely but cutting down and eating more plants.

We drank around 3.4 billion litres of bottled water last year, enticed by the health benefits promised by its purity and extra mineral content. Bottled water can be thousands of times more expensive than tap but that doesn’t stop us buying it. To discover whether we’d all be better off drinking plain tap water, Sian enlists the help of Dr Francis Hassard at Cranfield University’s Water Science Institute to conduct experiments. They compare the mineral contents of different popular bottled water and tap but also discover what bacteria and plastics are lurking in the water. 

Rice is one of the most common sources of food poisoning harbouring a particularly dangerous type of food poisoning bacteria which can cause long term health problems if you don’t cook, store and reheat it properly. With the help of food safety expert Andrew Skinner, Stefan discovers exactly what can be done to avoid these bacteria and make sure your dinner party guests don’t end up in A&E!

  • Wednesday 25th November, 7pm

  • Channel 5

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The Repair Shop


Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

First to test the Repair Shop’s technical prowess, Julianna Smith from Milton Keynes. She’s hoping Mark Stuckey’s mastery of electronics can bring a radio system, handmade by her late father, back to life. Julianna remembers the radiogram filling the house with rock and roll music and many happy times as a child. Her dear dad, Patrick, was a clever chap and this creation, built from scratch, was his pride and joy. With no instruction manual for this unique item, Mark takes a slow and steady approach. Each component is assessed for signs of deterioration and replaced or tweaked. Dom creates a custom battery holder to power the tuner and Will gives the wooden cabinet that houses the radio, amp and speaker a good clean and buff up. Julianna returns to hear her father's marvellous machine and the memories come flooding back.

Metalwork expert Dominic Chinea is keen to get his hands on his next project, when Jacqui Clark arrives with an item that used to turn heads on the high streets of Kent over 100 years ago…..a mini banana barrow! Jacqui’s grandfather was the first to wholesale bananas in the UK and was known as The Banana King - a title that was then passed to her father. The barrow was made to promote these curious fruits and has been treasured by the family for decades. However it’s now rather dilapidated and when Jacqui’s father passed away, she made a pledge to have the funny little barrow repaired. Dom calls on the expertise of master wheelwright Greg Rowland to craft new wooden wheels using ancient techniques. Dom gives the barrow a new paint job and with a lick of oil in the all right places gets it rolling again.

Andrew Gorrie from Lancashire is hoping leatherwork expert Suzie Fletcher can save a fragile memento with an extraordinary history. The wallet was used by Andrew’s airman father to paddle the life raft to safety, when he was shot down in the North Atlantic during WW2. It is cherished by Andrew as it’s one of the few things he has of his much loved father but the wallet is crumbling and desperate to be rescued itself. Suzie carefully unpicks the tiny stitches and dismantles it before cleaning, strengthening it and then painstakingly restitching it back together by hand.

And a miniature symbol of a big family tradition is delivered by John McColl from Glasgow, for Silversmith Brenton West. The brass replica fire engine was presented to John’s great grandfather for his contribution to the Glasgow Fire Brigade in 1907. Three generations of the McColl family have served as firemen in the city and John feels it's his duty to have the model restored in their memory. Brenton sets to work repairing the tiny moving parts and crafting any missing details, working tirelessly until it is ready for service again.

  • Wednesday 25th November, 8pm

  • BBC One

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MasterChef: The Professionals

Episode 7

The BAFTA-winning hit MasterChef: The Professionals returns for 2020, to a new home on BBC One. 

As the hospitality industry faces the most critical time in its history, the competition showcases the range of culinary talent across the next generation of chefs in the UK. The 13th competition sees judges, Michelin-starred chef, Marcus Wareing; highly-reputed chef, Monica Galetti, and celebrated MasterChef judge, Gregg Wallace, preside over the UK’s most revered cooking competition.

In this third week of heats, more professional chefs from far and wide enter the MasterChef kitchen ready to put their reputation on the line to claim the winning title. The chefs will be put through their paces, enduring two intense challenges - with the two strongest contestants going through to the Quarter Final round.

They will start off with the Skills Test and the pressure is on as they are thrust into the challenge, watched over by the judges before tasting their efforts. Undertaking the Skills Test is a high-pressured assessment of skill, knowledge and experience. Can the chefs keep their cool or will nerves overcome them?

The first Skills Test is set by Monica. The chefs need to bring both classical technique and savvy fish preparation skill when asked to Fillet a Trout, smoke it and serve with a Celeriac Remoulade. Will they get the balance of flavour and smoke just right or will it be a burn out?

Next is Marcus’ test. They need to prepare a Classic Crepe Suzette where precision is crucial to achieving a good texture in the crepe and delivering the punch of flavour in the orange sauce. Will the chefs hit the mark or flounder at the first hurdle?

In the final test of the day, it’s all about the chefs showcasing their very own two course Signature Dishes. They have one hour and 25 minutes to cook up a main and dessert which highlights their creativity, flair and gives Monica, Marcus and Gregg a taste for their personal style. This is the chef’s chance to really cement their place within the competition and the judges will choose who will be sent home, and who make it through to the Quarter Final round.


Episode 8

The BAFTA-winning hit MasterChef: The Professionals returns for 2020, to a new home on BBC One. 

As the hospitality industry faces the most critical time in its history, the competition showcases the range of culinary talent across the next generation of chefs in the UK. The 13th competition sees judges, Michelin-starred chef, Marcus Wareing; highly-reputed chef, Monica Galetti, and celebrated MasterChef judge, Gregg Wallace, preside over the UK’s most revered cooking competition.

In tonight’s heat, four more professional chefs arrive from across the nation to compete in the renowned MasterChef Kitchen. The chefs will be put through their paces in an attempt to work their way towards winning the MasterChef title. First, two intense challenges face them – resulting in two chefs being sent home and the two strongest contestants going through to the Quarter Final round.

Up first, the Skills Test. The chef’s skills will be analysed by the judges before they taste test their efforts. This Skills Test is high-pressured assessment of skill, knowledge and experience. Can tonight’s chefs impress from the start or will they have their work cut out?

Tonight, the first two chefs will try their hand at Marcus’s challenge of preparing Scallops with a Romesco Sauce and a Marinated Tomato Salad. They have 20 minutes to pull this off, aiming to achieve the perfect dainty scallop and flavorsome sauce and salad. A classic to enjoy but will the judges think so?

The following two chefs will take on Monica’s test to Prepare and cook Lambs’ Kidneys and serve on Toast with a Madeira Mustard Sauce. The chefs need to work quickly and maximize on flavour or they risk a tough tasting kidney defeat.

In the final round of the day the chefs have a chance to rectify any mistakes and impress the judges with two stand out Signature Dishes. This is their chance to come back fighting after the gruelling round before and show the judges what they are made of in one hour and 25 minutes of precious time. Once time is up the judges will decide which two are to be sent home and which two make it through to this week’s Quarter Final.


Episode 9

The BAFTA-winning hit MasterChef: The Professionals returns for 2020, to a new home on BBC One. 

As the hospitality industry faces the most critical time in its history, the competition showcases the range of culinary talent across the next generation of chefs in the UK. The 13th competition sees judges, Michelin-starred chef, Marcus Wareing; highly-reputed chef, Monica Galetti, and celebrated MasterChef judge, Gregg Wallace, preside over the UK’s most revered cooking competition.

It’s another Quarter Final round, and the four best chefs from this weeks’ heats return ready to raise the stakes and impress Monica and Marcus in two more demanding challenges.

Firstly, our chefs must confront an Invention Test. The dish they create is centred around the use of Citrus. The chefs are presented with an array of citrus fruit ingredients from Kumquats to Lemons and have ten minutes to select what they desire with 70 minutes to create their invention. There’s a lot to prove with this dish as the judges want to see that the chefs can handle variety and execute a dish spontaneously and with zest.

The four professionals then undertake the daunting task of cooking for two of the UK’s most discerning Restaurant Critics. They need to win over the praise of Jay Rayner and Tracy Macleod. These critics don’t hold back their opinions and they scrutinise each and every element of the dishes. Will they be impressed, or will the food disappoint? It’s all up to what the chefs serve up. They have one hour and 15 minutes to wow the judges with a two-course menu that’s memorable for all the right reasons and keeps them in the race.

Only the two most talented chefs will go through to The Semi Finals and continue in their quest to achieving the MasterChef: The Professionals title.

  • Tues 24th November, 9pm
    Wed 25th November, 9pm
    Thurs 26th November, 9pm

  • BBC One

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Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction is BACK! The dating show that dares to bare all returns and this time it’s even more revealing!

The world’s most daring dating show is back! Helping sassy singletons avoid the pitfalls of fake online profiles and fancy filters by choosing their perfect partner based solely on the power of Naked Attraction. When we are entirely unfiltered what do people really find sexually attractive? 


Episode 3

First into the studio is 28-year-old Jessica from Surrey. This dating disaster is the real-life Bridget Jones but is looking for the perfect man to bring out her naughty side.

Next up is 21-year-old opera singer Clare from Essex. A 6ft pansexual, she struggles to find anyone who measures up. She’s hoping Naked Attraction can find her a new love that hits all the right notes.

  • Tuesday 24th November, 10:15pm

  • Channel 4

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Trucking Hell

Crouch op Stig fears for his safety and needs assistance when he’s called to rescue a refrigerated lorry that careered off the road on a blind bend of the notoriously busy A47.

Recovery op Buzz gets dumped with a bummer of a job when he battles to recover the tractor cab of a lorry smeared thick with manure.

Meanwhile, Lantern recovery op Merrie gets down and dirty trying to recover a road sweeper reversed into a pond of slurry on a building site.  When she discovers the road sweeper’s carrying a full load, she’s forced to abandon the winch before it tips over.

Near Wellingborough, veteran recovery op Fluff is stuck for words when he finds a 44 tonne lorry stuck across two lanes of a closed road after the driver attempted a U turn and got the wheels stuck on soft grass.  

  • Thursday 26th November, 9pm

  • Paramount

  • 9 of 10



Sara Pascoe, Alan Davies, Darren Harriott and loyal sidekick John Kearns are back in the Comedy Central attic for the final show in this series. They have an array of silly games up their sleeves for this week's competitive yet clueless guests, Natalie Cassidy, Phil Wang, Larry Dean and Cariad Lloyd.

There's all to play for in this week's show. Highlights include Quick Draw where Larry's badly drawn baby haunts him for the rest of the show, Phil Wang going bottom up in What Am I? Natalie Cassidy channelling Gemma Collins in Worst Impressions, Alan showing off his life-like acting skills in What You Porking About ? and Sara falling off her chair in hysterics at a no. 62 football shirt. But in the end, can any of them guess which famous face is hiding inside John's mystery box?

  • Monday 23rd November, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

  • 8 of 8


Greatest Ever Celebrity Wind Ups

Joe Pasquale narrates Greatest Ever Celebrity Wind-ups! 

Highlights include TV favourites Ant & Dec who go undercover to spice up Mel B’s life, Queen of Daytime TV Lorraine Kelly presents a skiing show with a fake French skier with hair-raising consequences and Hollywood A-Lister Jack Black prank-calls a cinema.


Banzai’s Lady Question meets her match in Graham Norton, Roman Kemp lets out a boo-boo ‘live’ on air surprising his colleague Marvin Humes and Emma Bunton dresses as BA cabin crew to fool passengers at London Heathrow.


There are elaborate big-scale practical jokes on Spiderman’s Tom Holland as online prankster Josh Pieters unleashes the worst interview ever on him, Oprah Winfrey confuses people at an Oprah Winfrey look-a-like audition and Joe Pasquale gets owned by David Seaman in a long-forgotten prank from short-lived ITV show called Surprising Stars.  


With first-hand accounts from the brains behind the pranks and the unfortunate stars who were on the receiving end, these are the Greatest Ever Celebrity Wind ups! Celebrity contributors include Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton, presenters Michael Underwood & Melinda Messenger and comedian Vikki Stone.

  • Tuesday 24th November, 7pm

  • Channel 5

  • 6 of 6


Steph's Packed Lunch

Steph McGovern presents a bold, fresh and exciting daily show broadcast live from Leeds. Steph's Packed Lunch features celebrity guests, fantastic food, intriguing real-life features and the best entertainment, lifestyle and consumer stories making the headlines. Well-known faces reveal what has got the viewers at home talking each day. In the kitchen, chefs Jack Stein and Dr Rupy Aujla rustle up delicious lunchtime treats. And there's a sideways look at the daily news in One O'Clock Views. Dr Helen Lawal and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim are the show's resident medical experts. 

  • Mon 23rd November, 12:30pm
    Tues 24th November, 12:30pm
    Wed 25th November, 12:30pm
    Thur 26th November, 12:30pm
    Fri 27th November, 12:30pm

  • Channel 4

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