The Repair Shop

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

First is a poignant story of a very precious keepsake. Rose Werner, and her sister Linda, have travelled from Essex in the hope that Suzie Fletcher can turn her expertise to a decorative leather box that they hold dear to their hearts. It belonged to Rose’s late husband Jim. He arrived in the UK as a teenage refugee just before WW2, thanks to the Kindertransport scheme. Sadly he never saw his family again and this treasured box was his only link to his German Jewish heritage but it’s showing its age and it would mean the world to Rose to have it safely preserved. Susie gently cleans and conditions the embossed, leather top panel, secures the detached areas and replaces the silk fabric lining inside.

As Steve sets about dislodging the damaged parts on the boat, across the barn, Suzie is taking a lighter touch with the delicate pattern work on the decorative leather box. Rose is moved when she sees the finished results.

Peter Coxon is next to arrive, hoping the teamwork of Steve Fletcher and Dominic Chinea can provide a speedy recovery to a favourite childhood toy. The wind up, tin boat is a model of the 1950’s recording breaking Bluebird speed boat and it sparked a lifelong love of the water for young Peter. Dom and Steve can hardly contain their excitement at the thought of getting this vintage toy back on the water again. Steve replaces the rust ridden engine with a new one, makes his first ever propeller and comes up with a clever way to keep the workings water tight. It’s then over to Dom, who preps, then reinstates the signature blue and when Peter returns, the whole gang head down to lake to test it out!

Upholsterer Hannah Weston-Smith takes receipt of an old Italian dressing table chair that's ripped and worn but holds sweet memories for owner Chantal Taylor. Sadly Chantal lost both her parents recently and this chair represents her happy childhood. She can still see her glamorous Italian mother sitting in it, as she did her makeup and Chantel would love to use it just as her mother did. Hannah strips it back to its bare frame and ensures the new padding is plump and comfortable. She then rekindles the faded glamour of the gilt frame, using a scumble glaze. Jay selects the perfect bold and decadent fabric and Chantel is overjoyed.

And finally Danielle Woods, and her daughter Niamh, come to see toy restorers Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch can save a much-loved companion before it’s too late. The tortoise pouffe was Danielle’s first Christmas present, over 40 years ago, and has been a permanent fixture in her home ever since but the years of being sat on and hugged have taken their toll. His head is falling off and his fluffy fabric is dirty and dull. The ladies waste no time in getting him dismantled and in the bath. He’s given new stuffing, new lining and good scrub up….until he looks as handsome as he did on that Christmas morning.

  • Wednesday 27th January, 8pm

  • BBC One

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Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains

In tonight’s show, comedian and unexpected ballroom dancing star Bill Bailey, comic Tom Allen and TV presenter AJ Odudu share their embarrassing teenage stories with host Rhod Gilbert.


Who will win the coveted title of Most Embarrassing Teenager – will it be Bill and his ability to make himself sound like a vacuum cleaner, Tom and his obsession with Elton John or AJ and her inappropriate Christina Aguilera tribute? Rhod reveals one of his own long forgotten hairstyles and an adolescent obsession with video games, as well as uncovering some past pop culture time sadly hasn’t forgotten - what were the most baffling trends, worst TV shows and most irritating music while his guests were growing up?


In a surprise for the guests Rhod has spoken to friends and family who knew them as teenagers and shares some mortifying morsels they would probably rather he hadn’t got hold of. And finally, what advice would they give to a teenage them with the benefit of hindsight? And would the teenage them listen, or just reply ‘blah blah blah’?

  • Tuesday 26th January, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

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Countdown to Murder

In October 2012, a group of friends driving through a village in Kent come across the badly injured body of a young woman on the side of the road. They immediately call 999 but despite the paramedics best efforts the woman dies. The victim is Natalie Jarvis, 23, and from her many stab wounds, it is clear she has been murdered. Worse still, Natalie’s killer is someone she thought was a friend.

Natalie was a sociable young woman who was born and raised in the local area and lived with her parents. In 2008 she’d met Adam Whelehan when out with friends at a local pub. He was a young man who, like Natalie, still lived with his parents and enjoyed few responsibilities.  Whelehan spent most of his spare time with a small, close-knit group of male friends.

For years, Natalie and Adam were just friends who met socially. But in June 2012, when both found themselves single, things became more serious.  They began texting each other and on the 9th July 2012, they met up and had sex in Whelehan’s car.  Unknown to Natalie though, Whelehan was leading her on and she was the subject of jokes with his mates. 

But things would take a dark turn when Natalie sent Whelehan a bombshell text.  It was the trigger for a deadly plan as over the coming months in a series of social media posts and texts to his friends, Whelehan began to plot her murder.  What started as sick jokes slowly became more serious, and talk turned into reality when Whelehan lured Natalie from her home, drove her to a secluded location and brutally attacked her.

  • Tuesday 26th January, 9pm

  • 5Star

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Celebrity Best Home Cook

The search for the first ever Celebrity Best Home Cook begins.


The ten celebrities battling it out are: reality TV star, Ferne McCann, Broadcaster and former Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, Don’t Take My Baby and Years and Years actor, Ruth Madeley, Celebs Go Dating’s Tom Read Wilson, Coronation Street and Doctor Who actor, Shobna Gulati, CBBC presenter and Strictly contestant, Karim Zeroual, Journalist and presenter, Rachel Johnson, Comedian and presenter, Ed Byrne, Comedian and writer, Desiree Burch and former Welsh rugby captain Gareth Thomas.

The trio of judges putting them through their culinary paces are the queen of home cooking Dame Mary Berry, Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett and fruit & veg expert Chris Bavin.  On hand with plenty of socially-distanced support and encouragement is presenter Claudia Winkleman who hosts with her usual dose of wit and warmth.

Each week the celebrity cooks are faced with two challenges, starting with Mary’s Ultimate round, where contestants produce their tried and tested food for special occasions.  Up next, it’s Chris’s Rustle Up challenge; one surprise ingredient and one hour to create a mid-week masterpiece. Those who haven’t impressed enough across these two challenges will be picked to take part in Angela’s dreaded Eliminator,   where the cooks must follow one of Angela’s recipes, perfectly.  The Eliminator is judged blind, and the cook making the weakest version of the dish will be sent home.  Judges will not know which cook has cooked which dish until they’ve made their decision.
This week, Mary wants to know what home cooking means to them, so she challenges them to produce their Ultimate home cooked dinner.  We see a range of different dishes and skills, from comforting macaroni cheese and lasagnes to spicy, fragrant curries and ambitious Mexican taco feasts.  At the end of this round, the judges each pick their personal favourites.

The next day the celebrity cooks return to the kitchen to face Chris’s Rustle Up challenge, just one hour to rustle up a dish from a surprise ingredient.  With no notes, no recipe books and only a limited selection of other ingredients they have to create a dish that will impress the judges enough to keep them out of the Eliminator.  The judges then decide, based on the cooks’ performance in both rounds, who is safe and who needs to prove themselves by cooking for the Eliminator

The first Eliminator is no mean feat. Angela’s recipes may sound simple but with the cooks now cooking to stay in the competition even the smallest error could see them sent home.  With the judges out of the way, the safe cooks watch on.  At the end of this round, the judges taste all the dishes not knowing who made which before all of the cooks return to the kitchen and everyone learns at the same time which cook is leaving the competition.  10 celebrity cooks become 9.

  • Tuesday 26th January, 9pm
    Wednesday 27th January, 9pm

  • BBC One

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A&E: After Dark

A patient becomes agitated in A&E after waiting to be seen for a bleeding hand. With Jr Sister Kirsty and the security team struggling to calm him down, an intervention is needed.

It’s a busy night in Resus, two patients arrive after jumping from an upstairs window during a house fire.  Both Karina, 41, and Darren, 44, have sustained serious injuries and are in terrible pain.  Consultant Andy must manage their care and ensure that Resus runs smoothly, as other serious cases arrive. 

After falling from a step ladder while decorating, 51-year-old Sharon has been brought into A&E face down with a metal rod sticking out of her back. The question is, how far has the rod penetrated, and has it damaged her internal organs?

In majors, 77-year-old Martin is being treated by Dr Karthik and Nurse Shona, for a huge open fracture following his attempt to halt a rolling car.  After being crushed between the car door and a brick pillar, Martin’s leg may require emergency surgery. 

Dr. Austin tends to 34-year-old Jason, who was found by the side of the road having fallen from his bicycle while under the influence of alcohol.  Jason has no memory of what happened, and the team must figure out if this is the result of alcohol related amnesia, or a sign of serious brain injury.

  • Monday 25th January, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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The Bidding Room

TX 15

Today in the Bidding Room – set deep in the Yorkshire countryside - Nigel Havers welcomes 5 people with intriguing pieces they’d like to sell.  To help them before they face the dealers, Nigel introduces them to resident valuation expert, Simon, who has been an auctioneer for nearly 30 years. Simon will provide the sellers with specialist information about the item’s history and an educated valuation.  Armed with this knowledge, Nigel guides the seller through to the bidding room where they’ll face five eager dealers, ready to spend their own money.

The dealers have no idea who is going to walk in or what they’ll be selling but if it’s something they want they’ll have to bid against each other to secure the deal.  The sellers will need to keep their heads and haggle hard if they want a bidding war to break out.

Opening proceedings today is Christine with an ornate spice tin that she hopes will tickle the dealers’ tastebuds and cause a bidding war.


Second to face the dealers is Garry with a carousel horse from the 60’s that he’s hoping will see him gallop away with a great sale.

Up next is David with two Chinese statues made from soapstone. They may look like book ends but David discovers they are something else entirely – so will anyone bite?

Fourth in is Beth with an Edwardian display cabinet. She’s looking for a buyer who will appreciate its mahogany beauty but will she find one in the Bidding Room?

Last in is Adam with a truly bizarre life-size dummy called ‘Steve’, depicting a sailor from the days of the Spanish Armada. Steve has been living in Adam’s front room but with a baby on the way, Adam needs to find a new home for the quirky model and make some cash at the same time. So will any of our bidders want to take him home?

The dealers in today are Adi, Tash, JB, Estelle and Jo. So will any of them buy? And if they do, will any of them match – or even top – the valuation placed on each of the items? 



Today in the Bidding Room – set deep in the Yorkshire countryside - Nigel Havers welcomes 5 people with intriguing pieces they’d like to sell.  To help them before they face the dealers, Nigel introduces them to resident valuation expert, who has been an auctioneer for nearly 30 years. Simon will provide the sellers with specialist information about their item’s history and an educated valuation.  Armed with this knowledge, Nigel guides the seller through to the bidding room where they’ll face five eager dealers, ready to spend some money.

The dealers have no idea who is going to walk in or what they’ll be selling but if it’s something they want, they’ll have to bid against each other to secure the deal.  The sellers will need to keep their heads and haggle hard if they want a bidding war to break out.


First into the Bidding Room today is Gloria with a curious massager that she bought at a car boot. It soon has the dealers intrigued but will it get them bidding?

Next to face the dealers is Vismantas with a religious icon, thought to be 200 years old. He’s hopeful that with such age and beauty, it’ll fetch the figure he wants.

Third in today is Dan from Wales with two mannequins that he rescued from an old shop. He soon has the dealers intrigued, but will any of them be taking the mannequins home?

Following Dan, is Kath with a vase she found at an auction. Kath believes this item is quite special and hopes the dealers agree.

Last in is Jonathan with a piece of mysterious motor memorabilia, which even has Simon perplexed. So will the dealers work out what it is – and can Jonathan motor off with a good deal?

The dealers in today are Adi, Ian, James, Jane and Tash. So will any of them buy? And if they do, will any of them match – or even top – the valuation placed on each of the items? 



Today in the Bidding Room, Nigel Havers welcomes 4 people with interesting items they’d like to sell.  To give them a fighting chance, Nigel introduces them to resident valuation expert, Simon, to provide them with specialist information about the item’s provenance and an educated valuation.   Then the sellers head off to the Bidding Room, to take on five eager deals ready to spend their own money.

The dealers don’t know what the expect until the sellers walk through the door. If the item that comes in is something they want, then they’ll bid against the others to try to buy it. The more dealers who bid, the higher the price could go – although the sellers don’t have to sell if they don’t think the offer is enough. So as the bidding picks up the pace, it soon becomes a battle of wits: who will hold their nerve and who will secure the best possible deal?


Opening proceedings today is Michelle with a green vase she’s loved since the sixties. Will anyone bid high enough to prize the prized-possession away?

Next through the doors is Steve with a very interesting mirror that he hopes will have the dealers looking to pay big money.

Third in today is Mark with a Troll called ‘Trotter’. Produced by a famous Norwegian sculptor and wood carver, will the dealers realise his value?

Fourth into the Bidding Room is Kevin with a set of Victorian lawn edgings that he thinks will complete anyone’s garden. But will any of the dealers be green-fingered enough to agree? 

Today’s final seller is Ann with two French figures made from chalk. Decorative and unique can she start a bidding battle?

The dealers in today are Adi, Ian, James, Jane and Tash, Estelle, JB and Jo. So will any of them buy? And if they do, will any of them match – or even top – the valuation placed on each of the items? 



Nigel Havers welcomes five more sets of sellers to the Bidding Room where they will try to persuade one of the dealers to buy the items they are trying to sell.

Before facing the dealers, each seller meets Nigel and auctioneer Simon who will value their items. Simon will also give them top tips on the history and key characteristics of their piece so that when they enter the bidding room, they have all the information they need to try to haggle the best possible price from the dealers.

All the dealers are spending their own money but have no idea what the sellers are bringing in each day. If they like an item, then they will bid against one another to try to buy it. The more dealers who bid, the more chance the seller has to push up the final price tag. But the sellers don’t have to sell, if they don’t think the dealers are offering enough money; especially if the bids don’t reach expert Simon’s valuation (which they should wisely keep to themselves). 


Opening seller today is Sophie with a pair of 1930’s suitcases complete with original parts for carrying everything the discerning traveller would need for their personal care. She’s hoping they might open the bidding with style. 


Next in is Scott with a twister ride car that he’s transformed into a table and chair. It’s certainly unique – and brings an unusual twist to the bidding. So can Scott ride off with the price he’s after?

Third of today’s would-be sellers is Alice with a Magic lantern that she found in the loft. Can her new knowledge from Simon see her project a great deal in the bidding room? 

Fourth in is Nigel with a silver condiment holder that he thinks will catch the dealers’ eye. So when he faces the dealers, will his sales tactics cut the mustard?

Completing the line-up is Dennis and his quirky tin plate, wind-up toy that goes both backwards and forwards. The dealers are intrigued but who will splash out and take it home?

The dealers in today are Adi, Ian, Melissa, Samantha, JB, Estelle, Tash and James. So will any of them buy? And if they do, will any of them match – or even top – the valuation placed on each of the items? 



Awaiting Billing

  • Monday 25th January, 4:30pm
    Tuesday 26th January, 4:30pm
    Wednesday 27th January, 4:30pm
    Thursday 28th January, 4:30pm
    Friday 29th January, 4:30pm

  • BBC One

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Secrets of the Royal Palaces

Sandringham in Norfolk is one of the few royal residences owned personally by the Windsors.  It was purchased in 1861 for the rakish Prince Edward in the hopes of settling him down in the countryside.  Instead he turned it into the perfect party palace with a bowling alley, billiards and endless hunting and shooting. 


July 1982: unemployed labourer Michael Fagan breached Buckingham Palace security, shimmied up a drainpipe and climbed in through a skylight.  He spent 15 minutes wandering the corridors, sitting on the throne and ended up sitting on the Queen’s bed as she awoke and demanding cigarettes.  We hear from the security experts who analyse this lapse and explain what the fallout was. 


Charles II followed his father in being a great collector of art.  Nearly 150 years after the death of Leonardo, he purchased some 600 Da Vinci drawings to add to the Royal Collection.  In 2019 hundreds of these extraordinary works went on display for the first time.  Leonardo’s detailed anatomical drawings are a testament to how far ahead of his time was his knowledge.


According to Kate Williams, Victorian London was very smelly.  She describes the summer of the Great Stink when raw sewage turned the Thames black and Queen Victoria was so overcome by the miasma that she had to retreat to Buckingham Palace for sanctuary.


Perhaps the most exclusive fabric in the world is the Balmoral Tartan.  This red, grey and black tartan was designed by Prince Albert to represent the granite hills surrounding Balmoral.  Only the Queen can give permission for it to be worn and that honour is restricted the royal family – and the pipers who serenade them.


And we reveal that Prince Philip, once known as an arch moderniser, intended to demolish Sandringham to make way for a concrete and glass replacement.  The Queen Mother protested so strongly that the plan was shelved, and Sandringham survived to become the Duke’s retirement home of choice.


Secrets old and new, from the darkest history of the royal residences to modern day dilemmas and disasters – it’s all here in Secrets of the Royal Palaces.

  • Saturday 23rd January, 8:30pm

  • Channel 5

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Chatsworth House: A Great British Year

At Chatsworth all that glitters really is gold: each window frame on the West and South fronts is covered in 1,500 sheets of gold leaf. The windows were recently restored as part of a £32million renovation project, but when abseiling surveyors check their condition, the Duke and Duchess are in for a shock.


Elsewhere in the house, for the first time in 20 years, the Collections team must pack up rarely seen drawings by Rembrandt, da Vinci and Raphael for exhibition. And out on the farms, the team find a high-tech solution to stop them losing their wandering Luing cattle: tracker necklaces for cows.


Meanwhile, as holiday lettings manager Sandra dashes between Chatsworth’s historic holiday cottages, she reveals a very famous former resident. Plus, with revenue from weddings down 90% in 2020, the events team hope to persuade engaged couples to say ‘I do’ to a wedding in Chatsworth’s latest venture: a riverside tipi.

  • Tuesday 26th January, 9pm

  • More 4

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South Africa with Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace is in South Africa exploring its stunning landscapes, majestic wildlife and of course its food glorious food. Along the wild coast, on safari, through vast savannahs and into the cities Gregg discovers the flavours this diverse country has to offer; from the winelands around Cape Town to an Afrikaans braai in the Kalahari desert at sunset, Soweto’s street food stalls selling fat cakes, and traditional hearty dishes like bobotie. Gregg also discovers South Africa's famous wildlife - coming face to face with sharks and helping care for wild leopards and African penguin


Whale Coast 

South Africa with Gregg Wallace: Gregg takes a 300 kilometre road trip along the stunning coast of the Western Cape heading for Gansbaai, otherwise known as Shark Town. He stops for lunch at the South African fish and chip shop, releases rehabilitated African Penguins back into the wild and meets his match on a boat trip through shark alley.

s and immerses in the country's rich culture and tradition, new and old, as he journeys east to west to get a taste of the real South Africa.

  • Tuesday 26th January, 7:30pm

  • ITV

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Bargain Brits on Benefits

 We meet the Bargain Brits who save a fortune, by being clever with their cash. This week, single mum Jo, reveals how she has transformed her house on a bargain budget. She prides herself on buying from cheap marketplace sites and then putting her own stamp on the items by customising on the cheap. From buying different door knobs for wardrobes or using black electrical tape to update her shower cubicle, Jo likes a project and doesn’t like spending money on it. Jo’s latest challenge is to transform her son’s bedroom.


Simon has been on benefits for the last couple of years due to ill health. Having not been able to work – he’s come up with a whole new set of ways to get the things that he wants by doing deals. As a decent amateur photographer, he had started to get into gigs for free IF he took photos of the performance, but since lockdown those chances to make more money have dried up. Buying and selling lego sets online, has started to bring in the cash, but now he’s come up with a new idea. His garden needs a makeover and he’s hoping that a local garden centre will let him update their website with new photos in exchange for a set of plants.


Lei had been used to living the high life, travelling the world, with not a care in the world. But life changed when she became a single mum and stopped relying on the bank of mum and dad. Whilst she loves a charity shop bargain, Lei has found a way of saving on her energy bills, simply by introducing other people to different tariffs. She has this off to a fine art, and hasn’t needed to pay a utility bill in two years.

  • Monday 25th January, 9pm

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