Jay Blades: Learning To Read At 51

Jay Blades, presenter of The Repair Shop, has decided it’s finally time to learn to read. He has been told he has the reading age of an 11-year-old. Throughout his life he has found ways of avoiding the written word, and this film digs deep into how this has shaped him.


Blades left school with no qualifications and nothing to his name than a reputation as a great fighter. Can he now, in mid-life, tackle what he failed to learn the first time round?


He’s not alone in facing this issue. Research findings suggest that a quarter of all children in England leave primary school, like Blades, unable to read to the expected level. More than eight million adults in the UK have poor literacy skills, and half of all prisoners either can’t read or struggle to do so.


Using a system developed for use in prisons by the Shannon Trust, Jay commits to learn to read with Read Easy, a charity whose volunteers do one-to-one coaching. Along the way, he revisits key moments in his life that were shaped by not being able to read: the ‘learner’ class at school, the dead-end jobs he had to take because he had no qualifications, and not being able to read his children bedtime stories. Daughter Zola is now 15, and Jay wants to read her a story before she reaches adulthood on her next birthday.


Following Jay over six months of learning, this intimate and revealing film goes behind closed doors to see how he organizes his upholstery business without the written word, manages on The Repair Shop without scripts and struggles each day with his vowels and consonants as he tries to learn phonics. We meet Jay’s girlfriend Lisa, his daughter Zola and his ‘adopted’ family who all help him with his reading challenge. Jay also meets school pupils and adults who struggle with reading and writing, as he discovers the human stories behind the nation’s literacy statistics.

  • Wednesday 26th January, 9pm

  • BBC One

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Friday Night in A&E

Friday night in A&E follows an emergency medical care department as the end of the working week collides with the weekend. On Friday nights the department gets busier with accident and trauma patients, alongside the Friday night revellers, and an increased police presence. Security help keep the peace as the extraordinary medical staff deliver lifesaving care for those in need. It’s just another Friday Night in A&E.  


The Emergency Care Team at Hull Royal Infirmary face the chaos and carnage of Friday Night in A&E. Forty-one-year-old patient Jimmy, who is homeless, is escorted off the premises after getting angry at a receptionist in the waiting room. Once Jimmy has calmed down, he’s allowed to have his hand treated, which was injured when a gang of youths attacked him. The doctors must decide – as his wound can’t be treated on the night shift, do they admit him, or send him back out to the streets? 


Consultant Fraser assembles a full trauma response for 50-year-old Kim, who has shockingly split her nose and forehead to the bone. Doctors are concerned there may be internal injuries that only a CT scan will reveal. And will Kim’s face ever be the same again? 

Twenty-five-year-old Georgia is brought into Resus after being knocked out at a charity boxing match. Dr Fraser wants to rule out the possibility of a brain injury. 

Sarah was celebrating her 54th birthday when she fell over onto her wrist. As she screams in agony, Dr Andrew administers morphine to help Sarah, but the clinical team are concerned when her screams turn to silence. 


A known drug user is found passed out on the floor in minors. The team carefully search his pockets, finding needles and drug paraphernalia. It’s up to the medical team to revive the patient.  

The Repair Shop

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.


There is an exciting challenge for furniture restorer Sonnaz Nooranvary, when she is given the opportunity to work on an iconic piece of Danish design, known as an ‘egg chair.’ Christine Langton, and her daughter Kate, deliver an armchair designed by Arne Jacobsen, bought in the 60’s, when Christine and her husband Maurice were furnishing their first home together. Maurice loved this chair and sat proudly in it throughout his life. Even though it is now looking very worse for wear and has been shrouded under a blanket for years, it still reminds the family of a much missed father and husband and they’d love to see it in as it was in the swinging sixties. Sonnaz must strip this back design classic to its bare bones and start from scratch but feels privileged to do so.


Next to arrive is Nick Wimshurst, with his great, great grandfather’s remarkable invention. Mechanical expert Steve Fletcher is fascinated by this piece of Victorian scientific history. The machine generates electrostatic energy, using spinning glass discs, brushes to capture the static charge and bars that transfer, what looks like, lightning bolts. The instrument has been in Nick’s family for over 135 years but he has never seen it work. He is hugely proud of his forefather’s invention and feels compelled to find someone to help get it up and running again. Steve draws on all his know how, plus what he remembers from his school physics lessons, to enable lightning to strike once again.


It's a first for master hatter Jayesh Vaghela when Ross Brown visits with his grandfather’s sailor’s hat. Alf was a stoker, working in the vessel engine rooms, with the Royal Navy and served throughout WW2. He had quite the tale to tell his family when he returned safely after an attack from a German U-boat and was a true hero to a young Ross. When Alf died Ross inherited the white hat, that witnessed so many adventures but its custodian was only ten years old and unfortunately the hat came a cropper with green ink from a discarded pen. Ross has carried the guilt all his life and is putting all his faith in Jayesh to perform a minor miracle to erase the ink, while retaining its characteristic wear and tear.

And John Marshall wheels in the most extraordinary bicycle for experts Tim Gunn and Dom Chinea to work on. Known as a ‘bucking bronco bike’, it has no pedals or chain but relies on the rider bobbing up and down to power it! Needless to say, both Tim and Dom are delighted to get cracking on this unique renovation project.

  • Wednesday 26th January, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 4 of 4


Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson

Interior Designer Sophie Robinson shares her decades of decorating know how so that any of us, no matter what our budget, can have a stylish home that would be the envy of our neighbours.  This series is packed with inspiration, ideas for all budgets, tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts and encouraging words to help everyone to be brave and give their homes style and personality that they’ve always dreamed of.   Each programme, Sophie tackles two different interiors, helping homeowners who are struggling with design doubts and dilemmas decide how to spend their money and be bold with style.  Then, together they makeover their homes creating dramatic and unique transformations.  From colour blocking to Minimalism, Maximalism to all-black interiors, and from bold to neutral colour schemes, no matter what your taste, this series is about how every house,  can be a stylish home.


Sophie Robinson faces the challenge of transforming the new home of a couple with dramatically different design tastes, and a master bedroom for just £500.

Anna and Peter bought their new house a few months ago, but they have very clashing ideas about how to decorate.  Peter likes white walls, but Anna wants zebra prints and pink ceilings.  The couple admit to being stuck for ideas.  Can Sophie help them to combine quirky and calm, wild and restrained?  Will a gold-leaf ceiling be a bridge too far? And how can Sophie incorporate their passion for Alpacas?


Aye and Josh bought their house 10 years ago and are saving for an extension, but the master bedroom can’t wait.  The couple want as big an impact as possible as affordably as possible.  Sophie wants to use bold colour, with a trend that started on the catwalk and is now hot in interior design – colour blocking.  She wants to push the couple out of their colour comfort zone and achieve maximum impact for minimum spend.  Will Sophie’s colour choices be too bold for a couple’s bedroom?  Can she achieve the dramatic transformation she wants using only paint and colour?

Sophie Robinson brings 20 years interior design experience.  In this episode, she also gives viewers her expert advice on figuring out a style that is right for you, on getting the Art Deco look, and on colour matching designer paints to affordable brands, and gives her insider’s guide to today’s trend for colour blocking.  Plus how to gold leaf at home affordably, and tips on painting straight lines.

  • Wednesday 26th January, 7pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 6


Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win

Ant & Dec host the quiz that gives contestants a chance to win the biggest cash prize in British TV history.

Sisters, Sarah & Amy, return to take on the Limitless Ladder; but will they cash out before they crash out?

  • Saturday 22nd January, 8:30pm

  • ITV

  • 3 of 5


Trucking Hell

This action-packed series follows men and women working in the heavy recovery business, tackling jack-knifed lorries, crashed HGVs and roadside breakdowns. Every episode is packed with thrills, spills and high drama 

as rescue operators from two of the country’s leading recovery companies clear up the carnage on our roads. Keeping Britain’s 300,000 truckers safe is not a job for the faint-hearted, and the tough professionals who star in the series have the character and kit for the job, driving some of the most super- heavyweight machines in the world. 


In Burton upon Trent, Lee is in a race against time to rescue a coach that’s careered off a road and straight into a hedgerow. Coaches are notoriously difficult to rescue, and with rush hour fast approaching on this busy commuter rat-run, the pressure is on! 


After desperately searching for an anchor point to attach his winch cable to, Lee remembers that a sturdy cross bar can often be found in the back compartment of the coach. He’s relieved to find his hunch was correct. But with time ticking, and the traffic growing, can the recovery op successfully ease the coach out without causing serious damage to its undercarriage? 


In Denton, Lincolnshire, Stig has the unenviable task of trying to rescue a bin lorry that’s marooned in mud a quarter of a mile down a narrow country lane. Baffled as to why anyone would attempt this road in a heavy duty vehicle, Stig first tries hauling the lorry out with the help of a snatch block, but soon realises it’s stubbornly digging its heels into the mud. Stig desperately needs to come
up with a new strategy, but does his ex-army Foden recovery vehicle have what it takes to win this awkward tug of war? 


And Merrie’s feeling ‘trip-happy’ when she’s assigned the task of recovering a truck whose rear bumper has fallen off on a busy road in the scenic town of Bicester. It’s a dream job for someone who loves the freedom of the open road — but the charms of a country town soon fade as Bicester’s narrow streets start to seriously test Merrie’s driving skills. With the traffic whizzing by inches from where she’s working, Merrie’s needs all her expertise
to get the truck positioned correctly for a successful lift and tow. 

  • Thursday 27th January, 9pm

  • 5Action

  • 9 of 20


Dragons’ Den


  • Thursday 27th January, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 4 of 14


Shoplifters & Scammers: At War with The Law


  • Monday 24th January, 11:15am
    Tuesday 25th January, 11:15am
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