Save Money: Good Food


This week Susanna and Matt are in Wolverhampton to raid the kitchen of takeaway lovers the Cookes. With five daughters Mum and Dad are so busy that they often reach for the phone rather than cooking from scratch. So Matt has to deliver dishes fabulous enough to rival their beloved takeouts. With a healthier homemade fish and chips meal coming in at under a pound a head and a Chinese feast to rival their favourite takeaway for just over 7 pounds for the whole family!  Susanna is at Billingsgate Fish Market to see how a few changes to our fish shopping habits could mean big savings – and we put shortbread to the supercheap taste test- how will the budget biscuit stand up to famous brand Walkers?

  • Tuesday 5th December, 7.30pm

  • ITV

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Coastal Railways with Julie Walters

Julie starts in Newcastle, famed for its ‘Brown Ale’, which brings back some difficult memories for her so she quickly hops aboard the mainline high-speed train bound for Edinburgh.

First stop is the beautiful coastal town of Alnmouth and its neighbour Alnwick where she discovers the disused station still in use but now as one of the biggest and most beautiful second hand bookshops in Britain.  Its enthusiastic owners first discovered the original “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster that sparked the whole craze.  Julie joins local enthusiasts determined to privately reopen the railway line back to Alnmouth.  The track is being laid and Julie is roped in to help out.

She hitches a ride in the driver’s cabin of the 125 train speeding north to North Berwick where she meets Jane McMinn, IT consultant turned master mariner and lobster breeder, who takes her out to sea to the spectacular Bass Rock and the biggest gannet colony on Earth.

The last leg finds Julie in Edinburgh where she discovers the intriguing connections between the railway and the famous Balmoral Hotel’s Palm Court and Clock Tower.

  • Sunday 3rd December, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 2 of 4


When Reality TV Goes Horribly Wrong

This 3 hour special narrated by Vicky Pattison features epic fails from the wild and wonderful world of Reality TV. Misjudged formats, shows that bombed, stars who fell from grace and unscripted bust-ups are just some of the things that have caused a rumble both in front of and behind the camera.

The show features outrage and scandal from reality TV heavyweights I’m A Celebrity Get Me out of Here, Big Brother, Hell’s Kitchen and The Big Reunion as well as unearthing some long-forgotten format horrors that were best left buried. There are hilarious and sometimes jaw-dropping, first-hand accounts from the stars that were there including Big Brother narrator Marcus Bentley, Geordie Shore’s Nathan Henry, Casey Batchelor, Lady Colin Campbell and chef Antony Worrall Thompson who lead a revolt with the I’m a Celeb campmates leaving Ant & Dec in jungle chaos.

Highlights include Lee Otway who talks exclusively on TV for the first time about his very public Celebrity Love Island meltdown which left him struggling to find work as an actor for years to come. Mother of the late Jade Goody, Jackiey Budden, opens up in a rare TV interview about the Celebrity Big Brother race row that made the headlines worldwide and left the them both unable to leave their homes. Plus Ex on the Beach star Che McSorley recalls how a leaked sex tape, which surfaced online, turned her life upside down. 

Other highlights include actress Amanda Barrie walking out of Hell’s Kitchen after raising her hand to Gordon Ramsey in a moment of rage, Interior Designer Celia Sawyer reliving the home makeover that left contestants on her reality show in tears and the milestone moment from Sam Faiers’ Baby Diaries where Sam’s boyfriend Paul shared a controversial kiss with his mum!

Interviewees include presenters Sean Fletcher, Alison Hammond and Vogue Williams, reality TV royalty Nicki Graheme, Bianca Gascoigne and Paul Danan and Harry Potter actress turned comedian Jessie Cave.

  • Sunday 3rd December, 10:45pm

  • Channel 5

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Helicopter ER

A woman is catapulted 30ft over a garden hedge after a car careers off the road in a housing estate - and there’s a life or death race to fly an injured rider with lethal internal bleeding to intensive care. 

  • Monday 4th December, 9pm

  • Really

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Dr Christian Will See You Now

Dr Christian and his team of in-house specialists are on hand once again to diagnose, counsel and treat patients who desperately need their help.

21-year-old Emma has come to the clinic with her mum to have her double G breasts examined. They are causing her a lot of discomfort and are stopping her from finding a boyfriend.  She’s hoping Dr Christian’s and a consultation with his plastic surgeon can help change her life.

Mackenzie suffers from cluster headaches and is prone to severe attacks up to eight times a day.  The condition is getting worse and it’s putting a strain on her relationship with boyfriend Connor, who doesn’t know how to help.

Andrea and her husband Paul have come to the clinic for help with Andrea’s ongoing hair-loss, which is a result of chemotherapy that she underwent three years ago. The issue has had a big impact on her self-esteem and she is struggling with the condition on a daily basis.

Wedding planner Billy suffers from beard alopecia. His condition has hit his confidence hard and is preventing him from socialising and living his life to the full. With the help of his in-house dermatologist can Dr Christian work his magic?

MasterChef: The Professionals

Knockout Week Billings

MasterChef: The Professionals S10, Episode 13 of 21 

It’s Knockout Week on MasterChef: The Professionals. MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace teams up with two of Britain’s leading chefs – Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing and Monica Galetti. The judges are at the sharp edge of the hunt for the country’s next culinary superstar.

After four weeks of intense competition, the 12 most talented chefs remain from the initial 48. Tonight is the first time they all come together in the MasterChef kitchen where their fate rests in an almighty cook off.

The first challenge for the 12 chefs is to cook against each other in a terrifying Invention Test.  They need to impress the three judges with one spectacular plate of food created from a heaving table of fresh sweet and savoury ingredients. But Monica and Marcus have raised the bar a little higher, and challenge the chefs to the maximum by removing all the modern kitchen gadgets from the kitchen. In the absence of a sous-vide or water bath, the emphasis is on classic cooking skills - plain and simple. With two hours and 15 minutes to create an innovative plate of excellence, they must seize this opportunity to make an impact on the judges. Only eight chefs will be guaranteed to move onto the next round. The weakest four must cook again against each other.

In the Cook Off round, the four remaining chefs have their final chance to showcase their talents to Marcus, Monica and Gregg and save themselves from being sent home. With one hour to create one perfect dish – it’s do or die. Can they sear, blowtorch and pickle their way into the judges' good books and convince them they deserve to continue in the competition. For two chefs, it’s the end of the road when they are sent home.  The best two chefs from this round join the other eight and continue their quest to raise the MasterChef: The Professionals 2017 trophy.

Judge: Marcus Wareing

Judge: Monica Galetti

Judge: Gregg Wallace

MasterChef: The Professionals S10, Episode 14 of 21 

Knockout Week continues on MasterChef: The Professionals. Chef Monica Galetti and Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing scrutinise the chefs’ every move in their bid to uncover the professional chef to crown culinary superstar of 2017.

Only 10 outstanding chefs remain in the competition and they have been split into two groups of five.  Tonight the first team are set two daunting challenges by Monica and Marcus, which will test them further than any previous round. For the first time, the professionals must show they can work together as a team to create a three-course fine dining menu for special guests at the Home of Rugby – Twickenham.  

The chefs have two and a half hours to design and cook their spectacular three courses for legendary England Rugby Captain Will Carling and his invited guests, who include Twickenham’s Head of Catering, Thomas Rhodes, England’s women’s captain Sarah Hunter, England women’s fullback, Emily Scarratt, England Sevens’ Captain and Olympic silver medallist, Tom Mitchell, and rising England rugby star, Ellis Genge.  The dining menu must live up to their expectations and please the palate and athletic waistlines of the rugby superstars. Having proved themselves as individual chefs in the competition so far, this is a chance for the judges to watch first-hand how the chefs work in a team. Who will shine through as a true creative? Who will step up in a leadership role, helping the team realise their collective creative vision? Will anyone crumble under the real time pressure of playing as a team?

Finally, the five chefs return to the MasterChef kitchen where they face the judges as individuals once more. They put their new found loyalties behind them and replace them with their very best game-faces as they’re pitted against each other for a place in the Semi Finals. The chefs have 90 minutes to create a Showstopper Dish – the best they’ve cooked so far – in this make or break round. The smallest slip could cost them their place in the competition and the stakes are high. Once Marcus, Monica and Gregg have tasted the show-stopping dishes, they will decide which four chefs will make it to the Semi Finals and which chef will have to face the hard road home.

Judge: Marcus Wareing

Judge: Monica Galetti

Judge: Gregg Wallace

MasterChef: The Professionals S10, Episode 15 of 21 

Knockout Week continues on MasterChef: The Professionals. Chef Monica Galetti and Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing scrutinise the chefs every move in their bid to uncover the professional chef to crown culinary superstar of 2017.

Tonight, the second group of five chefs face two intense challenges set by Monica and Marcus. The chefs must cook together for the first time as a team to create an exceptional three-course fine-dining menu at one of London’s most prestigious addresses, The Institution of Civil Engineering, to celebrate the organisation’s bicentenary.

The chefs have two and a half hours to collaborate as a team to design and cook their special menu, which will be served to Lord Robert Mair, the President of the Institution and his five VIP guests. The chefs’ every move will be watched over by judges Monica and Marcus. Will their creative vision and talent shine through? Or will team playing prove to be their weakness?

With the team challenge behind them, the five chefs return to the MasterChef kitchen where they face the judges as individuals once again. Pitted against each other, they will battle it out for a place in the Semi Finals by proving to judges Monica, Marcus and Gregg that they really are a cut above the other chefs. With 90 minutes they must create their own unique Showstopper Dish to prove their talent and dedication to deliver at the highest level. After tasting the dishes, Marcus, Monica and Gregg decide whose time in the MasterChef kitchen is up and which four chefs will move forward in the competition – one giant step close to being crowned MasterChef: The Professionals winner 2017.

Judge: Marcus Wareing

Judge: Monica Galetti

Judge: Gregg Wallace

  • Tuesday 5th – Thursday 7th December, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 13 – 15 of 21


Tattoo Fixers

This week on Tattoo Fixers more inky disasters are averted. Biker Lee needs help to metamorphose his ex into a nightmare he can live with, savoury spread fan Becca wants her favourite food imprinted on her forever and cheeky chap Anthony’s family threesome needs breaking up. Meanwhile Jay immortalises Ashley’s best mate Georgia into a pin up girl over a string of lame leg letters, Sketch helps mummy’s boy Patrick unleash his beast and Alice helps Holly wipe away her inappropriate instructions.

Swipe Right For Murder

When teenager Carly Ryan went online to meet new friends, she thought she'd met the boy of her dreams in 18-year-old musician, Brandon Kane. When Brandon couldn't come to her 15th birthday party, Carly was delighted that his step-father Shane said he would come. What Carly didn’t know was that Brandon and Shane didn't exist - they were just two of more than 200 online personas created by 50-year-old Garry Newman who lured Carly away from her family, attacked and killed her.

  • Thursday 7th December, 10pm

  • Really

  • 4 of 8


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