**NEW** In My Skin

In My Skin is a darkly comic, coming of age story which follows the double life led by 16 year old Bethan Gwyndaf. To her school friends, she portrays herself as an ordinary, cocky teen, full of confidence in herself. The reality, however, is a different story.
Set in Cardiff, it shows Bethan dealing with a troubled life at home that sees her bi-polar mother Katrina - played by Jo Hartley (This Is England) - sectioned by the crisis team at a psychiatric hospital. Her alcoholic father – played by Rhodri Meilir (Hidden/My Family) – displays a lack of compassion to the situation, and Bethan fights hard to hide the truth of the life she really leads from her best friends, Travis and Lydia, and her teachers.
There’s heartache, laughs, and shame as Bethan handles the complexities of going through puberty, and of everyday school life. The respect of her peers and of her teacher Ms Morgan for her writing is something Bethan secretly desires. Can she break out of her shell and use some of the heartache and pain to accomplish that?

**NEW** HMS Belfast: WW2s Great Survivor

Presenter Rob Bell delves into the fascinating history of the WW2 cruiser, HMS Belfast – a ship that played a critical role in some of the most dramatic battles of World War 2, and whose daring deeds helped bring down the Nazis.
HMS Belfast is the sole survivor of the British ships that bombarded the Normandy coast on D-Day. Rob clambers aboard the immaculately-preserved warship – experiencing at first-hand the awesome power of Belfast’s guns… by firing one.  He hears the testimony of John Harrison, veteran of World War 2, who was on board Belfast at the very moment she was blown up by the Nazi’s new secret weapon – a magnetic mine. He gets a taste of life on board, from the daily tot of rum, to the hammocks and officers’ cabins – exploring how the class divide played out among the officers and seamen who lived and fought side by side. And Rob re-lives the tactical brilliance of the Battle of North Cape – an extraordinary act of courage that saw Belfast take on the pride of the German Navy, the mighty battleship Scharnhorst.

  • Wednesday 5th December, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Fantasy Homes By The Sea

Episode 11 – Monday 3rd December
Motorbike mad couple Caroline and Paul love nothing more than riding around the UK coast. They got engaged at the top of Brighton’s panoramic viewing platform earlier this year and are planning a coastal wedding. Having always dreamed of moving to the seaside it was a recent trip to the Isle of man for the iconic TT motorbike race that cemented this dream and now they plan on making the island their home. With a budget of up to £600,000 they are looking for a home with holiday let potential and plenty of garage space for those bikes.
Episode 12 – Tuesday 4th December
Ex Stockbroker Peter and physiotherapist Anne love South Devon so much they recently got married there and had a nautical themed wedding!   They’ve loved living in Leigh-on-Sea with Peter being there his whole life, however they feel the town has become a suburb of London in recent years and is just too busy. South Devon reminds them of how Leigh-on-Sea used to be. With a budget up to 1.2 million pounds they’re looking for a detached coastal home with sea views, room for chickens and goats and a separate annexe for Anne’s physiotherapy practice.
Episode 13 – Wednesday 5th December
Kay and Andy have lived in landlocked Northamptonshire all of their lives. Kay currently runs a one room B and B business from their home which she’s always wanted to expand and with Andy’s career winding down it feels like the right time to pursue her dream. They think their favourite UK holiday spot; the Snowdonia heritage coast is the perfect location for their new venture. With a budget of £800,000 they are looking for a seaside home with separate living space for Kay’s Dad, who will be making the move with them, as well as outbuildings with holiday let potential.
Episode 14 – Thursday 6th December
Occupational therapists Amy and Dick currently live in North London with their 2 young boys but the family are fast outgrowing their current home. Despite London being home to Dick and Amy for over 30 years they’ve been tempted away by the prospect of a new life by the sea. They want a more active, outdoor lifestyle and have set their sights on Broadstairs on the North Kent coast. With a budget of £500,000 they want open plan family living and a large garden for the boys within walking distance to the sea. Amy has already accepted a new job down in Canterbury. And with their house on the market, the pressures on to find their dream property.
Episode 15 – Friday 7th December
Warrington couple Jackie and Mark have been holidaying in the Conwy area of North Wales for the past five years, and have a caravan there. Now they are ready to make their weekend getaway their everyday reality, and find a home by the sea. With a budget of up to £350,000 they are looking for a character property, with plenty of kerb appeal, close to a local pub and of course the sea. Their current apartment is in a converted 13th century hall and they want to find the same wow factor in their new home. Having already viewed and discounted 19 properties in the area this search is not going to be easy.

  • Monday 3rd - Friday 7th December, 8pm

  • Really

  • 11-15 of 20


Club Rep Wars

Last in a brand-new series that enters the sizzling world of summer jobs in the sun. Club Rep Wars follows two teams of wannabe club reps competing to win the chance to work a season in the Greek party paradise of Zante. The Pink and the Blue teams fiercely contest each other at a series of fun-packed events to prove who can triumph at running the best sun-soaked parties.  
It's time for Bossman BJ’s final challenge.  Both teams must plan, promote and work rival beach parties right next door to each other.  They all need to push themselves more than ever before in their last chance to convince the boss that their team deserves the jobs on offer.  But with so many opportunities to make a wrong turn, can the Pinks finally figure out how to work together? And after weeks of serenity will the Blue Team turn on each other?
When it comes down to it, which team will BJ offer the job too?  And which team will be sent packing? Literally.

MasterChef: The Professionals

Episode 13 – Tuesday 4th December
It’s Knockout Week on MasterChef: The Professionals. MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace teams up with two of Britain’s leading chefs – Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing and Monica Galetti. The kitchen is heating up as the judges’ hunt for the country’s next culinary superstar.
After four weeks of intense competition, the 12 most talented chefs remain from the initial 48. Tonight, for the first time they all come together in the MasterChef kitchen where their fate rests in an almighty cook-off.
The first challenge for the 12 chefs is to cook against each other in the most intense Invention Test of the competition. They need to impress the three judges with one spectacular plate of food created from a heaving table of fresh sweet and savoury ingredients. But Monica and Marcus have raised the bar a little higher and challenge the chefs to the max by removing all the modern kitchen gadgets from the MasterChef kitchen. In the absence of a sous-vide or water bath, the emphasis is on classic cooking skills - plain and simple. With two hours and 15 minutes to create an innovative plate of exquisite food, they must seize this opportunity to make an impact on the judges. Only eight chefs will be guaranteed to move onto the next round.
The weakest four need to dust themselves off and cook-off again against each other. In the Cook-Off round, the four remaining chefs have their final chance to showcase their talents to Marcus, Monica and Gregg and save themselves from being sent home. With one hour to create one perfect dish, it’s time for the chefs to dig deep and muster their culinary magic and convince the Judges they deserve to continue in the competition. For two chefs, it’s the end of the road and they are sent home. The best two chefs from this round join the other eight and continue their quest to raise the MasterChef: The Professionals 2018 trophy.
Judge: Marcus Wareing
Judge: Monica Galetti
Judge: Gregg Wallace
Episode 14 – Wednesday 5th December
Knockout Week continues on MasterChef: The Professionals. Chef Monica Galetti and Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing, scrutinise the chefs’ every move in their bid to uncover the professional chef to crown culinary superstar of 2018.
Only ten outstanding chefs remain in the competition and they have been split into two groups of five. Tonight the first group are set two daunting challenges by Monica and Marcus, which will test them further than any previous round. For the first time, the professionals must show they can work together as a team to create a three-course fine dining menu for special guests at Trinity House.  A maritime charity that boasts over 500 years of service to sea farers, and an exclusive London residence. Trinity house has regularly hosted Royals, Prime Ministers and Admirality so the chefs will have to strive to cook something spectacular.
Having proved themselves as individual chefs in the competition so far, this is a chance for the judges to watch first-hand how the chefs work in a team. Who will shine through as a true creative? Who will step up in a leadership role, helping the team realise their collective creative vision? Will anyone crumble under the real time pressure of playing as a team
The chefs have two and a half hours to design and cook three exceptional courses for the Deputy Master, Ian McNaught and his five VIP guests which include a former Mayor of London and Powerboat Champion, Shelly Jory Leigh. The dining menu must live up to their expectations and please the palate of these highflyers of the high seas.  
Finally, the five chefs return to the MasterChef kitchen where they face the judges as individuals once more. They put their new found loyalties behind them when they’re once again pitted against each other for a place in the Semi Finals. The chefs have 90 minutes to create a dish that’s exceptional enough to jettison them into the penultimateweek - the best they’ve cooked so far, in this make or break round. The smallest slip could cost them their place in the competition and the stakes are high. Once Marcus, Monica and Gregg have tasted the show-stopping dishes, they will decide which four chefs will make it to the Semi Finals and which chef will have to face the hard road home.
Judge: Marcus Wareing
Judge: Monica Galetti
Judge: Gregg Wallace
Episode 15 – Thursday 6th December
Knockout Week continues on MasterChef: The Professionals. Chef Monica Galetti and Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing scrutinise the chefs every move in their bid to uncover the professional chef to crown culinary superstar of 2018.
Tonight, the second group of five chefs, face two intense challenges set by Monica and Marcus. The chefs must cook together for the first time as a team to create an exceptional three-course fine-dining menu at one of London’s most prestigious addresses, The Royal College of Physicians.  Celebrating their 500th anniversary, the meal must excel.  
The chefs have two and a half hours to collaborate as a team to design and cook their special menu, which will be served to the President, Professor Dame Jane Dacre, and her five VIP guests. The chefs’ every move will be watched over by judges Monica and Marcus. Will their creative vision and talent shine through? Or will team playing prove to be their weakness?
With the team challenge behind them, the five chefs return to the MasterChef kitchen where they face the judges as individuals once again. Face to face again the chefs will battle it out for a place in the Semi Finals by proving to judges Monica, Marcus and Gregg that they really are a cut above the others. With 90 minutes they must create their own unique dish to prove their talent and dedication to deliver at the highest level, and to take them through to the Semi Finals. After tasting the dishes, Marcus, Monica and Gregg decide whose time in the MasterChef kitchen is up and which four chefs will move forward in the competition – one giant step close to being crowned MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2018.
Judge: Marcus Wareing
Judge: Monica Galetti
Judge: Gregg Wallace

Tattoo Fixers: Extreme

This week on Tattoo Fixers Extreme, Uzzi is helping Kyle’s girlfriend rid him of a tacky tribute to another lady, Sketch tackles a tattoo for Gina that’s tarnishing memories of her deceased husband, Pash is kicking Katie’s chicken tattoo to the curb, and Alice gives Star Wars super fan Kyle some brand new memorabilia to add to his collection.
Elsewhere, Uzzi covers up Cassie’s airborne abomination and sketch gets the bum deal with Ollie’s cheeky tat.

Curvy Girls Stripped Bare

In the second episode of Curvy Girls Stripped Bare, we go behind the scenes of top London model agency Milk and meet some of the girls on their so-called Curve Wall, modelling plus-size clothes in this growth sector of the fashion industry, now said to be worth £4.7 billion a year. Lauren Frederick, Charlotte Robinson and Alo Hickey reveal the highs – and lows – of being a plus size model, and what it’s like selling clothes for a growing legion of household fashion brands. Lauren’s career is going from strength-to-strength since she joined Milk and there’s more good news on the horizon. For new girl Charlotte, who was spotted at a music festival at the start of summer, modelling seems to be easy. Charlotte is a so-called ‘inbetweenie’ which means she sits between the curve board and the traditional size 6 or 8 of a straight size model.

  • Tuesday 4th December, 10.30pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 2


Portillo’s Hidden History of Britain

In this island nation, all routes lead back to the sea and it is at the seaside that we can perhaps best understand who we are. In this episode Michael Portillo goes in search of the hidden history of the British seaside resort in Brighton, discovering the origins of modern health tourism, how this spa resort was saved by the creation of a grimy underworld and its role as a gateway for new, foreign ideas that transformed us.
Michael begins his search on the sea. Since it was engulfed in flames the ghostly skeleton of Brighton’s West Pier has become one of Britain’s most famous ruins, all that remains one of the most iconic seaside attractions in British history. Getting up close and personal, he discovers its extraordinary staying power thanks to its Victorian engineering. He is taken back to the pleasure pier’s 1920s golden age by 102-year-old Brighton boy Len Goldman.
Michael takes a bracing dip with Britain’s oldest swimming club to investigate Brighton’s origins as a health resort, discovering that cold sea water was thought to cure all sorts of ailments and that originally Brighton was more popular in winter than in summer.
He goes deep underground to find out how the Victorians responded when Brighton became a victim of its own success, a mass tourist destination so popular that it started drowning in human effluent. He explores the 44-mile network of secret tunnels that saved the city.
With the stage set for the golden age of the bucket and spade holiday, Michael explores how Brighton became a gateway for radical ideas from the continent, from the anarchy of Punch and Judy shows to the revolution of mixed sex bathing.
And in a moving encounter, Michael meets Jo Berry, daughter of Conservative MP Sir Anthony Berry who was killed by an IRA bomb at Brighton’s Grand Hotel during the party’s 1984 conference. Having narrowly avoided the bombing himself, Michael learns how Jo reconciled herself with her father’s killer to further the cause of peace.

  • Friday 7th December, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 5 of 5


The Mash Report

With robust reporting and up-to-the-minute analysis, Nish Kumar and a team of hilarious correspondents keep you up to date with everything that’s happened – or not happened – this week.

  • Friday 7th December. 10pm

  • BBC Two

  • 6 of 6

  • annabel@plankpr,com

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