**NEW** Drake’s Royal Voyager

Rob Bell explores the extraordinary story of the Golden Hinde – the Flagship of England’s most notorious pirate, Sir Francis Drake. Sent on a secret mission to plunder Spanish ships in the Pacific, the Golden Hinde’s voyage was packed with adventure: from witchcraft and attempted mutiny, to the supreme triumph of her most famous achievement – becoming the first English Ship to sail around the world.

Rob climbs aboard a replica of the Golden Hinde on London’s South Bank to get to grips with the human stores behind this remarkable vessel. He samples weevil-ridden sailor’s rations, gets a crash course in Elizabethan firearms and learns how paranoia and suspicion led Drake to execute one of his closest friends. And, when it came to taking on formidable Spanish galleons, Rob learns how Drake put the Golden Hinde’s small size to good use – using stealth and cunning to rob untold riches from unsuspecting enemy ships.

Most remarkably, Rob learns how Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe was not only an accident, but also a state secret that he might have taken to the grave – had it not been for the surprise intervention of Queen Elizabeth herself.

  • Saturday 19th January, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


LIVE: Do The Right Thing

This week LIVE from London’s West End Eamonn and Ruth will be sharing the story of an amazing woman who’s turning around the lives of people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with the help of our canine friends and a family’s Caribbean dream wedding that turned into a nightmare.

The Farmers Country Showdown

TX11: Northampton – Ice Cream & Cider

Goat ice cream producers, Ian & Lauren and 7th generation farmers turned cider producers, Sean and Trudie, compete with the weather and the World Cup to sell their premium produce at the Great British Food Festival.

TX12: Three Counties – Alpacas

Alpaca farmers, Ian and Caroline and former circus ringmaster turned farmer, Drew, compete with their alpacas for coveted red rosettes at the Royal Three Counties Show.

TX13: Ireland – Chorizo & Sausages

Northern Ireland’s first charcuterie maker, Alistair, is joined by Kenny & Jennifer (whose menagerie of animals are stars of the silver screen), as they aim to sell their home reared chorizo and meat at the Irish Game Fair.  

TX14: Royal Welsh – Sheep

It doesn’t get tougher than showing sheep at the most prestigious Welsh show. Mother and daughter team, Bethan & Elinor compete alongside Philip & Emma and their family, with their Welsh Mountain sheep at the largest country show in Europe – the mighty Royal Welsh.

TX15: Awards – Farm Worker

Today, three influential farm workers, all critical to the success of their farms, go head to head, hoping to be named ‘Farm Worker of the Year’ at the prestigious Farmers Weekly Awards. 

  • Monday 21st January, 3.45pm

  • BBC One

  • 11-15 of 20


How To Lose Weight Well

On HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT WELL Dr Xand van Tulleken and Dr Helen Lawal ask ordinary Brits to road test some of the most popular and talked about diets out there and give viewers the lowdown on how these diets performed for them. Café cook Stacie Stewart helps the volunteers to turn their diets into delicious dishes.

This week Sandra and Cherise have twelve days to slim down for Cherise’s 30th birthday, Dan and Rob go on six week dieting plans to lose weight for a charity football match, and best friends Pip and Donna want to slim down for a muddy obstacle race in four months’ time.

Xand also investigates gastric balloon pills and finds if he can freeze away his belly fat.

Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too

Brand new series following reality royalty Spencer Matthews and his wife, presenter and model Vogue Williams, as they embrace parenthood for the very first time.

In this episode Spencer and Vogue organise a naming ceremony for baby Theodore. Spencer however has agreed to take part in a charity boxing match and Vogue is unimpressed. Will the ceremony be ruined by Spencer turning up with a broken nose and two black eyes?

My Million Pound Menu


Fred Sirieix oversees a battle for investment between three restaurant ideas who think their take on New International dining will secure them the chance for big-money backing to open on the high street.

First, they must pitch to four of the industry’s top investors for the opportunity to open for business in Manchester - the single idea, with the most investment potential, will be given a two-day trial to prove themselves worthy of the money they’re seeking. However, only those investors with the most passion and interest in the idea will follow it to Manchester.

Amongst those pitching is married couple, Jonas Lorentzen, 34, and Naina Gupta, 32, who want to bring Michelin style Nordic cuisine to the UK. With MATR they host pop-ups throughout the year serving dishes like carrot sautéed for 1 1/2 hours in aromatic flowers and Viking-style herbal buttermilk, with fresh cheese, grilled salsify and smoked bacon. Their vision is centred around a Viking dining hall, or Hof, which they intend to build from scratch and they’re after £970,000 to do it.

Going up against them are three industry friends, Jamie Duffield, 32, Dave Bone, 36, and Anthony Power, 46, whose restaurant idea is inspired by the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage through Portugal and Spain. Jamie walked part of the pilgrimage, and came up with the idea of new Spanish cuisine based around the regional food and produce of Castile y Leon. Having run two successful pop-ups, the trio have given up their full-time jobs in a bid to get Pilgrim off the ground, with signature dishes like salt-baked king scallop, mushroom & sherry consommé, trompettes and samphire served with a glass of Xeco Fino sherry. Pilgrim is seeking £400,000 to open as a new Spanish restaurant and bar.

Finally, a French-Canadian diner, specialising in poutine - crispy skin-on fries, Québec-style cheese curds and a rich veal or mushroom gravy. Married couple, Graham Gartside Bernier (40) and Vincent Bernier (40) are seeking £200,000 for The Blue Caribou Canteen. They came up with the idea after frequent travels to Quebec, where Poutine is widely available, and where Vincent grew up. The Blue Caribou Canteen has traded for two years, mainly at markets in Liverpool and Manchester. Now the couple want to take this French-Canadian speciality to the high street and compete in the popular lunchtime market, against dishes like burritos.

Each of the three ideas pitches to a panel of four investors, all keen to back the next hit international cuisine on the high street:

Jamie Barber is behind a number of hugely successful restaurants including Hush, Cabana Brasilian BBQ and Haché Burger Connoisseurs. Having previously founded and co-owned restaurants including Villandry, Japanese restaurant Sake No Hana, and Italian casual dining brand, Kitchen Italia, his pedigree in backing winners in the food business is second to none. 

Atul Kochhar, chef and entrepreneur, was the first Indian chef to be awarded a Michelin star in the UK, and now oversees a portfolio of five restaurants, with a combined value of between £8m - £10m. Having invested £1million in Epoch in the first series, which is still going ahead once the right site can be found, he is actively seeking to grow his group.

Matt Farrell is co-founder and executive director of Liverpool based bar and restaurant group Graffiti Spirits Ltd, with an annual turnover of £4m, projected to hit £6.5m in 2019. The group currently owns 6 venues in Liverpool, with two more planned to open by February 2019.

Darrel Connell is a Partner at Imbiba - an investment firm specialising in investing in high growth leisure and hospitality businesses. Typically, Imbiba invests between £1m to £10m over a period of 5 years, in bars and restaurants that can grow to multiple sites. To date, they have invested over £60m across more than 100 businesses throughout the UK.

In each episode the winning idea will then have two days in a brand new 50-seater restaurant, in the heart of Manchester’s bustling bar and restaurant district, to prove that their food, menus, pricing, service, team-management and business plans are worth the big money investment they’re asking for.

On the first night they will open for a half-price soft launch to the public, and the investors, before being grilled in detail on their numbers and business plans the following morning.

Finally, they will open for a full-priced lunch service, during which the investors must consider whether to invest or not. As the investors are in competition with each other, Fred will set them a deadline by which time they have to return to the restaurant if they intend to invest.

With final service over, the operators face an anxious wait with Fred to see if anyone returns. All they need is for one investor to walk through the doors and make them an offer, and their business fortunes and restaurant dreams will change forever. 

Tattoo Fixers: Extreme

This time on Tattoo Fixers: Extreme, Pash gets rid of Bev's shocking naked self-portrait, Sketch helps Rich forget a marriage proposal gone wrong, and Uzzi takes on Chris's embarrassing self-inking. Meanwhile, Pash covers Caroline's foul-mouthed tatt in memory of a friend, Sketch conceals Donna's risky reminder of a new experience, and Alice creates a design for John after a life-threatening spider bite.

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