**NEW** Sketch’s Prison Ink

Follow tattoo artist Sketch as he leaves the Fixers studio and immerses himself in the meaning and culture of prison tattoos. He meets the people who were tattooists inside, others who got inked, and the guards who try to stop this dangerous practise.

Sketch reveals the hidden meaning behind common prison tattoos, and asks why people are willing to take the huge health risk involved in self-inking to commemorate their most difficult moments. He talks to the people who have used their own prison ink as a source of inspiration to help them turn their lives around.

Sketch’s Prison Ink is produced by Studio Lambert. Jack Burgess, Niall O’Driscoll and Matt J. Smith are the executive producers.

Coastal Railways with Julie Walters

Devon and Cornwall

Julie is on the famous Great Western Railway heading down to Cornwall and first arrives at the English Riviera town of Torquay, where she revels in the memorable, if damp, beach holidays of her childhood.  She meets eccentric Lionel Digby - famed for bringing Rock and Roll rock to the South West.

At Paignton Julie boards the heritage steam line to Kingswear.  Building this line was a labour of love by its creator, who also converted the tiny coastal Kingswear Castle into his summer residence.  Julie is meant to stay there but is scared it is haunted.

Next day she rides back, on the footplate this time, and catches the mainline towards Polperro.  The cute fishing village is full of smugglers tales and Julie sets out to get to the facts behind the fables.  At St Ives Julie joins the RNLI on a practice, only to return as seasick as a dog!

In Penzance there’s just time to meet extraordinary cake makers at Peboroyon Cakes.  Their amazing creations can cost thousands and, thanks to the overnight train to Paddington, can arrive fresh and safely next morning in London.

And finally, Julie catches the night sleeper back to “The Smoke”…

  • Sunday 10th December, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 3 of 4


Helicopter ER

Series following the work of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance service as its paramedics, doctors and pilots respond to accidents and emergencies across the UK’s biggest county. Featuring medical procedures in the most surprising of locations, patient stories and the logistics of rescuing people in often remote areas.  We’ll follow the crews on location and get an intimate view of the all the action as they transport patients into hospital, either by air or using ground ambulance. Narrated by Jason Done.

  • Monday 11th December, 9pm

  • Really

  • 15 of 15


Dr Christian Will See You Now

Dr Christian and his team of in-house specialists are on hand once again to diagnose, counsel and treat patients who desperately need his help.

The first patient of the day is 41 year old Anna, who comes to the clinic with her partner Chris to find a treatment for her constant vaginal bleeding. To compound matters, the problem is making it difficult for her to conceive. She’s been trying to get pregnant for years and the strain is beginning to take its toll on her relationship with Chris.

Desperate for help is 16 year old Abbie who suffers from Emetophobia, which is the fear of vomiting. This phobia is ruling Abbie’s life to the point where she has given up her education, has no job and is mostly house-bound. Whilst her boyfriend Jack is very supportive, he believes that Abbie’s condition is stopping them from living life and enjoying experiences that a normal couple would. Will Dr Christian be able to help?

Also hoping for some answers are Nathan and his partner Charlotte who have come to the clinic for help with Nathan’s severe skin condition which covers his face and scalp.  The issue has had a big impact on his self-esteem and is also affecting his relationship with Charlotte and their 2 year old daughter Milly. They are hoping that a consultation with Dr Christian can change their life for the better.

In need of help as well is wedding planner Billy who suffers from beard alopecia. His condition has hit his confidence hard and is preventing him from socialising and living his life to the full. With the help of his in-house dermatologist can Dr Christian work his magic?

MasterChef: The Professionals

Semi Finals Week Billings

MasterChef: The Professionals S10, Episode 16 of 21 

It’s MasterChef: The Professionals Semi Finals Week and the competition is heating up. MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace teams up with chef Monica Galetti and two Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing to continue their search for this year’s MasterChef: The Professionals champion.

Tonight, the remaining eight chefs face a double-headed beast of a challenge in the MasterChef kitchen. At stake is the chance to move forward in the competition and the opportunity to cook in some of the most influential and unique kitchens in the UK.

The first challenge the eight chefs face tonight is cooking against each other to create a dish dedicated to someone who has inspired them in life – whether that’s a professional from their career, a family member or a loved one, the challenge is to create a dish that in turn inspires the judges to send them straight through to the next round. 

In just an hour and 45 minutes they have to deliver one perfect plate of food that showcases their personality and style and sets them apart from the other chefs. After tasting their dishes, the judges will decide which professionals have proved themselves strong enough to go directly through to the next round.

The remaining chefs must return to fight again in the MasterChef kitchen to secure one of the remaining four places in the next round. They face an Invention Test where they are tasked with creating their own unique dish which celebrates the fresh and light ingredients on offer. And this time, there’s no meat or fish for them to choose from. With this plate of food, the judges’ expectations are high, so it’s imperative that the chefs' ingenuity and skill shine through or they will forfeit their place in the next Semi Final challenge. After this hard-fought battle, two chefs will be asked to leave the competition. 

The six who remain will continue on their path in pursuit of the MasterChef: The Professionals title 2017.

Judge: Marcus Wareing

Judge: Monica Galetti

Judge: Gregg Wallace

MasterChef: The Professionals S10, Episode 17 of 21 

It’s MasterChef: The Professionals Semi Finals Week and the competition is heating up. MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace teams up with chef Monica Galetti and two Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing to continue their search for this year’s MasterChef: The Professionals champion. 

Tonight the first three remaining Semi-Finalists battle it out for a place in Finals Week. They are sent to work alongside an inspirational self-taught chef for two days.  Based near Darlington, County Durham, The Raby Hunt is one of the UK’s most unique culinary destinations - led by rising star James Close who gave up his career as a professional golfer just eight years ago when his family bought the country pub. Three years after opening, he won his first Michelin star and despite the fact that James has no professional training, his restaurant was the only new restaurant in the UK to be awarded two Michelin stars in 2017. In the same year, James was also awarded the prestigious Good Food Guide, Chef of the Year. The chance for the Semi-Finalists to cook alongside James is a huge privilege and one that will place them in an extraordinary position to supercharge their culinary skills. 

The first challenge for the chefs is to take responsibility for one dish each from the tasting menu. Under the close scrutiny and guidance of James, the chefs aim to emulate his style and deliver intricate and complex two-star standard dishes during a packed lunchtime service.

Once they’ve shown they are capable of keeping their heads above water and operating in his meticulous kitchen, James sets the chefs the task of recreating one of his signature dishes - a seasonal salad of up to 50 ingredients. The chefs are given a basic guide on how to create the dish but James asks that they showcase their own personal palate and style on the plate. He is looking for evidence of their ability to balance flavour, create textural variation and present perfectly to get a real sense of their chef skills. 

Next, the inspired chefs return to the MasterChef kitchen where they face the challenge of cooking their own dishes for a two-course menu which Marcus, Monica and Gregg will taste. The judges expect their food to be of the highest standard in the competition so far. The chefs must aim for the skies, as at this stage in the competition, one tiny slip can mean the difference between gaining a place in Finals Week or going home, so only perfection will do to edge closer to the MasterChef: The Professionals title 2017.

Judges: Monica Galetti

Judge: Marcus Wareing

Judge: Gregg Wallace

MasterChef: The Professionals S10, Episode 18 of 21 

It’s MasterChef: The Professionals Semi Finals Week and the competition is heating up. MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace teams up with chef Monica Galetti and two Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing to continue their search for this year’s MasterChef: The Professionals champion. 

It’s the last Semi Final and three of the remaining chefs are in close competition for a place in Finals Week. For their first challenge, they’re sent to cook at one of the UK’s most famous restaurants  - home of legendary chef Raymond Blanc OBE -  the two-Michelin-starred Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons in Oxfordshire . Here, Executive Head Chef Gary Jones, who has worked as Executive Chef at Le Manoir for 22 years, takes the three Semi-Finalists into his kitchen for the ride of their professional lives. Gary works closely with Chef Patron Raymond to develop and execute the exceptional dishes that have enabled the restaurant to retain its two Michelin stars for over three decades and, over the next two days, the Semi-Finalists will be lucky enough to experience that skill and perfection first hand.

First, Gary shows the professionals how to make his own unique lobster dish, talking them through the fine and intricate detail of preparation and presentation. The chefs are then given free rein to explore the restaurant’s incredible two acre gardens and collect whichever fresh produce they choose, to recreate their own personalised version of Gary’s dish.  On tasting them, Gary will be looking for the chef’s ability to showcase the seasonality of the beautiful garden produce, whilst displaying a keen eye for presentation and flavour balance.

Once they’ve given Gary a taste of what they’re made of, the three chefs then have the daunting honour of being made responsible for one of Le Manoir’s dishes during a packed lunchtime service. With 80 covers to feed and guests arriving from across the world, the stakes couldn’t be higher.  As Gary polices the pass and watches their every move, the chefs have to keep pace with the frenetic demands of the service and deliver pitch-perfect dishes, time after time. It’s their chance to prove they have what it takes to work as chefs at the very highest level.

Finally, the chefs return to the MasterChef kitchen to cook against each other in a race for the Finals - creating a two-course menu to be judged by Monica, Marcus and Gregg. They must create their best main and dessert of the competition so far, as nothing short of perfection will help them now.  The dishes they deliver to the judges will either secure them a place in Finals Week or see them sent home.

Only the two strongest chefs will make it into Finals Week, taking them one step closer to the title of MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2017.

Judge – Monica Galetti

Judge – Marcus Wareing

Judge – Gregg Wallace

  • Tuesday 12th – Thursday 14th December, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 16 – 18 of 21


Tattoo Fixers

This week, the pop-up parlour gets a visit from 50-year-old Sharone, whose divorce led her to a cheeky bum tattoo she wants to see the back of. Gavin who lost a bet at a festival and now needs help with a misogynist mishap on his chest and waitress Hannah, whose shocking tat is putting her customers off their dinner. Meanwhile Alice creates a pawsome design for feline fan Luke whilst Sketch sees off Adam’s ode to his little lesion and Jay creates a schmokin’ design for firefighter Simon who was in a motorcycle accident.

Save Money: Good Food


This week Susanna and Matt are in Surrey with the Dhillons. This family love cooking but they throw most of their leftovers in the bin. Matt takes on the challenge to get them loving their leftovers- using them to create delicious new meals to save them money. The Thai vegetable curry can be reinvented the following night with meat – and the leftover rice is used for a clever pudding! The final feast of Moroccan Tagine is a taste sensation which will taste even better the next day. The Dhillons do a lot of top up shops at local convenience stores so Susanna is finding out how we can all shop smarter when we use the smaller shops - and as it’s the run up to Christmas we are testing the nations favourite tipple – red wine.  

  • Tuesday 12th December, 7:30pm

  • ITV

  • 4 of 7


Swipe Right For Murder

Lorraine Long

Another real-life case showing how looking for love online, can end in tragedy.

Finding herself alone for the first time in many years following the death of her husband, 62-year-old Lorraine Long decided to try online dating. In 2009, she met Robert Wiesner on an online dating site. Lorraine and Robert quickly hit it off and the relationship flourished. But friends and family had misgivings about Lorraine's new man - he seemed vain, spent too much time on his car and he didn't have a steady job. Their relationship soured after he started to show signs of jealousy and an explosive temper. Lorraine tried to end the relationship, but Robert refused to let her go. Lorraine was so frightened that she took out a restraining order against him. Five months later, he broke in to her house, drove her to her remote ranch house in the desert, and shot her twice in the chest. Wiesner is serving a total of 27 years in prison.

  • Thursday 14th December, 10pm

  • Really

  • 5 of 8


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