Mary Berry's Festive Feasts

Dame Mary Berry is ready to teach three truly hapless cooks how to create a fantastic Christmas Feast to surprise someone special.


The kitchen novices are invited to Mary's home to share their ambitions for the feast and tell her all about the deserving person they want to spoil.


After selecting some recipes that are sure to impress, they will be trained up by Mary herself. She’ll demonstrate tricky techniques while giving her pupils helpful critique and pointers along the way.  But once they wave goodbye to Mary and head home, it's up to them to practice in their own kitchens... will they be able to replicate Mary's​ mouth watering dishes?


Luckily for them, keen to make sure the feast runs smoothly - and to add an extra sprinkle of Christmas magic - Mary’s enlisted the help of two celebrity Elves, Alex Jones and Patrick Grant, to help the trio.

On the big day, while temperatures rise in the kitchen as the novices prepare their dishes, Mary and her Elves are on hand to assist in the hope that the guest of honour, along with their family and friends, are served up a truly fantastic Festive Feast, and one to make Dame Mary proud.


Mary Berry’s Festive Feasts, a 1x60’, is made by Rumpus. It was commissioned by Patrick Holland and Catherine Catton. The Commissioning Editor is Ricky Cooper, and Emily Hudd and Kelly Sparks are Executive Producers.

  • Monday 20th December, 7:05pm

  • BBC One

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Celebrity MasterChef Christmas Cook-Off 2021

Episode One - Tuesday 21st December, 8pm

Deck the halls, stuff the turkey and break out the Christmas fizz as ten of the most memorable celebrities from past series come back to compete a festive themed Celebrity MasterChef Specials, hosted by MasterChef Judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode. 


In the first special – we welcome back Strictly Come Dancing professional Oti Mabuse, reality star Joey Essex, former professional football player Neil Ruddock, comedian Judi Love and actor and national treasure Su Pollard to see who can take home the title of Christmas champion and the new Celebrity MasterChef Golden Whisk trophy.


The celebrities face two Christmas themed tests. The first is an invention test – 

The group must create a dish using ingredients found in a seasonal advent calendar. 


Then, they are all challenged to cook either their ultimate Christmas dinner using well-known seasonal ingredients or an alternative Christmas dinner where they are asked to cook what they’d really like to eat over the festive period.  Expect plenty of laughs, some great Christmas banter, a bit of sing song and some surprisingly good food as the celebrities all do their best to be crowned the Celebrity MasterChef Christmas Champion. 


Episode Two - Thursday 23rd December, 9pm

Deck the halls, stuff the turkey and break out the Christmas fizz as ten of the most memorable celebrities from past series come back to compete in a festive themed special, hosted by MasterChef Judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode.  


In the second heat Reality star Gemma Collins, actor and TV Presenter Joe Swash, actor and entertainer Les Dennis, singer Mica Paris and broadcaster the Reverend Richard Coles compete against each other to see who can take home the title of Christmas champion and the all new Celebrity MasterChef Golden Whisk trophy. 


The celebrities face two Christmas themed tests. The first is an invention test – 

The group have to recreate and embellish a Christmas recipe from somewhere around the world from ingredients and equipment found in a Secret Santa present box. 


Then, they are all challenged to cook either their ultimate Christmas dinner using well-known seasonal ingredients or an alternative Christmas dinner where they are asked to cook what they’d really like to eat over the festive period.  Expect plenty of laughs, some great Christmas banter, a bit of sing song and some surprisingly good food as the celebrities all do their best to be crowned the Celebrity MasterChef Christmas Champion.

  • Tuesday 21st December, 8pm
    Thursday 23rd December, 9pm

  • BBC One

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The Repair Shop at Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and tucked away in a frosty corner of the British countryside the Repair Shop barn is already bustling as the dedicated team of Christmas craftspeople prepare for their biggest and busiest ever holiday season. 


Four festive objects are winging their way to the barn. Maureen Donnachie and her husband John arrive with a very special present that Father Christmas brought Maureen in 1950. As a young child of 2 Maureen was diagnosed with Polio, a virus that could cause paralysis or even death in children. Maureen was placed into quarantine for several months before being released just before Christmas, by that time the disease had left her unable to walk. That year she received a very special present, a mechanical walking “Susie” Doll. While Maureen slowly learned to walk again Susie was there encouraging her every step of the way, as Susie took a step so would Maureen. 70 years later Susie can no longer walk, her mechanism has seized and she’s looking the worse for wear, while Maureen is now suffering from Post-Polio Syndrome, a little-known condition that causes the symptoms of Polio to return many years after the original infection. As Maureen is losing the use of her legs again she would love to see Susie returned to full working and walking order. It’s a Christmas mission for the Bear Ladies Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell with the mechanical help of horologist Steve Fletcher.


Next into the barn, a multi-layered traditional wooden nativity scene originally from Germany brought in by Sophie Harrison has metal worker Dom and wood expert Will in a bit of a spin. This ornament has been a feature of family Christmases for as long as Sophie can remember, a gift from her French grandfather Claude to her mum Marie-Claude, every year her mum and dad, Marino, would light the candles and the nativity scene would begin to spin under the power of their heat. Sophie’s mum died of cancer in 2018, her grandfather Claude passed away a few weeks later and that Christmas the nativity scene stopped spinning and hasn’t worked since. Sophie’s hoping that Dom and Will can get this festive ornament turning again so she can share it this Christmas with her father and her own children. While Will tackles the wooden pieces, Dom works out how to get it spinning again, and for that perfect Christmas fix even tries his hand at traditional candle-making.


All the way from Somerset the next item through the barn doors has supplied the soundtrack to Christmases past for several generations of a west country farming community. Mother and daughter Jane and Amy Price have brought in a one-hundred-year-old harmonium pump organ that belonged to their father and grandfather, Ronald Frost.  Every Christmas at the family dairy farm in Somerset Ronald would manhandle the harmonium onto the back of a farm trailer pulled by a tractor and head into the village accompanied by farm workers, villagers and a fair few tankards of cider singing Christmas carols. Ronald died over 20 years ago and the harmonium has been silent ever since, now Amy has moved out of the farm and would like to revive the organ for her new home and perhaps to even revive the family tradition of rolling it through the countryside on the back of a tractor at Christmas! On hand to get this ancient instrument ready for future Christmases is organ expert David Burville with help from leather expert Suzie Fletcher.


Finally, a toy that has travelled thousands of miles in its lifetime, but which now needs the electronic know-how of Mark Stuckey to get it back on track. This ageing toy train set was once the centre piece of a Christmas window display in a grocer’s shop in 1960s Kenya. Kids would come from miles around to watch the train but two young boys were lucky enough to be given the train set once Christmas was over –the son of the shop owner Deepak Parmer and his cousin Nilesh. This treasured toy came with the boys when they moved to the UK with their families in the early 70’s and has stayed with Deepak ever since even though it hasn’t worked for years. Unfortunately, in 2010 Deepak was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and in the last ten years he has lost almost all movement, but he would dearly love to see the train fixed as a reminder of past Christmases and to pass on to his son and grandson. While Deepak isn’t well enough to come to the barn in person, his son Vishal and cousin Nilesh arrive to give Mark Stuckey the tricky task of getting this heirloom back on it’s rails, while the rest of the barn team are on hand to help give an extra special Christmas Repair Shop touch. 


And treasured Christmas keepsakes are not the only items on the menu this Christmas at the Repair Shop as Secret Santa has again challenged every expert to create a gift from scratch for one of their barn mates. As secret plans are made in each nook and cranny of the barn, inspired creations begin to emerge, including a gingerbread replica of the Repair Shop itself! 

  • Friday 24th December, 7pm

  • BBC One

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Christmas at Chatsworth House

This year is shaping up to be a bumper Christmas for the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire and their 600 staff. This is the third festive season cameras have followed the highs and lows of a Chatsworth Christmas, in 2019 the car parks were flooded by torrential rain and last year there were tears when celebrations had to be cancelled in the house due to the pandemic. So, 2021 is a vital year with the estate having to win back visitors.


It’s the Duke and Duchess’s 20th anniversary welcoming visitors for a festive season that will stretch across the gardens, parkland and throughout the great house. So this year’s theme brings together the best installations of Christmases past; but before the installation can get started painstaking care has to be taken to move and protect the Duke’s contemporary ceramic art collection.


It’s hardly plain sailing as the season gets off to a poor start when massive bonfire celebrations are cancelled due to high winds. The house team combat a range of problems with fake snow in the Inner Courtyard, covid delays affecting the main attractions and a bird invasion in the state rooms. But these challenges are all countered with the usual Derbyshire wry humour… and with hands-on support from the Duchess of Devonshire (and her rescue terrier Max) as we find out whether Chatsworth can rally at the last minute to open in the nick of time.

  • Saturday 18th December, 7pm

  • Channel 4

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Christmas at Liberty

Like all non-essential retailers, iconic London department store Liberty had to close its doors in the run up to Christmas 2020 - a time when they'd usually be taking a huge chunk of their annual takings. This year's festive season is more business-critical than ever, so Liberty are planning their most magical Christmas yet. Christmas at Liberty is like nowhere else on the planet, and the senior team - CEO Adil Mehboob-Khan, chief marketing officer Madeleine Macey and visual merchandising manager Lisa Clemenger, aka Mrs Christmas - are under huge pressure to achieve record-breaking sales. But with millions of consumers trying to save money amid economic uncertainty, the luxury retailer has to pull out all the stops to attract the custom it needs. Lisa and her team are responsible for transforming the heritage store into a festive visual feast, but this year, it's trickier than usual as Liberty is in the midst of their most ambitious building restoration ever, their first in 100 years. Liberty are also gearing up to launch their first own-brand candles. Designed and manufactured through lockdown, they've been a labour of love for Madeleine, but there's a concern that they might not turn up in time for the festive launch. Head of homeware Bryony Sheridan is a fan of maximalist table-scaping but are this year's customers really in the market for red cabbage plates and ornate candle holders? Global head of content and influencer Sophie Beresiner has been recruited to give the historic store a social media presence and her first mission is to sell the £225 Beauty Advent Calendar... probably not an impulse purchase for the younger, more tech-savvy customer. As the Gay Men's Chorus officially launch Christmas, what will the public make of the glitz and glamour? And can the store increase footfall and put the magic back into their Christmas bank account?

  • Monday 20th December, 9pm

  • Channel 4

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Christmas at Holkham Hall

Situated on the North Norfolk coast, Holkham Hall is East Anglia’s greatest stately home. This Palladian pile is surrounded by a huge walled park, with pastoral farmland that stretches to a limitless horizon of foreshore and marshes.  This is where modern farming (the rotational crop system) was invented in the early 1800s and Holkham beach is famed for Gwyneth Paltrow’s final scene in Shakespeare In Love.


Lady Polly Leicester is the Christmas creative director and personally leads a design team made up of best friends, staff and volunteers. Everyone gets stuck in transforming the state dining rooms and galleries in to an eclectic but stunning true candlelight experience.


The marble hallway entrance becomes a workshop full of decorations and artefacts pilfered from cellars and barns. It’s all about team work and improvisation as Lady L’s team rush to transform this great hall with sweet-scented pine trees, greenery, sparkling decorations and twinkling lights.

  • Thursday 23rd December, 8pm

  • Channel 4

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World’s Most Expensive Christmas Cruise

The World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship has added a new luxurious vessel to its fleet: The Seven Seas Splendor. Come aboard this opulent 6-star floating hotel as it sets sail on its maiden yuletide Voyage this Christmas. We go behind the scenes on this brand new £400 million ship to discover what it takes to satisfy guests paying tens of thousands for their festive holiday.


Temperatures may be soaring as the Splendor sets sail around the Caribbean but on board, the pressure is higher than ever.


What does it take to host spectacular festivities at sea, when no expense has been spared? Will staff be able to maintain impeccably high standards? Will the Christmas decorations costing hundreds of thousands of pounds be a hit?


With exclusive access to all areas to the ship, see through the eyes of high paying customers as they bask in the delights of the Regent Suite, adorned with fine art and a bed with a price tag fit for a King and Queen. Walk the halls lined with an acre of Italian marble, and revel in the Splendor’s array of elegant fine dining restaurants that play host to some of the most breathtaking meals at sea.


Can the World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship deliver a Christmas like no other? Cruise Director John and the rest of the 500-strong crew are about to find out.

  • Friday 24th December, 8pm

  • Channel 5

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I Literally Just Told You

Jimmy Carr presents a brand new gameshow with a unique twist. To win a cash prize of up to £25,000, four contestants have to answer questions that have been written LIVE as the show is being filmed, written by a team including The Sky At Night's Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock.


Testing the contestants memory, these questions can be about absolutely anything that happens during the show, from a celebrity cameo to an off the cuff joke or even something one of the contestants has shared about themselves. To win the money they must use their general knowledge skills to bank cash before using their powers of recall to beat their opponents in the memory rounds.


In the nerve-wracking final showdown, the two players left standing go head-to-head answering questions they have chosen for their opponents about what's just happened in the show. Whoever remembers the most takes the jackpot home!

  • Thursday 23rd December, 10pm

  • Channel 4

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Trucking Hell

On the A1 motorway northbound, recovery op Jason is in a 4am race against time to remove a stranded lorry before rush hour begins. It’s suffered an electrical fire on its underside, but what first appears a straight forward recovery is anything but. With traffic whizzing by inches from where Jason’s working in the pitch black, he discovers the fire has melted crucial pipes on the undercarriage meaning the truck’s brakes won’t release as normal. Can he come up with a quick solution or will his hopes of a speedy recovery become just a pipe dream?!


In Scotland, incident manager Steve is facing a major operation to retrieve a Vauxhall Combo van after it left a road and sunk 20m to the bottom of of Loch Eck. Simply locating the vehicle in the murky depths is Steve’s first challenge, but using a fishing boat and a magnet, divers soon detect something metal in the waters below. The recovery can only begin at night once the road is closed, so it's an anxious wait to hear if this is indeed the van. Diver’s later confirm it is, but filled with water and muddy silt, the vehicle now weighs almost double it’s weight. Does Steve’s 75 tonne rotator have what it takes to act as a giant fishing rod and haul it out?


In Watford, recovery op Merrie is on a job to rescue a broken down bus. But it’s hardly her ideal location – a busy ring road and town centre makes simply reaching the scene a headache. And with bollards limiting access to the front of the stranded vehicle, and other busses constantly pulling in, getting her recovery truck in place is yet another challenge. To single handedly get it cleared will require every ounce of Merrie’s patience and experience.

  • Thursday 23rd December, 9pm

  • Paramount

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