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**NEW** Aliens Love Underpants and Panta Claus

Tiger Aspect, Sky One and Sky Kids brings you some festive family fun with a Christmas special of Aliens Love Underpants and…series. The episode, Aliens Love Underpants and Panta Claus features a star-studded cast with Matt Lucas and Ashley Jensen voicing Mr and Mrs Claus, with the aliens voiced by Romesh Ranganathan, Joanna Page, Mathew Baynton, Jess Robinson and Tameka Empson.

Following on from the Aliens Love Underpants BAFTA Kids nomination this one-off special is packed with underpants loving aliens, action, adventure and catchy Christmas songs. Plus, we will see the aliens giving away underpants because it’s Christmas! But when they realise they have a famous pair of underpants that could halt Christmas for everyone, they jump into action to save the day and help Santa deliver all his presents by spaceship.

From the creators of Mr Bean and Charlie and Lola, the special is written by Henry Paker and based on the popular picture book of the same title written by Claire Freedman, illustrated by Ben Cort and published by Simon and Schuster. 

**NEW** Chris & Michaela - Under the Christmas Sky

In this festive family treat for BBC Two, Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan take viewers on a Christmas adventure to explore some of nature’s greatest celestial wonders and winter wildlife.  

Journeying through some of the most incredible winter landscapes on Earth, Chris and Michaela uncover secrets of the night sky and animal phenomena that are unique to this time of year.

Their quest takes them to the stunning Arabian desert in Jordan in search of the ‘star of Bethlehem’ - a rare conjunction of two planets that appear very bright and close together in the night sky - a phenomena that some astronomers believe could have been the basis for the religious story. Following in the desert adventures of the Three Wise Men, Chris and Michaela experience traditional nomadic Bedouin life. They camp under the stars, cook in the sand, and learn the importance of conserving the desert’s vulnerable wildlife.

Deep in Norway’s frozen wilderness, Chris and Michaela go in search of the spell-binding Northern Lights, and explore how life thrives in these sub-zero conditions. They go snow-mobiling with an indigenous Sami family; uncover how Rudolf the Reindeer survives the winter months; discover the clever tactics that sea eagles use to feast; and even try their best at husky sledding. 

Full of festive fun, Chris and Michaela bring the full wonder of Christmas nature to everybody’s living room.

  • Sunday 23rd December, 9pm

  • BBC Two

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**NEW** Rob Rinder’s Good Year, Bad Year

In this end of year review show, Rob Rinder casts an unflinching eye, razor sharp legal mind and acerbic tongue over the events of 2018 to judge once and for all whether the year will be chalked up as being a 'good' or 'bad' one. With the help of celebrity guests, Rob will delve deep into all the news stories, people and talking points of the year. Uncompromising, perceptive and funny, Rob will make us all reconsider what we previously thought about 2018 with a fresh take on the big issues while also bringing us the hilarious tiny details we’ve already forgotten in our post-Christmas booze haze.

**NEW** Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2018: Who am I?

1. Where do I come from?

Professor Alice Roberts takes us on a journey to answer this most fundamental question: Who Am I? With 4D scanning, animal guests, giant origami, and a ukulele, the Christmas Lectures will explore evolution like never before. Joined by armadillos, sharks, fruit flies, and glowing bacteria, Alice reveals the surprising similarities that we share with other species, and finds our true place in the tree of life. Together with geneticist Prof Aoife McLysaght, they delve deep into our cells to discover how our genes connect us to every life form on the planet, no matter how weird and wonderful.

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2018: Who am I?

2. What makes me human?

Professor Alice Roberts explores the story of human evolution, revealing how a humble African ape became a successful global species. Joined by daring parkour athletes, life-size primate animatronics, and an audience member transformed into an extinct Neanderthal, Alice will explore the greatest leaps in our evolution by conjuring fire, and re-enacting how we spread across the globe. Together with geneticist Prof Aoife McLysaght, they discover that we share an astonishing 99% of our DNA with chimps – and they look under the skin to find the 1% differences.

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2018: Who am I?

3. What makes me, me?

Are you genetically destined to despise Brussels sprouts? We’re all human, but why are we all so different? With the help of a line-up of dogs and many sets of twins, Prof Alice Roberts explores what makes each of us totally unique. Alice will be joined by geneticist Prof Aoife McLysaght to find out how much of this difference is down to our genes, or our environment, revealing why we see colours differently, and why some people can taste chemicals others can’t! They will challenge just how far you can predict a person from their genome, and will discuss the big ethical questions of our generation, asking where should we draw the line with genetic testing and engineering. The series culminates with a musical grand finale from the Greatest Showman, to celebrate our incredible diversity across the globe.

  • Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th, and Friday 28th December, 8pm

  • BBC Four

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**NEW** MasterChef: The Professionals Rematch

Over the past decade MasterChef: The Professionals has become one of most important culinary competitions in the country with hundreds of the most ambitious chefs putting their careers on the line to battle for coveted title.
Along the way, the Judges have unearthed some exceptional talent and in this one-off special they get out of the kitchen and catch up with five finalists for whom taking part in MasterChef: The Professionals has had a career-changing impact.
Monica Galetti, Marcus Wareing and Gregg Wallace journey across the UK and beyond, to find out where the finalists are now and what they are cooking. Travelling to some inspiring gastronomic destinations including sunny Mallorca, the beautiful Scottish Highlands and picturesque town of Dartmouth, Devon, the judges find the past alumni making waves in the culinary world.
But it wouldn't be MasterChef: The Professionals without an element of competition, so all five finalists return to the MasterChef kitchen to show the judges how much their food has evolved. There's extraordinary food and a determined air of competitiveness between them, as they battle once to prove to the judges that they are best chef in the kitchen.

  • Thursday 27th December, 8pm

  • BBC Two

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**NEW** Michael Palin in North Korea: Special Edition

Following success of the world exclusive two-part series ‘Michael Palin in North Korea’, which was Channel 5’s most viewed programme of 2018, this feature-length special edition is a chance to show his extra-ordinary journey in this entirely, and includes new footage from Michael’s journey around North Korea which hasn’t been seen before.

The leading travel presenter of this generation. Michael Palin describes his trip as “the most revealing journey of my life”. His travels show life for many of the millions of North Korean subjects who live, work and raise families in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

In this unique and unprecedented opportunity to go beyond politics, Michael covers more than 1,300 miles of the country from south to north, discovering everyday life for the population in the capital Pyongyang and exploring the snowy peaks of Mount Paektu.

After two years of planning and a series of complete high-level negotiations, he takes a film crew deep into this highly secretive country which 25 million people call home.

Michael’s arrival in the DPRK coincided with the historic meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-In, making it unique time to visit the ‘Hermit Kingdom’. He visited sites and locations rarely if ever explored in his journey across the country, determined to spend time with citizens from all walks of life.

  • Thursday 27th December, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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**NEW** Phone Swap

Our phones can be very revealing about our lives, and so in an extreme form of blind dating, brave daters offer their lives up for scrutiny and swap phones with each other. From late night texting, to explicit selfies, quirky lists, a zillion tinder matches, political Facebook posts, sweet messages to mum, how-to-orgasm apps, and vegan recipes, it would seem that phone swap daters can deduce rather a lot simply by scrolling through a phone.

In this episode, Shaquille, the musical-loving Christian, who prides himself on keeping his phone clean, is shocked to discover X rated material, non mutual political preferences, and a shared love of musicals.

On the other hand, fellow singleton Dani’s phone reveals that she’s yoga teacher with a very flexible attitude to almost everything, bar veganism.

**NEW** Trucking Hell

The observational documentary returns for a second series, following staff from two of the country’s leading heavy rescue specialists. The drivers face all manner of issues when heavy vehicles roll, crash or breakdown.

There is a rush hour headache on the M1 for incident manager Steve. A 44-tonne articulated lorry has straddled the central reservation and it is up to Steve and his colleague Pat to winch it off – a task that proves to be anything but straightforward.

In London, recovery operator Steve is called out on a more unusual job – an 85-foot dust cart has broken down on a busy city road. Steve takes his life in his hands as he works just inches from relentless capital traffic.

With almost 20 years of experience, nothing surprises Jim -well almost nothing. Jim risks life and limb in the heavy rain when he is called to pick up a broken tractor. With no way to attach his tow truck to the stricken machinery, he faces a very tricky challenge.

Jason is on the night shift, but there is little chance of a relaxing evening. On the dark A1, with limited visibility, he must rescue on a 44-tonne lorry from a ditch.

  • Thursday 3rd January, 9pm

  • 5SPIKE

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