Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Christmas Fishing 2021

Paul takes Bob on a steam train to the North of England to search for a prized English salmon. Alongside their canine companion Ted, they fish the river Eden and Tyne searching for their elusive quarry.


They stay in a glorious manor house where Bob prepares a mighty breakfast of craster kippers and then in a beautiful old English Castle, where Bob gives Paul a present which is as emotional as it is surprising.


They are joined on the riverbank by Paul Gascoigne who has also always dreamt of catching a salmon and Dr Anand Patel has a chat with Bob about how to look out for the more vulnerable at Christmas time.


At the annual works party, Gone Fishing’s Employee of the Year is revealed and musical entertainment is provided by Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott, ensuring a memorable night.

  • Sunday 26th December, 9pm

  • BBC Two

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MasterChef: The Professionals Re-Match Special 2021

The MasterChef: The Professionals Rematch Special  returns to BBC One with a festive food battle like no other. Four of the most memorable chefs from past series, return to show how far their food and careers have progressed and face two demanding challenges set by the MasterChef judges. Competing this year are: Philli Armitage-Mattin – Finalist 2020Jamie Park – Finalist 2017;  Santosh Shah – Finalist 2020 and Bart van der Lee – Finalist 2020.


First, Judges Monica Galetti and Marcus Wareing throw the returning chefs in at the deep end by asking them to repeat one of the most daunting rounds of any MasterChef competition: cooking for restaurant critics. Three of the country’s most renowned critics; Grace Dent; Jimi Famurewa; and Jay Rayner return with high hopes and expectant palates, eager to see how far these chefs have come since they last tasted their food. The chefs have wowed the critics once, now they must do it again, delivering a main course and a dessert of sublime food that reaches a whole new level of excellence.


In the second round, the chefs have two and half hours to cook a Festive Centrepiece for Judges Monica and Marcus and returning MasterChef Judge Gregg Wallace. This is the menu that could win them the title so the gloves are off, as they pull out all the stops to deliver a show stopping seasonal feast that is creative, delicious and spectacular enough see them crowned champion. One thing is for certain - the competing chefs go all out cooking extraordinary food that sings celebration.

  • Monday 27th December, 8pm

  • BBC One

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MasterChef Champion of Champions

For the very first time five of the most memorable amateur champions return to the MasterChef kitchen in a cooking contest to rival any other. Each of them are back to show how far their food and careers have progressed and to compete for the title of MasterChef Champion of Champions 2021. Facing two demanding challenges set by MasterChef judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace, competing this year are: Tim Anderson – Champion 2011, Ping Coombes – Champion 2014, Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed – Champion 2017, Kenny Tutt – Champion 2018, and Irini Tzortzoglou – Champion 2019.


First, the returning champions are tasked with cooking a dish to a brief - to create a comforting dish rooted in a memory. But what the champions don’t know is that as well as cooking for John and Gregg, they also need to impress a special guest who is renowned in both the music and food world who actually set that brief- Brit award and mercury prize nominee, cookbook author and host of multi award winning podcast Table Manners -  Jessie Ware. All five champions delve deep in to their most special memories to produce the most mouth watering, comforting dishes.


In the second round, the champions have two hours fifteen minutes to cook their best two courses for John and Gregg to show just how far they and their food has come. This is the menu that could win them this highly prestigious title so no one is holding back. Each of the five pull out all the stops to deliver a show stopping feast that is not only MasterChef champion level food but also represents their journey since winning the competition and is creative, inventive and delicious enough see them crowned the MasterChef Champion of Champions.

  • Friday 31st December, 8:30pm

  • BBC One

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Pauline Collins: Britain's Sweetheart

We interview a host of famous faces, including fellow stars, directors, collaborators, fans, friends, film and TV critics, and those influenced by her work. Among those interviewed are Tom Conti, Simon Callow, Willy Russell and Nerys Hughes. Interviewees share insights and first-hand anecdotes, providing context and colour to archive footage. They pick their favourite moments and memories, reveal how Pauline shaped their lives, share private stories and pay tribute to her influence. The tone is emotive, celebratory and nostalgic. Packed with clips and interviews, we enjoy highlights from Pauline’s most celebrated performances (such as Shirley Valentine) to lesser-known roles (such as a 1960s film about the striptease scene). We Love Pauline Collins unites the nation in an appreciation of Pauline’s legendary performances, fame and connection to her fans

  • Wednesday 29th December, 8pm

  • Channel 5

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Celebrity I Literally Just Told You

Jimmy Carr presents a celebrity special of the game show with a unique twist - you just have to pay attention to win! Lorraine Kelly, Alex Horne, Aisling Bea and Asim Chaudhry compete for a charity star prize of £25,000 as they attempt to answer questions that are written as the show is being filmed. Testing the celebrities' memory, these questions can be about absolutely anything that happens during the show, from another celebrity cameo to an off-the-cuff joke, or even something one of the celebrities has shared about themselves. To win the money, they must use their general knowledge skills to bank cash, before using their powers of recall to beat their opponents in the memory rounds. In the nerve-racking final showdown, the last two celebrities left standing go head-to-head, answering questions they have chosen for their opponents about what's just happened in the show. Whoever remembers the most wins the jackpot for charity.

  • Thursday 30th December, 10pm

  • Channel 4

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Trucking Hell

A trucking disaster strikes on a country road when a 44-tonne truck, loaded with frozen chips, careers into a ditch and ends up resting dangerously on its side. Neither its driver or the truck’s keys can be found so the Lantern recovery boys must attempt this heavy weight rescue without being able to steer the truck or release its brakes. Making this rescue even harder is the constant threat of the artic rolling over completely. But when the chips are down, will this dedicated team of recovery experts be able to pull-off this challenging roadside recuse?


Crouch recovery op Mark is on his way to a stricken horse-box. He’s hoping it’s empty as he’s doesn’t like horses, but it’s not the horses he should be worried about. It’s the gnomes. He has to negotiate his wrecker through a very tight gateway and must avoid the owner’s ornate garden bedecked with much-loved garden gnomes. With that hurdle out of the way, the next one is towing away the horse-box for repairs - not a manoeuvre for the fainted hearted! Will Mark prove to be a thoroughbred operator?


And Michael gets called out to Wembley, not to watch the football but to rescue a refuse truck that’s refusing to budge from a near-by street. When he arrives on the scene the lorry couldn’t have broken down in a more rubbish location. Michael has no choice, but to block the road with his wrecker. The lorry’s brakes are jammed on and Michael suspects an air leak, however try as he might he can’t locate it. As the traffic builds on the street, the pressure is on and this recovery job looks like it’s heading into extra time.

  • Thursday 30th December, 9pm

  • Paramount

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