Week 5

Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week

The Recces (South Africa)
Fresh off the plane our 22 recruits land in South Africa with a bump, on route to base camp they are ambushed by their first Special Forces Expert, Clinton Agnew, a former Colonel in the South African Special Forces Brigade, otherwise known as the 'Recces'.

The African bush is the Recces back yard and Clinton is about to take the recruits through 48 hours of misery with some authentic selection methods that are designed to break recruits and force them to work as a team. 100 percent effort is required at all times, if any recruit is seen to giving anything less they will face the wrath of Clinton and his team of Directing staff.

From carrying huge concrete blocks across the hot South African landscape, learning real survival skills including drinking the stomach contents of a freshly killed springbok, and of course the dreaded 'Octopus' a devious training device that forces cracks to appear in the already exhausted recruits and it doesn't take long until they are dropping like flies.

  • Sunday 29th January, 9pm

  • BBC Two

  • 1 of 6


Celebrity Botched Up Bodies

Our obsession with perfection has been driven by our love of celebrity. Every year we spend an estimated 3.5 billion pounds on nip and tuck, fillers and veneers. In an attempt to keep up with the Kardashians and other famous faces in the public eye. Some are making headlines for all the wrong reasons, as they end up more botched than beautiful. Reality TV star Laura Alicia Summers wanted to boost her bust, but five boobs jobs later she has been left with bungled botched breasts. Can plastic surgeon Patrick Mallucci fix her double bubble and give her the breasts she has always wanted. Plus Mob Wives star Renee Graziano reveals how she went in for a tummy tuck and came out with a great big hole in her stomach. And has Hollywood legend Michael Douglas dabbled with surgery? And Big Brother star Alex Rose Lee's surgery addiction. 

  • Sunday 29th January, 10pm

  • Channel 5

  • 4 of 5


Royal Recipes

This fifteen-part series is hosted by Michael Buerk and sees him visit the former Royal Palace, Audley End, where he is joined by top chefs, including Paul Ainsworth and Anna Haugh, to cook up royal food past and present.

Michael explores the recollections of Mildred Nicholls, a servant who worked in the Royal Kitchens more than a hundred years ago. Mildred recorded the recipes and methods for dishes prepared for the King and Queen and now the Royal Archives has given BBC access to this fascinating record of royal food at the turn of the century. Inspired by the book and other royal food through history, Paul and Anna create favourite Royal recipes past and present whilst Michael adds riveting historical detail.

Michael Buerk said: “I've always wanted to eat like a king so Royal Recipes is a wonderful opportunity to do so. These days we are all fascinated by food and by royalty and these programmes are an irresistible combination of both.”

Tattoo Fixers

This week the pop-up tattoo parlour receives a visit from Kelly, who needs Sketch's help to remove a lower-back tattoo that's getting in the way of her job as an Instagram model, Alice helps out Liam whose drunk internet shopping led to him having a DIY tattoo disaster, and Jay creates a memorial tattoo for Mitch who lost his father and brother in a tragic accident.

Elsewhere, Jess needs to cover an X-rated bum tattoo and Dan needs help after he drunkenly got a tattoo to celebrate his abnormally small nipples!

Sex Pod

Sex Pod – the first all talking, walk-in discussion device of everything you ever wanted to know about sex and the body but were afraid to ask, returns for a new series. With a team of highly qualified experts at the helm, and an array of intimate practical demonstrations from experienced couples, Sex Pod is a one-stop shop for answers about sex and the body.


This week, it is a numbers game as Jake queries threesomes—how do they work, and is more necessarily better? Quantity is on Ophir’s mind too, as she asks about how to attain longer sessions through tantric sex. Connor and Marco have masturbation on their minds. As regular practitioners, they would like to know how much is too much, and are there any health risks involved? Plus, there is a crash course in douching, a guide to staying safe when dating online, and an exploration of bisexual cheating in heterosexual relationships.

  • Wednesday 1st February, 10pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 10


Question Time

BBC One’s political debate programme, Question Time. 

  • Thursday 2nd February, 10:45pm

  • BBC One


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