Week 6

Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week

  • Sunday 5th February, 9pm

  • BBC Two

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Royal Recipes

Tattoo Fixers

This week's hottest Tattoo Joint is rectifying more inking incidents. Sketch is visited by Billy whose habit of tattooing himself to impress the ladies has got way out of hand, Jay meets Lee who wants help with his 'I love Jay' tattoo and Alice meets long lost sisters Annette and Heather who want a special Tattoo to mark their incredible story. Plus Sketch meets Raff, a transgender man who wants to start his transition by replacing his feminine tattoo and Jay helps to erase Tom's drunken word-game drawing.

Sex Pod

Sex Pod – the first all talking, walk-in discussion device of everything you ever wanted to know about sex and the body but were afraid to ask, returns for a new series.   


The Sex Pod doesn’t judge, it doesn’t condescend, and it certainly isn’t prudish. Sex Pod is a friend, an advisor and a sexpert all in one.  When it comes to answering questions, Sex Pod has a team of highly experienced and qualified experts.  Alongside the experts there are also visual demonstrations from a selection of couples who have agreed to have their most intimate moments filmed.


This week Sex Pod is answering question on everything from flying solo to how wet is too wet. 


Pubic hair – why do we have it and is it better to go hairless down below?  That’s what’s on the minds of couple Kerry and Oli.  While Paige and Shane want to talk penis size, and in particular if he could be too big for her. 


How do you keep your sex toys clean is what Lilly wants to get the lowdown on.   While Dan wants to know what he can expect if he visits a STI clinic.


What is cunnilingus?  That’s the question on Sajjid’s lips as he wonders if it’s something he should be doing.  Mates Mohammed and Hamza are more experienced when it comes to giving oral sex to a girl but they’re also looking for tips on improving their techniques.


Safety is on the Dan’s mind.  He wants to make sure he knows how he should be protecting himself from catching HIV.   While Robin and Ben, along with Connor, are interested in what the future holds for porn and the impact virtual reality will have on sex.   Qu

  • Wednesday 8th February, 10pm

  • Five Star

  • 2 of 10


Question Time

BBC One’s political debate programme, Question Time. 

  • Thursday 9th February, 10:45pm

  • BBC One


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