The Farmers Country Showdown

TX16: Kent – Sheep

The Kent County Show’s sheep competition sees luxury sheep breeder Renée and farmers Ed and Gemma take to the ring. With her eyes on first prize, daughter Poppy has her sights set high.

TX17: Ireland – Rapeseed Oil & Buffalo

Northern Ireland’s only buffalo farmers, Michael and Barry, and rapeseed oil producers Jane and Michael hope to sell out the 40th annual Irish Game Fair.

TX18: Cheshire – Shire Horses

Two families who are multi-generational Shire Horse breeders, are exhibiting their prize winning pedigrees and competing for glory at the Royal Cheshire Show.

TX19: Royal Welsh – Cattle 

Two Welsh pedigree cattle farmers battle it out at with the best of the best at Europe’s largest agricultural event, The Royal Welsh Show.  Winning here means everything to their farms and the families who go all out for red. 

TX20: Awards – Diversification 

Making a living in farming is not just hard graft, sometimes taking big risks can make a difference.  Today, three inspirational farming families are celebrated for their ideas and ingenuity, but only one can be crowned ‘Diversification Farmer of the Year’ at The Farmers Weekly Awards.

  • Monday 28th January - Friday 1st February, 3.45pm

  • BBC One

  • 16-20 of 20


How To Lose Weight Well

On HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT WELL Dr Xand van Tulleken and Dr Helen Lawal ask ordinary Brits to road test some of the most popular and talked about diets out there and give viewers the lowdown on how these diets performed for them. Café cook Stacie Stewart helps the volunteers to turn their diets into delicious dishes.

This week Jonno and Alfie have two weeks to slim down for a family barbecue, Sonal and Surekha go on six week dieting plans to lose weight for an engagement party, and twins Michelle and Mandi want to slim down for a black tie event in four months’ time.

Xand also investigates ‘Hanger’ what happens when you’re hungry and angry and pits alcoholic drinks against each other to find out which is the worst drink for calories

Tattoo Fixers: Extreme

This week on Tattoo Fixers: Extreme, Alice cleans up raver Debbie’s X-Rated tribute to her best friend; Sketch rids Grant of the naughty moped-club name that’s been making him look a bit of a helmet and Uzzi helps Matthew with his horrendous hair-raising holiday tat. Elsewhere, Pash gives superfan Billy a portrait of an Essex icon, Uzzi’s left open-mouthed by Bradley’s indecent inking and Sketch sees to Matt’s disastrously drunken holiday design, that’s left him feeling as sick as a parrot

Do The Right Thing

Ruth and Eamonn talk to an inspirational Holocaust survivor about the life-changing time he spent with the residents of Ascot, have supper with a remarkable charity bringing communities together using food that would otherwise go to waste, and take up customers complaints about one of Britain’s most used package delivery service. 

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