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 For the Miles’, appearances have always been important, but matriarch Irene is the most glamorous of them all. At 85 she still dresses impeccably, with a penchant for designer sunglasses and bright red lipstick. With her quick wit and her potty mouth Irene is the life and soul of any social occasion. But she also has dementia and is losing her memory. Irene lives with her youngest daughter, Maree, and her three granddaughters, Ellie, Lily and Dolce. The family are devoted to Irene – but living with her isn’t easy. She can be aggressive, rude and easy to upset. And she’s convinced she lives with her eldest daughter, Karen. Karen is Maree’s older sister and best friend. She now runs a pub around the corner and helps look after Irene when she can. Irene’s family is determined to keep her out of care and at home for as long as possible. But how will this tight knit family cope under the pressures of this devastating disease?

Filmed over three years, the film follows the Miles’ as they care for Irene as her dementia worsens and it explores themes of family love and loyalty, and shows the reality of caring for an elderly relative in Britain today. 

  • Tuesday 28th January, 10pm

  • Sky Atlantic

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Travels in Euroland with Ed Balls

Ed Balls heads to Poland and Germany, exploring the anti-elite sentiment which has swept Europe. He joins workers in a Polish coal mine, visits a so called ‘Nazi Village’ and travels to an anti-jihadi training camp .

How to Lose Weight Well

On HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT WELL Dr Xand van Tulleken and Dr. Helen Lawal ask members of the public to road test the most hyped-up and written about diets on the market today. Dieters are divided into three categories; CRASHERS on short term diets, SHAPE SHIFTERS on six week programmes and LIFE CHANGERS on bespoke three or four month dieting plans, especially designed by Xand and Helen. Café cook Stacie Stewart helps turn the diets into delicious dishes.

In this episode, the CRASHERS are teaching assistants Sheila and Syrika who have only one week to lose weight before their end of term party. Sheila is going raw and vegan on the Fruitarian Diet, while Syrika is doing quite the opposite on the Carnivore Diet! Which diet will yield better results?

This week’s SHAPESHIFTERS are boyfriends Greg and Nath who want to purge the pounds for Pride in Lincoln in six weeks time. Pizza-loving Greg is on the Powder diet, drinking Huel meal-replacement shakes, while Nath gets the diets of Greg’s dreams  - eating a pizza every day on the Pizza Diet! Do the boys have the will power they need to stick to their diets and be proud at Pride?

The LIFE CHANGERS are friends Becci and Cassie who have three months to lose weight ahead of a friend’s wedding. For fellow Yorkshire-woman Becci, Helen has designed the “Yorkshire Dales Diet” focusing on locally sourced produce, healthy versions of classic British dishes and hikes in the Yorkshire Dales! For new mum Cassie, Xand has designed the “New York City Diet” which involves big deli-inspired breakfasts, healthy, protein-rich food and popular NYC foods such as kefir and pickles.  But will it be New York or Yorkshire that triumphs?

Xand and Helen also investigate some of the more extreme dieting methods out there. On this show Xand investigates bottled water: from ‘protein water’ to ‘skinny water’ and asks if fizzy water really makes us gain weight.

In the second strand, Xand goes on a Keto Diet and by using his breath, his blood and his urine, he tests out some of the newest and most popular Keto gadgets in this ever-expanding market worth over £2 billion!

  • Monday 27th January, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 4 of 4


Naked Attraction

First foxtrotting into the studio is 60 year old Glyn, an entertainer from Essex.  This disco dancing champ blames his lack of love on all that boogieing but now hopes Naked Attraction will find him the perfect partner to dance off into the sunset.

Next is 28 year old Jamie from London.  She goes on some hot dates but keeps being served cheaters that leave her cold.  She needs Naked Attraction’s help to find her an honest guy who will be her dish of the day. 

  • Thursday 30rd January, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 4 of 5


Tattoo Fixers: Extreme

This week in the nation’s favourite inking emporium, Sketch invalidates Kieran’s raunchy rear-end request; Alice gives superfan Hugo a tattoo to spice up his life; Pash sorts out Shelly’s preposterous poem and Uzzi reigns in Craig’s horrible horse tattoo.

Elsewhere, Harry’s vegan tatt gets revamped and Mark shows up with an inking that’s racy in more ways than one.

  • Wednesday 29th January, 9pm

  • E4

  • 13 of 13


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