Travels in Euroland with Ed Balls

Ed Balls heads to Italy and France to explore the impact of austerity on politics across Europe. He tastes the high life with a Milanese fashion entrepreneur and joins a farming family struggling to survive. 

This is Our Family

Vinnie Nailor, 31 at the start of filming, has spent most of his adult life in prison on serious charges including drug dealing. Growing up in a family of small time criminals in Milton Keynes, Vinnie is now a dad himself - to six children by five women. Vinnie wants to go straight in order to be a proper father to his kids – in particular his eldest, teenager Rylan. After years of absence, as Rylan approaches the age Vinnie was when he first broke the law, Vinnie’s hoping to make up for lost time. But can he cope with settling down, and earning less in a week than he used to make in a day? Vinnie wants to find a steady girlfriend but his relationships with women are troubled. As his mum Cassie says, he doesn’t seem to trust himself to fall in love.  

Filmed over three years, the film follows the Nailors as Vinnie tries to ensure that Rylan’s journey from boy to man is smoother than his own – but can he draw a line between his family and his past?

  • Tuesday 4th February, 10pm

  • Sky Atlantic

  • 4 of 4


Naked Attraction

First in the studio is 25 year old Hope, a model from Birmingham.  A huge wrestling fan, Hope’s seeking Naked Attraction’s help to find a man with a slamming body who can finally pin her down.

Next in studio is 28 year old Kurt, a veterinary student.  A real-life Dr Doolittle, he can talk to the animals but gets tongue tied talking to the ladies.  He needs Naked Attraction’s help to find him a woman that will get him hot under the collar. 

  • Thursday 6th February, 10:50pm

  • Channel 4

  • 5 of 5


Australia on Fire: Climate Emergency

Journeying into the firestorm, this is the dramatic and terrifying story of the battle to save Australia from the bushfires ravaging the country.

First-hand accounts from firefighters who were on the frontlines reveal what is it is like to take on a completely unpredictable enemy. With some estimates putting the wildlife death toll at millions, reporter Kylie Morris examines the long term impact of the fires on the diverse animal population and ecology. A heart-breaking portrait of the devastation is built through new extraordinary drone footage revealing destroyed habitats, along with access on the ground to the animal rescue teams. Amongst the burnt out forests rescuers seek out injured Koalas and Kangaroos left injured and helpless by the fires. 

The film also features testimony from those who just about escaped their burning homes with their lives as well as hearing from some of those who have returned back to their destroyed homes. In some cases having lost everything - belongings, livelihoods and loved ones. 

With extreme record breaking temperatures and drought said to have super charged the bushfires, the film also explores the wider concerns around climate change. Is this disaster, described by some as apocalyptic, simply a glimpse in to a future world where temperatures have been allowed to rise to dangerous levels?

  • Monday 3rd February, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 1 of 1


How Safe Is Your Vape? – Tonight

With more than 3.6 million people now vaping in the UK, ‘Tonight’ reporter Jonathan Maitland explores the boom in the vaping industry and asks, 'How safe is your vape?'

While the vaping industry claims it is a safer, cleaner, healthier alternative to smoking, this film investigates claims that more than 60 deaths have been linked to e-cigarettes in the United States; looks at why countries like Brazil and India have banned them and asks why Public Health England say Brits have no reason to be alarmed.

Featuring e-cigarette enthusiasts, expert critics and the ordinary people whose lives have been affected by vaping, this Tonight goes undercover to find out what’s in the liquid you smoke and whether it’s time for tougher regulations.

  • Thursday 6th February, 7:30pm

  • ITV

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Never Seen a Doctor

Katie Piper travels around the UK to meet people living with medical conditions that affect their daily lives.   Katie draws on her own experiences to support them on a journey to a healthier, happier future. 

This week, Katie meets a husband and wife whose dental issues have led them to opposite ends of the scales, a girl desperate for a solution to her problem skin and finds out what to do when your nose decides to double in size.

In Leicestershire, Janice and Greg’s toothy troubles are out of hand.  Each with a mouthful of rotten teeth, she’s piled on the pounds, while his dramatic weight loss gives them both cause for concern.

Up in Scotland, Joanne is stuck in a never-ending cycle with her psoriasis.  Fed up with temporary relief, will she give up life with her friends and family to try something new?

On Merseyside, father of two Scott is clinging on to both his youth and his hairline.   With hair transplants an increasingly popular choice for men, there’s a new “surgeon” around, but it’s not human.

In Bedfordshire, 80-year-old Stan sniffs out a super-quick answer to his expanding nose, with a little help from a laser.

  • Friday 7th February, 10pm

  • W

  • 1 of 3


The Big Narstie Show

Grime legend Big Narstie and his comedian co-pilot Mo Gilligan return with a third series of their late-night anarchic chat, comedy and music show. Featuring more celebrity guests, more music performances, more straight talking and plenty more laugh-out-loud sketches, the award-winning show will continue to break every chat-show rule in the book - so expect the unexpected. Special guests joining Narstie and Mo for the first episode include Gemma Collins, Vinnie Jones and Guz Khan.

  • Friday 7th February, 11:05pm

  • Channel 4

  • 1 of 6


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