The Disappearance of Shannon Matthews

The disappearance of nine-year-old Shannon Matthews triggered one of Britain's biggest ever investigations and gripped the nation. Told over two episodes, this is the definitive story of Shannon’s disappearance, the exhaustive search for her - and the remarkable truth of what really happened. 

The two films include interviews with Shannon's best friend - speaking for the first time – exclusive interviews with the local community and the police officers who return, for the first time, to the place where Shannon was eventually discovered. 

Told in astonishing detail, the programme reveals how Shannon went missing in February 2008, just 9 months after the disappearance of Madelene McCann and how the local community joined forces to hunt for her. And how initial joy at her safe discovery turned to astonishment when it was revealed her own mother was behind the plot to keep her captive.

With remarkable access and never-before-seen footage, The Disappearance of Shannon Matthews is the definitive telling of the story that both captivated and appalled the nation.

  • Wednesday 10th February, 9pm
    Thursday 11th February, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Big Weekends with Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace is taking us to some of Europe’s best cities for the perfect Weekend Break.  Across three days Gregg, a keen traveller, will explore the fantastic foods, amazing traditions and spectacular sights of these cities hunting out top tips for places to eat, hidden gems to visit and local customs to get stuck into. 


Barcelona Gregg heads to Barcelona, a city that has become hugely popular with tourists looking for a weekend break packed with great food, incredible art and architecture and fascinating traditions.  

He uncovers the city’s artistic side in the incredible architecture of Antoni Gaudi, most famous for his not-yet-finished Sagrada Familia.  But it’s not just Gaudi!  Gregg learns about the city’s other artists while doing a self-portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso and discovers that here everyone seems to have a creative side when he visits the street festival in the Gracia neighbourhood which culminates in the breath-takingcastellers, or Human Towers.


But Gregg is always drawn to a city’s food too and in Barcelona he’s not disappointed, from the amazing cones of ham you can buy on the street to the back street tapas restaurants to the dishes cooked by local grandmothers that reveals the Catalan identity of this city.

  • Friday 12th February, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 4


Extraordinary Escapes with Sandi Toksvig

Sandi Toksvig and some of her well-known female friends are about to embark on staycations like no other in Extraordinary Escapes with Sandi Toksvig, a new four-part series from Tuesday’s Child TV. 


With Britain bursting at the seams with one-of-a-kind holiday stays for every budget, Channel 4 is sending Sandi on a journey of Extraordinary Escapes. Accompanied by some of the very best names from her little black book of travel companions, namely acting royalty Alison Steadman, funny woman Sindhu Vee, comic actress Jessica Hynes, and close friend and foodie Prue Leith, Sandi will explore the delights of the UK’s wildest, most remote and beautifully designed holiday digs.


Whether a lofty lighthouse or a towering treehouse, the ingenious builds in each episode will appreciate the architecturally inspiring, cleverly designed holiday properties Britain has to offer and show viewers that staycations are something to be celebrated.


From secret retreats and seaside sanctuaries to quirky windmills, the pair will uncover the fascinating design stories behind each property. They’ll marvel at the incredible lengths the owners and architects have gone to, to ensure each property offers a unique experience, from brave and bold designs that make the most of a stunning view to passion projects where every detail has been considered to homes that embody the sense of wonder found in their surrounds. 


Sandi and her travel pal will also immerse themselves in the natural beauty of each location to make the most of their time away, indulging in wildlife spotting, picnicking on the beach, forest-bathing, cooking local produce and sharing stories as the sun goes down.


They’ll reflect on the important things in life - from family, health and careers to exploring the meaning of solitude; as well as sharing lots of laughs and appreciating the privilege of being given the keys to these extraordinary escapes. 

  • Wednesday 10th February, 9pm

  • Channel 4

  • 1 of 4


Bargain Brits on Benefits

This week, we meet the Bargain Brits on Benefits who are top of the class for finding a good deal. Bulk Buyer Zana, who shops for the biggest offers, shows us how she shops 18 months in advance, for non-perishable goods. She’s dedicated a room in her house to store washing powder, cleaning products, and loo rolls and uses phone apps to ensure she doesn’t miss out on the latest deals.


We meet Allan, who has invested in a Yacht to live a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. Despite being on benefits, he clubbed together with a couple of friends to make this normally pricey investment, and spends any spare cash doing it up. Allan also owns an allotment – and spends a lot of time growing and eating the food he loves – for free. Never one to give up – he spent 7 years growing an apple tree from the pips. 


Kelly is the yellow sticker queen. Living on a very tight budget, she tries to spend no more than £10 a week on food to feed her family of three. Kelly won’t buy any food unless it’s reduced, and her golden rule is that even if it’s reduced, does she really want it, because with such a small amount of money to play with – every penny really does count. Kelly times her visits to the supermarket at the time they start reducing items and waits until they do their final 70% reduction of the night before putting anything in her trolley.

  • Monday 8th February, 9pm

  • 5 Star

  • 5 of 6


Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable

In this episode of Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable, Mel Giedroyc and Lou Sanders are joined by Judi Love, Jimmy Carr and Richard Bacon.


Jimmy reveals an act of erotic vandalism committed at school, Judi tells all about the horrific demise of her beloved pet goldfish and Richard tells a truly Unforgivable tale about rugby tackling a disabled boy. Tales are revealed about how Judi Love ended up in a room alone with Idris Elba, how Jimmy Carr ruined a wedding and how Richard Bacon shocked and offended his own mother.


The drone delivers evidence prompting more Unforgivable anecdotes from the guests, including Judi being caught short in a clothing store, Jimmy taking advantage of his mother’s narcolepsy, and Richard being caught out for writing fake film reviews. 


In the final round there are sinful tales from the Unforgivable audience including a tale of loose bowels and a scorned wife finding a rather disgusting use for her husband’s toothbrush.

  • Tuesday 9th February, 10pm

  • Dave

  • 2 of 8


A&E: After Dark

A patient brought into A&E by police claims to have swallowed drugs, but he refuses to co-operate with staff, putting the NHS under further pressure.


In resus, a patient’s life hangs in the balance as the team assess the extent of a serious brain bleed. The most serious of head injuries, the bleed could be life altering for the patient.


A patient has been rushed into A&E by ambulance suspected of having suffered an accidental overdose. Dr. Chris needs to determine what’s happened, while immediately administering reversal drugs to the patient, to prevent life threatening consequences.


After falling from a racehorse earlier today, a 37-year-old jockey has sustained major facial injuries. Danny was kicked in the head by a horse and its uncertain if his injuries will cause any permanent damage.


In minors, Barry has been in an accident earlier tonight while inebriated. Nurse practitioner Joel examines Barry’s head wound, who is experienced in treating intoxicated patients on the night shift.


16-year-old Glen has injured his ankle at the skate park. With large swelling and discolouration, Glen’s ankle may require a procedure to reset the bones.

  • Monday 8th February, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains

In tonight’s episode, Rhod is joined by comedians Sally Phillips, Richard Ayoade and Roisin Conaty as they travel back in time to their teenage years. 


In the closely fought competition to win the title of Most Embarrassing Teenager, Sally reveals a mortifying school nickname, Richard tells the story of having his tooth knocked out at his first (and last) rock gig, and Roisin is quizzed by Rhod on her love of New Kids on the Block.


Rhod himself shares the story of a teenage trip to France, which ends with him accidentally crushing his testicles. We revisit three embarrassing years for popular culture to find out which one had the worst hairstyles, most inappropriate comedy and naffest pop charts – and finally Rhod sets a quickfire quiz which sees the guests answering questions on…their own teenage selves.

  • Tuesday 9th February, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

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Countdown to Murder

Countdown to Murder is a true crime series that detail the last days and hours of murder victims’ lives juxtaposed with the last days and hours for their killers. With moving interviews from victims’ friends and relatives we hear how events led to murder and about the police investigations that would eventually bring the killers to justice.


Interviews with leading police, journalists, a criminologist and a forensic psychologist give insight into the crimes and those who committed them, along with dramatic drama reconstruction of the events leading up to the deaths which will bring these horrific crimes to life.


In this episode, we hear the story of the brutal murder of retired schoolteacher Althea Taylor. Althea went missing in 2012 and her body has never been found, but her undertaker husband John was eventually convicted of killing her.


Alethea first met John in 1988 while on holiday after her previous marriage had broken down. After retiring, Alethea moved to Orelton with John. They were involved in every aspect of village life - John was a caretaker for the village hall, while Alethea played the organ at church. John was also the village undertaker. 


On the surface, the couple seemed to have the ideal relationship often described by others as inseparable; but at home, John was a difficult man with a dark and violent streak which only Alethea saw. And it was this dark side along with John’s desire to start over with his new lover, Alison, that lead to the brutal murder of Alethea Taylor.


With interviews from Alethea’s friends and family, including her niece, Lorraine, as well as forensic criminologist Alex Iszatt and former detective chief inspector, Clive Driscoll this documentary uncovers the brutal murder of a devoted wife by her cheating husband.

  • Tuesday 9th February, 9pm

  • 5 Star

  • 4 of 8


Celebrity Best Home Cook

The search for the first ever Celebrity Best Home Cook begins.


The ten celebrities battling it out are: reality TV star, Ferne McCann, Broadcaster and former Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, Don’t Take My Baby and Years and Years actor, Ruth Madeley, Celebs Go Dating’s Tom Read Wilson, Coronation Street and Doctor Who actor, Shobna Gulati, CBBC presenter and Strictly contestant, Karim Zeroual, Journalist and presenter, Rachel Johnson, Comedian and presenter, Ed Byrne, Comedian and writer, Desiree Burch and former Welsh rugby captain Gareth Thomas.

The trio of judges putting them through their culinary paces are the queen of home cooking Dame Mary Berry, Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett and fruit & veg expert Chris Bavin.  On hand with plenty of socially-distanced support and encouragement is presenter Claudia Winkleman who hosts with her usual dose of wit and warmth.

Each week the celebrity cooks are faced with two challenges, starting with Mary’s Ultimate round, where contestants produce their tried and tested food for special occasions.  Up next, it’s Chris’s Rustle Up challenge; one surprise ingredient and one hour to create a mid-week masterpiece. Those who haven’t impressed enough across these two challenges will be picked to take part in Angela’s dreaded Eliminator,   where the cooks must follow one of Angela’s recipes, perfectly.  The Eliminator is judged blind, and the cook making the weakest version of the dish will be sent home.  Judges will not know which cook has cooked which dish until they’ve made their decision.

  • Monday 8th February, 9pm
    Wednesday 10th February, 9pm

  • BBC One

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Secrets of the Royal Palaces

This time we explore Kensington Palace, home to the extended royal family, the aunts and cousins who need somewhere suitable to live.  Its first royal occupants were William and Mary, who reigned from 1688.  They employed Christopher Wren, then halfway through a massive building programme on St Paul’s Cathedral, to expand Nottingham House into a palace.  It was done quickly and cheaply and, says Anna Whitelock, ‘it was all a bit of a botched job.’


In 1992, the devastating fire that raged through Windsor Castle for 15 hours left chaos in its wake: 115 rooms completely destroyed.  Prince Philip took chairmanship of the renovation committee which created a new room on the site of the fire – a Lantern Lobby, made in an intricate pattern of oak beams.  We see Prince Philip’s own personal touch: he designed the stain glass windows in the new lobby.


Edward VII had a nickname, Edward the Caresser, which satirised his taste for women. He had an endless string of mistresses but also patronised courtesans and prostitutes.  His most famous companion was Alice Keppel, great-grandmother to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. 


2nd June 1952 was the date of the Queen’s Coronation.   She chose foremost designer Norman Hartnell to make her dress and they collaborated on ideas.  As well as symbols for the four corners of the United Kingdom, she wanted emblems from all over the Empire to be included.  But there was a secret sewn into the dress.  As a message of good luck, Hartnell had placed a four-leafed clover just where her hand would fall.


Kate Williams tells us the grisly tale of Queen Elizabeth I’s make-up, so poisonous that it would be completely illegal today.  Her foundation was made of lead and vinegar, her rouge from lead carbonate and her lipstick from ground alabaster – all toxic.  Their side effects included digestive problems, insomnia, headaches and respiratory issues and may even have hastened her death. 


One of the perks of being royal is the many gifts that come your way.  We reveal some of the oddest bestowed on the Queen, from a live crocodile to horse semen and 500 tons of fresh pineapples.  President of France Georges Pompidou donated a six metre long grasshopper made by French surrealist artist François Zaffino LaLanne which is functional as well as an artwork.  It opens up and doubles as a fully functioning bar. 


Secrets old and new, from the darkest history of the royal residences to modern day dilemmas and disasters – it’s all here in Secrets of the Royal Palaces.

  • Saturday 6th February, 8pm

  • Channel 5

  • 6 of 8


The Bidding Room

Nigel Havers presides as sellers come face to face with five dealers who battle it out to make the highest bid.

  • Mon 8th February, 4:30pm

  • BBC One

  • N/A


South Africa with Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace is in South Africa exploring its stunning landscapes, majestic wildlife and of course its food glorious food. Along the wild coast, on safari, through vast savannahs and into the cities, Gregg discovers the flavours this diverse country has to offer; from the winelands around Cape Town to an Afrikaans braai in the Kalahari desert at sunset, Soweto’s street food stalls selling fat cakes, and traditional hearty dishes like bobotie. Gregg also discovers South Africa's famous wildlife - coming face to face with sharks and helping care for wild leopards and African penguins and immerses in the country's rich culture and tradition, new and old, as he journeys east to west to get a taste of the real South Africa.


The Garden Province (The Zulu Kingdom)

South Africa with Gregg Wallace: From Durban Gregg takes a helicopter ride up into the remote and beautiful Zulu Kingdom in The Garden Province. He flies above the iconic Rorke’s Drift battle site and meets the ancestor of a Zulu warrior. For lunch he heads into the lush valleys for some home cooked food in a traditional Zulu village. 

  • Tuesday 9th February, 7:30pm

  • ITV

  • 6 of 6


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