Mega Mansion Hunters

Tyron Ash and his diverse agents are outsiders in the world of luxury real estate, but that hasn’t stopped them selling over 300 million pounds worth of property since Tyron started his agency just 18 months ago. With no permanent offices and commission-only pay, his savvy team use social media to sell the most sought-after homes across the UK. 

Tyron has his own unique style. In 2015 he was caught dealing cocaine and sent down for 40 months.  On release, rejected by the big high-street agencies, he borrowed £1k from his mum and set up his own business selling high-end homes. Now Tyron is the most followed luxury real estate agent on Instagram. Tyron’s twenty-something team can make big money, but if they don’t sell they don’t earn, and competition is cutthroat. Any agent can find a buyer for any property, leading to fierce in-fighting and big bust ups. With their jobs at stake, it’s a dog-eat-dog business of door-knocking mansions, schmoozing uber-wealthy clients and beating your fellow agent to the sale.


In a first episode dripping with luxury properties we meet under pressure agent Sophie, whose recent bum lift surgery hasn’t helped her results. Boss Tyron warns her about her performance, while adding to her troubles is a battle with rival agent Alex. They compete to sell a £5 million family home in Surrey, decked out with private cinema and pool, and an outrageous £7 million 8,000 sq ft warehouse conversion in South London. Will Sophie beat Alex to make the sale that could save her career?


Tyron shakes up the team with glamorous new girl Erin. Fresh from a career in musical theatre she’s not shy in coming forward, but can Erin back up her big talk? Partnered with Chloe, who is the top selling female agent at just 19 years old, Erin is put on the spot at her first ever viewing of an LA style £3 million swanky Sandbanks property on the South Coast. The reality of being a Tyron Ash Real Estate Agent starts to sink in as Erin goes cold-calling at Surrey mansions in the rain to try and win listings. The luxury property game isn’t as easy as she thought.


Meanwhile the battle between Alex and Sophie reaches boiling point. Alex is convinced Sophie stitched him up over a property deal, while Sophie thinks Alex has an attitude problem. Sparks fly as these two headstrong characters meet in a showdown and say what they really think of each other.

  • Wednesday 9th February, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 1 of 3


The Great House Giveaway / Ty Am ddim

Mae dwy athrawes yn cael tŷ yng Nghymoedd De Cymru, gyda chwe mis a chyllideb o £8K i'w adnewyddu cyn bod rhaid iddyn nhw werthu. A fydd yn ddigon i rwydo elw digon mawr iddynt allu prynu eu cartrefi eu hunain? Gyda phrisiau yng Nghymru yn profi'r codiadau uchaf yn y DU - mae siawns go dda! Ond a oes gan y frenhines 50au Lisha a Shannon, a anwyd ym Merthyr Tudful, yr hyn sydd ei angen i adnewyddu tŷ cyfan - neu a fydd dagrau a stranciau yn anfon y tŷ hwn yn syth yn ôl i'r arwerthiant?


Two teachers are given a house in the South Wales Valleys. They have six months and a budget of £8000 to renovate before they have to sell. Will it be enough to net them a profit large enough so that they can buy their own homes? With prices in Wales experiencing the highest price hikes in the whole of the UK – there’s a good chance! But do 50’s queen Lisha and Merthyr born Shannon have what it takes to renovate a whole house? Or will tears and tantrums send this house straight back to auction? 

  • Wednesday 9th February, 9pm

  • S4C

  • 1 of 8


The Chelsea Detective


The death of a stonemason on the London Underground leads Max into what seems at first like a real life haunting. The victim was a lonely, devout and troubled man who believed himself to be haunted by a spirit leaving him vengeful Biblical messages. Might a real-world explanation be found as they uncover the truth of his life – illicit drugs, bribery, broken family relationships and a man tormented by a terrible secret?

  • Monday 7th February

  • Acorn TV

  • 1 of 4


Mel Giedroyc: Unforgiveable

Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable is the horribly funny show where the nation’s favourite comedians and celebrities peel back their friendly showbiz veneer and compete to show you the very best of their bad sides. To convince Mel that they’re the most Unforgivable guest of all, the panel have to reveal their dirtiest lies, most outrageous sins and all the secrets they’ve kept buried… until now.  


In each episode three celebrities come clean and admit to all the transgressions they kept out of their autobiographies. Mel and her dishonourable assistant Lou Sanders are on hand to dredge up all the sordid details, the stories that keep her guests awake at night and make sure that no stone is left unturned. 


This week, Mel and her dishonourable assistant Lou Sanders are joined by brilliant stand-ups Sarah Millican, Jamali Maddix and Chris McCausland. Sarah discusses what ingredient she thinks should be added to cakes in Amsterdam, Chris has to apologise to one of the victims of his prank-fuelled past while Jamali and Mel find out they have similar tactics when being caught short without a loo. 

  • Tuesday 8th February, 10pm

  • Dave

  • 1 of 8


Great British Menu

North West - 4 of 29

Great British Menu begins a thrilling week with the North West region heats. Competing for the top spot are four chefs who are a mix of exciting new talent and one of last year’s popular returners. Liverpudlian Dave Critchley, Exec Chef at fine dining Chinese restaurant Lu Ban, is determined to give winning a place representing his beloved city and region another try. There are also three new chefs throwing their hat into the ring including: Sam Lomas from Macclesfield who is a former apprentice at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage and head chef at Glebe House in Devon; and Lancashire lad Stevie Lamb, Head Chef at the 4AA rosette hotel The Orangery in Darlington. Last of the newcomers is Brazilian born Caroline Martins who lives in Manchester and runs Brazilian fusion cookery pop ups in the North West.


Presenter Andi Oliver welcomes them to the kitchen, where the theme for this year’s competition is a celebration of 100 years of British Broadcasting. One of the 4 must leave the competition at the end of the episode and this will be decided by the Veteran Judge of this week’s competition, a previous winner who remains a surprise to the chefs until the moment they walk into the kitchen to taste their first course, canapes.   


Veteran & Michelin Starred Lisa Goodwin-Allen tastes the canapes and tells Andi her initial impressions, but she will only use her rankings of the canapes in the event of a tie break.  The scoring depends on how well the chefs do with the following two courses, the starter, and the fish.   


The starter dishes are creative takes on the brief. Sam is inspired by award winning drama Happy Valley and the moorland setting for his lamb dish. Dave pays homage to fellow Liverpudlian Cilla Black in his surprising pork belly and Shaoxing caramel. There’s a playful dish inspired by Monty Python’s surreal comedy sketch show with a fine dining recreation of spam as a pork terrine and Stevie celebrates northern comedy Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps in a dish of contrasting temperatures and textures. The question is which will Lisa score the highest? 


One chef leaves the competition after the fish and the pressure is on to impress Lisa and new veteran, two Michelin starred Niall Keating who joins for this course. What will Niall think of Dave’s interactive plate of marinated trout and tobanjang sauce inspired by his favourite DIY art show; an adventurous fishy mousse celebrating sci fi comedy Red Dwarf, and a pollock dish with crushed celeriac and dulse to evoke the BBC’s Shipping Forecast? There’s also Stevie’s sustainable halibut dish with a marigold gel paying homage to David Attenborough. Who will be sent home?


North West - 5 of 29

The three chefs are halfway through their heat and the pressure is mounting. Once again, they each serve a unique take on the brief celebrating 100 years of British Broadcasting. For mains, one chef is taking inspiration from the Royal Variety Show serving a regal Chinese takeaway to share around the telly. Another is celebrating Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway with a posh version of a northern parmo made with pigeon and there is a homage to national treasure Sir Terry Wogan in a breakfast inspired sausage and crumpet classic. Whose dish will Veteran Judge, Lisa Goodwin-Allen find the most successful?


After the tense scoring on the mains, presenter Andi Oliver asks the chefs to prepare a pre-dessert or palate cleanser.  Veteran Judge, Lisa must blind taste and rank them as they will be used in the event of tie to decide who goes home.  There’s a chocolate and damson fez hat inspired by legendary comedian Tommy Cooper, a nod to Brookside and the first ever pre watershed lesbian kiss in a pair of cherry lips and a Morecambe and Wise doughnut –  but will they all look and taste good?


After a glimpse of their pudding skills, it’s on to dessert and they all plump for a Comedic inspiration – one of the chefs boldly opts for a wacky celebration of Ken Dodd and the Diddy Men with jam butties and broken biscuits, the second is an ode to the comedic duo of Morecambe and Wise in a sunny honey custard tart. The last is a cheffy take on apple crumble for northern sitcom Dinner Ladies. Which chef will win the most plaudits to get the top marks?  And who will go home? 


Only two will proceed to cook for the judges and have a chance to represent the North West at the regional finals.


North West - 6 of 29

Today the two highest scoring North West chefs must go head- to-head and cook their six-course menus again but will they take on board their veteran’s advice as they serve to the new panel of esteemed judges and Corrie legend Sue Cleaver?


The chefs need to impress our panel of brand-new judges – double Michelin Starred Chef Tom Kerridge, Chef and Restaurateur Nisha Katona, and comedian and host of a popular food podcast, Ed Gamble. In addition they’ll have to win over a guest judge – today it’s Sue Cleaver, who has been on Coronation Street, the world’s longest running TV Soap, filmed in the North West in Manchester, for over 20 years. How will she judge dishes celebrating 100 years of British Broadcasting?


Only one of the chefs will triumph and go through to represent the North West. 

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