Week 7

Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week

optiontime app With the first 48 hours of physical tests complete under the South African Special Forces, the 18 remaining and already exhausted recruits wake up to their next special forces expert, Rafal Nowakowski a former lieutenant of Polish GROM. For the next 2 days Rafal will be testing the recruits physical and psychological strength as well as their ability to think clearly under pressure and during extreme physical exhaustion.  
Rafal starts his 48 hours with a basic GROM fitness test, disappointed he then takes them into the mountains for a ‘simple’ infantry exercise and it’s not long before a couple of recruits are on his radar. As night falls the recruits are forced to keep awake to carry out stress positions to Rafal’s exacting standards as well as a devious origami task to see who is able to keep their minds alert despite exhaustion and tiredness.
With little to no sleep in 36 hours the recruits are then put through their toughest physical challenge to date which leads to a surprising exit from one of the strongest recruits.

  • Sunday 12th February, 9pm

  • BBC Two

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The Farmers Country Showdown bdswiss vertrauenswürdig TX1 DAIRY
Today Dairy Farmers Ben and Holly from Eynsford in Kent come up against their neighbour and friend Trevor from Guston at the Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show in Surrey.

  • Monday 13th February to Friday 17th February, 3.45pm

  • BBC One

  • 1 to 5 of 15


The Scottish Bounty Hunter l apprendista binario But this boy from Brechin is the real deal.
Based in Virginia Beach on America's Atlantic coast, he spends his days and nights hunting and apprehending criminals who have skipped bail.
This film, made by Mentorn Scotland, follows Christian on the chase, and discovers how a chequered past in Scotland has helped him succeed in this dangerous job.
He was 21 when he left Brechin.
Says Christian: “I was at a point where I was getting into a lot of trouble, couldn’t find a job. Plus I thought America looked a lot cooler in the movies so I thought I’d come and give it a try.”
Nine years later, gun-toting Christian is – as this film reveals – very much immersed in his work as a Bail Enforcement Agent.
But the film delves below the stereotype to show the unique relationships he builds with some of the people he comes across, from offenders with drug addiction to their families striving to get back to a normal life.
And it follows him back to Brechin, where he reflects on his own troubled past and the people he knew there.

  • Monday 13th February, 10.40pm

  • BBC Scotland

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Tattoo Fixers Valentine’s Special hat jemand erfahrung mit binäre optionen

Sex Pod

buy Lisinopril australia This week Sex Pod is answering question on everything from finding the G-spot to the risky business of outdoor sex.    
Best friends Sami, 21, and Moses, 22 are interested to know how they can ensure that they can keep themselves clean and safe down below.  And they’re not the only ones – 24 Kiran is also keen to find out how he can make sure he keeps his penis in top working order.  
When it comes to where to have sex, it seems that a lot of us like to mix it up and outdoor sex is a favourite.  But are there any legal issues with having sex outside?  That is the question on the minds of 18-year-old student Cassie and Charlie who’s 19.  
Porn – what we do watch, how much do we watch and what does it says about us?  22-year-old Chloe is particularly keen to find out because she enjoys lesbian porn more than other genres of porn and she wants to know if that means she’s bisexual.  
Finally, 24 year old Ryan wants to know about an enigma of the female body that has left many men and women confusingly fumbling around – the G Spot.  Where is it?  What is that?  And how does he stimulate it?  

  • Wednesday 15th February, 10pm

  • Five Star

  • 3 of 10


Question Time

  • Thursday 16th February, 10:45pm

  • BBC One


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