**NEW** 999 Rescue Squad

Programme following the work of the UK’s toughest medics - the members of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s Hazardous Area Response Team.

The team race to the rescue of a tanker driver trapped in the wreckage of his crushed cab  after a collision with a concrete gantry on the M1.   As firefighters try to establish if the tanker’s toxic cargo is leaking, Paramedic Paul puts his own safety on the line to climb onto the truck to deliver pain killing drugs to his patient.

In South Yorkshire, a waste disposal plant catches fire, spewing poisonous smoke into the air over a housing estate. The team must evacuate residents and treat workers injured in the blast as red hot aerosol cans rain down from the sky.

Team leader Rochers races to save the life of a DIY mechanic trapped under his one-ton car after a jack collapses. The man is close to death and the team have seconds to free him and deliver life-saving treatment as his frantic wife watches.

The owner of a factory collapses with a sudden cardiac arrest and the team launch a desperate battle to resuscitate him with the help of a flying doctor.

A sunbathing teenager plunges off a 40ft cliff and local paramedics call for back-up from HART after they diagnose a potentially serious spinal injury.  Meanwhile, a dispute on a building site ends with a pick-axe embedded in the bonnet of a brand new Range Rover and the man wielding it requiring first aid for a nasty eye injury.

  • Tuesday 13th February, 10pm

  • W

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**NEW** The Secret Life of Owls

This stunning series uncovers their secret life as never before, using a special camera rig to follow families of owls in a wild corner of rural Essex, through winter, spring and summer. There’s joy and tragedy, as the adult owls battle the elements, mate, and raise their young. Finally, we follow the baby owls as they transform from tiny bundles of fluff into fully-fledged grown-ups, one clumsy leap at a time. Capturing the grace and intelligence of these wonderful animals, this series shows why owls are one of Britain’s best-loved creatures.

Episode One:

In a corner of rural Essex a former First World War airfield has been left wild for over 100 years. It is now perfect owl country, home to all five of Britain’s species of owl. Among them, lives a remarkable barn owl called Missing claw, and two inseparable little owls, Geronimo and Flo. Over the course of winter, spring and summer, we get a privileged view of their secret lives using a special camera rig outside, and inside their nests. We see how during winter, with snow on the ground, Missing Claw often goes hungry, relying on his incredible hearing to find the few mice and voles that aren’t safe underground. In spring he finds his mate while the little owls establish a new nest – but have to fight off some aggressive squirrels in the process. And during early summer, as both sets of owls incubate their eggs, the female becomes completely reliant on the male to bring her food. No problem when times are good, but hard work if food becomes scarce, and with the uncertain British weather that’s all too often.

  • Tuesday 13th February, 10pm


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Into The Fire

Fire Control is the beating heart of the West Midlands Fire Service, Without the calm advice and organisational skills of the women and men who answer the 999 emergency calls, lives can hang in the balance. Their patience and split-second decisions often save the day. In this episode, we witness fire control at work as they assist a terrified family with young children trapped on the second floor of their home by fire. Operators at Fire Control keep them on the phone and give advice as firefighters arrive to find the only way to help is the old-fashioned way - down a ladder. Sheldon White Watch are mobilised to a busy traffic junction where a head on smash between two vans leaves one driver trapped in his cab. Northfields Blue Watch confront every fire fighters worst fear, a lethal build-up of smoke that can turn into an explosive backdraft. Firefighters believe the fire at an indoor market is a suspected arson.

  • Monday 12th February 10pm

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Save Money: Good Food

This week we are in Kent with the Puri family. Stuck in a rut of cooking the same things week in week out this family need some inspiration in the kitchen. So Matt takes on the challenge to broaden their culinary horizons with light bright low cost dishes. With his prawn, lemon and rocket risotto and a feast of spatchcock piri piri chicken he shows the Puris they can be brave and save. Susanna is finding out which supercheap instant coffee shoppers prefer before putting the winner up against market leader Nescafe to see if budget can beat brand on taste. And Susanna is investigating how we can make some simple swaps in our weekly meat shop and save hundreds of pounds a year.

  • Tuesday 13th February, 7:30pm

  • ITV

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Tattoo Fixers - Valentines Special

Both hearts and tattoos are being fixed in this Valentine’s special. This week Jordan has a proposal for Sketch that needs dealing with, Glen helps drag queen Riley become even more of a Diva, and Jay has a heart to art with Leon’s backside. Elsewhere, Alice covers up Suzanne’s naughty little Cupid, Jay deals with Wes’s feminist faux pas, and Sketch frees Chris from his rather large back problem.

Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive

Dale continues his adventure in the Sunshine State and this week he’s driven to South Florida, beginning in Miami.

His first stop is South Beach and the extravagant Casa Casuarina. An upscale boutique hotel, it was the home of fashion designer Gianni Versace until his untimely death in 1997. Dale is ecstatic to discover that the fashion icon’s influence is still a large part of the villa; from the leopard print cushions to the swimming pool made out of thousands of 24-carat gold tiles. The pièce de résistance though is Versace’s bedroom suite complete with a ten-foot bed.

Resisting the urge to luxuriate in Versace’s mansion, Dale hits the beach and after a quick chat with lifeguard Chris, who’s been patrolling the shores for over 30 years, he discovers Muscle Beach. Dale’s in heaven as men of all ages flex their muscles and display their supreme strength with gravity defying balancing routines on the beach’s workout apparatus.

Next Dale heads inland a few miles to Little Havana, home to Miami’s ever growing Cuban population. He meets up with Sandy Cobas, owner of one of the boutique cigar making factories. With her bubbly enthusiasm she takes Dale through the process of making his very own cigar and introduces him to the delights of Cuban coffee.

For the last stop on this leg of the trip Dale heads north to the playground of the rich and famous – Palm Beach. After checking into the prestigious Breakers Hotel, he gets a personalised tour of the million dollar mansions on Billionaires Row, which some of the richest people in America call home. His tour also includes a drive by of Mar a Lago, President Trump’s Winter Whitehouse. Returning to his hotel Dale relaxes on a balcony with a cocktail, enjoying a spectacular sunset – the perfect end to his second leg of his trip

  • Thursday 15th February, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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The Mash Report

With robust reporting and up-to-the-minute analysis, Nish Kumar and a team of hilarious correspondents keep you up to date with everything that’s happened – or not happened – this week.

  • Thursday 15th February, 10pm

  • BBC Two

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The Wine Show

In tonight’s show, James Purefoy and Matthew Goode are in the belly of France – the food-obsessed city of Lyon - to find a wine for the dessert course of their epic French feast. They visit a traditional bouchon where they eat tripe, calves head and pike, before heading off to satisfy their sweet tooth at Pralus, a patisserie famed for its Praluline brioche. Time for them to put on their aprons and get baking. With their wines chosen they had back to the villa for the judgement of world-renowned wine critic Jancis Robinson. Joe Fattorini is in the Basque Spanish city of San Sebastian with chef Jose Pizarro. They head to Rioja to find wines for a dinner at one of San Sebastian’s oldest Gastronomic Societies, Kanyonetan. Named after the cannon balls fired into the city by the British, Joe bravely decides to serve an English wine alongside his Spanish find. How will this go down with the diners and surprise guest legendary chef Juan Marie Arzak? And Jaega Wise is tasked with trying to convince Joe that he should really be drinking beer in a very festive Munich, in the southern German state of Bavaria. Needless to say, Joe returns the favour with a quick lesson in how to choose the perfect German wine to go with your sausages. And back in London, Matthew Rhys returns to Berry Brothers & Rudd in London St James’ to continue his look at historic and modern gadgets.

  • Friday 16th February, 7pm

  • Channel 5

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