Walking Britain’s Lost Railways

Britain’s rail network was once the envy of the world, with twenty thousand miles of track, it was the backbone of an industrial superpower. But in the course of a century, almost half has disappeared. Rob Bell follows six more abandoned rail routes, each of which tells its own story of an area once served by our glorious railways, and how the world has changed since.                    

Rob goes in search of a remarkable railway line – one that cut an outrageous path through the dramatic hills and gorges of the Peak District – part of the 1860s express route between London and Manchester.

From Matlock to the spa town splendour of Buxton, Rob unearths a tale of Victorian ambition, as he travels along a route filled with great engineering, which is now a beloved part of the Peak District National Park.

After hopping aboard the heritage ‘Peak Rail’, a short stretch of line preserved for steam trains, Rob visits Bakewell before cutting a path along the hugely popular Monsal Trail, where he cycles a stretch of the old railway through cuttings, a 500-yard tunnel and the glorious Headstone Viaduct.

But this picture postcard landscape is littered with the remnants of even older industry. The railway not only served passengers, but local cotton mills, and the Derbyshire limestone quarries. Just outside Buxton, Rob discovers one site still in operation – it’s so big, a short stretch of the railway has been kept open just to service it.

Never Seen a Doctor

Never Seen a Doctor tells the stories of thousands of men and women across the country who have spectacularly neglected their health. They may have a fear of doctors or dentists, concern over the financial outlay, or simply haven't had the strength to confront their health problems. But now with the support of presenter Katie Piper and our specialist team they're going to discover that by confronting their worries they can radically transform their lives for the better, in far less time than they thought.

This week, Katie meets a woman who’s been using moulded chewing gum to try and disguise her damaged front teeth, a keen marathon runner unaware of the damage his varicose veins could do to his health and a young woman struck by a virus that has paralysed the side of her face.

In Essex, Sue’s fear of the dentist has led her to resort to some innovative DIY dentistry to disguise serious damage to her front teeth.

In Lincolnshire, IT director Robin’s family have nicknamed his problematic varicose vein ‘the snake.’ Can they persuade him to see a doctor?

In Sussex, 18 year old Josh is still dealing with the aftermath of burns left by a spilt cup of tea when he was a toddler.

In Cornwall 20 year old Lily was struck by a sudden ‘Bell’s Palsy’ or paralysis to one side of her face. The palsy may improve over time but in the meantime it’s left Lily with a worrying side effect.

And in Wales, Dave has discovered an unlikely treatment that may offer a life-changing cure for a birthmark on his face known as Venous Malformation.

  • Friday 14th February, 10pm

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The Big Narstie Show

Grime legend Big Narstie and his comedian co-pilot Mo Gilligan continue the third series of their late-night anarchic chat, comedy and music show. Featuring more celebrity guests, more music performances, more straight talking and plenty more laugh-out-loud sketches, the award-winning show will continue to break every chat-show rule in the book - so expect the unexpected. Special guests joining Narstie and Mo for the second episode include Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock from Little Mix, Joel Dommett, Samson Kayo and M Huncho.

  • Friday 14th February, 11:05pm

  • Channel 4

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When Diets Go Horribly Wrong

We’ve all been on a diet at one point or other in our lives, and with the rise of social media, there’s no getting away from the fact that we’re all under more pressure than ever before to look good.

When done right, diets can have positive health benefits as well as being life affirming. However, when done wrong they can end in disaster. In this 60 minute special, narrated by Claire Sweeney, we have first-hand accounts from real people whose diets ended up deeply affecting their lives.

Highlights include a young juicer, Clare, whose body reacted badly to her liquid-only diet.

There’s ripped thirtysomething Joe, a young fitness fanatic wound up with kidney stones after extreme ‘bulking up’.

Another dieter, Lexi went from a size 14 to a size 6 in an attempt to look good in her wedding dress. Her diet spiralled out of control and her weight plummeted, but Lexi was so tired and ill she burst into tears at the slightest thing and to top it all her husband left her.

When Paul lost his mum he spiralled into a world of anxiety, depression and comfort eating. At his heaviest, Paul was a whopping 51 stone. For health reasons, he decided to have a gastric band fitted and lost a staggering 30 stone.  The trouble is, now, he’s left with 3 stone of excess skin which he cannot get removed on the NHS. Even after his weight loss transformation, Paul says he is ashamed to look at himself in the mirror.

Writer Eve opens up about the pressures of working in the fashion industry surrounded by “perfect” bodies. Her story involves her taking on-board so-called fad diets via social media. Influenced by online wellness stars peddling questionable nutrition advice, Eve culled her favourite foods such as bread, milk and meat and got so poorly she feared she would suffer a sudden heart attack.

Plus, there’s the tragic tale of Eloise Parry, well-documented in the press back in 2018, as she had been addicted to toxic slimming pills containing dinitrophenol (DNP). We have an exclusive interview with her sister Becky who opens up about her late sister’s obsession with her diet.

Expert interviews include GP Dr Ellie Cannon, workout queen Rosemary Conley, fitness expert Kris Boyson and celebrities Nadia Sawalha, Ampika Pickston and former Big Brother star, Josie Gibson.  

  • Thursday 13th February, 10pm

  • Channel 5

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