Week 8

Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week

In the second series of Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week, Reggie Yates presides over the competition which sees 22 of Britain¹s toughest civilians face a fortnight of hell.
The 14 remaining recruits are now halfway through but are about to face their toughest expert yet. Ken is serving Lieutenant in The Republic of Korea’s Underwater Demolition Team AKA ROK UDT and his unconventional methods will push even the toughest recruits out of their comfort zone.

ROK UDT are based on the US Navy Seals and follow a similar training regime, but nothing will prepare the recruits for the unorthodox ‘Thinking man Position’ and other water based exercises that force some strong competitors to throw in the towel.

But that’s not all ken has up his sleeve, dragging truck tyres up hills and carrying boats on their heads is just the beginning of the misery they are about to face. And with the men dropping like flies it is now a head to head between the remaining men and women in the ultimate battle of the sexes.

  • Sunday 19th February, 9pm

  • BBC Two

  • 4 of 6


The Farmers Country Showdown

A heart-warming series that celebrates inspirational farming families and the rural events where they showcase their hard work, as they try to win the top prizes.

TX6 PIGS – Monday 20th Feb
Today Pig Farming Family Clive, Hilary and Rebecca from in the South West and Barbara from Wales are hoping to win prizes for their best pigs at The Dorset County Show.

TX7 LUDLOW – Tuesday 21st Feb
Today Dairy Farmer turned Ice-Cream maker Gillian from Droitwich and Wolverhampton based Rapeseed oil artisans Rupert and Tracey will be trying to sell out at one of the country’s most demanding foodie festivals - Ludlow Food Festival.  

TX8 HORSES – Wednesday 22nd Feb
Today traditional farmers and horseman Robert from The New Forest and Dan from the Surrey Hills show the skill and passion needed to do well in one of the country’s top ploughing competitions.  

TX9 SHEEP – Thursday 23rd Feb
Today Dorset based Sheep Farmers Jo and Dan from Beaminster – and Jon and Justine from Stalbridge get ready to show off the best of their flock at this year’s Melplash Agricultural Show in Dorset.

TX10 CREAM AWARDS – Friday 24th Feb
Today two Young Farmers with cutting edge ideas go on to compete against each other in this year’s Cream Awards. Hayden from Helston and Jack from Launceston are both hoping to walk away with the young farmer of the year title.

  • Monday 20th February to Friday 24th February, 3.45pm

  • BBC One

  • 6 -10 of 15


Jon Richardson’s Guide To The End of the World

Every day the news gets worse  – President Trump, Brexit, Isis … Right now it feels like the world could end any day but one of Britain’s most cautious men is here to help us risk assess life in these scary times.
Jon Richardson is a worrier, and in a bleak world where fear dominates the news, it's hard to know which headlines to believe. We're all going to die but what’s more likely to kill us - ISIS or sausages? Self-confessed coward and expectant father Jon is sent out on a mission by his wife, fellow comedian and worrier Lucy Beaumont, to investigate the things they are most scared are going to kill them.
Can he try and allay both of their fears of the dangers that threaten our lives every time we walk out of the front door? Over the course of his mission he meets the family in Dorset selling fresh air in jars for £80 a pop to combat lethal air pollution, spends the night in the woods to learn how to protect his family in the event of terrorists planting a dirty bomb and meets a man so committed to making himself invincible he test drives an indestructible suit by strapping himself to a van and driving through a brick wall.
After every mission he reports back to Lucy. But with each solution she just sends him out to investigate another potential death threat. With the world in such a state, are we ever going to be safe and will Jon and Lucy ever learn to allay their fears?

  • Monday 20th February, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 1 of 1


Tattoo Fixers

This week the Tattoo fixers get a visit from TOWIE fan Ash who’s Joey Essex inspired tattoo is far from Reem. Alice helps rid ex-club rep Sammie of her unladylike error on her lady parts. Meanwhile self-professed mummy’s boy Lloyd asks Sketch to erase his misunderstood etching and Jay is sorting out martial arts fan Jimmy’s naughty nod to Chuck Norris. Elsewhere Alice is helping epilepsy-sufferer Olivia get a tattoo to mark her journey and its Game Over for Will’s drinking game disaster.

Sex Pod

Sex Pod – the first all talking, walk-in discussion device of everything you ever wanted to know about sex and the body but were afraid to ask.   Sex Pod is a friend, an advisor and a sexpert all in one.  When it comes to answering questions, Sex Pod has a team of highly experienced and qualified experts, as well as visual demonstrations from a selection of couples who have agreed to have their most intimate moments filmed.

This week Sex Pod is answering question on everything from how to getting guys to use a condom to the positives and negatives of a clitoral piercing.

Foreplay is on Ed’s mind.  He admits that he’s never been much of a fan of it but wants ideas to spice things up when it comes to gay foreplay.  And he’s not the only one looking for tips, 18 year old Noel also wants to ensure he’s a master at foreplay.   

Best friends Jess and Krystal what to find out more about a part of their sex lives that has so far hit a bum note – how to make receiving anal sex more enjoyable.   While 19 year old Dayle is looking for tips to prepare him for when he has sex for the first time?
21 year old Lucia has a question about staying safe that plenty of girls relate to – when guys say condoms ruin sex what do you do in that situation?   Jodie also wants to make sure guys wrap up when it comes to sex, so she wants to take matters into her own hands and find out how to put a condom on.

Finally, couple Amy and Ryan what to find out if getting her clitoris pierced will increase sensitivity in the same way it has for her nipples.  

  • Wednesday 22nd February, 10pm

  • Five Star

  • 4 of 10


Question Time

BBC One’s political debate programme, Question Time.

  • Thursday 23rd February, 10:45pm

  • BBC One


Celebrity Sex Pod

Sex Pod, the UK’s first all talking, walk in discussion device, has helped hundreds of inquisitive members of the public solve issues on every conceivable sexual subject.  Now, it's the turn of celebrities.  Their sex lives may be all over our screens and in the press, but they are just as baffled, just as confused and have just as many questions.  Luckily Sex Pod is here to give them answers - through direct and light hearted conversation as well through the use of short videos featuring experts in the field of medicine and psychotherapy and visual demonstrations.   For all things sexual sex pod is the oracle.  

This week Sex Pod is answering question on everything from the possible risks of HIV undetectable to what exactly is squirting.  

Geordies Shores threesome Chloe Ferry, Nathan Henry, Kyle Christie don’t only come as a multiple they also want to know about multiples, specifically in the orgasm stakes.   Ex on the Beach star Jordan Davies wants to know about a different type of multiple – he’s keen to find out how to make a threesome work.   

Celebrity Big Brother’s Andy West is concerned about sexual health, particularly what, if any, the risks are of having a sexual relationship with someone who is HIV undetectable.  For Andy the answers are a real eye opener and totally change his opinion.  

Jon Clarke from TOWIE has got a question about if there’s such a thing as too much wanking.  He’s got an impressive record for one day but he wants to know if there might be any health implications.  Meanwhile Marnie Simpson, from Celebrity Big brother and Geordie Shores wants tips on what squirting is and how to do it.  

Also appearing is Sam Giffen and best pal Katie Salmon of Big Brother and Ex on the Beach fame, x Factor’s Monica Michael, and Love Island lovebirds Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland.  

  • Thursday 23rd February, 10pm

  • Channel 5

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