The Secret Life of Owls

It’s early summer at an abandoned former  airfield in Essex - home to all five of Britain’s species of owl. Little owls Geronimo and Flo are recovering from recent events and are on the lookout for a new nest. But for Barn owls Missing Claw and Stipetail it’s an even more critical time. They now have three tiny chicks in their nest – Smokey, Willow and the youngest. Over the next 10 weeks these small bundles of fluff make the dramatic transformation into fully-fledged owls, capable of flight, and hunting prey. But the journey isn’t easy – on average around half of barn owl chicks don’t even make it out of the nest.

While the barn owl chicks grow up inside their parent’s nest, five orphaned tawny owls are preparing to arrive at the airfield from a very different home. Hand-reared at a local wildlife centre, they are now being introduced to a specially built aviary near the woods where they will be able to acclimatise to their new surroundings. 

Finally, as our barn owl chicks leave the safety of the nest, they must not only learn how to fly, but how to pounce and hunt too. Initially clumsy, they learn quickly, and before long they are ready for new lives out in the wild away from their parents. 

With amazing insight into the incredible  world of baby owls, this stunning documentary portrays the inner workings of the joys and tragedies of owl family life as never before.

  • Tuesday 20th February, 10pm


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Into The Fire

Into The Fire follows the crucial work of one of Britain’s busiest fire services in the West Midlands.  Using unique footage, captured on heat resistant cameras by the firefighters themselves, each episode tells stories from the frontline of firefighting. In this episode; Hay Mills Green Watch are called to rescue a young mum trapped in the wreckage of her car. Firefighters swiftly help Aisha who has collapsed at the wheel of her car, spun across 6 lanes of a dual carriage way and smashed against metal railings in the central reservation.  Though showing no signs of external injury, her vital signs are not good and as she floats in and out of consciousness, firefighters urgently try to free her from the wreckage. Highgate is one of the West Midland’s busiest inner city fire stations, today Blue Watch are called to a vicious electrical manhole fire that threatens the cable and pipes beneath a busy road. They also rescue an upset toddler who's trapped herself in a bathroom and visit a local soup kitchen to engage with Birmingham's homeless. And one family get an important lesson about the awesome power of fire, as a minor blaze wrecks their home.

  • Monday 19th February, 10pm

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999 Rescue Squad

Programme following the work of the UK’s toughest medics - the members of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s Hazardous Area Response Team. 

The team race to respond to a major chemical leak endangering the lives of thousands of people.  In Leeds, an elderly motorist is run over by his own car and the HART medics fight to free his leg after it becomes trapped around the front wheel.

There’s a dramatic emergency at an abandoned school after a teenager falls 30ft down the chimney into an underground boiler room, sustaining serious leg injuries.  Team leader Emma must comfort his mum - as well as co-ordinate a tricky rescue.

Meanwhile, paramedics Gemma and Darren must put on their climbing kit when  a psychiatric patient scales scaffolding outside a big city hospital and threatens to jump.

After a road accident in West Yorkshire, the team find their trapped patient is a former SAS trooper but when they discover he’s suffering from brittle bone disease they must improvise to avoid worsening his injuries.

  • Tuesday 20th February, 10pm

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Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive

Week three kicks off on Sanibel Island in south west Florida. Dale swaps the rental car for a bike so he can explore the back roads of this gem of an island – a place where fast food restaurants, chain stores and high-rises are all banned. On the beach, he meets the ‘shelling mamas’ – three local ladies who are obsessed with collecting sea shells. Dale sets The Mamas the task of finding him the most beautiful shell in the sea and manages to invent a new game show in the process!

The day ends at The Bubble Room, a restaurant that has been voted in the top 10 weirdest places to eat in America. Here Dale tackles flaming cheese, a mountain of bread and a giant 28 ounce steak all served to him by a man with a chicken on his head.

The journey continues south to Naples – a town that apparently has more happy people than anywhere else in America. It also has the most amount of golf courses in America so, in a not wholly scientific experiment, Dale is on a mission to discover if the two facts are related – Dale plays in his first ever round of golf to see if it puts a smile on his face and he’s not disappointed!

That evening, he continues on his quest to find out why Naples is so happy by spending the night out on the tiles in one of the town’s plush entertainment malls. He ends up hosting a quiz night at a British themed pub and almost getting in to a fight with a Rolls Royce owner.

The road trip continues south as Dale makes his way to The Everglades – the largest swamp of its kind in America. Here Dale meets Jack and Dave, two ‘Gladesmen’, who believe that the swamp is inhabited by a beast known as a Skunk Ape. Rumours of an 8 foot tall odorous ape-like beast are rife in these parts and Jack and Dave agree to take Dale on safari to see if they can track down the mythical creature. Unfortunately, the mode of transport – a swamp buggy – doesn’t agree with Dale and the bumpy ride, coupled with the oppressive heat, means Dale takes a turn for the worse.

The final stop of week is at Coral Castle – also known as America’s Stonehenge. Dale learns the touching story of how the strange but impressive bit of ‘outsider art’ was built in secret by a Latvian immigrant, trying to win back the love of his sixteen year-old sweetheart.

  • Thursday 22nd February, 9pm

  • Channel 4

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The Mash Report

With robust reporting and up-to-the-minute analysis, Nish Kumar and a team of hilarious correspondents keep you up to date with everything that’s happened – or not happened – this week.

  • Thursday 22nd February, 10pm

  • BBC Two

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The Wine Show

The last show of season two of The Wine Show is a Food & Wine special. Hosts James Purefoy and Matthew Goode introduce us to six wines chosen by some of the world’s greatest sommeliers. In their restaurants around the world, the chefs create some inspiring wine and food pairings. We visit the legendary Pied de Terre on London’s Charlotte Street, new sensation Single Thread Farm in California, the unique Bubbledogs Kitchen Table in London, Bel Canto in Lisbon, the stunning Lime Wood in Hampshire and the ground-breaking Dairy in Clapham, South London. We’ll also be revisiting some of the highlights of Matt and James’s journey round France.

  • Friday 23rd February, 7pm

  • Channel 5

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