Episode 1

When Jerry - an American NSA agent - joins a team at GCHQ tackling cybercrime, junior analyst Joseph is particularly excited. But Director of Cyber Security Christine is less keen with the shakeup and wants to know the real reason Jerry is over here. Meanwhile, Jerry looks to make his mark by leading a series of team building exercises.

Episode 2

When Joseph accidentally deletes the department personnel files the whole team are forced to redo their aptitude tests. Afraid of having to take a polygraph, Jerry maneuvers to take over and run the test procedure himself. But when Jerry suspects that Christine may be hiding feelings for him he reluctantly agrees to taking the polygraph providing Joseph can secretly twist the results.

  • Friday 21st February, 9pm
    Friday 21st February, 9:30pm

  • Sky One
    Sky One

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Cilla: The Lost Tapes

Singer, presenter, icon, Cilla Black was a talent who defined British entertainment for nearly 50 years. Now, four years after her death, Cilla’s family have made a startling discovery. A stash of never before seen film reels and behind the scenes footage from Cilla’s personal video collection, plus hours of audio recordings of Cilla telling her life story.

From hanging out with Ringo Starr while filming, to skiing with legendary producer George Martin in the 1960s, touring Australia and posing in front of a not yet finished Sydney Opera House, a guided tour of her home in the early ‘70s and rehearsal footage of her memorable 2001 Royal Variety Performance – the never before seen footage spans much of Cilla’s remarkable career.

The audio recordings capture Cilla’s thoughts on her own life and career in candid interviews with the ghost-writer of her autobiography. Using this brand new material we reveal the more surprising side of Cilla; a woman who in her own words was ‘the original women’s libber’ and who went from defying expectations of her working class Liverpool upbringing, to become a success in a music industry dominated by men, and then went on to redefine entertainment through her pioneering TV work, which inspired a new generation, like Holly Willoughby.

Capturing the reactions of some of Cilla’s closest friends – like Paul O’Grady, Sir Cliff Richard and Jimmy Tarbuck – as they watch the footage for the first time makes for an intimate portrayal of a British icon, as told by her and those who knew her best. 

  • Wednesday 19th February, 9pm

  • ITV

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Hoarders: Trapped By My Trash

In Plymouth, Arthur spends his days alone. Family and friends won’t visit because of his chaotic hoard but he won’t consider a clearance in case something valuable is lost. Have deep cleaning experts Caz and Tee met their match?
Khim Sim is fighting against the clock to clear her hoard in time to get married to fiancé Jim. But will she be able to make room for the groom by getting rid of her hoard?

Mandi from Hampton Court, hoards tons of vintage clothes but is there method in her madness? With her hoard valued at over £25,000 will she be willing to part with her beloved clothes for cold, hard cash?

  • Thursday 20th February, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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HMS Ark Royal: Great British War Ships

Rob Bell reveals the dramatic story of Ark Royal, World War Two's most famous aircraft carrier. Ark Royal was the target of Nazi propaganda, Luftwaffe bombing raids and U-boat attacks. Her survival was a testament to her ingenious design and courageous crew.

Over the course of the war, Ark Royal hunted down some of Nazi Germany’s most feared warships. It was Ark Royal and the aircraft she carried that helped sink the first U-boat of the war. Just her mere presence was enough to force the captain of one of the Nazi’s proudest warships to scuttle her off the coast of Uruguay.

Rob discovers how modern shipbuilding methods helped keep Ark Royal safe from Nazi attempts to sink her. When Ark Royal emerged unscathed from a Luftwaffe raid and Nazi claims she had sunk, it was a major propaganda coup for Britain. The Nazis were determined to sink her, but the ‘lucky’ Ark Royal continued to thwart all their efforts.

Rob visits Navy Wings in Ilchester to learn about Ark Royal’s finest hour - when she went up against the most iconic German warship at sea – the Bismarck. A single well-placed torpedo from one of Ark Royal’s aircraft disabled the Bismarck, leaving her at the mercy of British warships who sent her to the bottom of the ocean.

Ark Royal’s luck finally ran out just after her victory over the Bismarck. A U-boat managed to strike a decisive blow against the iconic British vessel, causing her to slowly keel over and fall to the oceans floor, but not before all but one of her crew were rescued.

Ark Royal changed the face of naval warfare for good and her legacy is lives on in the design of every aircraft carrier afloat today.  

  • Monday 17th February, 10pm

  • Channel 5

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Live: The Labour Leadership Debate

As the Labour Party comes to terms with its worst election defeat in over 80 years – who should take over from Jeremy Corbyn as its next leader?  Rebecca Long Bailey, Lisa Nandy, Sir Keir Starmer and Emily Thornberry  go head to head in front of a live audience of past, current and potential future Labour voters. Krishnan Guru-Murthy moderates the discussion.

  • Monday 17th February, 8pm

  • Channel 4

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Never Seen a Doctor

Katie Piper travels the UK, meeting people who need help with medical or dental conditions that are ruining their lives. Katie draws on her own experiences to help them get the treatment they need that will transform their lives forever.

In Folkestone, after years of neglect Ben has decided he doesn’t want to be the 21 year-old with no teeth. But can he turn it around?

In Dartford, Matt wants to get to grips with a life long condition that no amount of exercise has been able to shift: gynecomastia, or manboobs.

In Staffordshire, Hayley was struck by a severe case of acne at just the same time as she became pregnant with her first daughter. What can she do to regain her looks – and her confidence?

In London, Derek put his own health on the backburner to care for his elderly mother. But since her death, he’s put on a significant amount of weight and now decided to prioritise his own health. He’s going to undergo a new procedure that’s two operations in one; first to remove his pannus - a flap of excess fat and skin - and then to reduce the size of his stomach.  But the operation also carries a risk to life.

And in South London, Nicky is also the beneficiary of advances in medical science. She’s the recipient of a ‘bionic arm’ that will give her the most advanced prosthetic limb in the country.

  • Friday 21st February, 10pm

  • W

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Walking Britain’s Lost Railways

The Durham Coalfields

Britain’s rail network was once the envy of the world. Twenty thousand miles of track - the backbone of an industrial superpower. But in the course of a century, almost half has disappeared. Four thousand stations too… deemed surplus to requirements.

But from crumbling viaducts and ticket offices, to former industries, Britain’s Lost Railways can still be discovered… and explored. So Rob Bell is back, following six more abandoned rail routes.

This second episode sees Rob turn the clock back to the very dawn of the railway age. Our modern railways were ‘born’ in the industrial heartlands of the North-East, where for over 150years, coal was king.

Rob starts his journey on Wearside, where numerous short horse-drawn waggonways once pulled coal down to the river to be sailed downstream and out into the North Sea. But for Britain’s industrialisation to hit overdrive, an altogether slicker system was needed. In modern Sunderland, Rob finds the solution - the world’s first railway designed for steam locomotives. With the 1822 Hetton Railway, designed by George Stephenson, it was full steam ahead – not only for coal, but for railways too.

But as Rob discovers, the world’s first modern railway was anything but simple, with inclines, hills and an ever-growing demand for coal to cope with.

With visits to old colliery sites, and meetings with former miners, Rob sees just how dominant coal became, and how the North-East pushed railway technology to a new level.

Many collieries were still working in the 1970s, but so little of this world now remains. Rob is even able to ski down the converted spoil heap of one old colliery! So to get a sense of this industry, Rob visits Beamish, the ‘living’ museum, and rides a railway from George Stephenson’s day. And he follows an old line into Hartlepool, where a medieval port, was turned into a mega-centre of coal, rail and shipping, in just one generation.

  • Sunday 16th February, 8pm

  • Channel 5

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The Big Narstie Show

Grime legend Big Narstie and his comedian co-pilot Mo Gilligan continue the third series of their late-night anarchic chat, comedy and music show. Featuring more celebrity guests, more music performances, more straight talking and plenty more laugh-out-loud sketches, the award-winning show will continue to break every chat-show rule in the book - so expect the unexpected. Special guests joining Narstie and Mo for the third episode include singer Charlotte Church, comedian Judi Love and rap duo D-Block Europe. Exec Prods: Ben Wicks, Obi Kevin Akudike, Nathan Brown; Series Prod: Rina Dayalji.

  • Friday 21st February, 11:05pm

  • Channel 4

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