Moors Murders

Moors Murders tells the story of Britain's most infamous child murders - by 1960s serial killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. The three-part series is built around never-before-seen prison letters from Brady and Hindley to the same source, written over the five decades after their capture. Expert analysis of these letters provides new insight into the killers' backgrounds, thinking and motivation. The series asks why both murderers - especially Hindley - remain our most notorious embodiments of evil. This first episode features an eyewitness account of the last gruesome murder, from Myra Hindley's teen brother-in-law David Smith. Smith alerted the police and brought the spate of murders to an end. Sixties pop singer Janie Jones befriended Hindley in prison, later conducting a 40-year-long correspondence with both Hindley and Brady. She explains how Hindley minimised her role in the murders and pinned the blame on Brady and Smith. Her correspondence casts new light on Hindley and Brady's relationship. Forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes and criminologist Professor David Wilson analyse the letters. The letters reveal for the first time Brady and Hindley's intended next victims. Journalist Clive Entwistle tells how he met Myra Hindley within hours of the last murder and describes how the police investigation began: culminating in the shocking discovery of a tape recording of a young girl being tortured - a first indication that the police were not dealing with a routine murder, but the most notorious of serial child killers.

The Big Freeze: Winter ‘63

The Big Freeze was arguably the most devastating weather event to hit modern Britain. Snow began falling on Boxing Day 1962 and barely stopped for the next ten weeks. The coldest recorded winter since 1739 saw temperatures plummet to minus 22 degrees. Rivers including the Thames froze and even stretches of the sea. This 90-minute film tells the extraordinary story of a massive national moment and examines how such extreme weather was possible, while comparing it with other severe winter weather events such as 2018’s ‘Beast from the East’. 


We hear heroic stories of daring helicopter rescues and learn about the devastating Crewe train crash caused by frozen points that claimed 18 lives. We discover how the Big Freeze had a disastrous effect on British wildlife, wiping out half of our bird population, and find out how all major sporting events were cancelled for almost three months, forcing resourceful Brits to create their own winter sports.


The film is illustrated throughout by wonderfully evocative archive of the period, giving us a striking impression of exactly what life was like for the British population during that never-ending winter, and how they managed to cope.


We get first-hand accounts of the Big Freeze from those who remember it. Actor Joanna Lumley vividly recalls her memories of being snowed in at her boarding school in Kent and how pupils managed to keep warm. Record producer Pete Waterman gives colourful descriptions of the catastrophe on the railways and what life was like for working class Brits in the early 1960s. Journalist John Craven details the devastating effects on livestock and wildlife. TV presenter Gloria Hunniford recalls being snowbound with her baby daughter and describes the plight of many farmers who lost their livelihoods. 


We talk to weatherman John Kettley, who outlines what caused these catastrophic conditions — a perfect storm of anticyclones in Scandinavia drawing down freezing air from Russia.


Poignant, dramatic, amusing and informative, this film shines a light on one of the most extraordinary, often-forgotten weather events in British history and reveals how, when the thaw finally came, British society would be changed forever. 

  • Thursday 24th February, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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The Chelsea Detective


A well-liked local security guard is found stabbed to death on a patch of wasteground, leaving behind his terminally ill wife. The evidence initially points to a drug deal gone wrong but Max and Priya soon discover that nothing about the life of their victim is as it seems in an investigation that reaches from the luxury homes of the super-rich to street corner drug dealers.

  • Monday 21st February

  • Acorn TV

  • 3 of 4


Police: Night Shift 999

Police: Night Shift 999 follows the night shift of Gloucestershire Constabulary, revealing the relentless and uphill fight against night-time crime. As darkness falls across the county, a legion of officers patrol the streets, facing incidents with more drink, more drugs and more violence than during daylight hours. With exclusive access across the constabulary, this series highlights the courageous work of police through the night. Right across local police and dog units, firearms officers, the custody team and the control room, we follow the endless fight to protect the public and bring criminals to justice while the rest of us sleep. 


This week, police from Gloucestershire Constabulary attend a variety of incidents, from vicious assaults to racial abuse. We also take a look at one of the more unusual jobs that officers have had to deal with.


The night begins with police being called to a fight in a takeaway. Amid quite a confusing scene, officers must quickly figure out who is responsible and try to stop the situation from escalating further. They arrest four men on suspicion of affray and take them to custody. 


We then follow officers responding to a hit- and-run call, where a group of people have run off and abandoned their vehicle after hitting a car. After gathering descriptions of the passengers, officers launch a manhunt. They eventually track down the driver and arrest him for driving under the influence.


Next, we follow officers responding to reports of bouncers being racially abused by a passer-by. He is arrested for a racially aggravated public order offence. During the journey to custody, he violently bangs his head on the cage and continues to self-harm in custody. 


Then, police receive a report of a fight involving a man with a machete. They’re met with a chaotic scene at a family party where a woman is bleeding from the neck. A manhunt is launched, using helicopters, sniffer dogs and armed police. The woman is treated by paramedics and the dog’s officer is hot on the suspect’s trail, recovering a samurai sword. 


Finally, officers are called to reports of an intruder the caller claims has broken into their home and fallen asleep. Suspicions of a sinister motive are quickly allayed when it becomes clear that the man is drunk and has mistaken the family house for his own flat next door! 

Great British Menu

Episode 10

Great British Menu continues with top talent from London and the South East competing. Presenter Andi Oliver welcomes them to the kitchen where the theme for this year’s competition is celebrating ‘100 years of British Broadcasting’. 


This week’s four chefs are a mix of exciting new talent and one returner to the competition – Surrey based Tony Parkin who runs his own restaurant Tony Parkin at the Tudor Room, which won a Michelin star within five months of reopening. 


First of the newcomers is Essex born Roux Scholar Spencer Metzger, who is Head Chef at 1 Michelin star The Ritz in London. Next is Robbie Lorraine who grew up in Camberwell and has his own restaurant Only Food and Courses at Pop Brixton in South London, and finally, Japanese born Angelo Sato who moved to London aged 17 and has worked in numerous Michelin starred kitchens across the world. He is now Chef Patron of his own Yakitori Restaurant, Humble Chicken, in Soho. 


One of the four must leave the competition at the end of the episode and this will be decided by this week’s veteran judge, a previous GBM winner. The identity remains a surprise to the chefs until the moment they walk into the kitchen to taste their first course – the canapes.   


The veteran this week will taste and rank the canapes in order of preference. These will only be bought into play in the event of a tie break. The first scored dish will be the starter.  


The starter dishes are creative takes on the brief. Tony pays homage to Ricky Gervais and his mockumentary The Office. Spencer is inspired by Derren Brown and is intending to trick the mind of the diner with his dish. Robbie goes old school paying homage to Grange Hill, while Angelo is celebrating London’s most spectacular flower show at Chelsea. The question is which will the veteran score the highest?


One chef leaves the competition after the fish and the pressure is on to impress the veteran. What will they think of a dish inspired by Sherlock Holmes, David Attenborough’s documentaries, legendary TV Chef Keith Floyd, and Absolutely Fabulous. Which chef will be sent home?


Episode 11

The three chefs from London and the South East are halfway through their heat and the pressure is mounting. Once again, they each serve their unique interpretations of the brief celebrating ‘100 years of British Broadcasting’. For mains, one chef is taking inspiration from period drama Pride and Prejudice. Another is celebrating the East End’s most famous soap, Eastenders, and lastly, there is another ode to Sherlock Holmes. 


After the tension of the main course scoring, presenter Andi Oliver asks the chefs to prepare a pre-dessert or palate cleanser. The veteran must blind taste and rank them as they will be used in the event of a tie to decide who goes home.  There’s a berry dish celebrating Mary Berry and Great British Bake Off, a tea cup filled with rhubarb and custard to pay homage to Magic Roundabout and a lemon sour dessert inspired by Pop Idol. 


After a glimpse of their pudding skills, it’s on to dessert where we see a celebration of talent shows, such as Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor, an ode to 90s Saturday night evening star Mr Blobby, and a dish inspired by Winston Churchill’s radio speeches during the war. Which chef will get top marks and who will go home?


Only two will proceed to cook for the judges and compete for a chance to represent London and the South East at the regional finals.


Episode 12

 Today the two highest scoring chefs from London and the South East go head-to-head and cook their six-course menus again. Will they take on board their veteran’s advice as they serve to the new panel of esteemed judges?


The chefs need to impress 2 Michelin Starred Chef Tom Kerridge, Chef and Restaurateur Nisha Katona, and comedian and host of a popular food podcast, Ed Gamble. In addition they’ll have to win over a guest judge – today it’s soap royalty Anita Dobson, a pescatarian, so the chefs will be having to make meat free versions of their dishes.  How will she judge dishes celebrating 100 years of British Broadcasting?


Only one of the chefs will triumph and go through to the National Finals to represent London and the South East.

  • Tuesday 22nd February, 8pm
    Wednesday 23rd February, 8pm
    Thursday 24th February, 8pm

  • BBC Two

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This week, Mel and her dishonourable assistant Lou Sanders are joined by stand-up and Strictly champion Bill Bailey, award-winning comedian Rosie Jones and former heavyweight champion of the world David Haye. Bill comes face to face with multiple victims of his and his dog’s bad behaviour, David overshares about creative ways to take his training supplements and Rosie confesses all the times she’s used her disability for evil.

  • Tuesday 22nd February, 10pm

  • Dave

  • 3 of 8


Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson helps a family with a huge new extension where he loves vintage and wants a gentleman’s club feel, and she wants sleek minimalism, and also makes over a bedroom for two girls who love art; and she helps a first time buyer bring Hollywood glamour to her bedroom in her new home.

Christina and Giles are building a massive rear extension to their west London home for them and their four children, and want Sophie’s help decorating a bedroom for the two girls, and an adult retreat sitting room next to the new huge open-plan kitchen-dining space, which Sophie also offers to help them design.  Christina loves sleek minimalism but is happy for the girl’s bedroom to be bright and colourful.  Giles is not so sure about the zingy colours Sophie and Christina choose for the girls, and he wants a gentleman’s club look with panelling in the adult’s retreat, to display his collection of vintage pieces.  Will they agree on the girl’s bedroom?  Can Sophie satisfy both vintage and minimalist tastes?  Can she help Christina design her new space to be minimalist and warm for the family together? And can Sophie finish 3 rooms in 3 days to get the family back into their home after all the building work?

In the Cotswolds, first time buyer Bianca has an attic bedroom in her Victorian home, with quirky angles and nooks.  A keen make up artist, Bianca wants the space to work as her dream pink bedroom, and have her dream makeup area – and the style she wants is Hollywood glamour, but on a very tight budget.  Bianca’s mum is on hand to help and shows Sophie her upholstering skills reviving an ottoman in the garden.  Can Sophie bring Hollywood glamour to a Victorian attic in the Cotswolds?  Can she make Bianca’s pink bedroom dream a reality?  And can she magic up a makeup area fit for a starlet on a budget?

Sophie Robinson brings 20 years of interior design experience.  In this episode, she also gives viewers her expert advice on designing for spaces with awkward shapes and for childrens’ bedrooms, how to get today’s fashionable Palm Springs style, clever uses for flat pack furniture, plus affordable ways to create wall panelling, make your own trendy botanical accessories, and use paint to fake a terrazzo finish

  • Wednesday 23rd February, 7pm

  • Channel 5

  • 6 of 6


Ty Am ddim (The Great House Giveaway)

Mae’r gweithiwr ffatri Dan a’r trydanwr dan hyfforddiant Peter yn mynd i daclo tŷ yng Nghastell-nedd ar gyrion cymoedd Cymru. Mae ganddynt 6 mis a chyllideb o £15,000 i drawsnewid y teras 3 ystafell wely hwn yn balas bach. Mae ganddynt y farchnad yn gefn iddynt ac mae prisiau tai ar gynnydd. Ond dim ond 18 oed yw Peter, sy'n hoff o rygbi, ac mae Dan yn 36 ac yn dad i ddau. A fydd y bwlch rhwng y cenedlaethau yn rhwystr neu'n help? A fydd llwyddiant neu a fydd y tŷ yn wynebu arwerthiant?

Factory worker Dan and trainee electrician Peter have been given a house in Neath on the outskirts of the Welsh valleys. They have six months and a budget of £15,000 to transform this three bedroomed terrace into a little palace. They have the market behind them and house prices are on the up. But rugby loving Peter is just 18-years-old and Dan is 36 and a father of two. Will the generational gap prove a hindrance or a help? Will they both pull together or leave the house to face its fate at auction?

  • Wednesday 23rd February, 9pm

  • S4C

  • 3 of 8


Mega Mansion Hunters

Brett has been with Tyron Ash since the agency was set up 18 months ago, pocketing a cool £180,000 pounds in commission, but now has to face the hardest decision in his professional and personal life. Tyron wants a slice of the lucrative property market in Cheshire and asks Brett to relocate to Manchester to head up the operation. It would be a huge upheaval, not only for Brett, but also for partner Connie, who is dead against the move. Can Brett persuade her with a trial trip up North?


Sophie’s situation is more precarious than ever. With no new listings or sales in nearly three months she’s at her lowest point since starting with the agency eight months ago. What’s more the battle with Alex is increasingly bitter, and her prospects at Tyron Ash are looking bleak.  In a move no-one saw coming Alex has a crazy idea to recruit Sophie onto his team. He can see Sophie’s potential, but will she agree to work with her old rival.


We follow new agent Andrew, from the Philippines, as he starts to make an impact in the company. In his sights is a £4-million-pound Wimbledon house, but while it looks impressive from the outside the inside is empty and unappealing. In a trick of the luxury real estate trade, Andrew brings in a staging expert to transform the interior, but can he sell the house ahead of rival agencies, and make the £20,000 commission that will help him support his family in the Philippines?

  • Wednesday 23rd February, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 3 of 3


Dragons' Den

NEW Dragons’ Den is back and the youngest-ever Dragon, Steven Bartlett, is making his mark alongside Den stalwarts Peter Jones, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden and Touker Suleyman.

  • Thursday 24th February, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 8 of 14


Trucking Hell

The action-packed series that follows men and women working in the heavy recovery business, tackling jack-knifed lorries, crashed HGVs and roadside breakdowns. Every episode is packed with thrills, spills and high drama as rescue operators from two of the country’s leading recovery companies clear up the carnage on our roads. Keeping Britain’s truckers safe is not a job for the faint-hearted and the tough professionals who star in the series have the character and kit for the job, driving some of the most super heavyweight machines in the world.

  • Thursday 24th February, 9pm

  • 5Action

  • 13 of 20


A&E After Dark

The hugely successful A&E After Dark is back, and provides an uncensored picture of what it’s like working the night shift at A&E departments across the UK. With exclusive access to Hull Royal Infirmary, in an extraordinary year, this series shows the night-time challenges for NHS staff in a working environment that’s not for the faint- hearted. There are more admissions at night because of drugs and alcohol, resulting in regular aggression and abuse. The security team as well as the local police force work together to help keep both patients and staff safe. 


The night staff at Hull Royal Infirmary battle to save the life of a patient in cardiac arrest. In full PPE, the team perform CPR, but a ground-breaking device called the Lucas machine performs chest compressions, freeing up a member of the team to perform other life-saving duties. 


Dr Chris and Nurse Vicky treat a 69-year-old fisherman brought into Resus by HM Coastguard helicopter after an accident out at sea. With a winch cable wrapped tightly around his shoulder, Fred was dragged into the ocean off his fishing boat. After half an hour in the freezing sea, the team have their work cut out to save his life.


Neurosurgeon Stuart has been called to A&E to check a bleed on the brain on CT scans of a man who was hit by a lorry when trying to cross the road. Will he need emergency surgery to save his life? 


A 58-year-old patient arrives in A&E via ambulance after falling and banging her head at a party. While being examined, her pain rapidly escalates. A brace and trauma board are urgently put in place while Dr Jehad orders a CT scan to check for any life- changing spinal injuries. 

  • Friday 25th February, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 4 of 9



Britain's sharpest armchair critics return for a new series to share more of their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows.

  • Friday 25th February, 9pm

  • Channel 4

  • 2 of 15


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