Week 9

Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week

In the second series of Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week, Reggie Yates presides over the competition which sees 22 of Britain¹s toughest civilians face a fortnight of hell.
After the shock of 5 people leaving the process only 9 recruits remain to face Tana and Toto former members of GIGN an elite tactical unit of the French police Force. With 8 days living under 4 other former Special Forces experts, the recruits have been pushed to their physical limits and now Tana and Toto are about to take them down a more psychological and tactical route.
They want to test their abilities to operate under pressure, they will be tested on how they deal with fear and will take part in a hostage rescue operation to see who has the leadership qualities required in a special unit such as GIGN.
As a final test to see who will make it into the final the recruits will also be taking part in a version of the most dangerous selection test in the world.

  • Sunday 26th February, 9pm

  • BBC Two

  • 5 of 6


The Farmers Country Showdown

A heart-warming series that celebrates inspirational farming families and the rural events where they showcase their hard work, as they try to win the top prizes.
TX11 ALPACAS – Monday 27th Feb
Today Alpaca Breeders Barbara and Paul from Cumbria and Scotland based Jean and Stewart will be showing off these gentle and characterful animals at the Westmorland County Show.
TX12 CHEESE – Tuesday 28th Feb
Today a story of two cheeses when Cheddar making Clothier Family from Somerset and Pylle based Goats Cheese maker Roger will be competing against the cream of the crop at the prestigious Global Cheese Awards at Frome.
TX13 PIGS 2 – Wednesday 1st March
Today Pig Farmers Nick from Gamlingay and Leeds based David will show their Large Whites in a bid to bring home the bacon at this year’s English Winter Fair.
TX14 WINE  - Thursday 2nd March
Today Wine Makers Bob, Annie and Sam from Bodmin and Penzance based Kim and John will put their wines to the test during blind tastings at The South West Vineyard Competition held close to home in Cornwall.  
TX15 COLLEGE  - Friday 3rd March
Today next Generation Farmers Luke and Alice from Daventry and Wales Based Iwan will have their farming knowledge put to the test at the East of England Smithfield Festival College Challenge.
Tattoo Fixers (E4) – Tuesday 28th February, 9pm, Episode 11 of 15
PI to follow

  • Monday 27th February – Friday 3rd March, 3.45pm

  • BBC One

  • 11-15 of 15


Mary Berry Everyday

In this series Mary Berry celebrates the everyday dishes and ingredients she has always loved to cook. From hearty and wholesome ideas to those which are just a little bit more indulgent, easy-to-make crowd pleasers, her best family classics and exciting ways to push the boat out when you want to show off.
Mary Berry proves that you don’t need an exotic larder or a chef’s repertoire to create delicious dishes. With her short cuts and secret tips, Mary shows how easy it is for the everyday to be elevated, pushing the ordinary into something extremely special.
To celebrate some of the everyday foods that have formed the cornerstone of her cooking over six decades, Mary travels to Scotland to enjoy the best of their everyday larder: venison, salmon and whisky - dons a white suit to try her hand at bee keeping in search of some delicious honey, a particular love of hers – pursues the history of the great British pie, and returns to her childhood when she teaches her own granddaughter to milk a goat and make her own goat’s cheese.
This is Mary Berry at her best.  Delicious, inspirational food cooked with the flair, warmth, humour and endless energy of the country’s best loved cook.
TX1 - Delicious Memories
Mary travels to Scotland to enjoy the best of their everyday larder with recipes inspired by her own Scots heritage. She discovers wonderful shellfish in Ullapool, shares the joy of venison cooked on a BBQ with chef Tom Kitchin and whips up her special whisky cream on the banks of a loch.

  • Monday 27th February, 8:30pm

  • BBC Two

  • 1 of 6


The Secret Chef

In this brand new four-part ITV series, Britain’s worst cooks are set to be transformed into impressive gastronauts, to the utter astonishment of their family and friends.
Each week someone with minimal cooking skills will have just five weeks to learn and prepare a show-stopping restaurant meal, taught in secret by a top chef. The trainee’s family and friends will be invited to a restaurant at the end of the show, unaware that the food they are eating is entirely the work of their loved one, who previously struggled to boil an egg.
Each secret chef has one close friend to help them with the burden of keeping their mission under wraps, whilst providing a kitchen in which to practise their culinary skills.
In episode one, we meet self-confessed calamity cook Julie Green, who has decided to take matters into her own hands and show her nearest and dearest that she is not the kitchen catastrophe they think she is.
Julie, 51, lives in Rochdale with her husband Gary and two of their four daughters Courtney and Ledeane.
Courtney explains: “Cooking for us when we were younger, she did try. It generally ended in disaster.”
Julie’s husband Gary regularly cooks his trademark curries at family get-togethers but Julie’s friends claim the extent of her ability includes burning pasta.
Julie says: “It does get you down, being the butt of their jokes all the time.”
Top chef Nisha Katona has been given the challenge of training Julie to prepare an Indian banquet and has just five weeks to pull it off. With restaurants in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, Nisha is known for her Indian street food and is more than up to the task.
Nisha says: “I describe myself as a curry evangelist. I have dedicated my life to teaching people how to cook curry.”
While Gary and the rest of Julie’s family believe they are taking part in a documentary about British eating habits, Nisha secretly visits Julie at home and asks her to prepare a simple spiced chicken dish with rice, to observe her current ability. The outcome is an eye-opener for Nisha, as she tastes the rice cooked by Julie.
Nisha says: “It’s over cooked. What you’ve created there is white carb sludge.”
Nisha uses a list of Gary’s favourite dishes to create a bespoke menu for the upcoming banquet. After learning to prepare the first course in a professional kitchen environment, during which Julie is bombarded with texts from Gary believing she is at work, Julie then heads to her friend Susanne’s house for some much needed practise.
The crash course continues as Julie learns the next recipes for dahl and Goan fish and chips. Nisha then invites Julie into her flagship restaurant in Liverpool to give her some experience of a commercial kitchen. It’s only the third night Julie has ever spent away from Gary and she’s finding the deception difficult. As the pressure mounts and paying customers are left waiting for their meals, Julie falls apart.
Reflecting on the evening, Nisha says: “I met a woman who had no confidence in the kitchen. I taught her skills, she’s built up. And then we throw her into this commercial setting and she crumbles. It would be worth it if she succeeds but right now I wouldn’t even say the odds are 50/50.”
Feeling completely dejected, Julie admits: “It’s just been a whirlwind today, just…scary. The only person I want to talk to about it is Gary and he’s the only person I can’t. That hurts. I want him to just hold me and say, ‘it’ll be fine’, but he’s not here to do that.”
As the day of the big reveal arrives, can Julie regain her confidence in time to achieve five perfect courses that will blow the socks off her family and friends?
Determined to make Gary proud, nervous Julie rolls up her sleeves in the restaurant kitchen and dodges phone calls from her oblivious husband: “I tell you something, it would have been easier to have had an affair!”

Tattoo Fixers

P.I. to follow

Sex Pod

Sex Pod – the first all talking, walk-in discussion device of everything you ever wanted to know about sex and the body but were afraid to ask.   Sex Pod is a friend, an advisor and a sexpert all in one.  When it comes to answering questions, Sex Pod has a team of highly experienced and qualified experts, as well as visual demonstrations from a selection of couples who have agreed to have their most intimate moments filmed.
This week Sex Pod is answering question on everything from trying to achieve a female orgasm through penetrative sex to keeping it safe whilst participating in BDSM.
Best mates Liam, Tom and Stephen from want are interested in the connection between two of their favourite pastimes – drinking alcohol and sex.  Along with 19 year old  Charlie from Newcastle, they all want to know, if regularly hammering it on a night out is having an impact on Howe strong their sperm is.
Ellie from Birmingham wants to know about the magical world of orgasms.  She’s never managed to have an orgasm from penetrative sex and wants to get some tips on how she can achieve it.  
19-year-old Samuel wants to know if the fact that he’s a virgin and waiting to have sex makes him a ‘pussy’. Mates Fhad and Mahmoud are on the couch with him but it seems they might not always be the most supportive.
Friends Charlotte and Courtney have a question for Sex Pod about the differences between the sexes.  They’re wondering whether guys have a higher sex drive than females do or whether it's just a myth.  

  • Wednesday 1st March, 10pm

  • Five Star

  • 5 of 10


Question Time

BBC One’s political debate programme, Question Time.

  • Thursday 2nd March, 10:45pm

  • BBC One


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